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New IESM members at Jhunjhunu 23 Apr 2011

Respected Sir,

The Newly joined members of IESM at Jhunjhunu on 23 Apr 11.

Capt Jai Pal Singh
H/Capt Joki Ram
H/N/Sub Kanhaiya Lal
H/Capt Vidya dhar
H/Capt Balbir Singh
H/N/Sub Rattan Singh
Sub Amilal Verma
Sub Subhash Chandra
N/Sub Hem Raj Singh
Sub Maj Girdhari Lal
H/Capt Jai Narayan
Sub Mahabir Singh
Sub Satya Narain
Sub Aladin Khan
Sub Mali Ram
Sub Ramnath
H/Capt Liaqat Ali
Sub Imad Ali
H/N Sub Shamsher Ali
H/ Capt Prabhu Singh
Sub Ali Hasan Khan
Hav Hari Singh Dhau
Hav Mohd Yasim Khan
Nk Harish Chandra
Dfr Dariya Singh
Hav Jita Ram
Sep Ramautar
Nk Ram Kumar
Gdr Asmat Ali Khan
Hav Subhash Chander
Nk Abbas Ali
Hav Hari Singh
RFN Ram Saroop
Hav Bachan Singh
Hav Sattar Ali
Nk Nathu Sinh Shekhawat
NK Birbal Singh
PNR Hanuman Singh
RFN Gpal Singh
Hav Shivlal Lal Singh
Hav Mustak Ali Khan
Hav Sultan Singh
Sep Ram Nath




Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony. Lt. (Veteran)

Governing Body Member
Indian ESM Movement

Monday, April 18, 2011

Help in remote Areas by Brig RS Rawat

From: rajender rawat []
Sent: 14 April 2011 22:09
Subject: FW: Draft of Letter to CDA for incl name and DOB spouse
Importance: High

Dear Sir, It was perhaps almost 2 years ago when I chanced upon the need to have the DOB of my wife endorsed in IHQ as also in a Corr PPO to be issued by the PCDA (Pension) so that when the time inevitably will come my wife will not have to knock the doors of Soldier Board & other ESM offices for assistance. Many very senior offrs took offence to this initiative stating that AG's Br already has this data. So, many, still to this date have taken no action.
The point I wish to highlight is that we at UESL have lost count of how many cases we have taken up with the IHQ, who, have been prompt enough to fwd the necessary letter to PCDA ( Pension) for issue of the Corr PPO. However to date, except for two cases, no one has been issued the Corr PPO.
The initial hurdle with the PCDA ( Pension) was that a LPC cum Data Sheet had NOT been submitted. This was a new requirement as perhaps the good official at Allahabad did not want to browse through a maze of documents that we had to meticulously prepare & submit. Fair enough! The Data Sheet was prepared & forwarded. Still there has been no Corr PPO OR an ack. Perhaps the office is overloaded.
After all what is the great fuss that we are making over this subject - one may ask? This is why:-

(a) Smt Durga Maya Rai was paid approx Rs 2 lakhs as Addl Pension.
(b) Smt Rekha Rawat's LTA were paid to her son Col SPS Rawat.
(c) Widow of late Lt Col Kundan Singh Rawat was paid over Rs 1 lakh as Additional Pension.
(d) After over 6 months Smt Gayatri Gusain has still not been paid her Addl Pension. The GOI letter states that the bank will pay Addl Pension on submission of proof for a period of 6 months. This has NOT been done by Allahabad Bank till this aspect was brought to their notce. A total of over 10 trips have been made by me to this bank to resolve her FP & Addl Pension. Still no Addl Pension has been paid. A letter was written to PCDA (Pension) who promptly wrote back to IHQ to mail the LPC cum Data Sheet. Now at this end we are preparing the same for submission. Why are we doing this? Is this our job? If we don't who else will? AND if we do not then someone else will avail the LTA. How tragic - a widow will not be able to use the money meant for her during her life time.

The examples show how widows have got thier dues after our active intervention. Who is supposed to do all this?

Now I wish to come to the final point. PLEASE SEE WHAT THE INDIAN NAVY IS DOING & LEARN A LESSON. The NAVAL FOUNDATION has taken the initiative to post the attached application to all offrs who retired before 2006. Their procedure is simple with no hassles. PLEASE peruse this & compare it with the docus needed by PCDA (Pension). The former is simpler. Why are we being asked to present sheets of paper? Let me state here that IF the very first docu eg the easily obtained PAN Card has a fudged date no one will find out - neither the bank, Notary, Service HQ or PCDA Pension - all of who countersign it as correct! So, what kind of authentication & value addition is being accrued by preparing this document? Let us make it simple like the Navy has done.

