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Brig Rattan Nath Sharma..demise...Mahavir chakra

For a soldier who braved enemy bullets and was decorated with the nation’s second highest gallantry award, losing his life while merely standing on the roadside is a strange twist of fate.
Brig Rattan Nath Sharma was killed after being allegedly hit by a speeding vehicle while he was waiting for a bus near Kharar, near here, yesterday. He succumbed to his injuries today while being taken to the PGIMER.
On a complaint by his son-in-law, Gurpreet Singh, the Kharar police has registered a case of negligent driving against Pankaj, driver of the vehicle. A case under Sections 279 and 304-A, IPC, has been registered at the City Kharar police station.
According to information, Brigadier Sharma belonged to Palampur and had come to Kharar for some property matter. He was knocked down by the vehicle yesterday and rushed to a local hospital. It was only after the police found a diary on his person containing the telephone number of a CSD in Palampur that his identity could be ascertained.
He is survived by his wife, a son, who looks after the family estate in Palampur, and two daughters, both doctors. His daughter and son-in-law reached here at around midnight after the family was informed about the mishap.
Brigadier Sharma was commissioned into the Punjab Regiment in August 1949, and decorated with the Maha Vir Chakra for commanding a battalion of the Punjab Regiment in the Poonch Sector of Jammu and Kashmir during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. He had been tasked to capture a strong and fortified enemy post situated on a dominating feature. The then Lt-Col Sharma encouraged his men by his presence and courage to achieve the given task.
His cremation is scheduled to take place with full military honours at his native place in Palampur on December 26.
Service: Army
Arm: Infantry
Unit: 21 Punjab
P. Number: IC-5270
Birth: 23 Nov 1926
MVC, Operation: 1971 Cactus Lily, Date of Award: 10 Dec 1971 More Details
Educational Institutions:
Permanent Address:
Vatika House
District Palampur
Bundla Tea Estate
Himachal Pradesh

Friday, December 23, 2011

Parliament panel favours one rank-one pension

Parliament panel favours one rank-one pension
Says financial liability of Rs 3,000 cr a year incorrect
Vijay Mohan/TNS
Chandigarh, December 22
Recommending the grant of one rank-one pension (OROP) to retired armed forces personnel, the Parliament’s Committee on Petitions has said that it is not convinced with the hurdles projected by the Ministry of Defence in implementing the proposal.
Observing that the financial liability for implementing OROP is Rs 1,300 crore for 20110-12 "which is not a very big amount for a country of our size and economy and also considering the purpose for which it would be utilised", the committee said it is not convinced with the version of the Finance Ministry that implementing OROP would generate similar requests from civilian employees because the terms and conditions of service of the two are vastly different and much harsher and difficult for the military.
The committee, in its report tabled in Rajya Sabha yesterday, also found to be incorrect, the financial liability of Rs 3,000 crore per annum put forth by the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare (DOEW) for OROP.
Nixing financial, administrative and legal hurdles projected by the DOEW, the committee observed,” The defence services serve the nation with utmost devotion and selflessness but their demands are consistently being ignored, not by the heads of the Armed Forces, but by bureaucrats. It’s a typical example of bureaucratic apathy.” The Committee observed that the demands of veterans, including OROP, were included in the election manifestos of various parties but not given effect
“The findings of the committee were appreciable and pro-veteran,” said Maj Navdeep Singh, a High Court lawyer dealing with service matters. “Even the legal difficulties expressed by DOEW have no legs to stand upon. It claimed that the Supreme Court had upheld the implementation of cut-off dates in pensionary matters in various cases. However, what DESW did not mention is the fact that there are many more decisions, including very recent ones, where cut-off dates have been deprecated,” he added. Further, the committee did not accept DOWS’ claims on legal issues and held that on the contrary.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

News on OROP to Parliament...

Some good cheer for Christmas after all. Read paragraph 10.3 - it
is heartening. Let us hope the UPA govt relents.
Carl H Gomes
forwarded message:

As you are aware the Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions accepted a Petition presented by Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliament, on Grant of One Rank, One Pension to ex-servicemen and retired defence personnel.

The Petition Committee which held its hearings in May, 2011 has submitted its Report to Rajya Sabha today.

Please click here to read the copy of the Committee On Petitions Report on OROP.

Among others, the Petitions Committee has strongly recommended the Government should implement OROP at the earliest.

You are welcome to share your comments or feedback.



Principal - Public Affairs,

Office of Rajeev Chandrasekhar,

Member of Parliament

Friday, December 16, 2011

Remembering the heroes of 1971 War

Remembering the heroes of 1971 War
NDTV Correspondent, Updated: December 16, 2011 01:06 IST

New Delhi: Forty years ago, when Lieutenant General AAK Niazi, commander of the Pakistani forces in East Pakistan, signed surrender before Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, India's Eastern Army Commander, it marked the end of our subcontinent's most decisive war. In fact, the definitive liberation war in modern world's military history.

Bangladesh was born but about 3,900 Indian soldiers died, 9,851 wounded and 93,000 Pakistani soldiers were taken Prisoners of War.

"Only two such surrenders have happened in the world, one in Leningrad and another one in Bangladesh. We saw token a surrender of arms by the Pakistani troops, laying down their arms and the Indian people picking them up as mark of surrender," said Air Commodore Mirza Ali.

As the new nation asserted its identity before the world, 1971 emerged as India's finest hour, sweeping away as it did with a master stroke the ravaging blunders of the 1962 India-China conflict.

Awami League's Mujibur Rahman, an India loyalist, became the new Prime Minister of Bangladesh. And pushed to the corner, Pakistan had to sign the dotted line of the Shimla Pact that laid down the peace principles that should govern Indo-Pak relations. The accord also converted the 1949 UN Ceasefire Line into the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan.

Last, but not the least, was the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who emerged an icon for leading the war as she did against world opinion, to prove a point in a way India militarily and diplomatically has never been able to recreate.

Going against the Nixon-Kissinger snubs from the White House, she was able to position the 1971 War as a war for justice, ultimately turning global opinion in her favour.

Aiding her was another stellar personality - Army Chief Sam Maneckshaw - holding his own and refusing Indira as he did to start the war in March 1971. He went forward in December only after ensuring our military had readied itself and the nationalist freedom fighters Mukti Bahini within Bangladesh.

Our current Army Chief General VK Singh fought that war as a Second Lieutenant.
"It was a perfect synergy that was obtained between the political leadership and the military as well the nation. We should not forget all this. I would give great amount of credit to our then Prime Minister. I don't think people have appreciated what she achieved. She was able to get a consensus, she was able to build a world opinion, she was able to ensure that despite our own economic hardships we were able to look after thousands and thousands refugees who had come, and she allowed the military a certain amount of freedom to plan their operations in the best possible manner. It was unmatched leadership. When we look at the military, we were able to work out in great detail what is to be done and I have great pride in saying that it was the best manoeuvre war in the military history of the world. Nowhere in the world have they ever executed a manoeuver war like this. In a short time, we were able to achieve tremendous amount. You don't have wars where you get 93,000 prisoners. You don't have wars where surrenders take place like this," said General Singh.

Exactly four decades later, in a reappraisal of that military campaign in New Delhi this week, the Indian Army funded think-tank Centre for Land Warfare Studies or CLAWS, acknowledged the decisive role Mukti Bahini played in that war.

Mukti Bahini was a hastily assembled force of Bangladeshi students, lawyers and ordinary nationalist citizens - both Muslims and Hindu - who fought alongside Indian military to create Bangladesh.

Is such a war possible in this day and time? Theoretically, yes, in conflict areas where there is large-scale discontent among local people.

"If you have genuine grievances, like Kurds of Baloch, you have areas where the population has reached a stage where they have totally delinked themselves from the state they are part of. If that sort of grievances exist, an external intervention can create, and would create a state," said Alok Bansal, a military scholar.

But people who fought the 1971 War, like Air Marshall Inamdar and General VK Singh, remain sceptical.

"Look at the kind of surveillance capabilities everyone have now. Given that, something like this happening again, I think it's very difficult," said Air Marshal S G Inamdar.

"It depends on circumstances. It depends on how thing would come up. It depends on what are the factors which would guide such kind of a movement coupled with the type of resistance. This is not just a victory which was stand alone. This was a victory along with our brothers in arms from Bangladesh. It was a combined effort and if all these factors were to combine then may be, yes," Indian Army Chief, General VK Singh said.

Those factors may never come together as decisively as in 1971, making a repeat of the spectacular victory almost impossible.

Forty years after their finest military victory, the Indian armed forces are in the midst of another phase of rapid modernisation to meet new-age challenges. And while the challenges still remain about the process of modernisation and its speed, the key question that perhaps confronts India is: Do we have a political leadership as strong as we had in 1971? And is the current political leadership capable of taking bold decision?
Remembering the heroes of 1971 War

Capt Vikram Batra
In a time of war, he became the face of the young Indian soldier who fought ferociously and died fearlessly.

click here for the Video clip of 1999 Kargil war

Forces Law Gazette

Maj Navdeep Singh

This day, 16th December, is militarily a significant date for the region.
To fill up the vacuum in a very apposite space, I feel pleased today in announcing the release of the first issue of the ‘FORCES LAW GAZETTE’ – a free, non-commercial quarterly newsletter dealing with law & allied issues related to uniformed services of not just India but other democracies as well. Meant more for general reading than use in Courts, the Gazette would consist of three broad categories:
(1) Law Related to Uniformed Services,
(2) Developments & Miscellaneous, and
(3) Contributions & Articles.

