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Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Retd.) Pandey on 30 Aug at AVCC , Noida

Respected, Honorable Senior Veterans and my Dear Friends!

Today is a historic day in the history of Indian Military Veterans of all arms. We all have completed one year of our peaceful struggle for OROP. The GOI has been compelled and forced to consider our justified and legitimate demand for ONE RANK ONE PENSION. In my view we have all gathered here to contemplate on our past actions and discuss and explore our future plans of action. In my brief talk, I will try to cover the following points:

1. Achievements of IESM in the past one year

2. Actions taken by the government, the politicians and the bureaucrats

3. Possible reasons behind OROP not being granted as yet

4. Possible course of action for the future

5. And finally and most importantly, how each and every ESM can contribute to this mission

1. Achievements of IESM in the past one year:

(a) This is the first time that the issue of OROP has been mentioned in the Presidential Speech in the Parliament. This has been possible only because of the massive action taken by IESM.
(b) A large number of senior officers and all Ranks of all arm have come together under the IESM umbrella. This involvement has been totally selfless from all members and it is an astonishing feat achieved by the Indian Military Veterans community.

(c) A dedicated, able and effective leadership has taken charge of this mission and will most definitely steer the mission to victory and success.

(d) The government is now fully aware of the fact that the planning and execution of IESM is way beyond their control and that IESM is growing faster than they could ever imagine. That is why the government is reluctant to talk and negotiate with the IESM.

2. Actions taken by the government, the politicians and the bureaucrats:

(a) Divide and Rule - Instead of solving the problems of ESM and carefully considering the legitimate demand of OROP by the military veterans, the government has been trying to divide us in segments like ranks, arms, Officers, JCOs, ORs. They have been trying to segment and divide our power and strength.

(b) Using small ESM organizations with vested interests, the government has been trying to advertise that they care for the welfare of the veteran community, all of which is a false propaganda.
(c) The GOI should recognize and be grateful to the officer community especially the chairman IESM, for it is because of them this mission is still peaceful.
(d) The PBOR community is so full of anguish that if left uncontrolled/unguided they will not refrain from resorting to other means of making the deaf hear our voice. That said, I must underline the fact that this is a rather dangerous game the GOI is playing and it better be aware of the consequences of this.

3. Possible reasons behind OROP not being granted as yet:

(a) I feel that reason behind the fact that OROP has not been implanted in its true nature and spirit is the fact that each and every action/decision/step taken by the IESM leadership is being debated.

(b) This is a clear sign for the GoI that the ESM community is not united. The proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is so truly applicable to this situation. We must all understand that this too is like a war for justice and no war can ever be won if there are more than one orders given at the same time or if, on every decision, a committee or a consensus must be formed.

(c) With respect, I want to bring forth a very important and serious issue regarding the devaluation of JCOs, NCOs and equivalent ranks of all arms. The JCOs are commissioned by the President of India and it is a class II Gazetted Rank. Now it has been replaced by a term “PBOR”. Where did this term “PBOR” come from? I find it amusing and rather disturbing that it has been so easily accepted by our service chiefs and the boards of JCOs and NCOs have been replaced by PBOR!

Rank degradation was a major issue taken up by most ESM organizations. Similarly the same issue of rank degradation holds good in coining this term “PBOR” and must be dealt with utmost seriousness. On the Blog REPORTMYSIGNAL it is seen that each rank is interested about its own interest. This is a point I have personally raised with the Vice Chairman in the past as well. It has also been raised earlier by Sgt. Prabhjot Singh PlS (Retd.), President, Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab and Chandigarh.

This is the root cause of defamation of the Army. It starts from the soldiers and creeps all the way up to the levels of senior officers as well. The time has now come for all ranks to forget about their individual benefits and unite for Social Justice and Respect of the Indian Military Services. Many senior officers have rightly pointed out that we should learn from neighbors and the past history. Service years were different and the times now are different. Why is any body/organization not thinking for the benefit of all ranks all arms (from Sep to Gen, including Ex Service Men)? Has GOI been successful in its divided and rule policy inherited from the British?

4. Possible course of action for the future:

Therefore my request with the entire ESM community is this:

(a) Organizations founded for the welfare of ESM have failed the very purpose of their existence. IESM, in my humble opinion, must make an effort, to get rid of the people filling holding these appointments (and making a mess of the entire organization) and to replace these people with those who are really devoted to the cause of the ESM, who can understand and appreciate the reason why these bodies were founded.

(b) Many states like Punjab have been exemplary in this regard where these organizations still perform the duties they are supposed to.

(c) Let us all be united in our thoughts, actions and words. That is the only way we can become a force strong enough to shake the high offices in New Delhi.

(d) Let us all have faith in the IESM leadership. The chairman and the steering committee is what the Captain is to a boat or a Pilot to an airplane.

(e) Let us not criticize others. Instead, do the best we can in our own capacities to help the mission become successful.

(f) Once a decision has been taken, let us all own it – for better or for worse – understanding that the intent behind taking that decision was the success of the entire mission.

(g) Please do not criticize our leaders, do not comment on there integrity and leadership capabilities. They have brought us here and they will, most definitely, make this mission successful.
(h) Lastly I whole heartedly support the suggestions of Vice Chairman Maj Gen Satbir Singh and Col Rajan for the future plan of action.

5. How Can One Individual ESM Help:

One must both generously and seriously think about how he/she can help the Mission OROP. Some can help with money (donations), some with their organizations, some with organizing local meetings and seminars, some can give time and man power, and some can help with material/items. Where ever an ESM goes, let it be ECHS, CSD offices and any where, we can talk about this movement get membership form and deposit medals.

Once again I thank you all for giving me this opportunity to share my vies with you.

Jai Hind!

Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Retd.)

Contributions by Lt Col IM Chabra / Lt Col Vinay Khanna and Maj SR Singh and Col PK Singh

From: raj kadyan

Subject: ESM sitrep 29 Aug evening


Date: Saturday, 29 August, 2009, 10:12 PM

Dear Colleagues,
Satbir and other available members of the Steering Committee had an on-site meeting today to button up the arrangements of tomorrow’s assembly.
On behalf of you all I express my deep gratitude to the following:
· Lt Col IM Chhabra for kindly contributing Rs 2,000.00 towards meeting the expenses of 30 Aug meet.

· Col PK Singh and Maj SR Singh for their generous contribution of Rs 5,000.00 to the IESM.

· Lt Col Vinay Khanna, for his generous contributions of Rs 10,000.00 towards lunch expenses on 30 Aug 09, during the All India Meeting of ESM at Noida.
Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM,
Chairman IESM.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Contribution from Varanasi by Col PK Singh and Maj SR Singh

From: shriram singh

Subject: Contribution from Varanasi

To: "satbir singh" , "Cdr Sharan Ahuja" , "REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj)"
Cc: "raj kadyan"
Date: Friday, 28 August, 2009, 1:16 PM
Dear Sir,

We are sending a cheque for Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) towards our ( Col PK Singh & Maj SR Singh) cotribution for our own Movement.

Despatch details are being informed separately.

Thanks and regards.

Maj SR Singh

Contribution from Varanasi by Col PK Singh and Maj SR Singh

From: shriram singh

Subject: Contribution from Varanasi

To: "satbir singh" , "Cdr Sharan Ahuja" , "REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj)"
Cc: "raj kadyan"
Date: Friday, 28 August, 2009, 1:16 PM
Dear Sir,

We are sending a cheque for Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) towards our ( Col PK Singh & Maj SR Singh) cotribution for our own Movement.

Despatch details are being informed separately.

Thanks and regards.

Maj SR Singh

Contributions from Lt Col I M Chhabra

From: papa sekhri


Date: Friday, 28 August, 2009, 9:14 PM

Dear Brig Kamboj Sir,

IC-4491,Lt Col I M Chhabra, has handed over Rs 2000/ (cash) to me as his contribution towards the expenditure for the above meet. I will h/o the amount to a rep of the core gp on 30th Aug.
With kind regards,
col sekhri

Monday, August 24, 2009

33 years Querry...

The rationale for reducing the minimum service requirement from 33 years to 20 years as applied to the post '06 personnel applies equally, if not more, to those who had proceeded on premature retirement before 1.1.06. Discrimination between the pre and post '06 retirees is therefore extremely unfair. Has this matter been taken up, or is being taken up, with the Govt and what is the likelihood of this discrimination being ended? (Col K L Arora)

The Govt has already looked into this matter and rejected it. To my mind, the discrimination in this sense is more in the case of military officers and civil employees who retired between Jan 06 to Sept 08 Vs Post-Sept 08 pensioners rather than Pre-06 Vs Post-06 pensioners. Defence officers and civil employees who retired from Jan 06 till Sept 08 are not entitled to full pension on completion of 20 years’ service and this benefit has only been granted to Post-Sept 08 retirees which seems to be unfair. However Commissioned officers who retired wef 1-1-2006 would soon be extended this benefit bringing them at par with PBOR.

Additional Pension on attaining the age of 80+ :

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Additional Pension on attaining the age of 80+ : Clarification and further simplification of procedure

As discussed on this blogpost here, Govt of India, Department of Pension had issued guidelines regarding proof of age while granting the additional quantum of pension announced for existing and future pensioners in wake of acceptance of the 6th CPC recommendations.

Now the procedure has further been simplified by way of a new letter issued by the Central Govt dated 11 August 2009 which can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here. In order to grant additional quantum of pension on attaining 80 years of age, the pensioner / family pensioner / disability pensioner may present any of the following as the age proof as per existing instructions :

(a) PAN Card
(b) Matriculation Certificate
(c) Passport
(d) CGHS Card
(e) Driving License

The Central Govt has now ordained that if none of the above is available, then voter card issued by the Election Commission shall qualify as proof of age for grant of additional pension. It has also been clarified that the additional pension shall be available from the 1st day of the month in which the birthday falls. The Ministries of Defence and Railways have also been directed to issue similar instructions.

