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Government negates Lokpal Bill: Citizens march to fight Corruption

Delhi acts against corruption
Abhinav Garg, TNN, Jan 31, 2011, 12.11am IST
NEW DELHI: The government of India and our "people's representatives" were put on notice on Sunday - either fundamentally reform the country's anti-corruption laws or perish.

Two former Union law ministers, India's first women IPS officer, a sitting information commissioner, a retired cabinet secretary, a current member of National Advisory Council (NAC) and leading social reformers joined thousands of citizens to give a powerful call to restructure India's anti-corruption laws so that they become effective.

Guided by Magsaysay Award winner and RTI pioneer Arvind Kejariwal, thousands converged at the Ramlila Grounds to exhibit symbolic defiance by tearing copies of the CVC Act, the Delhi Police Special Power's Act that governs CBI and the draft Lokpal bill proposed by the government. Kejariwal patiently explained to the crowd how the present laws flatter to deceive and therefore ought to be replaced.

A 'Vote Bank Against Corruption' movement was also launched that asks voters to blacklist a party or a candidate who doesn't work to implement the 'Jan Lokpal Bill', touted by the organizers as a better, more robust anti-graft law which will actually ensure that the punishment to the dishonest is swift, certain and severe.

'I pledge that I will not vote for the party which does not pass and support the Lokpal or Lokayukta Bill drafted by citizens, either in state or at the Centre,' is the oath that targets votebank politics established on caste, religious and regional lines.

Holding aloft banners and shouting slogans against rising levels of corruption in the country, thousands of people from all age groups poured into the grounds to demand an effective anti-graft law. Showing banners that proclaimed 'Corruption: Enough is enough' and 'Common people are raped in government offices', the protestors gathered at the Ramlila Maidan from where they later marched to Jantar Mantar to register their protest.

Former Indian Police Service officer Kiran Bedi, social activist Swami Agnivesh, noted lawyers Ram Jethmalani, Prashant Bhushan and his father Shanti Bhushan, IC Shailesh Gandhi, Medha Patkar, Prabhat Kumar and NAC member Harsh Mander were among the key participants in the rally, which coincided with Martyrs' Day, the death anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Bedi joined veteran lawyer Jethmalani and others to exhort the crowd to chant to Mahatma's favourite song 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram', as each speaker underlined the need to exert outside pressure on the legislature to amend anti-graft laws.

The march was part of the 'India against Corruption' movement being build up by a few social organizations demanding passage of the Lokpal Bill in the budget session of Parliament with important amendments. Eminent lawyers and activists have teamed up to draft an anti-corruption legislation which seeks to create an independent, empowered, transparent and accountable anti-corruption agency called Lokpal; to which agencies like the CVC and CBI will be accountable, independent from governmental interference.

"The Lokpal bill prepared by the public is so effective that it will eradicate corruption in next two-three years. Political parties should support the passage of this bill as the Lokpal suggested by the government is only a showpiece," former law minister Shanti Bhushan said while addressing the rally. According to activists, the government wants to make Lokpal an advisory body, which will only recommend to the government to prosecute corrupt ministers and remain toothless.
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I attended the Anti-corruption rally on 30 Jan. Very powerful rally. Very eminent intellectuals of India were present.

PBOR an acronym that spells `KALYUGA’

Respected Sirs,
PBOR: Yes! An abbreviation with an unknown, yet, not so unknown origin. Here from Acronym Attic it means:

Personnel Below Officer Rank (US DoD)

Patients Bill of Rights

Programmable Brown Out Reset (hardware)

PBOR stands for personal below officer’s ranks. A acronym that represents `KALYUGA’ in Indian Military fraternity. A word that is a matter of pride to some intelligent destructive brains. And while most soldiers are too naive to understand these petty schemes of the schemers, some of us do.

A divide is being created, and on purpose, between officers and the JCOs, NCOs and ORs. If we look at our military history, even before independence and after it both serving and retired soldiers have been referred to as officers, JCOs, NCOs and ORs. Suddenly a new term is coined. A monster is born. Not a person, just a tiny little abbreviation -- PBOR.

I clearly remember bringing this point to the foreground regarding the devaluation of JCOs, NCOs and equivalent ranks of all arms at the All India Veterans Meet organized by IESM held on Sept 30, 2009. We are all aware of the fact that JCOs are commissioned by President of India and that it is a Class II Gazetted rank. It has now been replaced by this monster of a term -- PBOR. I have asked this question in the past and I'm asking again, where did this term come from? How is it that the service chiefs have so easily accepted it? The same point has also been raised earlier by Sgt. Prabhjot Singh PIS (Retd.), President, Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab and Chandigarh and other ESM also. However there has been no action taken on ground by anyone.

Today the entrants to the forces at soldier level are more literate and aware than before. This is a result of increased awareness and availability of information to everyone. Fortunately, “BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT” slogan is now outdated. Today right is right and wrong is wrong, and surprisingly for many, this can be well identified by our soldiers. By way of highlighting this again, I humbly request our COAS, the other service chiefs and the rest of the top brass to wake these elements up and quit using such petty tactics to devalue JCOs, NCOs and ORs. These elements need to be stopped in order to maintain respect and discipline in the forces. Educated brains should not be compelled, forced to become rebellious.