The Gazette would remain available through for free download and distribution in pdf format. Of course, the link is also available on my blog Indian Military Info
Bouquets and brickbats are welcome on the comments section on the FLG webpage.
Readers are welcome to distribute and forward this email, and also the Gazette, freely and non-commercially without any inhibition or copyright concerns.
I, the Editorial team and the contributors hope to effectively sustain the concept with the next issue due in March 2012. Contributions in the form of articles are welcome and may be sent to me by email for publication in future volumes.
Thank You,
Major Navdeep Singh
Advocate, High Court

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Members,

A news report from Indian Express is reproduced below.

There was never any doubt that the Committee will give a favorable verdict, it is rather unlikely that the GOI will even consider it at this juncture.

You will also recall that the President NFDC had made a presentation before this committee.

warm regards

Navy Foundation Delhi Charter

One Rank, One Pension


Ritu Sharma

Dec 15, 2011Express Buzz (Chennai) - [ Front Page ]

NEW DELHI : In a move that can bring joy to nearly 2.5 million retied soldiers, the Parliament Committee on Petitions is likely to favour their demand for 'One Rank, One Pension'.

The report, likely to be tabled in the Parliament next week, will be a vindication of the stand taken by the soldiers who have been running from pillar to post fighting for their rights.

Thousands of ex-servicemen and war veterans returned their gallantry medals protesting the decision of the Ministry of Defence not to grant 'One Rank, One Pension'. Soldiers have been demanding equal pension for personnel retiring from the same rank irrespective of their date of retirement. Persons reitiring before the pay commission cut-off date get less pension than those retiring after the date.

According to sources, the long pending demand has found support as the Committee on Petitions has been considering the petition submitted by Rajya Sabha M.P., Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar and 24 others in October 2010.

" The committee conducted a detailed hearing on the matter by inviting citizen groups, ex-servicemen and government representatives to depose and express their views on the issue. The committee completeed their hearing and the report will be presented during the winter session of Parliament ", sources added.

The petitioners in their argument had said that the demand of ex-servicemen may be considered on the lines of the pension for MPs, which is Rs. 20,000 for all first time members.

OROP- Pension improvement an ongoing process

PIB Releases Ministry of Defence 12-December, 2011 14:34 IST
One Rank-One Pension
The gap between past pensioners and their youger equivalents retiring from the armed forces does not necessarily keeps widening with every successive pay commission. Over the years several improvements have been made in pension of past pensioners. The pension of past pensioners have revised in accordance with recommendation of each successive Pay Commission, as accepted by the Government. The Sixth Pay Commission had recommended fitment formula and modified parity for past pensioners, in order to reduce the gaps, which were accepted by the Government.
Pension Improvement is an ongoing process and considerable improvements have been made in the pensions of armed forces personnel. The Group of Ministers (GoM) had in 2005 improved the pensionary benefits of PBORs. On the recommendations of PMO, a Committee was set up under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary in June, 2009 to look into the issue of `One Rank One Pension and other related matters. After considering all aspects of the matter, the Committee keeping in mind the spirit of the demand, suggested several measures to substantially improve pensionary benefits of Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) and Commissioned Officers, which have been accepted by the Government and orders for implementation of all the recommendations have been issued. These are available at
This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Shri MM PallamRaju in a written reply to Dr.RajanSushantand others in LokSabha today. PK/NN (Release ID :78436)
One Rank One Pension

CSD Depots in Himachal Pradesh
Government of Himachal Pradesh has requested this Ministry for setting up of a CSD Depot in the State in view of the number of Servicemen, Ex-servicemen and their families residing there.
Land measuring approximately 188kanals had been offered by Himachal Pradesh Government in this regard. However, the same was not found to be suitable, since some of it Included khud/nallah which is prone to flooding during rainy season.
It is not possible at this stage to anticipate the time likely to be taken for setting up the Depot at Una in view of the fact that the Government of Himachal Pradesh is yet to identify another piece of suitable land. Once a suitable alternate land is offered by the State Government the proposal will be considered depending upon availability of budget and manpower.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to ShriVirenderKashyap in LokSabha today. PK/NN (Release ID :78428)

Sadbhavana Schemes of Army
Projects under Sadbhavana scheme executed by the Army in Ladakh relate to infrastructure, community development, Health care, Human Resources Development, Education, Information Technology and National Integration Tour etc. Since 2009-10, the expenditure incurred is as under:-
(Rupees In Crores)/ Year/ Amount Allotted/ Expenditure Incurred
2009-10/ 6.85/ 6.85
2010-11/ 7.00/ 7.00
2011-12/ 7.00/ 3.34 (till date)
These projects are undertaken in consultation / recommendations of village Sarpanches and district administration and are focused to supplement the requirements of the people in remote and inaccessible areas.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to ShriHassan Khan in LokSabha today. PK/NN (Release ID :78425)

Placement of IAF Personnel
A Placement Fair was conducted at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi on 15th & 16th October, 2011 by the Indian Air Force Placement Cell. A total of 2788 air warriors including 2671 airmen (2035 retired and 636 serving) and 117 officers (87 retired and 30 serving) participated in the event. A total of 38 companies participated in the fair.
666 air warriors were shortlisted for placement during the fair. So far 93 confirmed placements have been reported to Indian Air Force Placement Cell.
Such fairs are conducted as per the requirements of the Indian Air Force from time to time.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri A. Ganeshamurthi in LokSabha today. PK/NN (Release ID :78427)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pre 2006 Wg cdr's pension

From: ambreesh aggarwal
Date: 13 December 2011 00:51
Subject: Good News for pre 2006 retiree Wg Cdrs
To: ambreesh aggarwal

a news to rejoice.....

The Armed Forces Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi, has accepted that a pre - 2006 retiree Wg Cdr must get a minimum pension of Rs 25,700/- p.m. IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SERVICE PUT IN BY HIM.

Formal orders / judgment will come in due course.

I, on behalf of my clients as well as on my own behalf, am further taking up for the figure of Rs 26,265/- p.m.

In any case, one round of the battle has been won with 90% success.

The flip side, however, is that the government is already up in arms and would appeal against the order when it formally comes.


Wg Cdr (Retd.) A. K. Aggarwal

Advocate on Record

Supreme Court of India


Monday, December 5, 2011

Reply by Col Lamba..Demand for seventh Pay Commission to beat runaway Inflation


Majors and Maj Gen will be the ones who will get the max benefit, being at
The top of PB3 and PB4 respectively (just like S-28/29 Scale Officers are at
The top of PB4).


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pension after age 80 yrs etc Wg.Cdr. K.V.Lakshminarayanan

lakshmi narayanan wrote

Dear Vidyadhar,

This is for the info. of our pensioners, particularly octogenarians amongst us. It also shows how indifferent the babudom is, in matters relating to pensioners.

My pension, until recently, was as per PPO issued by PCDA, Allahabad in 2009. This, PPO was based on MOD letter dated 21 Aug. 2009, which in turn was based on GOI, Ministry of Personnel, Public grievances & pensions ((Dept. of.pensions and pensioners welfare) OM dated 15 Sep. 2008. This communication provided for additional pension for pensioners of age 80 years and more, as percentages of RESTORED PENSION. I was getting this additional old age pension on this basis.
Subsequently, thanks to this medium of communication, I came to know that the Ministry of Personnel Public grievances &pensions had issued another OM on 19th Jan.2010, which amended the additional pension for octogenarians to percentages of FULL PENSION and not RESTORED PENSION.

Somewhat optimistically, I contacted PCDA office, Allahabad to take note of this change and as I am an affected pensioner, requested that my PPO should be accordingly amended.
Not unexpectedly, I got a reply that they will take action only after they get a communication from MOD.
Now I started to wake up the sleeping Ministry. After some informal efforts, I wrote a formal letter. with no results. I contacted my active friend L G Subramanian and also ex-colleague Col.Malhotra. Eventually Malhotra who contacted MOD babus, who were, I guess, beginning to feel the heat of impending tribunal proceedings, promised to take action thereon.

On 11th May, this year, I left for US to be with my children. Till then, I had not received any communication on this matter.

When I returned from the US by end August and looked at my accumulated mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see a communication from PCDA office containing a new PPO dated 21 April 2011 incorporating the amendment to old age pension. The PPO dated 21 April, did'nt reach me till 10th May!! I was not in the country to act thereupon!!

The matter does not end there. Immediately after my return, I contacted my bank, IOB, which is generally friendly, and enquired about the additional pension as per the latest PPO. They were totally innocent about the PPO!. I raised my decibel level. I showed my latest PPO dated 21 April and they took a copy and started working feverishly on the additional dues to me . I do not know whether the bank or Postal dept. or Allahabad is responsible for the hip-up on the last lap!!

Alls well that ends well !! There is a saying which can be translated as "even if God grants a boon, it is the Poojari who delivers it "

My prayers for col. Malhotra's fast recovery.