It would be worthwhile for readers to inform known elderly military pensioners and family pensioners about the fact that additional pension (varying from 20% to 100% depending upon age) is available to individuals after they attain the age of 80 years since this stipulation remains unknown to many. Record offices should ideally also carry out an exercise and ensure that these benefits reach all affected pensioners.
Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh at 4:56 AM 5 comments
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Car through CSD New system raises officers’ hackles ..Tribune

Friday, August 21, 2009, Chandigarh, India
Car through CSD
New system raises officers’ hackles
Our Correspondent
Ambala, August 20
Over 30 serving and retired officers of the Army showed resentment against the recently introduced system for purchasing car through CSD at the CSD depot in Ambala Cantt here.
Earlier, the Army officers had to deposit the amount of the vehicle to be purchased with the CSD depot in Ambala Cantt and the depot issued them the release order. After submitting the release order with the car dealer, the officers got the delivery of the vehicle.
As per the new system, after getting the delivery of the vehicle, the army officers will have to report to the depot manger along with the vehicle and a representative of the dealer.
After checking the documents, engine number and chassis number of the vehicle, the depot will issue them a sale deed document and then only the officers will be allowed to drive their car. The Army officers have to face a lot of harassment while completing the formalities of the newly introduced system.
Most of the Army officers, even from Haryana, prefer to purchase vehicles from Chandigarh as the rate of sales tax is 2 per cent less there than in Haryana.
Chandigarh does not have any CSD depot that is why the Army officers belonging to Chandigarh generally come to the Ambala CSD depot for purchasing vehicle through the CSD.
Around 35 retired and serving Army officers, including a serving Major from Kargil, went to Chandigarh yesterday to purchase vehicles after getting the release order from the CSD depot, Ambala.
The depot issued them a “Rahdari” slip, which they have to get stamped from the sales tax barriers at Dappar (Punjab) and Dhulkot (Haryana).
Col Jaswant Singh (retd), a resident of Chandigarh, said the officials of sales tax barriers detained them for two hours and refused to put stamp on “Rahdari” paper. They had to further stay in the CSD depot for hours to complete the formalities. He said the situation was very humiliating for an Army officer. Other Army officers also expressed annoyance over the new system.
Meanwhile, regional manager of the depot Lakhwinder Singh refused to comment on the matter. According to information, the depot has been facing an acute shortage of officials, which led to delay in the completion of formalities.

ex servicemen will be exempted from paying property tax.. Navi Mumbai

From: Colonel DPSingh

Sent: Saturday, 22 August, 2009 1:02:13 PM


Dear sir,

With all your moral support we the ex servicemen league CBD Navi Mumbai has won the first round. It is a victory which effects everybody. All the ex servicemen will feel happy.

The standing commitee of navi mumbai has passed a bill whereby all ex servicemen will be exempted from paying property tax.

This was a combined effort.
Brig dharam prakash played an important role. .

You may like to advise other ESM organisations also


Lt Col DP Singh


From: nawab heer
To: Kamboj Chander ; TRUNCATED

Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 10:18 AM
Subject: ... EDITED ...

Dear Sirs,

1. This is to share with you that we held a meeting with CM Punjab to give special consideration to ESM in getting their Flats registered on alloted price as against market price.The CM very kindly accepted our request and called up Secy Revenue and asked us to meet her.We drove to Punjab Sectt and met Mrs Dubey ,she was nice to us and asked us that the case must be recommended by the DC Mohali and she will do our work.

2. Next day we met ADC Mohali since DC was on leave.ADC happened to be a ... edited ..., who was polite, but, in recommendations included that other societies will also ask fo such waiver.I told him as to how can he compare pvt society like Sunny enclave with AWHO which is no profit no loss society.He did not budge.Then we again went To Mrs Promila Dubey who also changed her stance.She said there will be lot of financial implications of the waiver,so the same has to be PU to the CM.I pleaded with her that to remember that there are number of widows and PBOR in this list and they will not be able to pay Rs 4 Lakhs for Conveyance Deed.They may be forced to sell their flats.

3. However,next day we again met CM ,Punjab who saw are reasoning and finally gave decision in our favour.It will help all our collegues holding flats at Mohali,Ludhiana,Jallandar and elsewhere.They have also extended date to 31 Dec.Please give it a wide publicity,so that all serving and retired benefit.

4. Lessons learnt- It is not the politicians who are aginst us but it is the Babu or in this case Babuani.In this case both ADC and Secy Revenue Punjab were hand in glove to ensure we do not get justice.They were not ready to accept that AWHO is also a semi Government concern.


Brig Nawab Singh

Nishe Kar Aapni Jeet Karoon.
(Well Done ESM OF Punjab – Keep it up)
From: Brig Harwant Singh (Retd)
Date: Sunday, 23 August, 2009, 1:27 PM
Dear Friends ,

Forwarfded For Your Info FYI).

If there is a similar problem in other states , they should take up a similar case and cite our case as example .

The Punjab Govt has since approved the matter in the Cabinet issued the 'Notification' .'Conveyance Deed (CD- 'Registry') is to be completed by 31 Dec '09 . Please inform all friends accordingly . Serving personnel should plan about two weeks' leave to get the job done as Punjab BABUS seldom work .


With Warm Regards,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd),GFOE,


AT 1030H ON 30 AUG 2009
Introduction: An all India defense veterans’ meet is called at 1030h on 30 Aug 2009 Sunday at AVCC Arun Vihar Community Centre sector 37 Noida on completion of one year of IESM (Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement). This meeting is called to take stock of the work done by the IESM towards projecting the demands of ex-servicemen to the centre stage and also spear heading the agitation for grant of OROP for ex-servicemen. The meeting will further ponder over the Government’s rejection of our just demand of OROP and will discuss the future course of action to be adopted by the ex-servicemen movement.
Venue of the Meeting: The meeting will be conducted at 1030h on 30 Aug 2009 Sunday AVCC Sector-37 NOIDA.

Registration: Registration of the delegates will commence from 0930 onwards. All delegates are requested to reach the venue by 0945 and register their names. There are no charges for registration of names.
Ground Rules: It is important to keep the meeting cordial and fruitful. This can only be done by following discipline in the meeting. Following ground rules are for guidance of all the delegates. All delegates are requested to keep these ground rules in mind while deliberating or addressing the gathering.
· All outstation speakers will be allotted only 5 min to speak.
· Preferably one speaker from a state, max two speakers from a state can be permitted to address the gathering. This is required to accommodate speakers from all states.
· Political discussion/leanings are not to be discussed.
· Personal attacks on individuals are to be avoided.
· Speakers should not use un-parliamentary language

Conduct Of the Meeting: The meeting will be conducted from 1030h to 1500h and will have speakers from all states. Convener of every state of India would be given chance to speak and express his views. A maximum of two speakers would be accommodated from a state. The meeting would be conducted in a democratic manner and all speakers are free to express their views about the ex-servicemen movement. However all speakers are to adhere to the time allotted to them and keep the decorum of the meeting in mind and should avoid personal attack on any individual. In case any speaker is found to be violating these ground rules he would be requested to stop address by the Gen Sec. Decision of the Chairman/Vice Chairman whether a speaker is digressing from the main theme and making personal attacks on an individual will be final.
Tea and Lunch will be served in between the deliberations.
List of the Members: An updated list of members with their membership numbers will be displayed at the venue. All members can see their names and membership number allotted to them.
Speakers: We are permitting all state conveners to speak as a rule that is only one speaker from each state. Hence the number may touch about 10 to 12 speakers. However we might permit a maximum of two speakers from a state if time permits and if the request has come in advance. Gentleman, if you know the names of the speaker who have expressed desire to speak, please pass the names to me so that I can plan the slot for them. This will help me to conduct the meeting in more orderly manner.
Names should come to me latest by 27 Aug 2009.
Lunch and tea: A simple lunch will be served to all. Tea with biscuit will also be served in between the deliberations.
1030 - 1035 Welcome address Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM Gen Secty
1036 – 1050 Operational round-up Maj Gen Satbir Singh SM vice chairman
1051 – 1110 Financial health Maj Gen P Renjen AVSM Treasurer
1115 – 1145 Regional round-up outstation Speakers
1145 – 1200 TEA
1205 – 1250 Regional round-up Outstation Speakers (state conveners’ max one speakers from a state)
1255 – 1310 Wrap-up Gen Raj Kadyan PVSM, AVSM, VSM Chairman
1310 – 1340 Open house (General discussion by all members of the house)
1340 – 1345 Vote of Thanks by Gen Sec
1345 LUNCH
1430 Option available to conduct more discussions if members want more time.
It is planned to finish the meeting by 1500h so that all the delegates who wish to catch evening flight/train/buses can easily manage.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Secretary IESM
23 Aug 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

IESM members by Col RR Jai Ram

From: satbir singh
Subject: Acknowledgement : Membership Form
Date: Thursday, 20 August, 2009, 2:32 PM

Dear Col R.R. Jai Ram

1. Please see our att mail as given below this is uncomplete.
2. Thanks for your kind support.
3. Combined Cheque in respect of u/m pers bearing number 678234 dt 08 Aug 09 of Rs 600 recd and deposited in Bank:-

(a) Nk Sathya Jothi Balan - Rs 100.

(b) Hav R Sarawan - Rs 100.

(c) Hy Capt M Sebastian - Rs 200.

(d) Hy Flt Lt D Chandra Sekaran - Rs 200.

4. Our Bank details are as under :-

Name Of Account : Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
Account No : 06162000001330
Name of Bank : HDFC Bank
Nine Digit Code of Bank : 110240109
11 Digit IFSC Code No : HDFC 0000616
Postal Address of Bank: SCO 87, Sector 22, Gurgaon – 122001

6. Please motivate other veterans to join the IESM immediately.
With Kind Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement
Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570
Email :

Donation by Maj Gen JS Talwar

Dear Gen Talwar Sir,

1. Thanks a million for your so very positive response. We received your cheque for Rs 5000/- You have been very kind by generously contributing to the IESM. This cheque is being deposited in the ban today.

2. We look forward to elders like you for advice to take the Movement forward to get Justice for Defence Forces. God be kind, we will succeed.