JCOs have always been called the back bone of the forces. Although the recent developments suggest that they are a burden, an unimportant, redundant part of the the military. If that is the case, it'd be best to simply abolish these ranks instead humiliating them and thus weakening the forces. In the recent past, few other indirect humiliating actions have been observed. One such example is the placement of Honorary Ranks from pay band 3 to JCO’s Band. It is known that honorary rank is not merely a routine promotion based on seniority but is an extra ordinary promotion based on one's exemplary performance during the entire military career. It is granted by the President of India only on two prestigious national days i.e. 15th Aug and 26th Jan every year and is called “President Commission”. Thanks to IESM Chairman and some other ESM organization that raised this point seriously with COAS and QMG Br and this order was revoked. We all are thankful to CAOS who has taken serious view of this situation and revoked the order issued by QMG Br.

This monster 'PBOR' is frequently visible on signboards at places like CSD canteen, MH, ECHS and other similar places. This further reflects discriminatory attitude towards our soldiers. My heart sank when I saw a 'PBOR' board in a Unit run CSD Canteen in Delhi Canteen. The same must be the story of so many other canteens that I have not visited. It is shocking to see such rampant humiliation and that it has penetrated so deep into the system. What is even more disturbing is that no one chooses to react! Well that, sirs, has to stop and stop it must. One way or another. Boil the water long enough and the pressure cooker blasts. We all know that and its not a very pleasant thing to happen.

It is painful that instead of utilizing their brains to safeguard the nation's boundaries and safeguard the interests of their subordinates, some officers at senior posts utilize their time and energy creating a rift between the brave soldiers of this nation.

I will like to quote here the lines of a remarkable naval officer, "As I pen down my experiences of the Sixth Pay Commission, I will try to mask my contempt for those in the highest echelons for conniving with the powers in Delhi quite obviously for personal benefit." And this clearly shows how power is misused by some.

Therefore in the interest of the nation, on behalf of the JCOs, NCOs and ORs of all arms, I once again request all ESM organizations to take up the above mentioned objections with the concerned authorities and urge them to completely and comprehensively abolish the term “PBOR” from the dictionary of the forces. I thank you all in advance for this service to the nation.
Warm regards,
Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)
Governing Body Member
Indian ESM Movement

एक शब्द है कि 'कलियुग का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है PBOR '

आदरणीय दिग्गजों,
PBOR: हां! एक अज्ञात, अभी तक, ऐसा नहीं अज्ञात मूल के साथ एक संक्षिप्त नाम. संक्षिप्त यहाँ से अटारी यह मतलब है:
अधिकारी रैंक से नीचे कार्मिक (DoD यूएस)- Personnel Below Officer Rank (US DoD)
अधिकारों के मरीजों विधेयक Patients Bill of Rights
निर्देशयोग्य ब्राउन आउट रीसेट (हार्डवेयर) Programmable Brown Out Reset (hardware)

PBOR अधिकारी रैंक से नीचे व्यक्तिगत के लिए खड़ा है. एक परिचित करा कि `भारतीय सैन्य बिरादरी में कलियुग का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है. एक शब्द है जो गर्व की कुछ बुद्धिमान विनाशकारी दिमाग के लिए मामला है. और जबकि अधिकांश सैनिकों को भी schemers के इन क्षुद्र योजनाओं समझ अनुभवहीन हैं, हम में से कुछ करते हैं.

एक विभाजन बनाया जा रहा है, और उद्देश्य पर अधिकारियों और जेसीओ, एन सी ओ और अन्य रैंकों के बीच. यदि हम अपने सैन्य इतिहास में आजादी से पहले भी और यह दोनों सेवारत और सेवानिवृत्त सैनिकों के रूप में अधिकारियों, जे सी ओ एन सी ओ और अन्य रैंकों को भेजा गया है के बाद, देखो. अचानक एक नया शब्द गढ़ा है. एक राक्षस पैदा हुआ है. नहीं, एक व्यक्ति, बस एक छोटे से संक्षिप्त नाम - PBOR.

मैं स्पष्ट रूप से, जे सी ओ एन सी ओ और अखिल भारतीय दिग्गजों मिलने पर सभी हथियारों IESM 30 सितम्बर 2009 को आयोजित द्वारा आयोजित के समकक्ष रैंक के अवमूल्यन के संबंध में अग्रभूमि करने के लिए इस बिंदु लाने के लिए याद है. हम तथ्य यह है कि जे सी ओ भारत के राष्ट्रपति द्वारा कमीशन हैं और यह एक द्वितीय श्रेणी के राजपत्रित पद है कि सब जानते हैं. PBOR - यह अब एक शब्द के इस दैत्य द्वारा प्रतिस्थापित किया गया है. मैं अतीत में यह सवाल पूछा है और मैं फिर से पूछ रहा हूँ, जहाँ इस शब्द से आया? कैसे यह है कि सेना प्रमुखों है तो आसानी से इसे स्वीकार कर लिया? एक ही बिंदु भी सार्जेंट द्वारा किया गया है कि पहले उठाया. प्रभजोत सिंह (सेवानिवृत्त) पीआईएस, राष्ट्रपति, भारतीय पूर्व सेवाएं लीग, पंजाब और चंडीगढ़ और अन्य ईएसएम भी. लेकिन कोई किसी के द्वारा जमीन पर की गई कार्रवाई की गई है.