Wg.Cdr. K.V.Lakshminarayanan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

JAGO FAUJI JAGO...23rd Nov 2011


23rd Nov 2011

Dear Veterans

1. The present Government at the centre has not yet accepted our most important demand of OROP. Despite of our protest movement conducted peacefully within the norms of discipline for the past over forty months, the Government has shown no positive consideration to our demands. In a Vishal Rally held at Jantar Mantar organized under the aegis of IESM where ESM and Defense Widows from across the country (18 states) took part, the following resolution was unanimously passed by raising of hands by all present without exception and renting the air with their approval:-

(a) Since the present Government at the Centre has not granted OROP, it has no right to ask for votes from Defense Personnel and their family members.

(b) Accordingly the Defense veterans resolved unanimously that they will not vote for the UPA in any future election either at the State or Centre.

(c) However, if OROP is granted by the Government, this resolution will be null and void or withdrawn.

2. It was also decided to hold rallies in States to Garner support from the Defense fraternity and also other segments of society and organizations. It was decided to initially hold these rallies where elections are taking place in the near future. Accordingly all ESM organizations and ESM in the States and UTs are requested to “Unite” for the cause of OROP which is applicable to all present and future ESM forgetting differences if any, and give wide publicity to the contents of the above resolution across the length, breadth and depth of the country to exert the right pressure on the Government to accept our demand. The states which are going in for election are Punjab, UP, Utrakahand and Himachal, and later Rajasthan, MP and Haryana.

3. One Rally each at the State Capital and other cities where Defense personnel stay in large numbers are being planned. We would require logistic support in kind or in funds to conduct these rallies. All ESM are requested to contribute generously in kind (Transport, Rally Site arrangements, meals, refreshments, tea, water etc) or in funds to enable us to make these rallies a grand success. The cheques may please be made in the name of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (HDFC A/C No 06162000001330) and either deposit in any branch of the HDFC or send at IESM HQ address “543 Sector 23 Gurgaon (Haryana) 122017.

4. The first of the rallies is being planned at TRICITY (Chandigarh- Mohali - Panchkula) in Dec 2011. The exact date is being finalized in consultation with convener IESM Punjab. The rally in UP at Lucknow has also been planned on 09 Jan 2012.

5. Another aspect which I wish to bring to the notice of all veteran officers for their consideration is about the negligible presence of officers at the rallies. Like in service, the dictum of leading from the front is equally applicable in the lives of Defense Veterans. The veteran JCOs and men still look up to the officers as their leaders to assist them. I am reminded of a fine act of duty which we learnt and executed with scrupulous honesty 45 years back which I am sure was continuing from the past traditions ie as Gunner GPO at the Gun position, I did not take my evening meal till such time all the gun pits had been dug, the guns had been put in the gun pits and all men had had their meals. It had a very strong effect on our men. I implore upon all officers to let us be part of this protest movement to get OROP which has been denied to us for the past over 30 years. Please attend all rallies being held in your city/ district. This is a humble request to my brother officers. All those who cannot attend due to any pressing reasons, please contribute generously to make the protest Movement achieve its goals. History reveals that Movements succeeded when all affected with the cause joined in unison with “Passion in the Heart” and “Fire in the Belly”. “JAGO FAUJI JAGO Join the Protest Movement to Get Justice for Defense Forces”.

6. This letter may please be circulated to the maximum ESM organizations and ESM.


With Regards,

Jai Hind

Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570


Demand for seventh Pay Commission to beat runaway Inflation

Main Requirements Demanded from Seventh Pay Commission Report. Living in India surviving the high prices is getting impossible. So the Central government Unions and Associations will be soon coming out with requests for pay scale revisions in 2011.
Usually the Central Pay Commisssion is formed only in every 10 years. But , with the coming of the year 2011, India is in a situation where prices of most of the products needed in day to day life is increasing. Petrol, Gas, Grocery, Provisions, Food prices have gone up sky high. For instance in Chennai the Bus fares are up 100%, milk is up by Rs7 per litre and Electricity which cost Rs1030 for 600 Units will cost a whopping Rs 2350 (billed bi monthly)- just forget using AC otherwise the cost will shoot up by another Rs 5000/.
Government employees under the Central Government has started protests demanding hike in salary. Even though the time for the next Pay Revision Commission has not reached, the Central government employees have decided to ask for a 7th Central pay Commission to be formed. The main requirements that will be requested by the Indian Employee Unions from the 7th Central Pay Commission Report will be as follows,

Salary scales of employees in same posts in all departments should be fixed equally.

Current systems for Job Promotions and Salary increments should be changed to a better one.

Employees who work harder and has great performance track records in service should be paid better salary scales and given promotions , without leaving all promotions based on seniority only.

Appropriate changes should be made to allowances like HRA, TA, CCA .etc.

Transport and Traveling allowances should be renewed based on the current prices of petrol and diesel.
Demand for Seventh Pay Commission

Monday, November 14, 2011

ESM endorses Jan Lokpal Bill

Ex-servicemen to invite Anna for holding anti corruption rally in Himachal Ravinder Makhaik | November 11, 2011 |
Dharamshala: Ex-servicemen league of Himachal has drawn up plans to invite Anna Hazare for holding an anti-corruption rally in the state.
A former minister and president HP ex-servicemen league Vijay Singh Mankotia let Hill Post know that after holding a two day annual general meeting of the organization, three resolutions were adopted, which included sending out a team to Maharashtra for extending an invite to Anna for holding a rally at Dharamshala.
Endorsing the stand on Jan Lokpal Bill, Mankotia said the state body of ex-servicemen also intended to honour Anna, also an ex-serviceman, with Shan-e-Hind title for the fight against corruption he has been waging.
Our league supports the fight against corruption to expose corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists and work for good governance by ensuring accountability, he said.
The second resolution adopted by the league has condemned the statement of defense minister AK Antony saying that the UPA government could not concede the ‘one rank, one pay’ demand of the ex-servicemen.
For 25 years the union government has been giving a firm commitment about implementing the demand, said Mankotia.
The matter will be discussed at a national conference of ex-servicemen to be held at Delhi on 25th and 26th November.
The third resolution has asked the state government to install the statues of Major Somnath Sharma, the first Parm Vir Chakra, Major Durga Mal and Captain Dal Bhadur at the Vidhan Sabha complex at Tapovan, Dharmshala.
Major Durga Mal and Captain Dal Bhadur were Gurkha members who were part of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s Azad Hind Fauj and were hanged by the British rulers in 1945 and 1946.
All the three of these brave sons of India belong to an area that is within a five Kms from Tapovan, says Mankotia. There statues deserve to be part of Vidhan Sabha complex and we will be raising this demand with chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, he said.
Ex-servicemen to invite Anna for holding anti corruption rally in Himachal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vacancies under Maharashtra Govt

On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 18:42, shrikant kulkarni wrote:

Dear sir,

I have just learnt from a very high level reliable source in Maharashtra Govt that there are over 250 vacancies in Forest Dept for contractual engagement (for 2 years at a time renewable till retirement age) for a salary of Rs. 12000/- in position of Forest Guards. These vacancies are reserved for ex-Army personnel and the salary will be in addition to their pension. The positions are open in a few specific places, namely, Yawal in Jalgaon, Chandrapur in Tadoba, and Melghat in Amravati.

In addition, 44 post are reserved for permanent for ST ex-Armymen for absorption as Govt servants till their retirement.

I request this info be circulated amongst concerned army ESM and volunteers be invited to apply. Ads, it is learnt, have already appeared in newspapers.

Shrikant Kulkarni
Gp Capt (Retd)

Report in Indian Express ..IESM Rally 12 Nov 2011

Report in Indian Express yesterday.
Ex-servicemen from city join OROP campaign in Delhi

Express news service Posted: Sun Nov 13 2011, 01:11 hrs Pune:

Joining the nationwide campaign for One Rank One Pension, members of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) from the city participated in a rally in New Delhi on Saturday. With signatures signed with blood and medals in their hands to be returned to the President, over 3,000 ex-servicemen reiterated their demands of One Rank One Pension (OROP), National Commission for the Armed Forces and an Independent and Exclusive Pay Commission for the Armed Forces. Over 10 members from the city had joined the campaign with a few taking part in the delegation that wanted to meet President Pratibha Patil but could not do so.
“This is a serious issue and the government has not been taking due notice of the ex-servicemens’ demands. We now plan to intensify the movement. The ideal outcome of today’s movement will be to go back to our states and build up individual rallies to generate pressure on the government,” said Brigadier (retd) Sharad Luktuke, member, IESM, speaking to Newsline from Delhi. The rally that began at 10.15 am at Jantar Mantar concluded around 3 pm.

ESM sitrep 12 November evening

Dear Colleagues,
The planned IESM rally was held today at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. It had more than 2500 ESM and Service families from all over the country. There was palpable enthusiasm in support of continuing with our struggle for seeking justice for the ESM, fronted by OROP. There was also unanimity in demanding that we the ESM start using out voting strength in getting our just demands accepted.
A memorandum was thereafter submitted to the President highlighting the non-grant of OROP and discrimination against widows in not including them in the pension enhancement that was implemented in 2009.
Kudos to Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Group Captain Vinod Gandhi, Wing Commander CK Sharma and other team members for organizing the event in an excellent manner.

Best regards,

Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM
262, Sector-17A
Gurgaon- 122 001

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sixth Pay Commission to apply on pre-2006 retirees also: Central Administrative Tribunal

Sixth Pay Commission to apply on pre-2006 retirees also: Central Administrative Tribunal
PTI Nov 7, 2011, 06.13pm ISTTags:Sixth Central Pay Commission|Justice V K Bali
NEW DELHI: In a relief to senior citizens, who retired from government service before 2006, the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has directed the Centre to re-fix their pension on the basis of recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission (VI CPC).