With Kind Regards,

Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement
Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570
Email :

Views from UK of Veteran Rajinder S. Rajput

From: RSingh305@aol. com RSingh305@aol. com


Cc: RakshaBharatUK@
Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 3:58 AM

Dear Sir,

I shall be pleased to do my bit for this invaluable cause and will think of the ways to achieve the results expected.

Your e-mail gives valuable guidelines on suggested action.

I shall try to find like minded people at this end and write to the media, politicians and prominent personalities in India on defence matters and also raise the voice in NRI meets.

We shall continue to give the IESM movement all possible support from here. I have created a separate e-mail address for this purpose (rakshabharatUK@ to which all those interested can write.

Thank you for the inspiration you have provided.
Rajinder S. Rajput
17 Aug 09

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rejoinder to brig Krishan by Brig Harwant Singh

Dear Col K Krishnan ,

Very kind of you to have offered your talents for this noble cause .

As they say , " A friend is like blood which rushes to the wound to heal it without being called for'' . Similarly , KINDLY start the membership drive at your place and request all your friends and acquaintances to do so where ever they are . You may down load membership forms from our web site , or get the same from nearest stage co-ordinator or our Gen Secy whose ID is at cc

With Warm Regards,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd),GFOE,

IESM membership drive by Brig K Krishan..Panchkula

From: kiran krishan

Date: Thursday, 20 August, 2009, 9:33 AM

In our bid to expand IESM membership base, three of us ─ Lt Col SS Kalia, Brig SS Jaswal, and Brig Kiran Krishan attended a meeting of approx 150 ex-servicemen, and widows organised at Kalka by Hav Kundan Lal Sharma on Wed, Aug 19, 2009. 75 new members (1 Offr, 9 JCOs, 50 OR, and 15 widows) were enrolled in one go into the IESM under the Associate Member category.

Accounts and forms will be submitted shortly. Details will be registered online within a week or so.

Filling up of forms, especially when large numbers were involved turned out to be a very laborious process. Could we not exclude many more details, or mark the mandatory ones? Kindly do give it a thought.

With regards,

Brig Kiran Krishan, SM (Retd)
Coordinator, IESM, Panchkula, and
President, All India Defence Brotherhood (Haryana Unit

Views of Maj Ravindran

From: Ravindran Major
Subject: Re: AN EMAIL FROM VICE CHAIRMAN IESM - EMAIL 608/2009 - 18 AUG 09 - (R to S)

Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 6:48 PM

I take this opportunity to suggest that whenever comparative tables are made we should start from the sepoy and then go upto Generals. Only if we can have the figures of PBOR can we take it up as a common issue and circulate it atleast through the notice boards in canteens and echs clinics. Only if it becomes a sincere habit of begining at the beginging can we get the confidence of the pbor in this movement. Otherwise they can't be blamed if they get the feeling that they are being used only for their numbers!

regards n bw


'One Rank One Pension' published in noida in today's Navbharat Times (NBT).

Dear All,

Find attached story on 'One Rank One Pension' published in noida in today's Navbharat Times (NBT).

Please give it a wider circulation.

This story is not on NBT Website and hence no link available.

Commodore Lokesh K. Batra (Retd.)
Social & RTI Activist

Rejoinder to Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp By Brig Kuthiala

From: sateesh kuthiala

Subject: Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp

Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 2:19 PM

(Reference Gen Kashyap’s email above)
you will recollect this was one of the changes promised by the MD Echs and referred to in an earlier blog . this cuts out one unnecessary trip between RR and the polyclinic. could be placed on your respective blogs for info of veterans. we still need to work on some system to keep non cyber space wallahs informed. for the moment i can think of nothing other than a regular press note in national and regional newspapers. our serving bretheren are a little hesitant about interacting regularly with the press, we have no such problems. our iesm hq keeps issuing press notes on orop matters. could we think of a weekly press note on veteran matters incl echs. for consideration

Sateesh Kuthiala
1. It is for consideration whether RR Hospital referral applies to stations other than NCR. If not, then all we need to do is to put up a notice at each Polyclinic of NCR, disseminating the above information.
2. Press notes are of no use as hardly any news paper publishes them. For all ECHS related issues our best way of communication will be through notices put up at ECHS Polyclinics, CSD Canteens, officers clubs etc. We should plan accordingly.
– Chander Kamboj)

Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp by Maj Gen I Kashyap

From: Inderjit Kashyap

Subject: Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp

Cc: "CS Kamboj"; TRUNCATED
Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 1:43 PM
Dear Friends,
1. Have just returned from R&R Hosp after a review of my wife post Knee replacement & at the reception of the Joint Relacement Centre was informed that henceforth "a referal would be required even for reviews." However, a MO is available at the R&R Hosp to give this referal & one need not have to go to the Dependent Polyclinic for this.
2. For info please. This may please be circulated to all ESMs to avoid inconvenience.
With Regards,
Inderjit Kashyap

Views by Gp Capt AS Ahluwalia

From: Amrik Ahluwalia

Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 11:45 AM

Dear Sirs:

Reference "Ex-Armymen plan to sue Government".

With all due respect to the ranks and experience of the group of Major Generals who would have taken such a decision, I would like to point out with my 30 years of experience in the IAF, and the additional experience that I have in legal practice dealing with numerous service cases, both as Jt JAG (IAF) and Advocate Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi, and now practicing in Los Angeles, I would suggest that we should not dissipate our resources by separating issues rankwise.

Suggest, for economy of effort, and to show a solid unified front, that this matter be taken up without referring to any particular rank and as a WHOLE. Government is very clever and even if Major Generals succeed in the litigation, the Govt will only agree for that rank and leave others to fight for themselves again. Principles don’t matter to the Govt. Maximum two cases should be filed separately--one for ALL officers and another for ALL other ranks.

The fight should be for parity with the basic principal and objective ONE RANK ONE PENSION.


Amrik S. Ahluwalia
Group Captain (War Veteran)
Chairman, Society of Indian Veterans in America, Inc.
15925 Carmenita Road
Cerritos, California 90703
Tele: (562) 229-1221 Direct Line: (562) 483-7768
Fax: (562) 229-1220
Cell: (562) 899-8788

OROP Five RTIs filed by Cmde LK Batra 18 Aug 2009

Dear All,

Pls find attached 05 RTIs filed by me today.

Two RTIs on Cabinet Secretariat and two similar RTIs on Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The fifth RTI is also on MoD in connection with Defence Minister
AK Antony's reply to starred question in Lok Sabha on 13 July 2009.

It was nice of Gp. Captain Gandhi to accompany me to Noida Post Office.

I have since faxed two RTIs to CPIO, Cabinet Sectt. and confirmed from him having received.

Three of MoD RTIs were faxed thru the office of JS(ESW),MoD. JS's PS PS has confirmed having received and will forward to CPIO & Dir(Pension) (MoD). I have also spoken to CPIO & Dir(Pension) and informed him abt it.

18 August 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coping with China by By K.Subrahmanyam

August 16, 2009 (English version )

Coping with China

By K.Subrahmanyam

Admiral Sureesh Mehta, Chief of Naval Staff and Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee who is due to retire at the end of this month delivered an address on national security under the aegis of the National Maritime Foundation on the 10th of August. It was a fairly comprehensive overview of our national security perspective. Though delivered by the senior most Service Officer, the lecture was remarkable as it went beyond the military realm and focused on a broad strategic and political vision in the currently evolving international situation.

In a sense this address by Admiral Mehta signified the arrival of senior service officers at the top rung of national grand strategy formulation. His eminently pragmatic, strategic vision has been misinterpreted in certain sections of the media as a cry of despair that India will not be able to catch up with China militarily. He has made it clear that India has no intention to do so. At the same time he has formulated the most viable strategy to cope with this situation. Whether India - with a population likely to exceed China’s in the next two decades ; the advantage of a much younger age profile of that population; its post September 2008 integration with the rest of the world ; and being a democracy along with the all other major powers as also English-speaking - will ultimately catch up with China it is too early to predict. China today has the advantage of a decade and half of head start in economic reforms and
globalization and very close industrial cooperation with US and other multinational firms. Admiral Mehta has detailed the lead China has gained on this account over India. That is an inexorable reality which Indian strategists have to accept and factor in coping with China. The word Admiral Mehta has chosen to use is ‘coping with China’, not confronting or competing with it.

While China by switching sides in the Cold War and repudiating the Maoist legacy broke out of its isolation in the seventies, India could do so only in 2008 with the waiver of NSG guidelines. While China was a tacit but active strategic partner of the US and NATO during the Cold War and an established permanent
member of the Security Council and an accepted nuclear power of the Nonproliferation Treaty, India’s recognition as one of the rising powers and a balancer in the international system began less than a decade ago.

India presently has strategic partnerships with all great powers including China. Today India’s largest trading partner is China. Yet as Admiral Mehta pointed out, in China’s case India has a trust deficit because of the long standing territorial dispute and among other issues, the China-Pakistan connection. Unlike in India’s case where its emergence as a power does not cause concern in the world, that is not the case with China. Its propensity for intervention in
space ,both on earth and in outer space and cyber warfare have been cited as causing concern to other nations.

Addressing those who entertain expectations that 1962 can be repeated, Admiral Mehta highlighted that the economic penalties resulting from a potential Sino-Indian military conflict would have grave consequences for both sides. Unlike in 1962, China has today multiple vulnerabilities and has to consider seriously the effect of a war on its energy supply lines. In such circumstances mutual cooperation is to the benefit of both countries. Therefore Admiral Mehta’s advocacy is for India reducing its military gap with China and countering the growing Chinese footprint in the Indian Ocean region He does not favor the traditional bean-counting or division for division approach. in closing the gap. Instead , he wants to rely on harnessing modern technology for developing high situational awareness and creating a reliable standoff deterrent. The recent launch of the nuclear submarine, Arihant is a step in that direction. Admiral Mehta further adds, that in order to minimize the chances of conflict, India should proactively engage China diplomatically, economically, culturally and in people to people contacts. At the same time India should nurture its relations with US, Russia, Japan and other East Asian countries to leverage towards this end . In his view our growing relations with South East and East Asian countries would increase opportunities for cooperative engagement with China as well.

