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Revised referral policy for NCR

Dear Brig Kuthiala,

Revised referral policy for NCR is given below.
For rest of India, we are in process of revising.
Any suggestions could be emailed at

(Maj Gen A Srivastava)
Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD
Maude Lines, Delhi Cantt –10

Tele: 011-25684945
Mil: 233 36833

B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral Aug 09

Air HQ (VB), DPS
HQ Western Command (A ECHS/Med)


1. A number of requests and representations had been recd from ex –servicemen orgs and environment to review the referral system in ECHS in view of the following:-

(a) Inconvenience and hardships to the patients from ECHS Polyclinics (non –mil) who have to shuttle between Polyclinic and MHs for consultation/referral for speciality/super speciality. The problem gets compounded because of old age and medical condition of the ECHS beneficiaries.

(b) The issue of hardships faced by our veterans on acct of present referral system was brought out by the Army Cdrs during the Army Cdrs Conf in Apr 09.

(c) DGAFMS/DGMS(Army) had highlighted that service to serving soldiers and their dependents was suffering because of excessive load of ECHS beneficiaries on Army/Base/Zonal hospital OPDs.

(d) Deliberations during ECHS Seminar at Chandimandir on 16 Jul 09 substantiated above problems.

2. Review of ECHS referral system had accordingly been included as one of the priority issues in the ‘Time Bound Action Plan’ to give momentum to ECHS as directed by COAS.

3. Earlier ECHS policy governing referrals had been formulated with the aim of controlling excessive referrals to empanelled hospitals through evaluation of patient by a Service Specialist as also to ensure that spare capacity of service hospitals is fully utilized.. This was necessary for a mega-medical scheme during its stabilisation phase. While the scheme is yet to see its final state, it has now become inescapable to review and refine the referral system. The review primarily covers ECHS Polyclinics (non-mil) or those without service hospitals. Revised policy is contained in succeeding paras.

4. The revised referral policy in respect of Polyclinics in Delhi/NCR will be as follows:-

(a) Delhi Cantt and Lodhi Road All referrals to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr will be subject to non availability of spare capacity with Base Hospital/Army Hosp (R&R).

(b) Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad

(i) Direct referral to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr.

(ii) Cases for Jt Replacement will be referred to Army Hospital (R&R) for evaluation.

(c) Hindan

(i) All referrals to empanelled hospitals in NCR having MOA with Stn Cdr, will be subject to non-availability of spare capacity with 11 AFH.

(ii) Cases for Jt Replacement will be referred to Army Hospital (R&R) for evaluation.

5. Referral will only be made once all available facilities of the Polyclinic are fully utilised. Choice of empanelled hospital/ diagnostic centre will be with the ECHS member.

6. ECHS Cells have been established at Army Hosp (R&R) and Base Hosp Delhi Cantt. Prior written intimation by the ECHS Cells about non-availability of Specialist/facilities /bed space for a particular duration will become an authority for OsIC Polyclinics Delhi Cantt, Lodhi Road and Hindan to refer patients directly to empanelled hospitals.

7. On remarks by the service specialists of Army Hosp (R&R)/BHDC indicating treatment from empanelled hospital, ECHS Cell at these hospitals will directly refer patients to the empanelled hospital of patient’s choice. Photocopy/fax of such referral form will be forwarded to the originating ECHS Polyclinic.

8. In case veteran desires to be treated at Service Hospital, referral will be made to Army Hospital (R&R)/Base Hospital Delhi Cantt/11 AFH as per his choice.

9. The above policy will be implemented with effect from 01 Sep 09. Following letters are hereby superseded :-
(a) B/49774/AG/ECHS dated 23 Aug 2006.
(b) B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral dated 18 May 2009.
(c) B/49774/AG/ECHS/Referral dated 01 Jul 2009.

10. The policy shall be reviewed after six months.

(A Srivastava)
Maj Gen

Copy to:-
Integrated HQ MoD (Navy)
HQ WAC, Subroto Park (PMO)
HQ Delhi Area, Delhi Cantt-10
Army Hosp (R&R), Delhi Cantt-10
Base Hospital Delhi Cantt-10
Regional Centre ECHS, Delhi Cantt-10

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