Brig RS Rawat
Vice President UESL


Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:17:30 +0530

Thank you Sir.
This is my second foray as part of "Farthest First". The earlier one was to Pipalkjoti in end Dec.

We have helped 45 plus 16 ESM in these remote areas till now.

The banks have great faith in me. Every case sent by me is is settled promptly even by the CPPC Cell Dehradun. Even PNB Zonal office attaches great significance to my recommendations.

I have so far drawn approx Rs 1.5 cr from the banks in favour of ESM _ AT NO COST TO THEM & always at my cost as I do all errands for them in my car - even visit to the hills. Got my dad Rs 9.27 lakhs as arrears! Helped several Maj Gens get their arrears where they were awarded 10% penal interest. Most of the were unaware of the order & totally unaware of MS Excel & formulas.

I have helped several at Gurgaon too - latest case is of a Lt Col 's widow Mrs Reoti Charasia who I have been informed has been paid Rs 4 lakhs.

I can thank honest upright elders like you under whom I served.

I appreciate your letter on OROP.
Warm rgds
Raju Rawat (Brig RS Rawat, ESL Uttrakhund)

Some views....

Ex-servicemen in another combat
Sharan Poovanna Express News Service First Published : 12 Apr 2011 03:01:01 AM
BANGALORE: Defence personnel dedicate themselves to the country. Day and night, they guard the borders and save the people from enemies. They are recognised by the government and the society for their great contribution to the country with awards and medals.
However, once they retire, they face many problems. Undeterred, these retired officials continue to fight like they did on the battlefield. They have, so far, received nothing more than empty assurances.
"We have been fighting for One Rank One Pension," stated Wing Commander (Retd) Ashok Gupta. Terming the decision of the government to deny them their right as the "funniest thing in the world", he said the entire ex servicemen fraternity had voiced its concerns but the government continued to ignore them.
One Rank One Pension
Explaining the concept, he said a Colonel-rank officer in the army today gets more pension than that of a Major General who retired 15-20 years ago.
"We in the army follow hierarchy, but if a junior ranked official gets more pension, then what is the use of a higher rank?" he questioned.
Adding to this, Lt Col Satwant Singh, Secretary of the Delhi based Retired Defence Officers Association (RDOA), expressed his displeasure and said this trend was funny at best and preposterous at worst.
Informing that retired officers from across the nation have even surrendered their gallantry medals, he said: "Defence personnel have put their lives on the line to earn those medals, which acknowledge and appreciate their work. But if the same people are willing to give away this, it only shows how pained they feel about being treated this way."
Grant of Rank Pay
On June 10, 2010, Major General Mrinal Suman wrote: "The growing adversarial relationship between the government and ex servicemen is a matter of grave concern. For the past few years, an impression is gaining ground that the government is becoming increasingly intolerant and biased against ex servicemen and is treating them unfairly. The military is an instrument of the government. How can a government let itself be seen as an adversary of its own constituent?" He added: "They do not seek favour or pity but ask for compassion, understanding and equity. They want their government to acknowledge the severity of their service conditions and their contribution to nation safeguarding." Lt Col Satwant Singh stated that the fourth Pay Commission had granted Rank Pay in addition to basic pay for officers up to the rank of Brigadier. However, he added, while fixing pay in the integrated scale, an amount equal to the Rank Pay was deceitfully deducted by the bureaucrats from the total dues, thereby causing heavy financial loss to the officers.
"It was an act of betrayal of the trust of the armed forces. No other country in the world is known to have conspired and connived so blatantly to deprive its own soldiers of their rightful dues," Major General Suman added.
Systematically deprived
Lt Col Savant compared an army man's retirement plan with a civilian's. He said civilians can work until their retirement age and hence can avail the full pension. "A Lt Colonel and Colonel retire at 54, Brigadier at 56, Major General at 58 and so on", he said and added: "That's the system which forces them to retire and hence, they would not be able to get the full pension."
He said Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and other such services had the provision of promotions that would guarantee them a minimum post of secretary in their service.
"It takes an officer more than 33 years of service to become a Major General in the Army, which is equivalent to that of Joint Secretary cadre. But any IAS officer will reach a minimum of secretary cadre within 1622 years of service," he said and added that only five per cent of officers in the Army would reach this position as compared with their civilian counterparts.
Disability pension
"We are not even given disability pension on the same lines as the civilian services," Lt Col Savant added.
Even the Supreme Court has directed the government to ensure that the same services are given to defence personnel but it is yet to be implemented by the government.
"There are over 4,000 cases pending in the Armed Forces Tribunal," he said and added that ex-servicemen were still being made to run from pillar to post to claim their rights.
Big steps
These brave soldiers were given some respite when Member of Parliament Rajeev Chandrashekar gave a presentation on 'One Rank One Pension' to the Petitions Committee of the Parliament. The Petition Committee will now meet to discuss the petition and issue advertisements in leading newspapers to seek comments and suggestions from the public. The Committee will then consider all letters and suggestions and take the matter for consideration.
Ex-servicemen in another combat
Fake democracy at work. Electoral reforms?
Cash-for-votes in Tamil Nadu polls