The order will provide relief to thousands of such retired government servants whose pension would increase substantially.

A three-judge bench of CAT headed by its Chairman Justice V K Bali quashed the August 29, 2008 government resolution which amended the recomendations of the sixth pay commission due to which the pre-2006 retirees were getting lower pension than the post 2006 retirees.

The bench passed the orders on a bunch of petitions filed by individuals, their association -- Central Government Pensioners Association -- claiming pension at par with post-2006 retirees on the recommendations of the VI CPC, which took effect from January 1, 2006.

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Rally 12 Nov 2011
















Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meeting at Jantar Mantar on 12 Nov 2011


It is very unfortunate that some irresponsible veterans are spreading rumours about the existence of IESM and its well meaning actions. These disgruntled veterans are responsible for veterans being divided in small fractions and not able to unite as one single force. I normally do not give any credence to rumours but I am constrained to issue clarification because these rumours are being spread to neutralise the planned rally of IESM on the 12 November at Jantar Mantar.

Few member of IESM had been suspended from the primary membership of IESM because of indiscipline and not keeping the accounts properly. These few disgruntled ex-servicemen have started a breakaway group of ex-servicemen. Sep DS Sheoran calls himself as the President and Col K Bhardwaj as the Gen Sec of the new dispensation. Sep DS Sheoran had been denied membership of IESM because he is not an ex-serviceman as he does not get pension from the defence account which is the minimum condition of being called an ex-serviceman. This breakaway group has started rumours that they are office bearers of IESM. They have also filed cases in the court about their group being the original IESM. The matter is very strongly being contested in the court and very soon the breakaway group would loose the case in the court as all the evidence is in our favour.

Environment is aware of the legal procedure in India that anyone can file any case in Indian courts and let the case drag for years. This breakaway group has also done the same and have been requesting the court for dates to keep the case alive and create confusion in the minds of veterans. IESM has always appeared in the court on the designated dates but to our surprise the breakaway group has been absenting from appearance on one flimsy reason or the other and have been requesting for the fresh dates for hearing with the clear intentions, that is to prolong the case for many years to keep the rumours alive.

IESM office bearers have been maintaining a dignified silence on the wrong doings and ill intentions of the breakaway group and have not been issuing any statements to the environment. I have been constrained to issue clarification because of the runours spread by the breakaway group. This has been necessitated because of the demand from the large number of veterans with whom I interacted during my visit to Punjab on 5 and 6 November 2011. It is important for us to note that IESM is for welfare of all the veterans and have not spoken against any organisation. IESM believes that all organisations are doing good work and are helping the veterans. IESM welcomes and appreciates all ex-servicemen organisation which are taking up problems on behalf of veterans with the Govt.

In view of above following is issued for the benefit of environment and as rejoinder to the rumours.
IESM whose Chairman is Gen Raj Kadyan is working for the benefit of all ex-servicemen and would continue to take up cases of ex-servicemen with the Govt.
IESM is fully functional and has complete control on its activities and bank accounts.
IESM is holding a big rally at 1000h to 1400h at Jantar Mantar on 12 November 2011 Saturday to press for the demand of OROP for the ex-servicemen. Ex-servicemen from all states of India are reaching Delhi to attend the rally. All ex-servicemen are requested to attend the rally in large numbers.
IESM is holding AGM at 1030h to 1400h on 13 Nov 2011 Sunday at AVCC Sector 37 Noida. All members of IESM are requested to attend the AGM in large numbers.
IESM will be leading a delegation of widows to discuss the problem of widows pension with Raksha Mantri on 14 Nov 2011.
IESM will continue to take up issues of ex-servicemen with the Govt.
IESM has more than 16000 members from all states of India and the number is increasing by the day.
IESM has been pledged support by a large number of ex-servicemen organisations, from various states of India, in its fight for justice and self respect of ex-servicemen.
IESM is planning to have rallies in all states of India to air the problems of ex-servicemen to the authorities.
IESM has been able to convince the state assemblies of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to pass unanimous resolution for grant of OROP for ex-servicemen. Effort is on to convince other state Govt to pass the similar resolution.
IESM has been able to convince the Parliament committee on defence to recommend OROP for ex-servicemen. This committee has recommended OROP for ex-servicemen in three different papers to the Govt of India.
IESM along with other organisations has made a strong presentation to petition committee of Parliament to recommend OROP for the ex-servicemen. This committee would submit its report to Speaker Lok Sabha in the winter session of Parliament. IESM is very hopeful that the report would be in favour of ex-servicemen.
IESM has also been interacting with MsP of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to support the case of OROP for ex-servicemen.

IESM requests to all ex-sevicemen to be careful of such rumours and please note that the grand rally of IESM will be held as per program on 12 Nov 2011 at 1000h to 1400h at Jantar Mantar New Delhi. Ex -servicemen from all states of India will be reaching Delhi to attend the rally. All ex-servicemen are requested to attend the rally in large numbers.




Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


From: triloki bhatara
To: IESM ; IESM Pune
Sent: Saturday, 17 September 2011 12:16 PM

A job opening from for ESMs, especially for ex-IAF technicians.
Gp Capt (Retd) TK Bhatara
11 Opening(s)
HBE Group


Experience:15 - 25 Years
Location:Coimbatore, Port Blair, Srinagar
Compensation:Best in industry
Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization,Graduation Not Required
PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization,Post Graduation Not Required
Industry Type:Aviation / Aerospace Firms
Role:Maintenance Engnr
Functional Area:Site Engg., Project Management
Posted Date:13 Sep
Job Description
Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance of Air Survillance radar.Required local Ex Air force, Ex Army, Ex Navy Personnel for following location:
Gwalior, Jammu, Srinagar, Leh, Sullur, P Blair, Carnicobar, Pune, Tezpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Keywords: Radar, Ex - Army, Ex - Airforce, Ex - Navy, Ex - Defense, Ex - Defence
Desired Candidate Profile
Required local Ex Air force, Ex Army, Ex Navy Personnel (non commisioned officer). Experience in Maintenance of Radar is a must.
Company Profile
HBE Group was Founded in the year 1997 with the vision of delivering state of the art solutions for Broadcast Industry .

The organization soon diversified in to high technology area of Aviation with offerings comprises wide range of solution for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (ATC) and modernization of airports related products

Recently HBE Group has added complete range of meteorological solutions and entered in to Defence segment with syenergical offerings for Air Traffic Management (ATM), Modernization of Airfields (Indian Air force & Indian Navy) and Meteorological solutions and our core strengths entrenched in high tech electronics coupled with IT.

Turnover - USD 60 Millions for FY 2008, Current Headcounts-150.

Major Principals- Tandberg, Harris, Axia, Latens, Visilink, Net Insight, Jampro, RGB, Vaisala, Aerodate, Terma, ST, Sensis, Frequentis, Rapiscan and others esteemed partners……!!!

We have also established a brand independent service company to offer installation, testing, commissioning and operation and maintenance activities for high end technical projects. Our state of the art service division is accredited by ISO 9001-2000 certification. You may also visit to get more information.
Contact Details
Company Name:HBE Group
Executive Name:Swati Mittal
Address:Not Mentioned
Telephone:Not Mentioned

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visit to Brig Luktuke/Gp Capt Pathak/Cdr Ravi/Col IESM members

Nagpur Meeting of Brig Luktuke/Gp Capt Pathak/Cdr Ravi/Col Patil.

Nagpur Meeting of Brig Luktuke/Gp Capt Pathak/Cdr Ravi/Col Patil.

Dear Sir

The Pune Team of Brig Lutuke/Gp Capt Phatak/Col Patil and self returned from Nagpur on 26 Sep after a very very successful visit.

The planning and arrangement and the success of the visit goes to Brig Luktuke who with a lot of patience and perseverance got the officers at Nagpur to arrange a Rally.

At Nagpur Wg Cdr Mukund Limaye and Mrs Anuradha Phadnis with the help of their local team had made excellent arrangements for the rally and our stay.

The newspapers carried news items in advance of the rally and the DSWO Capt Nimse also helped by informing all.Our thanks to Col Suhas Jatkar of RSB who gave approval to the DSWO to help out our team at Nagpur.Capt D R Limsay was also present at the rally.

The rally was attended by about 350 to 400 veterans.We have been able to get a total of 113 members and one supporter who donated Rs 1000/ to IESM.

After the rally TV99 a local Hindi TV channel also interviewed us.

Some photographs of the rally are attached.

On 26 Sep we talked to 42 DSC veterans at the Ambazari OF.THe Officer Commanding had organised the meet well and we were also treated to a much loved "langer" lunch.We expect membership to come from the unit a little letter in bulk.

Besides the Rally Gp Capt Phatak also met the officers ar Airforce command there to brief them about the 11 airman case(Reservist pension)

We were also met by the Manager of CPPC of Bank On India(Shri Kanetkar) He requested us to conduct a training program for BOI officers handling pensions.The training would be at Pune at their training center.
List of Members is attached.