आज सैनिक स्तर पर बलों को नवागंतुकों अधिक साक्षर और पहले से जानते हैं. इस वृद्धि की जागरूकता और हर किसी को जानकारी की उपलब्धता का परिणाम है. सौभाग्य से, "बॉस हमेशा सही 'के नारे अब पुरानी हो चुकी है. आज सही सही है और गलत गलत है, और आश्चर्यजनक रूप से कई के लिए, यह अच्छी तरह से हमारे सैनिकों से पहचाना जा सकता है. इस बार फिर उजागर करने का वैसे, मैं विनम्रतापूर्वक जागृत करने के लिए हमारी थलसेनाध्यक्ष, अन्य सेवा प्रमुखों और शीर्ष अधिकारियों के बाकी अनुरोध इन तत्वों को और इस तरह के क्षुद्र रणनीति का उपयोग करने के लिए, जे सी ओ एन सी ओ और अन्य रैंक अवमूल्यन करना छोड़ दिया. इन तत्वों के लिए आदेश में सेना में सम्मान और अनुशासन बनाए रखने के लिए बंद कर दिया जाना चाहिए. शिक्षित दिमाग, नहीं करने के लिए मजबूर हो जाते हैं मजबूर विद्रोही चाहिए.

जेसीओ हमेशा सेना की पीठ की हड्डी है बुलाया गया है. हालांकि हाल के घटनाक्रम के सुझाव है कि वे एक बोझ, एक महत्वहीन, अनावश्यक सेना के हिस्सा हैं. यदि यह मामला है, यह सबसे अच्छा होना करने के लिए बस इन बजाय उन्हें अपमानजनक है और इस तरह की ताकतों को कमजोर रैंकों को समाप्त करता हूं. हाल ही में, कुछ अन्य अप्रत्यक्ष अपमानजनक कार्रवाई मनाया गया है. ऐसा ही एक उदाहरण देना बैंड 3 से मानद रैंक का है जूनियर कमीशन अफसर बैंड करने के लिए स्थान है. यह ज्ञात है कि मानद पद महज एक नियमित वरिष्ठता के आधार पर पदोन्नति नहीं है, लेकिन एक अतिरिक्त साधारण पूरे सैन्य कैरियर के दौरान एक अनुकरणीय प्रदर्शन के आधार पर पदोन्नति है. यह भारत के राष्ट्रपति द्वारा दो प्रतिष्ठित राष्ट्रीय दिन पर ही दी जाती है 15 अगस्त और 26 जनवरी को हर साल यानी और "आयोग के अध्यक्ष" कहा जाता है. IESM अध्यक्ष और कुछ अन्य ईएसएम संगठन है कि थलसेनाध्यक्ष और QMG Br और इस क्रम के साथ इस मुद्दे को गंभीरता से उठाया के लिए धन्यवाद रद्द किया गया. हम सब CAOS जो इस स्थिति के गंभीर रुख अपनाया है और रद्द QMG Br द्वारा जारी आदेश के आभारी हैं.

इस राक्षस 'PBOR' अक्सर कैंटीन सीएसडी, महाराष्ट्र, ई सी एच एस और अन्य समान स्थानों जैसी जगहों पर साइनबोर्ड पर दिख रहा है. यह आगे हमारे सैनिकों के प्रति भेदभावपूर्ण रवैये को दर्शाता है. मेरा दिल डूब गया, जब मैं एक यूनिट दिल्ली कैंटीन में चला सीएसडी कैंटीन में एक 'PBOR' बोर्ड को देखा. वही तो कई अन्य कैंटीन की कहानी है कि मैं दौरा नहीं किया है किया जाना चाहिए. यह इस तरह के बड़े पैमाने पर अपमान देखना चौंकाने वाला है और यह इतना व्यवस्था में गहरी पैठ बना दिया है कि. और भी अधिक परेशान बात यह है कि कोई भी प्रतिक्रिया चुनता है! अच्छा है कि, sirs, बंद करो और इसे रोकना होगा है. एक ही रास्ता या कोई अन्य. पानी काफी लंबे समय और प्रेशर कुकर बम विस्फोटों उबाल लें. हम सभी जानते हैं कि और इसके बहुत सुखद नहीं बात एक होने के लिए.

यह दुखद है कि उनके लिए देश की सीमाओं की रक्षा और उनके मातहत के हितों की रक्षा दिमाग का उपयोग करने के बजाय, वरिष्ठ पदों पर कुछ अधिकारियों ने अपने समय और ऊर्जा इस देश के बहादुर सैनिकों के बीच दरार पैदा करने का उपयोग.

मैं यहाँ एक उल्लेखनीय नौसेना अधिकारी की तर्ज बोली की तरह, "मैं होगा के रूप में छठे वेतन आयोग के अपने अनुभवों को नीचे कलम, मैं दिल्ली में शक्तियों के साथ काफी के लिए स्पष्ट रूप से सांठगांठ के लिए नकाब को सर्वोच्च echelons में लोगों के लिए मेरी अवमानना की कोशिश करेंगे व्यक्तिगत लाभ. " और यह स्पष्ट रूप से दिखाता है कि कैसे सत्ता है कुछ लोगों द्वारा दुरुपयोग किया.

राष्ट्र की, जे सी ओ एन सी ओ और सभी हथियारों के अन्य रैंकों की ओर से, हित में इसलिए, मैं एक बार फिर सब ईएसएम संगठनों ने लेने के लिए संबंधित अधिकारियों के साथ उपरोक्त आपत्ति है और उन्हें पूरी तरह से आग्रह करता हूं और व्यापक अवधि समाप्त अनुरोध " PBOR "से सेना का शब्दकोश. मैं अग्रिम में राष्ट्र के लिए इस सेवा के लिए आप सभी को धन्यवाद.
जय हिंद जय भारत
गर्म का संबंध है,
कामेश्वर पांडेय
उप / मेजर मानद लेफ्टिनेंट (दिग्गज)
शरीर सदस्य शासी
भारतीय ईएसएम आंदोलन

Navdeep's Blog

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Is litigation a matter of worry ?
The following appeared on Page 40 of the ‘Salute’ magazine, January 2011.