What Admiral Mehta does not say in his speech is as important as what he has said. China is looking forward to emerging as the foremost power of the world. Its GDP is expected to overtake the US in the next two decades. The recent economic recession has narrowed the gap between the two and made China the second largest economy of the world. While US and China have some mutuality of interest in ensuring the stability of the dollar, as otherwise China will lose heavily on its large dollar holdings, in the period beyond the recovery the US will be keen to sustain its preeminence as the foremost military, economic and technological power of the world. There will be radical changes in the US-China economic relationship so far anchored on China selling enormous quantities of consumer goods to US and running huge balance of payments surpluses. Those were saved and lent back to the US to enable American consumers to spend more.

This world order is unsustainable and is bound to change. As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, India is seen as one of the key partners for the US to reshape the 21st century. The US has agreed to sell high technology defense equipment to India while it is not likely to sell them to China , its main rival in the coming decades. Therefore Admiral Mehta’s reference to the innovative use of technology by India to close the military gap with China.

Besides focusing on this core subject , the lecture also dealt with nonstate actors, shaping our immediate neighborhood, securing our maritime borders, internal security, intelligence ,cyber warfare, higher defence integration and jointness among the three services, nuclear issues , reducing dependence on other countries for equipment ,trends in defence expenditure and adequacy of our defense outlays ,delays in our procurement procedures, governance and culture of strategic thinking .His ideas are thought-provoking and deserve to be objectively debated by the Indian strategic community.

In a sense this address breaks new ground. A service chief has put on record his views on a whole host of national security issues just a few weeks before demitting office. Many of these issues have been under consideration for ages without solutions. In today’ security environment these need to be debated openly in the country - to generate public pressure for early decision-making in the Government.

Regrettably, in our Parliament national security issues do not receive the attention they merit and therefore greater the need for informed public debate.


From: Wg.Cdr. Shashank Bendre


Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 12:42 PM
Subject: Qualifying Service for Pension


I shall be highly grateful if you could throw some light on the following queries?
Your answer to the queries will enable me to put it on the IESM info board:

Has GOI letter been issued on waiving off of 33 yrs service?

Who are the persons it is applicable to:
1. Pre-2006 pensioners?
2. Family pensioners (if the deceased pensioner has not completed 33 yrs. service.)
3. Effective date?
4. Effective date for arrears?

Other useful details/explanation.


Shashank Bendre
Member, Pension Cell,IESM
From: Navdeep Singh
To: Wg.Cdr. Shashank Bendre
Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: Qualifying Service for Pension


The GOI Letter eliminating the need of 33 years' service for full pension has been issued only for Post-Jan 2006 PBOR and Post-Sept 2008 Officers. Another revised letter is likely to be issued for Post-Jan 2006 Officers too.

Your queries :

1. No, it is not applicable to pre-06 pensioners. Neither on the civil side nor on the military side.

2. Family pension has NO link with 33 years' service since ordinary family pension is calculated @ 30% of basic pay and there is no requirement of rendering any minimum service for earning a family pension.

3. Effective date for post-6th CPC retirees as stated above is Jan 2006 for PBOR and Sept 2008 for officers and civilians. It may be revised to Jan 2006 for Military officers soon.

4. Date of arrears for all revised pensionary modalities for pre-06 retirees is 01 Jan 06.


Maj Navdeep Singh
Advocate High Court
(Maj Navdeep Singh is a serving TA Officer, practising law in Chandigarh High Court. He has very detailed knowledge about various Pay Commission reports and the related Govt letters issued on the subject. He has an excellent website which has very wide variety of information for Defence Personnel. From time to time Maj Navdeep Singh keeps circulating important information to all Veterans. Please do visit Maj Navdeep's website at -

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Connectivity Remote Areas by Cdr PP Batra

From: prem parkash batra

Subject: Fw: Connectivity Remote Areas== EMAILS FROM MEMBERS - EMAIL 600/2009 - 14 AUG 09 - (A to B) (LAST TWO EMAILS WERE ERRONEOUSLY NUMBERED AS 598)
Date: Friday, 14 August, 2009, 2:26 PM
Brig CS Kamboj

Dear Sir,

1. Regard spreading of IESM aims and communications to non-holders of Email Account and to remote areas, it is a very important and sensitive issue. Therefore it needs full attention and solution by putting heads together. Where GOI, Defence Forces, ECHS and others have failed, the IESM needs to blaze the trail. Hopefully we do not want any NGO particularly from outside to hold our hands.

2. Sir, it is my considered view that if we had put in place a sound and easy way of communicating with our Fishing Villages, the Mumbai 26/11 Terror Attack would have never happend.

3. ... edited ...

4. ... edited ...

5. Moral of the story is how does the Governing Body of the IESM reach out to all the Veterans in far flung places and most those who do not have Computers. Is IESM going to deny them their goodness just because they are not members. Even the Unique Identity Card System would not help solve these problems. We cannot adopt the American System.

6. So how do we go about it. Once IESM is strong, funds would come from Government and Philanthropists. A way has been suggested in the Email which is trailered. But that is not comprehensive and do not cater to remote villages. I remember some ex-servicemen being settled in remote Islands of Nicobar Islands for enhancing the security scene. Tomorrow GOI in enlightened interest may offer sufficient help Ex-Servicemen to colonise remote areas, the way Chinese have done. But we need to figure out real time and effective and secure communication interactive system. It need not be single agency. It has to be multiple agencies including Light Houses and Light Ship Department, Army Pickets/Posts, Fishery Department, Tribal Ministry and so on.

7. When I go for my evening walks I update the Ex-Servicemen Security Guards at the NPL Colony. May be some relay system. If we remember that in BC, the Persian King used to send his FIRMANS 2100 kilometers in 7 days by horse teams? Runners and Pigeons are out. But may be each one of us can make our unique contribution to this cause.

With best regards,

Prem Batra

letter from Department of Pension, especially for old veterans

An important letter from Department of Pension, especially for old veterans
This very important letter was issued on 21 May 2009 by the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ welfare concerning modalities regarding revision of pre-06 pensioners.

The letter also contains a list of documents which may be accepted to grant additional percentage of pension to pensioners and family pensioners over the age of 80 years.

Veterans, widows and war widows facing problems concerning grant of enhanced pension and family pension may bring this letter to the knowledge of PDAs such as Banks and DPDOs.

Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh at 12:28 AM 5 comments
Labels: Pay Commission, Pension

Ex-Armymen plan to sue govt..the ASIAN AGE by Cmde LK Batra

From: Lokesh K Batra
Subject: AsianAge : Ex-Armymen plan to sue govt

Date: Sunday, 16 August, 2009, 11:05 PM
Commodore LK Batra

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, London
Sunday, 16 August 2009
Ex-Armymen plan to sue govt
Sridhar Kumaraswami
New Delhi
Aug. 15: A group of former major-generals is planning to file a lawsuit against the government for not granting "One Rank One Pension" for ex-servicemen. A corpus fund could also be created to fund the proposed legal battle against the government.
One of the former major-generals, speaking on condition of anonymity to this newspaper, said that the group of former major-generals are also planning to send a legal notice to the defence secretary, ministry of defence (MoD). The group of former major-generals who retired before 2006 is considering a legal battle on the grounds that they are getting less pension than Brigadiers who retired after June, 2006.
"This issue was deliberated at length and it was decided that government is not likely to approve OROP. Veterans would have to knock at the door of courts to get a favourable decision and force the Govt to agree to give OROP ... It was decided that preparation for filing the lawsuit should be completed at the earliest and lawsuit should be filed without delay," stated a former officer.
OROP refers to the grant of pensions (according to rank) irrespective of the date of retirement. For instance, this means that an officer retiring as major-general ought to get the same pension as another officer who retired as major-general irrespective of date of retirement.
In his Independence Day address, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, "We are proud of our brave soldiers.
It is our duty to ensure that ex-servicemen are able to lead a life of comfort. We have accepted the recommendations of the committee constituted to examine the issue of pension of ex-servicemen. This will lead to increased pension for about 12 lakh retired jawans and Junior Commissioned Officers."
However, ex-servicemen point out that there was no mention of "One Rank One Pension" for former (full-commission) officers in the speech and add that the government has not accepted OROP even for jawans and JCOs (who are personnel below officer rank-PBOR). The government had recently announced measures for reducing the disparities in pensions among PBORs. Thousands of medals had earlier been returned by aggrieved ex-servicemen.

Now or Never by Col K Malaiappan

From: Col K Malaiappan -

Date: Sunday, 16 August, 2009, 8:18 AM

Dear General

1. Please kep up the momentum.. It will be now or never. Babus will always do this. As on date the statement in Parliament has not materialise. There is no OROP. Hence go ahead with full throttle till we achiee all the OROP, pay, promotions etc at par with civil services
With best wishes and regards
Yours Sincerly
Colonel K Malaiappan (Retd), BE,MBA,(BL)

Views By Lt Gen YN Sharma

From: yoginder sharma

Date: Sunday, 16 August, 2009, 8:56 AM

Dear Satbir,

Impressive post.
Vivid contrast of pensionary figures and consequent inequities and absurdity.
Persuasive stats that justify the good fight-an insanely illogical dispensation. Needs lot more airing-beyond the 'converted'.

... edited ...

Bless you all and best wishes for success; shall keep up support in ways possible.
Yogi Sharma.
(Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander)

Friday, August 14, 2009



The implementation of sixth pay commission has drastically changed the warrant of precedence (WoP) for the Indian Armed Forces. The chairperson of UPSC has been upgraded to article 9A over services chiefs (at article 12). He/she used to be earlier at article 17 below Services Chiefs and also below officiating chiefs of the rank of Lt Gen who were on article 16.

Chairperson of SCs and STs were added in article 17. Both these chairpersons are now higher than Army Commanders/Vice Chiefs who are in article 23.