S No RankName

1CmdeChitanavis U N
2Lt ColOnkar R M
3Lt ColBhaduri AS
4Lt CdrHastak M
5ColPimpalkhute MP
6Wg Cdr Purohit KB
7Gp CaptWannere AG
8Wg Cdr Contractor J B
9Wg Cdr Dantale, CR
9Mrs Anuradha Deo w/o Maj Deo SM
10Mrs Bharti Thakre w/o Nb Sub Thakre
11Mrs Suchita W/o Hav Thakre AD
12Mrs Kusum W/o Hav Sonule EK
13Mrs Nita W/o Rahan AB
14Mrs Tulsi w/o Hav Lasante, Kondaba
15Mrs Yashodara w/o Sub Adhav D
16Mrs Shakuntala w/o Lt Co Wankhede RS
17Mrs Rupa w/o L/Nk Sharma CP
18Mrs Anjali w/o S/L Gupta SM
19Mrs Pritam Kaul w/o Capt Harbans Singh
20Mrs Swatee w/o S/l Bhisey V
21Mrs Shashikala w/o LNK Bhakre VM
22Mrs Anusaya w/o Sep Raut Annaji
23Mrs Annapurna w/o Sep Vanaskar VG
24Mrs Sarubai w/o Sep Mehar Sudam
25Mrs Vandana w/o Dongre Baburao
26Mrs Ujjawala w/o PO Puriji AG
27Mrs Shobha w/o Hav Deshmukh Rajabhau
28Mrs Shalini w/o Sub Gaikwad Bhimjirao
29Mrs Kusumtai w/o Potanwar Naganna
30Mrs Indumati w/o Dandi Tejrao
31Mrs Archana w/o Nk Kalambe R
32Mrs Ujwala w/o Nk Nimgade R
33WOMohod, DS
34JWOKanade ,MP
35Hon CaptBelekar, KN
36Hon LtMate, VM
37JWOPaddalwar, SN
38Nb SubShelke, NM
40MWOTrivedi, PN
41Nb SubBasole, AT
42Hon F/OGhawghave,NS
43Nb SubTitarmane, GY
44CPOShende, RD
45Hon CaptDhawade, SK
46WOKalbhore GB
48WOTapas, SG
49Hon Sub MajKowale, CK
50HavPatil RM
51L NKSethu, A
53Hav Wani, DP
57HavTalekar, BN
58NkZanke, PA
59HavJadhav, PY
60SepBhake, PG
62NkChakale, DH
63HavNarnaware, GM
64HavSalve, AM
65SepMarkhande, CK
67NkHole, SP
68NKKhandare, MM
70HavPhulmali, BN
71NkTayade, UB
73SeamanDhakane, RU
74NkBaseshankar, LM
75CplGedamkar, VS
76NkSakhare, AS
77NkShendre, AK
79HavJanbandhu, PK
80Nk TSKarade,AB
81SgtKushwaha, PK
82NkPudige, GT
83CplBhusari, SW
85NkMohod ,AR
86Sgt Zake, AN
88HavBagmare, CA
93NkShirporkurkar, VK
94NkBhure, KR
96LDFRMotilinge, PN
97HavGaikwad, SB
98NkMahalle, VC
99HavChinchole AM
101SepShinde, ML
102SepShegokar, AN
103NkSoni, SR
106SgtOrke, KV
107HavNagose, SS
108NkBhadbhade, MA
110SgtThugaonkar AK
111SepLokhande, SL
112SepWagh, SB
113SgtKhedikar, SR
114MrSovani AP



Thursday, September 22, 2011

ECHS Gurgaon


With Warm Regards,
Yours sincerely

Brig N Balan
Station Cdr
Delhi Cantt
New Delhi
PIN 110010

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome new members IESM

Dear Friends of IESM,

Today I have enrolled the following motivated Officers who have willingly become members of our IESM 'Movement'.

1. 60089-R Cmde PRAMOD KUMAR GOEL 500/= ''

2. IC-8658 Maj R.N.ANAND 500/= ' Tel- 22151453'

3. IC-12053 Lt Col VINOD KUMAR JAIN 500/= ''

4. IC-10963 Lt Col P.S.BHATNAGAR 500/= 'Te- 22142203'

5. IC-22967-H Lt Col B.N. Dhingra 500/= ''

6. IC-10534 Lt Col YASHPAL DATT 500/= '

Maj Gen A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM
Member Governing Body of IESM

Tamil Nadu---> Big Hike in cash component for gallantry award winners

From THE HINDU. 18 Sep 2011, Page 9.

Big Hike in cash component for gallantry award winners.

The State ( Tamil Nadu ) Govt has increased manifold, the quantum of cash awards for recipients of gallantry awards, as follows :---

Award Present Amount New Amount.
( Rs ) ( Rs )

PVC 22,500 15 Lakhs.

MVC 15,000 10 Lakhs.

Vr C 7,000 7.5 Lakhs

Ashok Chakra 20,000 12 Lakhs.

Kirti Chakra 12,000 8 Lakhs.

Shaurya Chakra 5,000 5 Lakhs.

More Benefits for ESM working in T N Ex-Servicemen Corporation ( TEXCO )

The Tamil Nadu Govt has also announced the following benefits for the 8,500 ESM, employed by TEXCO :--
a ) Insurance cover upto Three Lakhs, under Personal Accident scheme.
b ) Rs 1.78 crore will be invested annually under the Group Superannuation Scheme.


Brig SC Malik gets Rs 1 Lac as Donation from Modern Road Makers

Dear All,
We are truly grateful for this donation given for our common cause.
Thanking Brig SC Malik for his efforts.
Gp capt SS Phatak(retd)


From: Ravindra Pathak
To: gove body IESM
Cc: Malik S C ; subhash malik
Sent: Mon, 19 September, 2011 10:46:13 AM
Subject: [IESM_GovBody] Donation from Modern Road Makers [3 Attachments]

Dear Sir

Today i have deposited a cheque of Rs 1,00,000/ received from Modern Road Makers as donation.

This is the second year that we have got this donation and this is only possible due to efforts of Brig SC Malik.

C K Sir:Kindly send the receipt to my address so that i can give it to Brig Malik and it i snot lost like last year.

The C/VC may like to write to Mr Mhaiskar to thank him for his generous support.



Monday, September 12, 2011

Rank mis-match : some relief !

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Rank mis-match : some relief !
"About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age." - Gloria Pitzer

Since the last two years, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs – formerly known as CPOs) had been issuing advertisements for recruitment of Ex-Servicemen on a skewed rank equation. CAPFs were seeking Naib Subedars (GP 4200) to join at GP 2800 level and also Havildars (GP 2800) to join at GP 2000 level. The same was pointed out on this blog and also strongly taken up by me separately with the MHA as well as the AG’s Branch.

It seems that collective efforts have borne fruit to an extent. The CRPF is soon going to undertake a massive recruitment drive for ex-servicemen. I have been informed that a decision has been taken to rectify the rank equation as far as re-employment is concerned. Henceforth all JCOs, including Naib Subedars, would be recruited as Inspectors (GP 4600) while other ranks (including Sepoys) shall be recruited as Head Constables (GP 2400). Further, JCOs would be entitled to a handsome fixed compensation package of Rs 54000/- per month while other ranks would be entitled to a fixed package of Rs 34,000/- per month. Recruitment would be offered to those who have done courses related to explosives, field engineering and IEDs and the deployment would probably primarily be in naxal affected areas.

Goes to show that most of our problems emanate from the reason that we do not even want to try. There are people willing to listen but nothing shall move till we speak. Let us not just watch the show, let us engage ourselves with the problems that stare us in our face, and that includes the overall deterioration of our status and standing in the official hierarchy. We need to keep our eyes open, and most importantly it is the people currently in service who need to play a greater role, rather than people like us who are occupied in other professions and can at best maintain a hawk-eye but only from the side of the ring, rather than from bang in the middle of it !
Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh at 5:12 AM 9 comments
Labels: Grade Pay, Policy and Benefits, Status

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow up after visit to Bhusaval,Jalgaon etc

Dear All,
During last two days following cases have been taken up by me with respective agencies including CPPCs:-

1 TS Nk Pundge SC
2 Ts Nk N M Shaikh(2780367)
3 Nk Maruti S Takprere(13874918)
4 Cpl C R Bhat(247762)
5 Nk B M Patil(2773568)
6 Hav M P Patil(14394592)
7 Ts Nk B S Patil
8 Hav A Ramdev Pawar
9 Hon Lt Narkhede(JC 2010114)
10 Nk B T Kolate(1380416)
11 Flt Lt V S Chaudhary(144442)
12 Hon Capt Betal Singh(JC237948)
13 Nk Sudame Lal(14366513)
14 Nk V B Nikam(2757525)
Follow up and actual credit of arrears where due will take a month or so.In all cases I have also asked Banks to give interest for this delay as per RBI circular dated 11 Mar 2011.
Gp Capt SS Phatak(retd)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visit of Cdr Pathak / Gp capt Pathak and Brig S Luktuke

Dear Sudheer

Thanks a lot once gain for all that you and your team did and arrangements for us during the visit.

We reached this evening safely.

I can not close this mail without personally thanking Mrs Kumar for the excellent food that she served us the first day.It was all the more tasteful and it was so very Maharashtrian. Those Bharli Wangi were just to good.Thanks.

Can you kindly send me the email contacts of Varangaon team.Also the photos a few selected one's by email please.

