Sunday, August 16, 2009

Connectivity Remote Areas by Cdr PP Batra

From: prem parkash batra

Subject: Fw: Connectivity Remote Areas== EMAILS FROM MEMBERS - EMAIL 600/2009 - 14 AUG 09 - (A to B) (LAST TWO EMAILS WERE ERRONEOUSLY NUMBERED AS 598)
Date: Friday, 14 August, 2009, 2:26 PM
Brig CS Kamboj

Dear Sir,

1. Regard spreading of IESM aims and communications to non-holders of Email Account and to remote areas, it is a very important and sensitive issue. Therefore it needs full attention and solution by putting heads together. Where GOI, Defence Forces, ECHS and others have failed, the IESM needs to blaze the trail. Hopefully we do not want any NGO particularly from outside to hold our hands.

2. Sir, it is my considered view that if we had put in place a sound and easy way of communicating with our Fishing Villages, the Mumbai 26/11 Terror Attack would have never happend.

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5. Moral of the story is how does the Governing Body of the IESM reach out to all the Veterans in far flung places and most those who do not have Computers. Is IESM going to deny them their goodness just because they are not members. Even the Unique Identity Card System would not help solve these problems. We cannot adopt the American System.

6. So how do we go about it. Once IESM is strong, funds would come from Government and Philanthropists. A way has been suggested in the Email which is trailered. But that is not comprehensive and do not cater to remote villages. I remember some ex-servicemen being settled in remote Islands of Nicobar Islands for enhancing the security scene. Tomorrow GOI in enlightened interest may offer sufficient help Ex-Servicemen to colonise remote areas, the way Chinese have done. But we need to figure out real time and effective and secure communication interactive system. It need not be single agency. It has to be multiple agencies including Light Houses and Light Ship Department, Army Pickets/Posts, Fishery Department, Tribal Ministry and so on.

7. When I go for my evening walks I update the Ex-Servicemen Security Guards at the NPL Colony. May be some relay system. If we remember that in BC, the Persian King used to send his FIRMANS 2100 kilometers in 7 days by horse teams? Runners and Pigeons are out. But may be each one of us can make our unique contribution to this cause.

With best regards,

Prem Batra

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