Members of SCs & STs placed at same level of Army Commanders/Vice Chiefs at article 23. What more can one say, even Field Marshall Manekshaw was placed at article 12 below two former civil servants (Brijesh Mishra and Vijay Kapoor). Now, does anyone know what these gentlemen have done for INDIA????

As was well known, Army Commanders/Vice Chiefs were equated with secretaries to Govt. of India on article 23. However, Note 10(c) of the WoP make an interesting distinction: In official functions held at Delhi, Army Commanders/Vice Chiefs of the Army Staff or equivalent in other services will always rank after the secretaries to the Government of India.

Following are the deductions:
1. DIG is now officially equivalent to a Brigadier (Earlier this rank was even junior to a Colonel)

2. Ministry of Home Affairs has declared that all IPS officers shall attain the rank of DIG in 14 year's service.

3. Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) is now officially equivalent to the rank of Major General.

4. Dept of Pers & Trg has declared that all IAS officers shall attain the rank of SAG in 14 year's service.

5. What would be achievable by 100% IPS officers in 14 years would now be achievable by 7% defence officers in 28 years..

6. What would be achievable by 100% IAS officers in 14 years would now be achievable by 2% defence in 33 years.

It is pertinent to mention that the senior most civilian rank in a state was equivalent to a Colonel during independence; whereas, over a period of time, the nation has only seen the downfall our BABUS. Their machinery collapses even with a simple storm, whereas, their protocol has kept on rising. I dont need to mention the professionalism of our Armed Forces; the nation knows this well.
In principle, our politicians need to give an explanation for this remarkable erosion of a soldier's status over the past sixty years, the Generals, too, are equally responsible. They have virtually failed in restoring the pride of their own men whom they command. No wonder, now even they don’t send their children to the Services; they rather prefer beauty contests or becoming Bollywood stars. I don’t blame them also, they have seen it all.

It is high time that we speak up or else only GOD can save this country.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,

1 year IESM by Maj gen jaini

on the occasion of completion of our ONE SUCCESSFULL YEAR in our ' cause '


General Jaini

Member CG & Stg Commof IESM.

FIRST RAISING DAY of IESM (13 Aug ) By Brig Harwant singh

Dear Friends ,

Heartiest Greetings to all members , associated members of IESM and its other well wishers on the occasion of FIRST RAISING DAY of IESM (13 Aug ).

No other organisation has achieved in ONE YEAR what IESM has achieved .

Grateful thanks and congratulations to its most dedicated leadership and ALL workers .

Let IESM achieve still more glory in the 'CAUSE' of the welfare of the Defence Fraternity in times to come

With Warm Regards,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd),GFOE,

Request to give link..MNS

Subject: Re: Request to give link

To: "mns veterans"

Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 6:37 AM

Dear (Brig) Ms Jasbeer,

I am certain by now you are convinced that IESM goal is to secure One Rank One Pension for all including MNS Officers.
For achieving the aims we need your help:
1. Please nominate a representative to form part of IESM Pension Cell, who is preferably from Gurgoan/ NCR area. Contact details to be intimated to Vice Admiral Barin Ghose ( ).

2. Request all MNS to become life can do online bulk Registeration after payment of cash in local HDFC bank...the method is
described in the IESM webpage ( also reflected in Report My Signal Blog.
3. All MNS who have email can opt to be on the email list of Report My signal. Should get in touch with Brig CS Kamboj ( This will enable you all to get the latest inputs regarding ESM and also exchange views.
If still you are any other Officer need any more clarifications please feel free to contact any of us.
With regards,
James Kanagaraj
Blog Team


From: raj mehta

Subject: Letter to the Editor: "FOOT-IN-MOUTH DISEASE?" - The PIONEER Edit by Mr R. Ghosh
To: "Brig CS Kamboj, VSM (Retd)" TRUNCATED.
Cc: "Colonel Kanagaraj Report Your Signal"
Date: Thursday, 13 August, 2009, 2:10 PM

Dear Sir,
The Pioneer has chosen to publish the u/m excerpt from my mail to the Editor, in response to what I saw as unfair criticism of Admiral Sureesh Mehta, CNS and Chairman COSC.
If you consider it appropriate, the correspondence may be published in Report Your Signal.
Warm regards,
Raj Mehta
Edit by Mr. R Ghosh: Foot-in-Mouth is (an) Incurable Disease
By Maj Gen Raj Mehta (Retd) on 8/12/2009 7:50:17 PM

Mr R. Ghosh has shocked me by his insensitivity towards the real import of Admiral Sureesh Mehta's (no relative) statement. He has done it as a serving Chief and as Chairman COSC, and in all probability, after first sounding the Government. I take his warning most positively, that as a nation, we need to change tack with regard to our China policy, and without delay.

The letter that was sent to the Editor is reproduced below:


Mr. Rudroneel Ghosh has shocked me by his insensitivity towards the real import of Admiral Sureesh Mehta's (no relative) statement. He has done it as a serving Chief and as Chairman COSC, and in all probability, after first sounding the Government. I take his warning most positively, that as a nation, we need to change tack with regard to our China policy, and without delay. Our MEA as well as MoD cannot mind getting quality advice from an officer who heads his Service as also an Inter Service body and who has every right to draw attention to our lack of focus and preparedness towards China. Had Mr Ghosh chosen to read Kautilya's Arthashastra, he would have realised the real merit in the Naval Chief's advice. Admiral Mehta, obviously a well read man, has gone beyond what Sun Tzu's the Art of War has to offer, forcing me to request Mr Ghosh to read the Arthashastra before he speaks of Foot-in-the-Mouth disease again. I certainly do not want him to suffer from it, in this season of viruses of all kinds...
Maj Gen Raj Mehta (Retd), Mohali, Punjab.

The Pioneer Edit in question is reproduced below:

Foot-in-mouth is incurable disease

Rudroneel Ghosh

Navy chief and Chairman of Chiefs of Staff Committee Admiral Sureesh Mehta’s admission that India neither has the capability nor the intent to match up to China’s military prowess and that the former should ensure that its policies are in consonance with this “reality” can only be described as a huge strategic blunder. The views expressed by Admiral Mehta exemplify everything that is wrong with our handling of foreign policy issues. It clearly represents a fundamental lack of understanding among our politicians, bureaucrats and the defence establishment that when it comes to dealing with other countries we have to treat each bilateral relationship separately, keeping in mind our national interests. Our relationship with Sri Lanka cannot be based on the same parameters as that with China. Similarly, the relationship that we share with Bangladesh encompasses issues that are different from our ties with Nepal..
Not only is each relationship different because of historical reasons, but also because of strategic reasons. It is the latter that we seem to be unable to grasp. Strategy is an inseparable component of international relations. Every foreign policy initiative must be backed by strategy to maximise the national interest. It is when you disregard this that you end up cornering yourself. This is precisely what happened at Sharm el-Sheikh, and again when Admiral Mehta blurted out in his National Maritime Foundation address that India could not match China “force for force”.
India and China share a rocky relationship. We have fought a war, disputes on border issues remain, Beijing’s strategic military ties with Islamabad are well known and China’s opposition to India at various international forums is hardly a secret. Also, China’s growing military clout in the region and the fact that it sees South Asia as within its ‘sphere of influence’ are common knowledge. It is in this background that the strategy component in our bilateral relationship with China becomes extremely important. When we know that China isn’t shy of flexing its muscle, the last thing we need is for our Navy chief to admit that we are not capable of matching it. This is bound to reflect in our diplomatic dealings with Beijing.
Even if we aren’t as militarily strong we should posture otherwise. If India can’t afford a war with China, China too can’t afford a war with India.

Meanwhile, Admiral Mehta would do well to read Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

आ‌र्म्ड फोर्सेस ट्रिब्यूनल का उद्घाटन

JAGRAN– HINDI DAILY, Aug 08, 06:44 pm

नई दिल्ली। राष्ट्रपति प्रतिभा पाटिल ने शनिवार को थल सेना, नौसेना और वायु सेना के सदस्यों को उनकी सेवाओं से संबंधित न्याय दिलाने के लिए सशस्त्र बल पंचाट [आ‌र्म्ड फोर्सेस ट्रिब्यूनल] का उद्घाटन किया। बहुप्रतीक्षित पंचाट 15 लाख सैन्यकर्मियों और करीब 20 लाख से ज्यादा पूर्व सैनिकों की समस्याओं का समाधान करने के लिए न्यायिक फोरम है।
राष्ट्रपति ने इस अवसर पर कहा कि पंचाट उनके आत्मविश्वास को बढ़ाएगा। पाटिल ने कहा कि एएफटी नियम, कायदे और काम करने के तरीके बना सकता है जो उसके मकसद को प्रभावी तरीके से पूरा करेगा।

उद्घाटन समारोह के दौरान उन्होंने कहा, 'ट्रिब्यूनल की स्थापना करने वाला अधिनियम नागरिक प्रक्रिया संहिता से बंधा हुआ नहीं है और इसलिए इसकी प्रक्रियाओं में लचीलापन है।' पाटिल ने कहा कि एएफटी को मामलों को लंबित करने से बचना चाहिए क्योंकि इससे इसकी स्थापना का उद्देश्य ही खत्म हो जाएगा।

पंचाट को नई तकनीकों का उपयोग करने की सलाह देते हुए राष्ट्रपति ने कहा, 'मामलों की सूची और उनकी सुनवाई की तारीख को आनलाइन रखा जाना चाहिए।' दिसंबर 2007 में संसद के एक अधिनियम के तहत स्थापित पंचाट 11 अगस्त से काम करना शुरू कर देगा।

पंचाट की मुख्य शाखा नई दिल्ली में होगी, जबकि देश भर में इसकी आठ क्षेत्रीय शाखाएं होंगी जहां सेना के जवान कोर्ट मार्शल की सजा को चुनौती दे सकेंगे। इसे सेना की हिरासत में रखे किसी भी व्यक्ति को जमानत देने की शक्ति भी होगी। सुप्रीम कोर्ट के पूर्व न्यायाधीश ए के माथुर को पंचाट का पहला अध्यक्ष बनाया गया है।

