Monday, August 10, 2009

PACK FOOD ENROUTE for Aug 30 , 2009 meet at Noida ,BY Col DP Singh

From: Colonel DPSingh

To: pravesh renjen ; rajkadyan ; satbirsm

Cc: nambiar

Sent: Saturday, 8 August, 2009 7:18:40 AM

Subject: PACK FOOD

Dear general,

1 All the veterans coming from south and goa and going to delhi for the rally to be held on 30 aug 09 are likely to pass through a station called PANVEL approximately 15 km from NAVI MUMBAI .

2. If the leader of each group contacts us on the mobile one day in advance and gives us the following details we shall consider it a privilage to serve them with pack breakfast , lunch or dinner as per the time.

3. Our only request is that the group should be large enough to make the effort worthwhile. The upper limit of the group is limitless so also the number of groups.

4 This is the least our league can do.

With sincere regards to you and the brave veterans who are going to participate.

Lt Col(retd) DP Singh


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