(Copyright : Salute to the Indian Soldier)

Litigation and Armed Forces : A matter of worry ?

Navdeep Singh

Increase in litigation in the forces, is it worrisome? Is it that the system is being unfair to its personnel?

No, not at all. That a greater number of serving and retired personnel are resorting to legal recourse resulting in judicial intervention is a sign of a healthy democracy where the right to Constitutional remedies is guaranteed to every citizen.

Quantitatively the litigation was bound to increase with the inception of country-wide Benches of the Armed Forces Tribunal. A surge in the number of cases was expected because of several reasons, first being that the feeling itself of the availability of an exclusive body to deal with grievances of present and former service-members was encouragement enough for those to take legal recourse who felt that they had been treated unfairly. Secondly, there was an inherent reluctance, and rightly so, of taking some of the seemingly trivial matters such as minor disputes in pay, allowances and grants, to High Courts, a thing of the past now since the Tribunal now not only has the expertise but also the power to go into the minutiae of such aspects. And thirdly, there was an innate phobia, though unfounded, with respect to the complexity and formality of procedure followed in High Courts which no longer remains true since the procedures followed in Tribunals are much more ‘user-friendly’ if I could use the phrase.

But there is a flip side. And that brings me to the qualitative aspect. The coming into force of the Armed Forces Tribunal Act should not mean that the internal grievances redressal mechanism is further weakened or that everything is put on the AFT by harbouring an attitude that if a person does not get justice, he shall get it from the Tribunal. In fact the in-house system should be so strong that only a minority of grievances reach litigation stage. In certain arenas some of the cases are such which should never have reached litigation stage. Disability pension is one such area where proper application of procedures and regulations by medical boards, record offices and CDA would help in minimising disputes on the subject since the Tribunals in this matter are in fact doing what should have been the duty of the ibid authorities. Also pensionary litigation in the defence services is the highest in the country compared to all other central government organisations and most of it is avoidable. Primary reason being that the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare under the Personnel Ministry on the civil side is one of the most proactive and welfare oriented departments of the Government while just the contrary can be said about the Pension wing of the Ministry of Defence. While the former takes democratic decisions by taking into account a well established consultative process with bodies of pensioners, the latter is a one-man show with a single officer imposing his whims on millions of defence pensioners and their families in a highly undemocratic fashion. While the former places every single letter issued by it on the official website the same day, the latter does not believe in even letting pensioners know of their entitlements with affected people perpetually groping in the dark. Senior officers of the Ministry of Defence and the Services Headquarters unfortunately do not have the expertise of gauging what is right and what is wrong, what is beneficial and what is detrimental. What to talk of poor pensioners, in matters of pension, the defence ministry is now notoriously (in)famous for even misleading Courts by quoting outdated and non-existent rules and regulations, a tendency that has now been deprecated on record by Courts umpteen number of times.

Tersely put, it is not the quantity of cases reaching judicial fora that is worrisome, but the quality. What needs to be curbed is the plethora of forced litigation thrust upon poor veterans simply because that accountant in Allahabad failed to touch the calculator for months together or the clerk in the Records Office refused to open the rule book and comprehend simple rudimentary English.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
This is again related to the last two posts
The erroneous tables have now been deleted from the list of 6th CPC circulars available on the official PCDA(P) website. The old (direct) link to Circular No 449 reflected in the blog-post dated 14th Jan 2011 would still work but is not listed in the official list of circulars anymore.

Also it is clarified that the Annexure stating the minimum pension for PBOR in the MoD letter dated 15th Nov 2010, which is also enclosed with the ibid Circular No 449, is of no practical use since the same only reflects the minimum possible pension admissible to PBOR of different ranks. The actual pension of PBOR (much higher) is now determined by the Govt letter issued in March 2010 promulgated in pursuance of the report of the Committee of Secretaries.

Navdeep's Blog

Monday, January 31, 2011
Revised switch-over option to 6th CPC scales
As reported on the blog in August 2010, due to confusion created by introduction of new concepts such as pay bands and grade pay, many central govt employees were in a fix and as a result had exercised options which did not ultimately prove to be beneficial. The Central Govt had therefore relaxed the rules for civilian employees and the option which was initially to be provided within a period of 3 months could now be revised and changed till 31st of December, 2010, and a similar dispensation for defence personnel was also expected.

The government has now, as a one time measure, granted the option to defence personnel too and the same is to be exercised by 31 March 2011. This stipulation is also being flashed on the official website of PCDA(O). Officers desirous of revising the option may get in touch with PCDA(O).

It is also requested that detailed queries on the subject may not kindly be directed to me and all doubts may be directed to the office of PCDA(O) or the AG's Branch. Thanks.



Dear members of the core group IESM

IESM core group meeting pan India is planned to be held at 1030h on 5 Mar 2011 Saturday at AVCC Sector - 37 Noida. All the members are requested to attend the meeting .

Members are requested to forward their points to be included in agenda points. Agenda points for the meeting will be issued later.