Friday, April 8, 2011

Appeal by Brig CS Kamboj

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.

It is a great pity that in spite of repeated requests by IESM to All Indian Military Veterans, in and around NCR, out of over 1.5 lakh veterans just two or three veterans show their face at Jantar Mantar and they too come and go after spending hardly few minutes – as if they had come for sightseeing.

All military veterans in and around NCR need to re-examine – do they still have blood running through their veins or has it turned into water!!!
If you are still interested in the welfare of the country – please do visit Jantar Mantar and support IESM in its mission to support Anna Hazare.

Please do read fresh appeal of IESM appended below and cooperate – PLEASE.


Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Long Live Veteran Anna Hazare

Dear Chander,
A small write up is attached. May I request this on the RMS and all other affiliated groups. Chhikara Brig RS Chhikara, Secy Gen, Netaji Subhash Foundation Trust and a devoted member of IESM IS IT OUR DEMOCRACY THAT IS TO BLAME FOR THE SORRY STATE OF INDIA?
I have been witnessing the revolution at Jantar Mantar since yesterday and have listened to responses on TV debates. The Executive and the legislature are worried about losing what they consider their rights and their exclusive space. One basic premise of their responses runs as follows:
We are a democracy with a constitution and nothing can be done or even attempted out side the constitutional frame work. Legislative, Judiciary and Executive alone can make laws, change the constitution, adjudicate constitutional disputes until it is amended and execute laws through procedures and rules laid down by the executive. Civil Society and the citizen at large have no locus standi in decision making once they have sent their pseudo representatives to the legislature.
The following beg serious consideration.

Whose constitution is it? Is it of WE THE PEOPLE or is it of we the legislature?
Who is the sovereign? The Citizen or the MP/ MLA or the PM/ Cabinet?

Does the legislature indeed represent the majority as should be the case in a democracy? Most Win with 15 to 20% of total votes cast.

Do the voting citizen have any say in selecting candidates? Does he have a real choice of selecting? Parties allot tickets through an opaque mechanism.

Is the elected legislator free to work in the best interest of those who he pretends to represent? Or is he subservient to Party whip or his own political interest?

What recourse does the voting community have to correct an errant legislator who manages to get elected on promises he is neither sincere about nor capable of working for?

Does he have the right to recall?

Does our democracy enable citizens to get laws they wish passed? Is referendum not their right especially when his interests are obviously at variance from those of the elected legislators?

Are we not stake holders in our own governance in a democracy ‘of the people for the people and by the people’? People as in the public and as in the Civil Society.

Our legislature has a vested interest in Corruption and power of patronage. Are they our patrons or are they our servants? The question reverts to who is sovereign he or we?
Anna’s agitation as it is being termed is only the starting point for getting answers to these very basic questions in the public mind. It can not stop here because the root causes of the maladies of mis- governance and corruption lie, not in the lok Pal Bill not being in position. It lies with our Electoral System, with our Party System indeed with our democracy. The politician has to find his rightful place as a servant of society who must work for the common good of the majority and for the maximum good of the nation. His own survival (Not his best political interest) must be co terminus with the best interest of the people of India. To that end this movement must aim at rectification of our democratic system. The constitution is sacrosanct only so far as it serves the interest of the people who have adopted it for themselves. A stage of despair and frustration has reached the stage where People don’t give a damn for being called a Democracy. They would rather exchange it with good governance with or without the falce glory of being called the largest democracy in the world.
Long Live Veteran Anna Hazare
Long Live Veteran Solidarity with Anna.
Veterans need to support the Second War of Independence from Corrupt Rule.
Comment: If one answers all the above questions sincerely then one deduces that our Democracy is a Fake and a Farce. Even Banana Republics fair better!

