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AT 1030H ON 30 AUG 2009
Introduction: An all India defense veterans’ meet is called at 1030h on 30 Aug 2009 Sunday at AVCC Arun Vihar Community Centre sector 37 Noida on completion of one year of IESM (Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement). This meeting is called to take stock of the work done by the IESM towards projecting the demands of ex-servicemen to the centre stage and also spear heading the agitation for grant of OROP for ex-servicemen. The meeting will further ponder over the Government’s rejection of our just demand of OROP and will discuss the future course of action to be adopted by the ex-servicemen movement.
Venue of the Meeting: The meeting will be conducted at 1030h on 30 Aug 2009 Sunday AVCC Sector-37 NOIDA.

Registration: Registration of the delegates will commence from 0930 onwards. All delegates are requested to reach the venue by 0945 and register their names. There are no charges for registration of names.
Ground Rules: It is important to keep the meeting cordial and fruitful. This can only be done by following discipline in the meeting. Following ground rules are for guidance of all the delegates. All delegates are requested to keep these ground rules in mind while deliberating or addressing the gathering.
· All outstation speakers will be allotted only 5 min to speak.
· Preferably one speaker from a state, max two speakers from a state can be permitted to address the gathering. This is required to accommodate speakers from all states.
· Political discussion/leanings are not to be discussed.
· Personal attacks on individuals are to be avoided.
· Speakers should not use un-parliamentary language

Conduct Of the Meeting: The meeting will be conducted from 1030h to 1500h and will have speakers from all states. Convener of every state of India would be given chance to speak and express his views. A maximum of two speakers would be accommodated from a state. The meeting would be conducted in a democratic manner and all speakers are free to express their views about the ex-servicemen movement. However all speakers are to adhere to the time allotted to them and keep the decorum of the meeting in mind and should avoid personal attack on any individual. In case any speaker is found to be violating these ground rules he would be requested to stop address by the Gen Sec. Decision of the Chairman/Vice Chairman whether a speaker is digressing from the main theme and making personal attacks on an individual will be final.
Tea and Lunch will be served in between the deliberations.
List of the Members: An updated list of members with their membership numbers will be displayed at the venue. All members can see their names and membership number allotted to them.
Speakers: We are permitting all state conveners to speak as a rule that is only one speaker from each state. Hence the number may touch about 10 to 12 speakers. However we might permit a maximum of two speakers from a state if time permits and if the request has come in advance. Gentleman, if you know the names of the speaker who have expressed desire to speak, please pass the names to me so that I can plan the slot for them. This will help me to conduct the meeting in more orderly manner.
Names should come to me latest by 27 Aug 2009.
Lunch and tea: A simple lunch will be served to all. Tea with biscuit will also be served in between the deliberations.
1030 - 1035 Welcome address Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM Gen Secty
1036 – 1050 Operational round-up Maj Gen Satbir Singh SM vice chairman
1051 – 1110 Financial health Maj Gen P Renjen AVSM Treasurer
1115 – 1145 Regional round-up outstation Speakers
1145 – 1200 TEA
1205 – 1250 Regional round-up Outstation Speakers (state conveners’ max one speakers from a state)
1255 – 1310 Wrap-up Gen Raj Kadyan PVSM, AVSM, VSM Chairman
1310 – 1340 Open house (General discussion by all members of the house)
1340 – 1345 Vote of Thanks by Gen Sec
1345 LUNCH
1430 Option available to conduct more discussions if members want more time.
It is planned to finish the meeting by 1500h so that all the delegates who wish to catch evening flight/train/buses can easily manage.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Secretary IESM
23 Aug 2009

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