पंचाट को भारतीय सेना के इतिहास में मैग्ना कार्टा [1215 में जारी स्वतंत्रता का महान घोषणापत्र] की संज्ञा देते हुए कानून एवं न्याय मंत्री एम वीरप्पा मोइली ने कहा कि पंचाट सेना की समस्याओं के समाधान के लिए मंच का काम करेगा। उन्होंने उम्मीद जताई कि पंचाट में नौकरशाही हावी नहीं रहेगी।

भारत के प्रधान न्यायाधीश के जी बालाकृष्णन ने कहा कि पंचाट सैन्यकर्मियों को बेहतरीन न्याय दिलाएगा खासकर उन लोगों को जो सुदूरवर्ती एवं अगम्य इलाकों में रह रहे हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि यह सामान्य धारणा थी कि कोर्ट मार्शल के अधिकारी निष्पक्ष न्याय नहीं करते। उन्होंने कहा कि पंचाट की सफलता का मानदंड होगा कि वह निष्पक्ष और त्वरित न्याय करे।
इस अवसर पर रक्षा मंत्री ए के एंटनी ने कहा कि पंचाट सैन्य न्याय प्रणाली में रिक्त स्थान को भरेगा। समापन अवसर पर रक्षा राज्यमंत्री एम एम पल्लम राजू ने कहा कि पंचाट से सेना के जवानों के लिए न्याय के नए युग की शुरुआत हुई है।

Revised referral policy for NCR

Dear Brig Kuthiala,

Revised referral policy for NCR is given below.
For rest of India, we are in process of revising.
Any suggestions could be emailed at

(Maj Gen A Srivastava)
Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD
Maude Lines, Delhi Cantt –10

Tele: 011-25684945
Mil: 233 36833

B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral Aug 09

Air HQ (VB), DPS
HQ Western Command (A ECHS/Med)


1. A number of requests and representations had been recd from ex –servicemen orgs and environment to review the referral system in ECHS in view of the following:-

(a) Inconvenience and hardships to the patients from ECHS Polyclinics (non –mil) who have to shuttle between Polyclinic and MHs for consultation/referral for speciality/super speciality. The problem gets compounded because of old age and medical condition of the ECHS beneficiaries.

(b) The issue of hardships faced by our veterans on acct of present referral system was brought out by the Army Cdrs during the Army Cdrs Conf in Apr 09.

(c) DGAFMS/DGMS(Army) had highlighted that service to serving soldiers and their dependents was suffering because of excessive load of ECHS beneficiaries on Army/Base/Zonal hospital OPDs.

(d) Deliberations during ECHS Seminar at Chandimandir on 16 Jul 09 substantiated above problems.

2. Review of ECHS referral system had accordingly been included as one of the priority issues in the ‘Time Bound Action Plan’ to give momentum to ECHS as directed by COAS.

3. Earlier ECHS policy governing referrals had been formulated with the aim of controlling excessive referrals to empanelled hospitals through evaluation of patient by a Service Specialist as also to ensure that spare capacity of service hospitals is fully utilized.. This was necessary for a mega-medical scheme during its stabilisation phase. While the scheme is yet to see its final state, it has now become inescapable to review and refine the referral system. The review primarily covers ECHS Polyclinics (non-mil) or those without service hospitals. Revised policy is contained in succeeding paras.

4. The revised referral policy in respect of Polyclinics in Delhi/NCR will be as follows:-

(a) Delhi Cantt and Lodhi Road All referrals to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr will be subject to non availability of spare capacity with Base Hospital/Army Hosp (R&R).

(b) Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad

(i) Direct referral to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr.

(ii) Cases for Jt Replacement will be referred to Army Hospital (R&R) for evaluation.

(c) Hindan

(i) All referrals to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr, will be subject to non-availability of spare capacity with 11 AFH.

(ii) Cases for Jt Replacement will be referred to Army Hospital (R&R) for evaluation.

5. Referral will only be made once all available facilities of the Polyclinic are fully utilised. Choice of empanelled hospital/ diagnostic centre will be with the ECHS member.

6. ECHS Cells have been established at Army Hosp (R&R) and Base Hosp Delhi Cantt. Prior written intimation by the ECHS Cells about non-availability of Specialist/facilities /bed space for a particular duration will become an authority for OsIC Polyclinics Delhi Cantt, Lodhi Road and Hindan to refer patients directly to empanelled hospitals.

7. On remarks by the service specialists of Army Hosp (R&R)/BHDC indicating treatment from empanelled hospital, ECHS Cell at these hospitals will directly refer patients to the empanelled hospital of patient’s choice. Photocopy/fax of such referral form will be forwarded to the originating ECHS Polyclinic.

8. In case veteran desires to be treated at Service Hospital, referral will be made to Army Hospital (R&R)/Base Hospital Delhi Cantt/11 AFH as per his choice.

9. The above policy will be implemented with effect from 01 Sep 09. Following letters are hereby superseded :-
(a) B/49774/AG/ECHS dated 23 Aug 2006.
(b) B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral dated 18 May 2009.
(c) B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral dated 01 Jul 2009.

10. The policy shall be reviewed after six months.

(A Srivastava)
Maj Gen

Copy to:-
Integrated HQ MoD (Navy)
HQ WAC, Subroto Park (PMO)
HQ Delhi Area, Delhi Cantt-10
Army Hosp (R&R), Delhi Cantt-10
Base Hospital Delhi Cantt-10
Regional Centre ECHS, Delhi Cantt-10

ECHS Referral procedure NCR by Brig S Kuthiala

From: sateesh kuthiala

Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 7:59 PM

Subject: ECHS Referral procedure NCR

A major hurdle in the referral procedure for NCR veterans has been removed. The letter below issued by the MD ECHS is self explanatory. In a nut shell -

Firstly. Patients in NCR can be referred directly to any empanelled hospital in the NCR.

Secondly. However delhi patients will continue to be routed to empanelled hospitals if required via base hosp and RR to ensure full utilisation of RR and base hosp facilities.

Thirdly. Hindan patients will be routed to empanelled hosps thru 11 AFH to ensure full utilisation of 11 AFH facilities.

Fourthly. Cases for Jt Replacement will be referred to Army Hospital (R&R) for evaluation in all cases to ensure full utisation of RR facilities.

Fifthly. An echs cell is being created in RR and base hosp with an MO to permit telephonic appts etc.

Sixthly. If a patient desires he will be referred to RR/ base hosp.

Seventhly. Effective from 1 sep 2009.



Sateesh Kuthiala

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GoMs To Resolve War Memorial Row In Delhi..Cdr Prem P Batra Retd

From: premparkashbatra

Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 11:51 AM

Subject: GoMs To Resolve War Memorial Row In Delhi

Lt Gen NS Malik
Convener Of Conclave

Maj Gen Ian Cardozo
War Memorials

Maj Gen Prince JS Sandhu

CS Kamboj

Dear Sirs,


1. Most times History leaves me bewildered and unsure. There is School History, Pre and Post Independence, there is a Military History at NDA, there is contemporary History which may have been partly witnessed. All are at variance. Depends who is having structured and written.

2. Now we need a GoM to resolve War Memorial Row as per News Clip.
Armed Forces want it to be in some way part of Memorial at India Gate which is objected to by Urban Development Ministry. So PM has appointed a GoM headed by FM-Shri Pranab Mukerji [ Minister for all seasons], RM-Shri AK Antony [ Always friendly] and UDP-Shri S Jaipal Reddy[ Always vociferous unless he is a Minister].

3. Celebrations for the 150th anniversary of 1st War of Independence of 1857 were organized and funded by GOI when Ex-Minister Shri Mani Shankar Iyer was at the helm of Ministry of Youth Affairs. The Celebrations went on for one year. The Chairman of the Committee was one of the 3 Turks whose most famous face was Shri Chandra Shekhar. A Seminar was held at Constitutional Hall. I was pleasantly surprised to be told that where India Gate is, the place earlier was a huge Graveyard! So they wanted a piece of place for 1857 SHAHIDS. One gathered the impression that there are some forces who are always trying to establish that the real Architect of India's Independence was our beloved 1st Prime Minister Pundit Nehruji.

4. Of course Leyton constructed War Memorial at India Gate mostly for white soldiers in mind. Then no one could, quiet rightly, change anything without the expressed permission of PM-Pundit Nehruji. Now there is some Art Board whose sanction must be evoked to construct anything that may affect the sanctity and sky line of the Raj-New Delhi.

5. Armed Forces also quiet rightly want to honour their Dead Soldiers where the Eternal Flame burns which they guard. The GOI, I believe, also has not decided where the Memorial for 1857 SHAHIDS should come up. Delhi Police wants one too. In one State there is no think as to how the SMAARAKS and Parks should come up but they must.

6. Army and the Navy too are ambiguous in their approach. Battles before 1947 are studied mostly the way the British wrote them. Agreed Indian side battle history mostly is embedded in folklore and unwritten form. But why it must be grudged. If India's post Independence history can be written in official and non official forms probably due fear factor then why grudge earlier peoples when dissent was ruthlessly smothered. Navy too has history at Naval Barracks Mumbai but it is lying mostly in dark corners.

7. RTI here would be of little use. Media, the 4th pillar of the State is very active now.

8. Honestly, Sirs, I would like to be enlightened. And why there is a difference in bloods on Indian soil.

With best regards,

Cdr Prem P Batra Retd.
(Email ID - )

Help from an expert cdr Balaji for pension issue..pls write to him


Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 9:59 AM

Dear Shri Gopal Singh ji,
1.At the out set I would like to appreciate you for your perseverance and you have written to everybody regarding the ANOMOLY in your Pension, which was earlier not fixed and subsequently fixed at the old scale (adding the loading Factor in view of your being in Pmt Low Med Category P3). However, PCDA, Allahabad has acknowledged vide their letter dated 28.7..09 that the Corrected PPO is incorrect.
2. Thus, you have made your point.
3.Next is only to Flood them with Reminders to all concerned from your side including a copy to the Raksha Mantri/ Defence Secretary, enclosing this copy as also a translated copy. Keep the Original very Safe – it may be required later if there is need to seek legal remedy if you need to claim interest on the amount due to you and not paid due to the negligence of the Staff of PCDA, Allahabad.
4.With out a corrected PPO nothing further can be pursued. On receipt of this, balance commuted value and reworked Pension + arrears we can than think of not only claiming Interest but also damages.
5.I have taken Hard Copies of your Letter + Attachments and opened a File. Your File no. is your Official no. 14267027K/ARMY. Yours is the first case I am dealing.
6.Could you please tell me the reason for your being placed in P3 and is it attributable to Service or not. This can be quoted as a reason for claiming more damages, citing that this has a reason for your health having suffered as also mental agony.