In the meantime pls convey my and the teams sincere thanks to the Varangaon team for their spirit and the enthusiasm in general and their concern to be of help to the Veterans.This was our first experience of this kind so far.





Ms. Neelam Nath to retire on August 31

Ms. Neelam Nath Secretary Ex Servicemen Welfare in the GOI is going to retire on August 31, 2011. She is an IAS officer of 1975 batch who belongs to the Jharkhand cadre.

LIEUTENANT : DID YOU DIE IN VAIN? By Sarvar Bali d/o Brig Pradeep Bali

A friend from my organisation of yesteryears, Brigadier Pradeep Bali, sent me this piece written by his young daughter, Sarvar Bali. It is pathetic while the nation was engrossed in fighting the wrong-doings of our powers that be... our young ones were laying down their lives unheard, uncared and unsung on the borders. While our soldiers lay down their lives to protect their mother India, her better placed sons are robing her off not only her riches but also her chastity. This young girl, Sarvar Bali, has beautifully penned this piece on youngman's sacrifice in GUREJ SECTOR of KASHMIR on August 20, 2011. What a sad thing while soldiers are laying down lives, the GOI is concentrated on immunising its Prime Minister from investigations on charges of corruption.
Read here
This piece was written by a young Girl, SARVAR BALI, daughter of a serving Brigadier of Indian Army Brig Pradeep Bali.
The girl is barely out of the college, LSR of New Delhi, after graduating in journalism. I believe some corrupted versions of this are available on other various sites on the web where the site owners have not given the credit to this young girl. And some therefore do doubt the authenticity of this authorship and the story. This note is to dispel this doubt.

Monday, July 4, 2011

11 lakh ex-servicemen pensions held back
11 lakh ex-servicemen pensions held back

Huma Siddiqui

Posted online: 2011-06-30

New Delhi : An allocation of R2,200 crore made in the 2009-10 Budget is lying unspent as the government has failed to figure out how to calculate and disburse pension to retired defence personnel.
After a sustained demand for more than two years from ex-servicemen, who were seeking “one rank, one pension”, the ministry of defence (MoD) decided in 2009 to enhance the pension of nearly 14 lakh defence personnel retiring before 2006. A new regime of Parity in Pensions was put in place and the same was announced in the 2009-10 Budget. The new system is applicable to JCOs and other ranks.

Talking to FE, Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM) treasurer Wg Cdr CK Sharma (retd) said, “The amount has been sanctioned for disbursal. However, each individual bank is expected to do the necessary calculation in each case and then do the needful.”
“All these years, the system had been that any time there was a change in the pension rates, the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension) would issue an amended Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) for each individual, which would clearly mention the dues of an individual. The government, after the Sixth Pay Commission, has shirked this responsibility and palmed it off to the Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA), which means the bank,” Sharma explained.
According to government sources, so far only 3 lakh out of the 14 lakh ex-servicemen have managed to get the calculation done and get the enhanced pension.
“In some cases, where an individual is fortunate enough to have a bank with a clued-in staff, the work has been done and the money paid. However, as on today, such banks are very few,” . The huge majority have not got the amount due to them as the banks claim they do not have adequate staff to do these calculations, “ pointed out Sharma.
A new software, called Suwigya, has been introduced where an individual can enter his basic information and the software works out the pension dues. According to a official, the basic fact that needs to be remembered is that “a huge majority of the retired jawans from the Army, Navy and the Air Force live in villages and small towns. While a bank manager in Delhi may be guided by people around on how to go about doing these calculations, it is going to be a grave, uphill task for all the others”.

In July 2009, defence minister A K Antony had informed the Lok Sabha: “The government has accepted the recommendations of the cabinet secretary-led panel on ‘one rank, one pension’ and total financial implications on account of benefits to the personnel would be R2,144 crore.”

The committee had recommended inclusion of a Classification Allowance for the Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) from January 1, 2006 and removal of linkage of full pension with 33 years from the same date

Senate panel passes bill on job training for military

Senate panel passes bill on job training
for military
By Steve Vogel,
Published: July 1
The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs has approved legislation that would require broad job-skills training for all U.S. service members before leaving the military.
The bill, aimed at cutting the high unemployment rate among veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, was unanimously endorsed by the panel Wednesday.
The legislation would provide “veterans with the broad job-skills training and support they need to break down barriers to employment,” committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said. “For the first time, this comprehensive bill will require service members to learn how to translate the skills they learned in the military into the working world.”
The Hiring Heroes Act of 2011 would require all departing service members to participate in the Transition Assistance Program, administered by the Labor Department in partnership with the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. The training, now voluntary, includes job-search techniques, resume writing and interviewing tips.
“We ask our military men and women to risk their lives for our country each and every day,” said Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), a bill sponsor. “The least we can do is make sure they don’t have to struggle to stay healthy or get back to work when they come home.”
More than one in four veterans ages 20 to 24 are unemployed, according to Labor Department figures.
The bill would modify federal hiring practices to encourage the hiring of departing service members and would allow service members to begin the federal employment hiring process before their separation from the military. “It will . . . ensure that more veterans have jobs waiting for them when they leave the military by streamlining the path to private and federal employment,” Murray said.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We had a meeting with the Executive Director of Punjab National Bank yesterday to consider the useful employment of Disabled Veterans in Villages and urban areas to enable them to earn whilst doing other jobs as well. They were very receptive to the idea and immediately asked us to initiate persons willing to undertake to help themselves. The scheme is as below.
The areas that the PNB is presently interested in is Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, UP, Madya pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. Please give this wide publicity because through this scheme persons whilst at home in Villages could earn more than Rs 3000/- per month. SEED, PNB tie up to roll out micro MFs By Ritwik Mukherjee Oct 06 2010, Kolkata SEED, one of the largest business correspondents in the country working with a number of public sector and private banks, is now well set to get into micro mutual funds across Punjab, Hariyana, Bihar and Rajasthan in association with Punjab National Bank.
SEED- PNB will target people who have already been benefited from SEED’s financial inclusion programmes and other people who don’t have any bank account or access to any banking services.
“We will guide people with the help of banking correspondents about mutual funds and other banking products. Unlike regular mutual funds, micro mutual fund is available in smaller lots like Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. Secondly, the criteria such as possessing a pan number as well the 3 years lock-in period will also have certain relaxations in this case. This is because the target in this case is the unbanked/ underbanked population,” Anirban Roy, founder & managing director of SEED, told FC.
SEED is also one of the leading providers of consultancy and implementation services in areas of resettlement & rehabilitation, CSR implementation, microfinance, financial inclusion, infrastructure development, social impact assessment, environment impact assessment and skill development.
SEED, which has so has so far created 1.5 million no frill accounts for various banks and is working towards a mandate size of more than 15 million accounts, is also introducing some microcredit schemes to offer finance to rural people to establish themselves and earn their basic requirements on their own. With the help of skill development classes and other vocational training modules, SEED is aiming at a pan-India microfinance project with several banks and companies, Roy said.
Col H N Handa
President Diwave

High Court ruling can make the Armed Forces Tribunal infructuous

High Court ruling can make the Armed Forces Tribunal infructuous
Lt Gen Harwant Singh (Retd)

THE defence services had been clamouring for an Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) for decades, essentially because the civilian courts took years and even decades to decide their cases. These inordinate delays had an adverse impact on discipline, morale and functioning of the military. Take just two cases. The Sixth Pay Commission gave Brigadiers more pension than Major Generals. It took the Punjab and Haryana High Court three long years to address this simple anomaly. Some five years later the case is still doing the rounds of the Supreme Court. Air Vice Marshal Masand, with outstanding service record and a pilot of great repute with the Vir Chakra to his credit, was superseded for promotion to the rank of Air Marshal. Long after he retired, he is still fighting his case in the civilian courts. Perhaps his children will have to continue the fight after he has left the scene.

Since the AFT has come into existence, its benches spread across the country have done a commendable job and have been deciding cases, not only with great scrutiny and application of mind, but with equal promptitude. They are moving quicker that the fast track courts, reinforcing the maxim that justice delayed is justice denied.They have been able to decide cases that have been hanging fire in civilian courts for as long as half a century. Though the AFT is established on the lines of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), they differ in one essential aspect in that the AFT reviews cases of defence services which have separate laws and courts of their own. These courts have full judicial powers. The AFT was set up after long prevarication, dithering and delay, recommendations of the law commission and innumerable articles in the national press pressing for its dire need.

The composition of the AFT was worked out with a view to relate it to the composition of the courts whose verdict, besides other service issues, it would also be called upon to review. This was so because civilian courts are generally not conversant with the military's working, systems, ethos, environment, and the circumstances under which it is required to operate and discharge its duties in peace and war. These special conditions require a rigorous law, quite apart from the general civilian laws. There was a time that for this obvious reason, civilian courts were somewhat reluctant to take on the military's cases. However civilian courts, for no apparent reason, now seem to adopt an altogether different approach.

As per the AFT Act, rulings and verdicts of the AFT can be reviewed only by the Supreme Court. The very purpose of setting up the AFT was to provide a dedicated forum for quick redressal of grievances and judicial review of court martial orders with the provision for just a one-stage review (Supreme Court in this case) for armed forces personnel, as disposal of cases in civilian courts took a long time and this inordinate delay impinged on the discipline and good order in the defence services.

