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Clarifications by Maj Navdeep on Report of COS

Friday, July 31, 2009
Two clarifications on the new pensionary modalities post-acceptance of the report of Committee of Secretaries
Two lingering queries of veterans remained unanswered in my previous post. So I’ll clarify them :

In case of officers, will abolition of linkage of 33 years’ service for earning full pension be made applicable wef 1-1-06 instead of September 2008 ?

Yes, the abolition of requirement of serving for 33 years to earn full pension will now be made applicable wef 01 January 2006 instead of September 2008. Hence, officers who retired with 20 years of qualifying service after 1-1-06 would be entitled to full pension and their pension shall not be reduced on a pro-rata basis. Take this as 100% only once the govt letter is issued in black and white though.

50% of minimum of the new pay band (Rs 67000-79000) for Lieutenant Generals is Rs 33500, will pre-06 Lieutenant Generals be placed at a basic pension of Rs 33500 or 36500 as articulated in the previous post ?

Lt Gens who retired prior to 1-1-06 would be granted a basic pension of Rs 36,500 since an element of Rs 3000 in the form of 50% of the MSP fitment shall be added into the basic pension of Lt Gens. Take it for granted that Lt Gens shall be placed at a basic pension of Rs 36,500. Post-06 Lt Generals would be granted a pension @ 50% of last drawn emoluments depending upon their pay scale, that is, Rs 67000-79000 for Lt Gens in HAG and Rs 75500-80000 for Lt Gens in HAG+. Army Commanders and selected Corps Commanders in the Apex Grade (Rs 80000 fixed) shall continue to receive Rs 40,000 fixed basic pension. Pre-06 Army Commanders shall also continue to receive Rs 40,000 as fixed basic pension.
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