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  • 4 'Central Bank' pension account holders reg Pre-2006 defence Pensioners/ Family pensioners of all ranks..
    1. For those Pre-2006 defence Pensioners /Family Pensioners (all ranks) having Pension Account in 'Central Bank of India' And have not yet got their dues as per PCDA's various Circulars of 17 January 2013; may write to AGM, Central Bank, Head Office, Govt. Business Department at Email ID : with Cc to email ID of your pension paying Bank Branch.
    2. Only following information be provided in your Email to AGM. Central Bank.
    (a) Rank / Name Service details etc.
    (b) Full Name as recorded in your Pension Acoount. (Important to check it from your Bank Account). No need to give your Bank account Number. Your bank branch will find your account number from your name.
     c) Give your Contact / Mobile Number.
     2. For Safety: Do not share any personal data including bank account number on NET.
     Commodore Lokesh Batra (Retd.)
     Social & RTI Activist


 I've known Ashu for little over a year--we did the NLP course together. Now migrated to the US. As far as I know she does not have a military connection. 

I FOUND MY GOD IN KARGIL (by Ashu Lobo-Desai)
 by Ashu Lobo-Desai (Notes) on Monday, May 27, 2013 at 12:09am
 (I composed this soon after the Kargil war and would like to re-dedicate it to the Universal Soldier on Memorial Day with gratitude, respect and love)

 “Are you a Christian? Hindu? Muslim?” they asked;

 I replied that I was none,
 All I wished was to find my God,
 So help me anyone;
 For I’d looked in churches, temples, mosques
 And never found Him there;
 Tried prayer books and prayer beads,
 I’d searched just everywhere.

 But I found my God in Kargil,
 In fact, I find Him every day.
 After the night’s long shelling bursts
 He brings the sun out to play.
 He helps us carry the wounded men
 Down the treacherous slopes;
 He pulls back our shoulders and lifts up our chins
 He fills us with faith and hope.

 He is there when we fill up the body-bags
 With comrades who have died;
 And gives us the words of comfort to soothe
 The soldier’s widowed bride.
 He’s there when land-mines dismember friends
 And tells us it has to be – 
A few have to suffer and some to die
 For millions to be free.

 Setting up night ambushes,
 When it’s too dark for me to see,
 I feel His loving, guiding hands
 Reassuring me.
 I see Him as one loaf we share
 In cheerful selfless toil,
 As we onward march with fearless gaze
 Refusing to recoil.

 He is there as we bow our heads in prayer
 Before an assault new;
 He is there in the parent’s tearful call:

 “Son, I’m proud of you!”
War-widows, orphans – children of war…
I often ask God :”Why?”
I understand so clearly now
 As I stare at the fire-lit sky.

 The young boy who had searched for God
 In vain, in the recent past,
 Became a man in Kargil, and,
 Had found His God at last!

Navy pension issues.......Samadhan by Cdr R Pathak..in..some solutions..???

Navy pension issues.......Samadhan by Cdr R Pathak..in..some solutions..???

Dear Sir

Samadhan was set up to resolve problems of veteran sailors and i hope officers too.

My dealing with the Samadhan scheme is not a very good experience.Samadhan mails to Navy Pensions and that is where the matter rests.For months on end there is no responds from Navy Pension. 

When any one complaints on Samadhan email there is no complaint number given nor is there a means to check status.

I suggest that Navy strongly considers to have a central complaint email id on which when one complaints you get a Complaint Number and one can later either check status or write to any one with reference the complaint number.

It is also probably time to re look at functioning of DESA and make it in line with that of Directorate of Air Veterans so that we have a single agency dealing with all matters concerning the Veterans(Officers and Sailors)



Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N. (Retd)

Member Governing Body and Pension Cell

1 Surashri,1146 Lakaki Road

Pune 411016

ECHS Issues..Maj Gen Satbir Singh's views on STENT

ECHS Issues..Maj Gen Satbir Singh's views on STENT

Dear All,
 1 yes I had spoken to the AG this morning.I wish the construction and tech details of ingeniously produced stents should have been circulated in the environments for gen acceptability beforre introduction as part of approved procedure for ECHS.

Just imagine an ESM LYING ON anOperation table and Dr asks the patient or NOK INDIAN OR FOREIGN STENT? What should be the ans is not difficult to assess.Some super speciality Hospitals may not be using the Indian stents. 

Has MD ECHS confirmed from all empeneled hospitals and also from all non empeneled hospitals in the country where in an EMERGENCY an ESM needing stenting will be taken.If that hospital does not use Indian stent, WHO WILL PAY FOR THE DIFFERENCE IN COST? WHY ARE WE MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT FOR VATERAN Soldiers?

2 For Md echs--why don't you please brief the true picture about the empeneled hospitals in the country? Over 80 Percent of the empeneled hospitals have withdrawn from theECHS for delay:/non payments of their bills and also the LOW RATES OF ECHS.Please tell me even ONE HOSPITAL IN THE COUNTRY(SUPER SPECIALITY) which is ready to be empeneled at ECHS rates.

3 These are the matters affecting the life of ESM and decisions on such matters should be arrived at after due deleberations.Vested commercial intersts of a few individuals must not be allowed to prevail.


Maj Gen Satbir Singh, VC, IESM

On 21 May 2013 14:28, "Veterans Cell" wrote:
 Dear General Satbir,
 I believe you had a discussion with the AG on some ECHS issues.The AG had a word with MD who explained that indigenous stunts have been approved by Indian Council of Medical Association. These are safe and meet the medical requirement / standards besides being much cheaper as compared to imported stunts. The downward revision in the approved rates is due to this reason. The MD also explained that a patient can opt for imported stunts but will have the bear the difference in the cost. As regard the issue of empaneled hospitals in Mumbai, there was only one empaneled hospital - Hira Nandani who had opted out due to approved rates as applicable in CGHS being low and delayed payments. We also did not have any Regional Centre at Mumbai which was the responsibility of the Navy. The Regional Centre is now operational and they are shortlisting hospitals for empanelment. We are hopeful that the situation will improve shortly. Best Regards.
 Anil Chauhan
 DDG Veterans