7.How far is Chittorogarh from Allahabad and I would suggest you take a trip if you are in a physically fit state to resolve the issue. The second part we can take up later. I agree that things should be done as per the laid down Rules and Regulations and everybody should be satisfied, but it does not always happen.

LEGAL PART – This part is very simple. You need not spend a single paise. The Lawyer whom you hire would fight your case and his fees would be a % of the damages finally awarded by the Court. The present % in Chennai is around 12%. Stamp duty for filing the Affidavit is Rs368/ for the first 1 lakh and Rs.1000/- thereafter for every lakh being claimed.All this expenditure would be incurred by the Lawyer and he will appear on your behalf. Don’t surrender any of the PPO’s received by you till date. All these would be required to be admitted as exhibits as and when the necessity arises to prove the point. Where are your original Medical papers, these also would be required later on. Please prepare side by side. I have done and assisted in more than 30 Court Martials in the Indian Navy both as Prosecutor and Defending Officer and now in my present Portfolio in the Private Sector, all legal issues are referred to me for making parawise comments and follow up in Courts through Lawyers.

First of all go ahead with Point no. 3 and also try para 7.

Please wait for 2 months and then we can take recourse to further action.

Thanks and Regards,

L/Commander GK Balaji




Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 1:52 PM

Dear All
This is the second instance of the good work done by members of the Pension Cell, one by an Air Force ESM and now by a Naval ESM. In both cases the professional approach is apparent. If the Pension Cell Members continue this selfless service, the ESM community will benefit
Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
Director Pension Cell
Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
B 449 Sushant Lok I



Dear All

Members from all corners of India have expressed their desire to attend the meeting on 30 Aug 2009 at Noida. The desire of veterans was discussed in steering committee meeting and it was decided that in deference to desire of all veterans the meeting on 30 Aug should be converted to ALL INDIA DEFENCE VETERANS MEET UNDER AEGIS OF IESM. AGM is therefore postponed and its date would be informed to all the veterans.

It is for information of all defence veterans pan India that a meeting is planned to be held at 1030h to 1430h on 30 Aug 2009 at AVCC (Arun Vihar Community Centre) NOIDA. IESM requests all defence veterans to join hands and attend the meeting in large numbers. My request would be to have a representative member from all districts of India. Veterans are requested to make their own arrangements of travel and stay in Delhi/Noida.

We all know that Govt has steadfastly refused to listen to veteran's rightful demand of OROP. This demand has been pending since last 25 years. Many commitees have discussed the issue and had recommended OROP in principle but the Govt has denied OROP to the veterans on flimsy grounds. Govt has betrayed the faith of veterans and after having announced OROP through The President of India in a speech to both houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) and also through Finance Minister in budget speech but has given nothing to the veterans. The recommendations of the Cabinet Secretary committee has approved correction of only one anomoly of 5 CPC that too under court order and Govt is misleading all that OROP has been granted to ex servicemen. This announcement is no where near OROP and is a mere eye wash, and veterans can not be deceived with this.

IESM therefore gives a call to all Veterans all over India to come to NOIDA to attend the all India meet of defence veterans on 30 Aug 2009. The main agenda of this meeting will be to think and brain storm and decide the future road map to put up a joint fight to the Govt policy of ignoring ex servicemen's demand of OROP and of lowering the morale of ex-servicemen.

Col DP Singh from Panvel has been very kind to offer refreshment to all the veterans who are passing through Panvel for this meeting. All veterans are requested to inform their time and date to Col DP Singh at and he and his team will provide free refreshment to all the veterans. IESM salutes this gesture of Col DP Singh and his team.

Col Rajan Srinivas has also issued an appeal to all veterans to come in large numbers to reach Noida on the 30 Aug and participate in this meeting to decide future route map of veteran's struggle with the Govt for their just demand of OROP.

I request all the veterans to kindly forward their points and names of the speakers so that agenda for the meeting can be finalised and list of the speakers can also be firmed up. Points and the name of speaker should reach to me latest by 17 August.

IESM appeals to all the veterans to donate generously to fight for the cause of ESM/W. We are looking for donors who are ready to sponsor this meet. Kindly come forward and donate generously for a good cause. Please confirm by Email/telephone to the undersigned about the donation or any other querry.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01202519440
Mobile 09810541222

welcome Gp Capt SS Phatak joins IESM pension cell

Subject: Pension Cell IESM

Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 9:36 AM
Dear Gp Capt Pathak (Gp Capt SS Phatak)

It is very heartening to note that you have decided to spare your valuable time to assist Vice Admiral Barin Ghose in pension cell of IESM. I welcome you on behalf of IESM.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01202519440
Mobile 09810541222
From: Barin Ghose
Subject: Pension Cell IESM
To: "Suhas phatak"
Date: Monday, 10 August, 2009, 5:31 PM
Dear Group Captain (Phatak),
I hold the officers of the Accounts Branch in high esteem.
... edited ...
You will be an asset to the Pension Cell.
Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
Director Pension Cell
Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
B 449 Sushant Lok I
Gurgaon 122002 Haryana
Phone 124-4044069, Mobile 9871381479
E Mail

--- On Mon, 10/8/09, Suhas phatak wrote:

From: Suhas phatak
Subject: Re: Yeomen service by Gp Capt SS Phatak
To: "Barin Ghose"

Date: Monday, 10 August, 2009, 4:04 PM
Dear Sir,
I have already sent my willingness to do my bit.I have been commissioned in 1965 in 'Accounts Branch' and retired in 1994.I was posted twice at AFCAO (NPO equivalent) for 6 years and again last one year before my retirement.I have been dealing with pay ,pension etc during my two tenures including as Officer i/c Officers pay wing and Airman's Pay Wing.
Thanking once again,
Gp Capt SS Phatak(retd)

--- On Mon, 10/8/09, Barin Ghose wrote:

From: Barin Ghose
Subject: Yeomen service by Gp Capt SS Phatak
Date: Monday, 10 August, 2009, 8:03 AM

Dear Group Captain Phatak
You have done yeoman service. This is just the type of initiative that we at IESM Pension Cell are looking forward to. It gives satisfaction in helping ESM especially widows.
Would you like to join the Pension Cell. You need no expertise in pensions but a strong desire to help.

Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
Director Pension Cell IESM
B 449 Sushant Lok I
Gurgaon 122002 Haryana
124-4044069, Mobile
E Mail

Monday, August 10, 2009

Photographs: Kargil Diwas at Bangalore on Sunday, 26 July 2009

Jul 26 Kargil Divas at Bangalore..Pls Click Me here..

Kargil Divas...More Pictures..Pls Click Me here..

: Colonelrajan Srinivas

Subject: Photographs: Kargil Diwas at Bangalore on Sunday, 26 July 2009

Date: Monday, 10 August, 2009, 9:22 PM

Here it is finally.


Individual Pictures

S Amarnath (
(Brother of Col SS Rajan)

Download att to see Newspaper reports
(Not attached in this email here – Chander Kamboj)
Col Rajan

PACK FOOD ENROUTE for Aug 30 , 2009 meet at Noida ,BY Col DP Singh

From: Colonel DPSingh

To: pravesh renjen ; rajkadyan ; satbirsm

Cc: nambiar

Sent: Saturday, 8 August, 2009 7:18:40 AM

Subject: PACK FOOD

Dear general,

1 All the veterans coming from south and goa and going to delhi for the rally to be held on 30 aug 09 are likely to pass through a station called PANVEL approximately 15 km from NAVI MUMBAI .

2. If the leader of each group contacts us on the mobile one day in advance and gives us the following details we shall consider it a privilage to serve them with pack breakfast , lunch or dinner as per the time.

3. Our only request is that the group should be large enough to make the effort worthwhile. The upper limit of the group is limitless so also the number of groups.

4 This is the least our league can do.

With sincere regards to you and the brave veterans who are going to participate.

Lt Col(retd) DP Singh



Dear All

We have received requests that associate membership
fee of iesm needs restructuring. This issue was deliberated
in the steering committee meeting on 9 Aug 09 and it has
been decided to introduce one clause of more than
1000 members of a registered body joining IESM.

Membership will be 10% of the individual membership
in case of 1000 or more members join IESM enblock.
This clause has been added and revised appeal is appended
below. Membership fee structure will remain unaltered for
the remaining categories.

Brig Kamboj is requested to publish this in RMS.
Cdr Sharan is requested to upload this on the website.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi, VSM
Gen Secy , IESM

Views by Cdr KK Punchhi from Canada

Date: Saturday, 8 August, 2009, 2:09 AM

Dear Gen Oberoi,

I have been following your excellent writings. They are sane, lucid and to the point. I have already told you earlier on when we spoke on telephone that I'm an unabashed admirer of yours.

Your latest piece appearing as RMS 583/2009 is very pertinent and timely. Hopefully, all ESMs and ESM orgs will heed your words for our collective good.

Gen Bahri has embarked on a mission to unify all ESMs/orgs. So far, he has met with a measure of success. Let us hope for the best.

Best wishes and warm regards.............K K Punchhi
(Cdr KK Punchhi, 7th JSW Course, settled in Canada)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Views of Col SS Sohi

Date: Sunday, 9 August, 2009, 6:43 PM

Dear Friends & Sirs,

1. Last year, we compromised with Politicians (Def Min) that our OROP will be accepted if IESM/ we do not press on for other 3 demands, for the time being. Govt promised & announced it too, but gradually fading away from OROP too. God knows, where 2140 crores are going, now??