It is proposed to reimburse the travel fare for travel of all the members of core group arriving for the meeting. Members can choose the most convenient mode of travel to reach the venue but the reimbursement will be restricted to actual fare or AC 2 tier whichever is less. Please do bring the receipts of your travel expenses.

All members, who are attending, are requested to kindly bring the photocopy of their tickets/receipts or send the photocopy of the ticket in advance so that the expenses can be reimbursed during the meeting. This is an audit requirement and we would not be able reimburse the cost without proper photocopy of the ticket/receipt.

All members are requested to make their own arrangements for stay at Delhi/Noida. However in case some members have some difficulty in arranging their stay, IESM will extend all the possible help. Please do communicate in case you need any assistance from us. We will try our best to find accommodation but it is not guaranteed.

Kindly confirm your participation for us to make the meeting more meaningful.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile 09810541222

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hav Lachhiman Gurung,Victoria Cross

From: VK Sharma
Sent: Tue, 25 January, 2011 7:58:19 PM
Subject: Hav Lachhiman Gurung,Victoria Cross

Dear Sir,

I wish to inform all concerned through' Report My Signal', the sad demise of Hav Lachhiman Gurung,Victoria Cross(VC) of 4/8 Gorkha Rifles.
Hav Lachhiman Gurung, VC died at 0710hr on 12 Dec 10 at at the age of 93 Years, due to PNEUMONIA,in United Kingdom.He is survived by his second wife Smt Man Maya Gurung,one daughter Smt Kanya Devi and three sons Col(Retd) ShivDutt Gurung,Shri Krishna bahadur Gurung and Shri Resham Lal Gurung.

Without any doubt,he was a brave soldier of the 4/8 Gorkha Rifles.Till 12 Dec 10,he was one of the seven surviving VC receipents.

Late Hav,then Rifleman,Lachhiman Gurung was awarded the VC for his dauntless courage against the Japanese Forces in Burma. Then Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung was manning the forward most of his platoon at Taungdaw in Burma(now Myammar). His saga of courage is long to be included in the Report My Signal.

The VC awarded to him is a proud possession of his illustrious Bn ,4/8 Gorkha Rifles,motivating all ranks to emulate his brave example.

With regards

Most Sincerely Yours

Brig VK Sharma,VSM

V-Care V-Share - Army Officer's Benevolent Fund-Platinum Grant at 75 yrs age

Retired army officers, who have completed 75 years of age, are entitled to a grant of Rs 50,000.00 from the Army Officers Benevolent Fund.

Kindly share this information among the retired Army Officers in your city. (In case of demise of an officer, during service or later before completing 75 years, this amount is payable to the next of kin immediately after the demise of the officer. It is also applicable to officers settled abroad.)

No formal application is required for claiming the platinum grant. However the retired officers are required to intimate their postal addresses and Bank Account Numbers as and when they enter their 75th year at following address for updating the records :-

Director Accounts
Ceremonial & Welfare Directorate
Adjutant General's Branch
Army Headquarters
South Block, Room No 279
DHQ PO New Delhi - 110011

Lt Col Col Pensions

From: ambreesh aggarwal
Date: Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 06:48
Subject: RE: Lt Col Col Pensions

It would be the best thing to do. Last year I had mooted the same idea through a presentation and had circulated a draft letter for people to send to the government en-masse, so as to firstly overwhelm the government and nudge it to act. And if it didn't, to anyway set the clock running for action in the AFT after six months.

State thereafter was not very encouraging, people did not whole heartedly participate, some were skeptical, some sent the letter but did not keep me in picture, some got the letter modified through other advocates and I was informed (during admission arguments of my case) that people already approached AFT (obviously with alterations in the contents thereby compromising on the thrust of the case) and lost the case.

However, in my view nothing is lost still. Admission of my own case by the AFT principal Bench vindicates the validity of the stand.

Those who are approaching me I am filing for them in the AFT principal Bench, individually as well as in groups. My charges are absolutely affordable and are nominal per head even when a small group is involved.

However, what one has to foresee and be prepared for is the charges of the senior counsels which the people / group will have to eventually engage because government is going to fight it tooth and nail with battery of government senior counsels fiercely arguing it out in the AFT (and in the Supreme Court later). This is where, i.e. to sustain the future funding and to spread the financial burden out, one would need a group / association with sufficient number, to front-end the mission either as a normal motion or as a class action.

An existing legal entity (any association of ex-service officers) can very much do so, but it has to so decide. [I remember some Lt General claiming to be President of some association, calling me up last year immediately after i mooted the idea, to question why Lt Cols / Cols should get more than what they have already got; he was worried that the differential between them and `senior' ranks might get narrowed down]. So, if support from the existing ex-service organisations doesn't come, a separate association may be formed by the affected people (pre-2006 retirees of mainly the Lt Col/ Col and eq. ranks having less than 33 years of qualifying service) to bring a class action.

I end by fully endorsing your views and by offering my services till the Apex court, to you individually / if you come as part of small group / If an association comes for class action.

A K Aggarwal
Supreme Court of India

By Brig CS Kamboj....on 6 PC

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.

I am sure some of you can reach the serving Chiefs, Vice Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs and some of the Former Chiefs.

For the sake of larger interest of all the Veterans, please do have the moral courage and do send a copy of the email below to them.

Please do tell them that so far Veterans were vaguely blaming the Former Chiefs and serving Chiefs for the constantly deteriorating status of the Armed Forces and constantly loosing on the financial entitlements – the email below clarifies the situation completely and no doubts are left in our mind.