The Delhi High Court, in its recent ruling noted that High Courts are constitutionally empowered to review decisions of the AFT, not withstanding the fact that the Armed Forces Tribunal Act of 2007 stipulated that appeals against AFT's orders would rest directly with the Apex Court. A Division Bench comprising Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Suresh Kait further ruled, "AFT, being manned by personnel appointed by the executive, albeit in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, cannot be said to be truly a judicious review forum as a substitute to High Courts that are constitutional courts and the power of judicial review, being a basic feature of the Constitution, under Article 226 and Article 227 of the Constitution is unaffected by the constitution of the AFT." Further, tribunals can perform a "supplemental as opposed to a substitutional" role vis-a-vis the high courts, the bench held.

The AFT was set up to exercise appellate jurisdiction with respect to orders, findings or sentences of court martial and exercise original jurisdiction with respect to service disputes. This ruling puts the very purpose of having an AFT somewhat infructuous and takes us back to square one. It is in fact, a leap forward into the past. It will bring about the same painful and frustrating delays and their impact on the military's discipline and functioning as they existed before the promulgation of the AFT Act. The Delhi High Court, in its infinite wisdom, deep understanding of the Constitution and legal acumen, has turned the very idea and rationale of setting up the AFT on its head.

Now article 227(4) of the Constitution, on which the Delhi High Court has relied in passing the above noted order, provides superintendence of High Court over all courts/tribunals falling in its jurisdiction but it specifically excludes court martial cases. Therefore and quite simply and logically, it cannot have power of superintedence over the Armed Forces Tribunal that has appellate jurisdiction over verdicts of court martial cases. Further when there is specific provision for appeal against verdicts/orders of the Tribunal under sections 30/31 of the Act to only the Supreme Court, then how could a writ petition be entertained by a high court.
High Courts are already overloaded with work and the backlog runs into a million cases and it is to bypass this legal quagmire and the necessity for quick disposal of defence services cases that the AFT Act of 2007 was promulgated by the government as an act of Parliament and as such became a law, where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was in the consultative loop. In case the rulings of the AFT are to be subjected to review by the high courts and later by the Supreme Court then the purpose of establishing the AFT is defeated.

On an earlier occasion, a High Court gave a ruling that court martial should record a "speaking order". Now the composition and working of a court martial is akin to the jury system, which for too obvious a reason does not record a "speaking order". Unfortunately, defence services did not contest this ruling in the Supreme Court and court martial proceedings are now required to be accompanied by a speaking order. The judge advocate, who is on the court martial merely to render advice to the members on purely technical legal issues and has no voting right, is the only one who is qualified to write a speaking order. Consequently the judge advocate has come to exercise undue influence over the court, which in reality and practice has altered the very character and working of the court martial.

To avoid inevitable delays in the finalisation of defence services cases dealt by the AFT, in case these are subjected to review by the High Courts as well, the order of the Delhi High Court must be contested in the Supreme Court by the service headquarters. The need for early disposal of defence services cases hardly needs any emphasis.

The writer is a former Deputy Chief of the Army Staff

MEETING MOD 17 JUNE 2011..disabled war Veterans

From: DIWAVE Disabled war Veterans []
Sent: 18 June 2011 08:59

Subject: MEETING MOD 17 JUNE 2011

Dear ALL,

The meeting held in JS (ESW) office on 17 June 2011 does not provide good news for those retained in service in regards their broadbanding of disability. Please see notification attached.

While discussing the delay in issuing government sanctions for revised pension entitlement of pre-96 at par with their civilian counterparts, we were informed by US Malathi Narayanan that as per the latest clarification by DP&PW, BB benefit would not be extended to those retained in service after the injury. She referred to a Gazette Notification dated 22.2.11 by DP&PW to that effect. A scanned copy of the relevant page may be seen at the attachment. The Notification, however, is silent whether it is applicable with retrospective effect, which we doubt very much. We would need to clarify this.

A relevant point also is that with implementation of SC judgment in KJS Buttar's case, where even superannuated / discharged with disability would be deemed to have been invalided out.

Amazing, the far reaching ramifications of this judgment had not sunk in the head of JS (ESW). On realising that this judgment is a game-changer, he said they would have to consider all aspects including possibility of a review by SC, before implementing it.

We will keep you informed. Two DGL's are under preparation by CGDA.
Col H N Handa

Monday, June 6, 2011

General HL Kakria Takes Over as DGAFMS

General HL Kakria Takes Over as DGAFMS
Lt Gen HL Kakria has taken over as the Director General, Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS). Before taking charge as the DGAFMS yesterday, Lt. General Kakria was working as the Director General, Medical Services (Army).
An alumnus of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, Lt Gen Kakria joined the Army Medical Corps on February 14, 1972. A Post-Graduate in General Surgery and Orthopaedics from the Pune University, the General officer has been a renowned surgeon, teacher and an academician. He has published numerous research papers in various National and International journals. He was awarded the Major General Amir Chand award in 1990 for the best research work in Orthopaedics on Knee Joint injuries. An Executive Member of 'Bone and Joint Decade '(BJD) 2000-2010, Lt Gen Kakria has attained global recognition for his pioneering work in joint replacement and spinal surgery.
During his illustrious career spanning over 39 years, Lt. General Kakria has held key positions including Commandant, Base Hospital Delhi Cantt., Commandant of Artificial Limb Centre, Pune and Commandant of Command Hospital (Southern Command), Pune. He has also held the staff appointment of Major General (Medical), HQ Southern Command and later became the Commandant of AMC Center & College. Appointed DGMS (Army) & Colonel Commandant on June 1, 2010, Lt. General Kakria has been awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal in 1992, Bar to Vishisht Seva Medal in 2002, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal in 2009 and Param Vishisht Seva Medal in 2011. DM/PK (PIB Release ID :72444)
General HL Kakria Takes Over as DGAFMS

MOD to be penalised if orders not complied by 05 Aug 2011

Military tribunal verdict brings respite for ex-servicemen
Ajay Sura, May 5, 2011, 05.09pm IST
CHANDIGARH: In an order with the potential of wide ramifications, the Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) has ruled that the revised pay scales and consequently pensionary benefits on the recommendations of 5th Central Pay Commission to the Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) should be applicable with effect from January 1, 1996 instead of October 10, 997. While setting a deadline of three months to comply these orders, the military tribunal has also held that if the ministry of defence (MOD) failed to follow these orders, it would be liable to deposit Rs 10,000 to the tribunal as penalty.

With these orders thousands of soldiers who retired from January 1, 1996 to October 10, 1997 would be eligible for higher pay and pensionery benefits as per the recommendations of Ajit Kumar committee of the central 5th Pay Commission. The committee had revised the pay and pensioner benefits of Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) of Army, Navy and Air Force by removing anomalies.

Bench comprising its judicial member, Justice NP Gupta and administrative member, Lt Gen NS Brar of the AFT of has passed these orders while allowing various petitions filed by the ex-servicemen, Adarsh Pal and others. The petitioners were hailing from various districts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

All the petitioners had retired from January 1, 1996 to October 9, 1997 were receiving lesser pension than those who retired on or after October 10, 997 because the Ajit Kumar committee recommendations were made applicable with effect from October 10, 1997 onwards. The grouse of the petitioners was that the cut off date of October 10, 1997 was not only illegal but arbitrary also as there is no objective and rationality of this cut off date to be achieved. Arguing before the bench, counsel for the petitioner, RC Chatrath contended that said cut off date has no nexus and objective to be achieved and also in view of the fact that the anomaly should be removed from the date it arose rather than subsequent date.

Accepting the contentions, the AFT, for the first time has also made a provision of penalty of Rs 10,000 in its orders, in case of non-compliance of its orders.
Military tribunal verdict brings respite for Ex Servicemen
Comment: The term PBOR is derogatory in nature. MOD drops term PBOR- click here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welfare Measures for Ex Service Personnel at snails pace

CM honours ex-servicemen Tribune News Service Dehradun, May 22, 2011
Uttarakhand Chief Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank today reiterated his commitment to work for the welfare of ex-servicemen in Uttarakhand.

Addressing an ex-servicemen’s convention in Dehradun, Nishank said his government had taken a number of measures for the welfare of ex-servicemen. He said a one-time grant for decorated Army personnel had been increased substantially and was the highest in the country. Nishank said even pension of the Second World War veterans had been doubled by his government.

He said six new companies of the Eco Task Force had been constituted to provide employment to the ex-serivicemen. He said Uttarakhand had a large population of ex-servicemen and the government too had allotted free land for the construction of accommodations in Dehradun, Haldwani and the Kotdwar areas.

He said he had launched Antoyodaya Vikas Yatra to get first-hand information of the problems of the people. He said the Atal Khadhyan Yojana had been implemented in the state as relief to the people from rising prices.

The Chief Minister also honoured 102-year-old Dula Devi Gusain, a widow of an ex-serviceman. Another ex-serviceman widow Archana Negi, ex-servicemen Kedar Singh Bhandari and Bachchan Singh Bhandari were also honoured.