Mail from Col Desai ..Kolhapur

From: Vishwasrao Desai
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 21:03

I am an active member of the local ( Kolhapur ) unit of Anna
Hazare Anti Curruption unit, and participating in the moment.I am
trying to get the local Ex servicemen involved

Col Desai


Dear Veterans

7 April is the third day of fast of Veteran Anna Hazare. He is in good health and is steadfast in his resolve to continue till Govt agrees to the demands for an effective LokPal bill. Three social activist who were supporting veteran Anna Hazare and were also observing fast felt uncomfortable and their health deteriorated in Delhi heat. These social activist had to be hospitalised.

The mood at the venue is upbeat and veteran Anna sahib is fighting fit for the long battle with the Government. It is understood that Government mediators are in contact with the team and are trying to find a solution. Hopefully a workable solution would be found soon. Veteran Anna Hazare has already refused to head the committee to be set up for drafting the bill. He has proved that he is a social activist in true sense and is not after any post or office.

More than two hundred veterans have visited the IESM tent every day and signed their support for the cause. Some pictures are attached. IESM WOULD CONTINUE TO SUPPORT TO THE ANTI CORRUPTION CRUSADE OF VETERAN ANNA HAZARE

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Brig(Retd) K.G.BEHL,
President Dehradun Ex-Services League
President AICC UttarakhandWhile paying homage on 23 Mar 2011 to Martyrs Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukh dev and Raj Guru who sacrificed their lives, on that day, a novel idea sprouted to end corruption. as our martyrs did to remove slavery by their dedication and devotion to create awareness amongst the people by telling that they are slaves and they have to remove it by throwing out British Govt. by sacrificing their lives. They took a pledge to remove slavery and asked every one to do so as it would keep the idea of removing slavery alive all the time and remind that they have not to cooperate with British till they leave the country. Accordingly, it was decided on Martyres Day that each one of us should pledge in writing that he/she will not indulge in corruption come what may. Hence forth, neither will they accept nor give any gratification to do or get done any work which tantamount to corruption.

Today the ruler is Corruption, which has permeated every where including Govt., politicians, bureaucrats or rather all parts of the functioning of the institutions/offices framed under the constitution of India making every one its slave. This slavery of corruption has to be removed at all costs. All of us have to stand united to remove this evil. Anna Hazare is setting example by sitting on fast till end, to force Govt. to act and put up Jan Lok Pal Bill with suggested modifications and get it passed in Parliament so that start may be made to end corruption. The bill will act as adeterrent and instill fear against corruption. Those in Delhi or areas around can join to support Anna Hazare AT 1000 hrs at Janter Mantar New Delhi on 5TH April 2011.

Anna Hazare was a soldier. Driving one of the vehicles in the Convoy during 1965 Indo-Pak war, which was strifed by the Pakistani aircrafts leaving practically all his colleagues dead. Anna treated this as second life which he dedicated for the wellbeing of the society. Whatever gratuity he got from Govt. he spent for the welfare of the people and transformed the village into an ideal village. He lead a simple life. As a bachelor, an ascetic, he has no possessions, no bank balance and lives in a temple. He is a living Mahatma Gandhi.

He lead many delegations and observed fast many times, which forced govt. to change some of their orders which are against the public.
Let all of us at Dehradun INCLUDING ALL Ex-Servicemen of Doon Valley lend full support to this noble cause to liminate corruption by attending rally at Gandhi Park from 5 to 7 PM on 5TH Apr. 11 by lighting a candle. In addition we can send our above Pledge to Anna Hazare that henceforth we will not indulge in corruption come what may. Copies of the pledge will be available on the ground for those who wish to sign. This pledge will become a deterrent to corruption when confronted with such situations.
The cause is being supported by a number of leading social & welfare societies of the town.

Lt Col B M Thapa, VeteranGeneral SecretaryDehradun Ex-Services League

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


From: [] On Behalf Of Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi
Sent: 05 April 2011 20:18
Subject: [IESM_GovBody] Anna Hazare's Fast [3 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi included below]
IESM today joined Anna Hazare's historic fast for a Jan Lok Pal Bill. Some pictures are attached.
I will be manning the fort tomorrow- all day. Addressees of this mail are requested to come and join me. There are things we can talk and plan. Do come.

With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
A-35, Sector 36,
Noida 201303.
Mob: +919891279035
Skype: rakesh.prasad.chaturvedi