I had received similar emails giving stories of 4th and 5th CPC, but those were stories received through third persons and thus not circulated.
I feel those stories also must have been true, in particular, I am told that the Rank Pay case was knowingly ruined by one of the Pay Cells of the three services for personal benefits.

Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Some Bare Facts ...6 PC by Rear Adm Alan O'Leary (Retd)

From: Stanley OLeary
Sent: Tue, 25 January, 2011 2:57:08 AM

Dear Sir,
It's some time since I communicated with you. But I am glad that I am able to do so now. Incidentally I retired form the Navy on 31 July 2010 in the rank of Rear Adm. I stay in Bangalore and am still settling some family issues before I pen down my experiences of the Sixth Pay Commission. I will try to mask my contempt for those in the highest echelons for conniving with the powers in Delhi quite obviously for personal benefit.
I was baffled how suddenly when we were winning through, due to the hard work of the Pay Cells, that suddenly the established system was bypassed and the Army started calling the cards from the DG PS Office. Grade Pay that was my first priority where Cdr's who should have been getting Rs 8700 was watered down to two lines and the fourth priority, in a missive signed by the then CNS, Admiral Sureesh Mehta. Since, I as Chairman PARC, should have been consulted, before this letter was signed, I did what I believed was honourable and asked to be replaced, which did happen.

Secondly, while we talk about OROP, I see that one particular aspect has been completely ignored. A young Lt Cdr in my Naval team observed that the Sixth Pay Commission had created Pay promotions for the Group A Services up to the rank of Addl Secy. This has now been implemented. At that time I explained this to the CNS and the Air Chief in end July 2008. It was subsequently put up to the Defence Minister as the 15th Anomaly in July itself. We wanted to ensure that the Services were not left out of this largesse.
Suddenly all went quiet on that front and nothing more was heard. This non functional promotion means that in case an Officer in a particular Batch in the Cival Services is promoted over his batchmates, they would automatically move up and get a pay promotion on a non-functional basis, two years later. This means that our Officers too, not being lower than the organised Group A Services should also have been treated the same. Why was this glaring loophole covered up by the Armed Forces hierarchy? If this is also given to us, all Officers retiring from Service would automatically move up to the Addl Secy scale. I believe that we ourselves and by that I mean our hierarchy, do not want this. But is this fair?
Another aspect that I think I need to raise is that I have often heard some of our veterans stating that all IAS Officers are assured of promotions to the post of Joint Secy. I would like to clarify that this is not true. They now will all reach Secretary level without exception, unless they are implicated in some crime. Don't we at least have a case to strive for non functional promotions to the Addl Secy level like all other Group A services?
Lastly Sir, I must also say that you have hit the nail on the head, so far as some of our brethren in the Technical Services are concerned. Middlemen are not being discouraged and this is a sad reflection on our honour. Again we need to introspect ourselves.
Warm regards,
Rear Adm Alan O'Leary (Retd)

Monday, January 24, 2011


From: subhash kapoor []
Sent: 24 January 2011 20:11



The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi


The type of advertisements from State Bank of India of late appearing in the print media with the message "PROUD TO BE INDIAN" have rarely been seen earlier in this country.

However, the latest in the series captioned "THEY STRONGLY BELIEVE IN SELF-SACRIFICE AND HONOUR. WE SALUTE THEM ... " in The Times of India today, and showing a soldier in action with an Army tank, Naval ship and Air Force aircraft in the background, is a class apart. Besides inspiring the citizens and sensitising them to the imperatives of national security and those who look after it cheerfully round the clock, such recognition of the services rendered by the military personnel is bound to boost their morale. Our grateful thanks to State Bank of India.

We are also obliged to you, Sir, for giving this beautiful advertisement on the front page of The Times of India.

Warm regards.


Wing Commander SC Kapoor (retd)
E-145, Sector 21
Noida-201 301
Mob: 9810515424
Headquarters, State Bank of India


Sent: 24 January 2011 06:06

Dear Chander:

When IAC had invited all of us to send suggestions for inclusion in the proposed Lok Pal Bill I had responded as below.

If my response appeals to RMS readers they may also write to organizers, DIRECTLY please without copies to Report My Signals.

"I have only one humble suggestion for the proposed Anti Corruption Bill or the Lokpal Bill. Can these bills have the same provisions as in the Anti Dowry or Anti-terrorism laws (TADA, PATA ETC), where a mere complaint or suspicion should be enough to arrest and proceed against the corrupt individual. It is true that some innocent people have suffered due to strong provisions in antidowry and anti-terrorism laws but dowry is no different from bribe or extortion. It is worth noting that dowry system or terrorism victimizes only a finite number of brides/individuals whereas the corruption victimizes the whole population of the country on account of loss of public revenue and inefficient/illegal actions of corrupt officials. Anti corruption bill should have even stronger provisions than anti dowry or anti terrorism laws."

Col SK Paranjape, Retd.