2. We have noticed that Govt is basically complying with Court's orders mainly (ie 1997 PBOR & Maj Gen's cases) and providing some relief (OTI) to pre 1997 Jawans only. Which comes to fulfilling less than 10% of our/ IESM demand. Govt may keep on bargaining & keep testing our metal time to time.

3. Therefore, we should not now reduce our 28 demands & press on for 4 basic demands imdly like:
a. OROP for all, (PBORs & Offrs) and not leave scope for Govt to devide & rule.
b. Job up to 60 yrs of age or 85% Pension of last pay drawn. OR Side stepping to Govt Civil jobs only (not to para mil Forces) as misguided by Bureaucrats
c. ESM Commission with statutory powers, so that we can fight for justice like minority communities, with dignity & gracefully.
d. ESM rep in all decision making bodies, like: from Panchayat to Parliament.

4. Public & most ESM like Maj Jallo (of Mohali- see Tribune letters dt 9/8/09) feel that Govt have heaped colossal monetary benefits to ESM. To clear the doubts and project the true and correct picture, I have prepared a small poster, which may help us, as under:
One Rank One Pension or JOKE? OTI for some
a. Jawan's Pension after 10 Yrs is stepped up from Rs 3700 to 5500/- ie Rs 1800 only. Jawans are still unskilled workers, hence get lower wagwes in spite of 24 Hrs, tough duty & risks and no resettlement?
b. NCOs (Nk & Hav) are not class 4 employees, hence they deserve to be put in PB-2, like Civ.
c. Sepoy to Major (99% forces) are not benefitted at all by 6th CPC (of Civ), hence we need imdt formation of Separate Pay Commn for & of Def Forces to settle out 107 existing anomalies. Civ are ignorant of rank structure???
d. Sub Maj (Hony Capt) JCO & Offr Capt are getting the same Pension ie Rs 13850 for Offrs & JCOs. AHQ civ staff replies, that its no anomaly??
e. Lt Col get Pension Rs 25700, Col 26050, Brig 26150 and Maj Gen get 26700 (Lt Col to Maj Gen are closed up in just Rs 1000. Where as Lt Gen gets Rs 36500, ie a gap of 10,000+??
f. Too much gap also exists between Pensions of Major (Rs 14100) to Lt col, ie 11,600 and between Maj Gen & Lt Gen. It happens in India only!
g. ESM Commission with statutory powers is also needed imdtly, because Civ Babus often turn down our most legitimate points/ demands.
h. There is no ESM Rep in decision making bodies & our voice reaches nowhere.
All ESM, Org/ NGOs are requested to join IESM Seminar in Delhi (NOIDA) Sector 37, on 30/8/09. Please contact for more details & to coord move. Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement is born to Struggle for Justice to ESM Community.

Col SS Sohi (Retd)

IESM: Pension Parity- Responses from Readers ..well done gp Capt SS Pathak

Date: Saturday, 8 August, 2009, 11:48 PM

Dear Brig Kamboj,

When I reviewed list of defence pensioners drawing pension at bank of Maharashtra, Shankarshet Road Branch,Pune. I came across two widows, Mrs Sushila Bhagwat, w/o late Lt Col S Y Bhagwat(MR-00511) and Mrs Leela P Rege, w/o late Lt Col P Rege,Vr C ,Dogra Regt who were being given pension as per Vth Pay Commission. Mrs Bhagwat is born on 13 Mar 1920 and Mrs Rege is born on 8 Jan 1925. Mrs Bhagwat has not moved out of her house for last few years and was drawing pension as given through her maid. I visited both ladies and got all details necessary for revision of pension.After my interaction with the Branch manager and later with BOM HO that my worksheets were accepted and both have received not only arrears but revised pension including additional pension due to their advanced age.I have completed similar exercise at 4 branches of BOM and in few cases at SBI, Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank.This is my contribution to vetarans and colleagues.

As per my information SBI has formed Central Pension Processing Cell(CPPC)at Navi Mumbai covering Maharashtra, Gujrat and Goa states and they have huge cases to be dealt with.I have managed to establish contact with Chief Manager, CPPC, and cleared few cases.SBI had outsourced this job and could not achieve the result.
This is for your information.

Gp Capt SS Phatak (Retd)

Change of timing , ESM Helpline , Re broadcast by Brig Harwant Singh

Dear Friends ,

The all India Radio will now re-broadcast programme on ESM Helpline at 9 PM (2100 hrs) IST at FM 103.1 MHz on Monday (10 Aug) and NOT in the morning as intimated earlier

You may like to inform other friends also

With Warm Regards,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd),GFOE,




1. Central Govt Employees Forum has conveyed the following:-

2. 5 % DA hike w.e.f 01 Jul (making a total of 27% D.A.) is calculated based on consumer price index as on June 30. Govt order will come in second week of September. Addl DA & DA arrears would be paid with Sept Salary/pension payable on 01 Oct. 60% arrears is expected to be given in October only.



( Col (Retd) TN Raman)


1. I thank all the Veterans who have responded to my appeal for a Seminar of all ESM Organisations. At the outset, I wish to clarify that there was & is, no intention of floating any New ESM Organisation in the form of a Federation. The concept of Federational approach to be adopted by the existing ESM Organisations is the most important factor to be considered. This concept will help the ESM Organisations, which are working for the same cause with divergent views & methods, to harness their strength in Unity, focus the attention at National level to the real problems of the ESM as a community & act in unison to achieve our goals.

2. The idea is not to break up any Organisation to form a new one. Instead to allow each Organisation to flourish on its own slated path, bring about the cohesion that is required to build up a National level challenge to the arbitrary decisions of the Govt in power.

3. How to achieve this objective is what to be discussed in the Seminar. Such an ideal situation cannot be wished for, unless the major ESM Organisations come together & debate.

Points for Discussion in the Seminar

4. The proposed points for discussion in the Seminar are given below.

a. Projection of our demand of OROP. This was the main issue which dominated the entire struggle of IESM over the last year, which led to various forms of protests including the Return of Medals. Though it could galvanize the emotions, sympathy & the spirit of the ESM as a whole & projected a nascent IESM to lime light, it could not muster the numbers required to dominate the proceedings. With the result, some of the leading ESM Organisations could not see eye to eye with the concept of OROP as envisaged by IESM. The result was the OTI or PIP concept the Govt managed to push through. Since the time for post mortem is over, what should be our future strategy? Are we capable of achieving this by the present form of dissipated protests by individual Organisations & a few interviews in the Electronic Media? Or is there a requirement of synergising our efforts into a single forum, however loosely knit & by whatever name we may call it?

b. ESM Welfare. The present ESM Welfare set up, both at the Centre & States level are well known to all of us. We are also aware of the enormous funds that are available for this activity. We are also aware that all ESM Committees floated by the Centre or the States are dominated by non ESM members. What should be our Road Map for the future ESM Welfare Management?

c. ECHS. The subject of medical facilities to the ESM & their dependents, or the lack of it is the predominant issue today. Various Seminars & Interactive Sessions are being held Nation wide. But the benefits have not trickled down to the Rural Areas. How to revamp the system?

d. Second Career for the PBOR. We have discussed various probable avenues for the assured employment of PBOR till the age of 60 years. But no concrete proposal, which is implementable, has emerged so far. Can we jointly submit a paper to the Govt on this issue?


5. The above mentioned points are only a few that require detailed discussion & decision taken. There may be some more points which require urgent resolution. It is unfortunate that the enormous potential of the ESM Community in Nation Building & other constructive tasks has not come to light so far. All this can be achieved only by us all joining our hands together. Not necessarily in the literal sense. But, emotionally & morally.

6. I am not the first one to moot the idea of a Seminar. Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi, Maj Gen RN Radhakrisnan & a few others had already found the necessity of the same. I am trying to give a shape to their thoughts.

7. You comments, views & suggestions would be of great help to me.

Veteran Raman

Friday, August 7, 2009

OROP Billboards, Samman Samaroh Invite, ESM unity and readers responses

Dear Members,

An invitation from one Maj TC Rao of Congress Party, to some Veterans and VIPs, and a reply by Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi, are reproduced below. If you remember Maj Rao, who had recently put up lot of posters in Delhi Cantt, with his photograph and announced that the UPA Government has granted OROP to All Ranks of Defence Services.
Chander Kamboj.

Dear Major Rao,
Have you ever thought of honouring the war disabled? They also desrve to be placed on the radar of you party in the same manner as the war widows and the gallantry award winners. At present, they are conspicuous by their absence. Do you know how many are there in the country, as well as in Haryana? You have listed a whole lot of names on your mail - all political persons, as obvious VIP's. Don't you think the senior veterans, especially the heads of various veteran organisations, also needed to be included in the list of VIP's, not mere spectators, as your mail implies?
Vijay Oberoi

Dear Friends,
1. We are conducting a state level “Shahidi Samman Samaroh” on 09 Aug 2009 (Sunday) at ITI Ground Narnaul, where all War Widows and Gallantry Award winners will be honoured by Sh Jagan Nath Pahadia, HE Governor of Haryana. Capt Ajay Singh Yadav, Minister of Irrigation, PWD & Elections will preside and Smt Shruti Chaudhary, Hon’ble MP from Bhiwani-Mohindergarh would be Chief Guest of Honour. Dr Karan Singh Yadav, Ex MP Alwar, Smt Shakuntala Bhagwadia, MLA Bawal, Ch Sukhbir Singh Jonapuria, MLA Sohna, Rao Dharampal, Ex-Minister Haryana, Smt Anita Yadav, MLA Salhawas, Rao Yadvendra Singh, MLA, Jatusana, Maj OP Yadav, MLA, Mandawar, Ch Habbibur Rehman, MLA Nuh, Sh Tika Ram, MLA, Alwar (Rural) and Maj Narpender Sangwan, MLA Dadri will also attend the Samman Samaroh.
2. You are cordially invited to attend.
3. Transport will be made available at Rajiv Chowk on 09 Aug 2009 at 0800h
With Regards
Yours sincerely
Maj (Dr) T C Rao