Uttarakhand Youth Welfare Board’s vice-president Subhash Barathwal, vice-chairman, Sainik Welfare, Col PD Kuriyal (retd), Capt Digambar Prasad Baloni, vice-president, Twenty Point Programme Implementation Committee, Jitendra Negi, district panchayat member Subhash Bhatt were among those present on the occasion.
CM honours ex-servicemen

Admission for wards of ex-servicemen
Published: May 24, 2011 00:00 IST | Updated: May 24, 2011 04:04 IST CHENNAI, May 24, 2011
A release from the District Collector's office said admission has been reserved for wards of ex-servicemen in B.E. (General) and B.E. (Anna University) and B.E. (Anna University) (lateral entry), besides medicine, arts and science colleges.
Wards of ex-servicemen who are registered in Chennai District may approach the office of the Director of District Ex-servicemen Welfare Assistance in Saidapet. click here

Chib hands over scooters keys to disabled ex-servicemen
Written by Newspoint Bureau Wednesday, 27 April 2011 23:12 Jammu tawi, April 27
Minister for Medical Education R S Chib today said that the government was committed to provide every help to the Rajya Sainik Welfare Board, which he observed is doing excellent job for the welfare of ex-servicemen in the state. He hoped that the Board would achieve new heights in its functioning under the capable patronage of the Governor N N Vohra and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. The Minister was speaking at a function, organized by Rajya Sainik Welfare Board in connection with distribution of modified scooters to disabled ex-servicemen here today. These scooters have been provided by the Kendriya Sainik Board, Ministry of Defence. Chib said the Rajya Sainik Welfare Board and Kendriya Sainik Board remain at the forefront in extending help to the ex-servicemen. He said the modified scooters provided to the disabled ex-servicemen are a part of series of the welfare measures to extend succor to the former army personnel and their families. He said the Union Government from time to time formulates welfare schemes for ex-servicemen with provisions for housing, scholarship and financial assistance to the wards and widows of army personnel. Referring to his recent meeting with Union Defence Minister, the Minister said that he took up various outstanding issues of ex-servicemen of the state with him. These included exemption of VAT on CSD item, construction of housing colonies and Sainik Bhawan in the state. He said that the Defence Minister assured early redressal of issues projected by him. Giving brief resume of the achievements of the board, Director Sainik Welfare Board Brig (Retd) R S Langeh said the Kendriya Sainik Board provided seven modified scooters for the disabled ex-servicemen of the state last year, adding 17 more such scooters would be provided to the disabled ex-servicemen shortly. Earlier, the Minister handed over keys to the disabled Ex-servicemen Puran Chand and Balak Ram. Among others, Chairman, Ex-services League Maj. Gen. (Retd) G S Jamwal, Zila Sainik Welfare Officer Lt. Col. R L Gangal, besides a number of retired army personnel were present on the here

11 per cent Armymen are from Bihar
March 31, 2011 Patna. Army personnel have reasons to feel proud of their Bihari roots as Bihar accounts for about 11 percent of the total Army personnel strength.
Talking to TOI, Bihar Ex-Servicemen League president Col (retd) V.K. Singh said that Bihar had lost a large size of cantonment after its bifurcation from West Bengal and later due to creation of Jharkhand. While about 20,000 troops went to the Barrackpore Cantonment in West Bengal, it lost two training centres located at Ramgargh to Jharkhand. About 7,500 troops went to the Ramgargh Cantonment after creation of Jharkhand, he said, adding even the main canteen service is still located in Jharkhand.
Col (retd) Singh said that the Army from Bihar has to go to Jharkhand to purchase two or four wheelers. Besides, the League members have been paying state tax on each item of defence being transported to Danapur Cantonment from Jharkhand. He said that about 1.5 lakh personnel are in defence service from Bihar. click here

Punjab committed for the welfare of Ex-Servicemen- Capt Balbir Singh Bath
The Minister said that Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) on its part must get the Union Government to resolve the long outstanding issue of 'One Rank One Pension' and further the case of lateral absorption of Soldiers into the Para Military Forces and State police. He said that in Punjab we were in the process of recruiting 1600 Ex-servicemen for taking over the security related duties from the State Police. He said that there was also a need for the KSB to look at the various Central Schemes that benefit the ESM.
Prominent among others who were present in the meeting included Secretary Punjab Sainik Welfare Mr. Jagjit Puri, Director Punjab Sainik Welfare Brig. (Retd.) Inderjit Singh Gakhal, Secretary K.S.B Brig. Sudhir Uppal, Maj. Gen. (Retd.) V.K. Jain Director Punjab Sainik Welfare Uttar Pradesh, Brig. (Retd.) R.S. Langeh Director Punjab Sainik Welfare J&K, Brig. (Retd.) J.S. Dulal, Secretary R.S.B Haryana, G.P Capt. (Retd.) R.K. Sharma Secretary R.S.B Delhi, Lt. Col. (Retd.) R.K. Singh District Sainik Board Chandigarh (UT), Maj. (Retd) J.S Puria Deputy Director RSB Himachal Pradesh, Maj. (Retd.) B.S. Negi, Deputy Director RSB Uttrakhand. click here

Ex Service Personnel Welfare News

Ex-servicemen urged to register their new addresses by May 31, 2011Bhopal: May 28, 2011 (Ataullah Faizan): The Directorate for Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare has urged the ex-servicemen of Bhopal, Raisen, Sehore and Vidisha districts, war widows and dependents of ex-servicemen registered with the District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Banganga Crossing, Bhopal, to get their correct address registered by May 31, 2011. According to Joint Director Col. V.K. Chaube (Retired), the directorate is unable to make contact and correspondence with a majority of ex-servicemen, widows and dependents on the addresses registered with the District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Bhopal. Due to this, difficulties are being faced in giving timely information to them about the welfare schemes meant for them and functions held on national festivals and other occasions.
In this context, the directorate has urged ex-servicemen of Bhopal, Raisen, Sehore and Vidisha districts, war widows and dependents of ex-servicemen to get their new addresses, phone number and mobile numbers registered with District Ex-servicemen’s Welfare Office, Bhopal, by May 31, 2011.
Ex-servicemen urged to register their new addresses by May 31, 2011
Comment: Why this urgency and a cut off date? The process should be continous. Updating veteran information is the main task of Zilla, Kendriya and Rajya Sainik Boards

Plan to recruit ex-servicemen as postmen Special Correspondent
VILLUPURAM: The post offices at Kallakurichi and Thirukkoilur have proposed to recruit ex-servicemen as postmen. The interested ex-servicemen, up to 65 years of age, could apply to the Inspector Posts, either at Kallakurichi east sub-division or the Thirukkoilur sub-division. Further details could be obtained from the Assistant Director of Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association, according to a statement from the Villupuram Collectorate. click here

Ex-servicemen rally evokes massive response in Kupwara Sringar | Wednesday, May 11 2011 IST
An ex-servicemen rally evoked a massive response in the frontier district of Kupwara, once a hub of militants in north Kashmir, a Defence Ministry spokesman today. The rally was organised by 18 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) battalion under the aegis of Sector 8 at Krusan, Lolab yesterday. The rally was a part of welfare activity undertaken by Army for the ex-servicemen and veer naries of Kashmir. The rally evoked tremendous response from the retired soldiers of Lolab, who were apprised of the latest welfare schemes that have been launched by the Army for them.
The rally was inaugurated by Officiating Commander, 8 Sector RR who congratulated the ex-servicemen of Lolab for turning up in large numbers and making the event a huge success. He also appreciated and highlighted the role of ex-servicemen in development of Lolab Valley and expressed hope that the younger generation would be inspired by their patriotism and loyalty to the nation and follow in their footsteps.
Representative of Zila Sainik Board, Srinagar and Officer-in -Commander ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme also addressed the rally. They interacted with ex-servicemen and educated them about the various schemes being run for the benefit of ex-servicemen.
Ex-servicemen rally evokes massive response in Kupwara

Military tribunal verdict brings respite for ex-servicemen May 5, 2011, 05.09pm IST TNN[ Ajay Sura ]

CHANDIGARH: In an order with the potential of wide ramifications, the Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) has ruled that the revised pay scales and consequently pensionary benefits on the recommendations of 5th Central Pay Commission to the Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) should be applicable with effect from January 1, 1996 instead of October 10, 997. While setting a deadline of three months to comply these orders, the military tribunal has also held that if the ministry of defence (MOD) failed to follow these orders, it would be liable to deposit Rs 10,000 to the tribunal as penalty.

With these orders thousands of soldiers who retired from January 1, 1996 to October 10, 1997 would be eligible for higher pay and pensionery benefits as per the recommendations of Ajit Kumar committee of the central 5th Pay Commission. The committee had revised the pay and pensioner benefits of Persons Below Officers Rank (PBOR) of Army, Navy and Air Force by removing anomalies.

Bench comprising its judicial member, Justice NP Gupta and administrative member, Lt Gen NS Brar of the AFT of has passed these orders while allowing various petitions filed by the ex-servicemen, Adarsh Pal and others. The petitioners were hailing from various districts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

All the petitioners had retired from January 1, 1996 to October 9, 1997 were receiving lesser pension than those who retired on or after October 10, 997 because the Ajit Kumar committee recommendations were made applicable with effect from October 10, 1997 onwards. The grouse of the petitioners was that the cut off date of October 10, 1997 was not only illegal but arbitrary also as there is no objective and rationality of this cut off date to be achieved. Arguing before the bench, counsel for the petitioner, RC Chatrath contended that said cut off date has no nexus and objective to be achieved and also in view of the fact that the anomaly should be removed from the date it arose rather than subsequent date.

Accepting the contentions, the AFT, for the first time has also made a provision of penalty of Rs 10,000 in its orders, in case of non-compliance of its orders