Sharad & Nandini Paranjape
372 Central Park West #19Y
New York NY 10025, U.S.A.
Phone: 212-316-6575

published in the People's Post magazine..OROP

Respected Sir/Madam,
The attached report -- published in the People's Post magazine -- is for your kind perusal.
With regards
Abhi (Shree Abhijit C Chandra, Chief Sub Editor UNI)


While no major modernisation has been effected since the 1980s, the army continues to be structured to fight wars of earlier eras. As the world’s third largest army observes Army Day, which marks the 62nd anniversary of General (later Field Marshal) K.M. Cariappa taking over as the first Indian army chief, the force faces multiple challenges. The army is in dire need of a major transformation into a lean, technology intensive and networked potent force to fight 21st century wars,

says former army vice chief, Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi


Another Army Day was flagged on Saturday. The Army Day has always been a day of reflection on the achievements and shortcomings of the past year and the plans for the ensuing year. However, this year it is not just the start of one more year for the army but the commencement of a new decade. The army therefore must look at two decades, the previous and the one ahead.

The army always has achievements to cite every year. These are well known and are always a source of inspiration and satisfaction. But it is also important to mull over the areas of weaknesses so that these are removed and the army remains both a potent and relevant force.

The major areas of concern are both internal and external. The first category includes a comprehensive transformation plan; a makeover in manpower policies; greater interaction and empathy with veterans who need to be valued as adding to the strength of the army; and finally the need to get away from the status quo and defensive mentality, which hinders progress.

The external areas are modernisation, joint endeavours, reductions in internal security commitments, an assertive stand in core areas where no dilution should be acceptable, and halting and then reversing the trend of diluting the status of the army.

Transformation needs to be speeded up, as without it the army would continue to wallow in old and inefficient structures that are out of sync with the present and future battlefield environment and the rapidly changing methodologies of waging war. The army has not seen any major structural changes since the mid-80s and essentially it is still structured to fight wars of earlier eras. We need to change or upgrade our doctrines and concepts, restructure the field force, efficiently manage internal conflicts, upgrade human resources, streamline logistics, and modernise the training methodology. Our aim must be to transform the army into a lean, technology intensive, networked and joint entity.

Manpower policies are not merely promotion policies, but include recruitment and in-service management, especially grooming for higher ranks. For officers, recruitment and training policies are fairly comprehensive. However, we continue to be a generalist army, with no specialisation. There is no sectoral or geographical specialisation, no continuity in specific appointments like those in information technology that require long tenures, and little language proficiency.

Command appointments for officers are a must, resulting in shorter and shorter command tenures to accommodate everyone. The compulsion on commanders to "show" themselves in these truncated tenures, results in their riding roughshod on their commands! As regards promotion of officers, the seniority of passing out of training academies remains throughout one's service. This has resulted in many bright officers losing out. The need is for a reassessment of each officer's caliber at least at 10 years intervals and re-fixing seniority in accordance with the officers' changed abilities and performance.

In the case of jawans, there is a mismatch between imbibing technology and educational qualifications. In non-technical arms, which also handle the latest weapons and equipment, intake qualification continues to be class-X. In a transformation study carried out over 10 years ago, I had suggested upgrading the criteria to class-XII by 2002 and to graduation by 2005, but we continue to remain in a time warp! Secondly, though JCO'S are an essential link in the organisational structure, they all are promoted from the ranks. They are of higher ages, are comparatively less fit and have the same educational qualifications as the troops. Despite discussing the issue a number of times for recruiting at least a percentage directly as graduates, we have always baulked at doing so.

Today's active soldier is tomorrow's veteran. However, there seems to be a firewall between the two categories, with different norms of treatment, emoluments, medical arrangements and other related issues. This has resulted in the veterans getting disillusioned and the bureaucrats widening the gulf even more. It is the veterans who are role models for our youth as they interact with them more than the serving personnel; they ensure that the best and motivated manpower joins the army. This has not only eroded but a very large number of veterans now speak ill of the army. The army needs to re-focus on this important issue and do away with the artificial division that is increasingly disillusioning the veterans. The veterans must again start feeling that the army chief is their chief too! Although a Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare is in existence for the last six years, it has done virtually nothing for the veterans. How can it, when it is exclusively manned by the bureaucracy?

Coming to the last two areas of internal concern, status quo is no doubt a safe option, but no organisation can prosper if it loses its ability to change as the environment demands. As regards the defensive syndrome, no country has won by being on the defensive, which even in military teachings is a temporary phase.

The external areas of concern are much better known and need not be amplified. Modernisation has been a crying need for the last at least two decades. It is a great pity that neither does the army receive a sufficiently large budget, nor does the procurement wing of the Ministry of Defence and other ministries concerned, especially that of finance, see any urgency in modernising the army. Lack of modernisation has substantially reduced the fighting capability of the army and if this continues, the army is unlikely to be the deterrent force it ought to be.

War is a joint endeavour. The complexity of modern war is likely to increase in the future on account of increased and sophisticated technology; the nature of modern war; new threats and challenges; and the reality of nuclear weapons in our neighbourhood. Consequently, a joint force, which acts in an integrated manner, is not just desirable but imperative. Most professional militaries have adopted jointmanship but the Indian military is unfortunately an exception. While everyone endorses the need for jointmanship, it eventually turns out to be merely lip service. This must change. Appointing a CDS and an integrated ministry of defence would be the first steps. We would then be able to generate the necessary synergy, so essential for winning conflicts, battles and wars.
The involvement of the Army against insurgents has been extensive. Despite the ever-increasing central police forces that should be conducting such operations, there is no reduction in the commitments of the army. We have unfortunately reached a stage where the army, instead of being the last option, is often the first recourse! The heavy commitments of the army have undoubtedly been at the expense of its war-readiness, as well as the desired quality of life. Even In situations where the employment of troops becomes essential, they should be withdrawn at the earliest opportunity.

