Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LIEUTENANT : DID YOU DIE IN VAIN? By Sarvar Bali d/o Brig Pradeep Bali

A friend from my organisation of yesteryears, Brigadier Pradeep Bali, sent me this piece written by his young daughter, Sarvar Bali. It is pathetic while the nation was engrossed in fighting the wrong-doings of our powers that be... our young ones were laying down their lives unheard, uncared and unsung on the borders. While our soldiers lay down their lives to protect their mother India, her better placed sons are robing her off not only her riches but also her chastity. This young girl, Sarvar Bali, has beautifully penned this piece on youngman's sacrifice in GUREJ SECTOR of KASHMIR on August 20, 2011. What a sad thing while soldiers are laying down lives, the GOI is concentrated on immunising its Prime Minister from investigations on charges of corruption.
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This piece was written by a young Girl, SARVAR BALI, daughter of a serving Brigadier of Indian Army Brig Pradeep Bali.
The girl is barely out of the college, LSR of New Delhi, after graduating in journalism. I believe some corrupted versions of this are available on other various sites on the web where the site owners have not given the credit to this young girl. And some therefore do doubt the authenticity of this authorship and the story. This note is to dispel this doubt.

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