Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MEETING MOD 17 JUNE 2011..disabled war Veterans

From: DIWAVE Disabled war Veterans []
Sent: 18 June 2011 08:59

Subject: MEETING MOD 17 JUNE 2011

Dear ALL,

The meeting held in JS (ESW) office on 17 June 2011 does not provide good news for those retained in service in regards their broadbanding of disability. Please see notification attached.

While discussing the delay in issuing government sanctions for revised pension entitlement of pre-96 at par with their civilian counterparts, we were informed by US Malathi Narayanan that as per the latest clarification by DP&PW, BB benefit would not be extended to those retained in service after the injury. She referred to a Gazette Notification dated 22.2.11 by DP&PW to that effect. A scanned copy of the relevant page may be seen at the attachment. The Notification, however, is silent whether it is applicable with retrospective effect, which we doubt very much. We would need to clarify this.

A relevant point also is that with implementation of SC judgment in KJS Buttar's case, where even superannuated / discharged with disability would be deemed to have been invalided out.

Amazing, the far reaching ramifications of this judgment had not sunk in the head of JS (ESW). On realising that this judgment is a game-changer, he said they would have to consider all aspects including possibility of a review by SC, before implementing it.

We will keep you informed. Two DGL's are under preparation by CGDA.
Col H N Handa

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