Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Views by Gp Capt AS Ahluwalia

From: Amrik Ahluwalia

Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 11:45 AM

Dear Sirs:

Reference "Ex-Armymen plan to sue Government".

With all due respect to the ranks and experience of the group of Major Generals who would have taken such a decision, I would like to point out with my 30 years of experience in the IAF, and the additional experience that I have in legal practice dealing with numerous service cases, both as Jt JAG (IAF) and Advocate Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi, and now practicing in Los Angeles, I would suggest that we should not dissipate our resources by separating issues rankwise.

Suggest, for economy of effort, and to show a solid unified front, that this matter be taken up without referring to any particular rank and as a WHOLE. Government is very clever and even if Major Generals succeed in the litigation, the Govt will only agree for that rank and leave others to fight for themselves again. Principles don’t matter to the Govt. Maximum two cases should be filed separately--one for ALL officers and another for ALL other ranks.

The fight should be for parity with the basic principal and objective ONE RANK ONE PENSION.


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