The apolitical stance of the army is correct, but should not translate into meekly accepting whatever orders the bureaucracy relays. Unfortunately, our political leaders are shy of dealing with the army directly, preferring to do so through the bureaucracy. This has resulted in a skewed arrangement whereby gradually the services chiefs appear to have lost their power of dissent even when they find any dispensation that reduces the status, power, emoluments or morale of their command. This needs to stop. It is nobody's case that the chiefs should be confrontationists, but when it comes to their authority being usurped by the bureaucracy, they must hold their ground and get the best for their men.

The military has been and will continue to be the most potent instrument that is used for the most difficult tasks, when every other instrument has failed or given up. This cannot be done by a meek military. We need to educate our political leaders the correct meaning of civil control and supremacy in a democracy.

· Vijay Oberoi

Former Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS)
Former Director Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Membership IESM..Pune

From: Ravindra Pathak []
Sent: 12 January 2011 21:56
Subject: Membership

Dear Sir

I have registered the following online
S No Rank Name Amount
1Hav Kadam Rajendra V100
2Nk Latke Padurang G100
3Hav Yadav Govind B100
4Sep Kadam Vaman B100
5Nk Shinde Dattaram S100
6POME Pawaskar J I100
7CheERA Sdeshmukh S U200
8Sep Dhadawe Vithu100
9Sep Kadam Sambhaji100
10Hon Lt Shinde Shataram L200
11JWO Desai Jayawant S200
12Spr Shantaram100
13NK Salunke Govind G100
14Sep Palande Shriram100
15Nk Warekar Raghunath B100
16Nk Sawant Balkishan D100
17Hon LtShinde Nandkumar V200
18Nk Kamble Pradip A100
19L Nk Karmbekar Suresh S100
20Nb Sub Sawant Sanjay D200
21Hon Capt Patole Namdeo200
22Hav Patole Prakash E100
23LD Sakpal Dipak D100
24Nb Sub Salvi Gajanan S200
25MWO Joshi Sharad V200
26Hav Mahadik Anant Babu100
27Nk Sawant Madhukar S100
28Spr Bane R S100
29Hon Nb Sub Kadam Kashinath W200
30Nk Ghag Ramchandra B100
31Spr Birje Sadanand D500
32Nk Waghmare Vishnu S100
Tota l4500

... edited ...


Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak
Member Governing Body and Pension Cell IESM

Rally at Ratnagiri by Cdr Pathak

Dear Sir

After a very long and sustained effort by Brig Luktuke, IESM was able to hold a Rally of Veterans at Ratnagiri. Incidentally this is the first ever rally of Veterans to be held in Ratnagiri.

Those who contributed in making the rally a grand success at local level in Ratnagiri were the following Veterans

Subhash N Sawant President Ratnagiri Dist Ex Servicemen Association
Shankar Milke Gen Secretary Ratnagiri Dist Ex Servicemen Association
Mohan Satav Treasurer Ratnagiri Dist Ex Servicemen Association
Praveen Pavaskar
D G Shelar
The IESM Pune team comprising the following left Pune at 0400 on 09 Jan to be present at the Cycle Rally at 0930.
1. Brig Sharad Luktuke
2. Dr Mrs Arundhati Sardesai
3. Cdr R W Pathak
4. Gr Capt S S Phatak
5. Lt Col Vinod Patil
On arrival at Ratnagiri the team was escorted to garland the Statue of Shivaji and then the entire team was taken in an open jeep in a procession with Motor cyclist riding ahead,to garland the Statue of Dr Ambedkar and to lay a wreath at the Shaheed Memorial. The wreath laid by IESM was only the third in the history of that Memorial.

Thereafter the team was taken to the hall where the meeting was scheduled.

At the meeting Brig Luktuke ,Cdr Pathak and Lt Col Patil spoke to the 350 veterans present. With IESM team the reps of the various Taluka level committees of the Ratnagiri District were on the dais.

Towards the end of the meeting Shri Bhasker Sheth Jadhav the District Guardian Minister and Min of state for Ex Servicemen Welfare also joined us on the dais. We had a short exchange of pleasantries with him. He quickly noticed the absence of any officer from the Sainik Welfare Office and instantly on phone pulled up the Director Rajya Sainik Board .This has been extensively reported in the print press.He has requested us to meet him at Mumbai to discuss issues regarding Veterans.

We were able enroll 32 members on the spot and it is promised by the District Association that they would go from Village to village and enroll at least 7000 of the 7500 Veterans in the district.
We have also got invitations to visit Guhagar and Khed and we shall be planning those trips soon.

Mr Mohan Satav who is actually from Baramati has promised to organize a similar rally at Indapur and Baramati and we shall soon work on that trip too.

I am also happy to inform you all that, Gr Capt Phatak during his personal visit to Belgaum is going to attend a Pension Sammelan at Belgaum being organized by Wg Cdr Mani.
To view photos and press cutting of the rally please click on the link below.

Besides the local Print media the Rally was also covered by IBN LOKMAT and ZEE Marathi all over Maharashtra


R W Pathak
Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak

Deposing before PAC Question mark over summons to Service Chiefs

IN an unusual development, the Army and Air Force chiefs along with the Navy vice chief (who represented the Navy chief since the latter is on a scheduled official visit overseas) deposed before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to present their views on a recent Comptroller and Auditor-General report. The report had severely criticised the Services over the functioning of their unit-run canteens, the lack of transparency in the accounting methods, and the issue of supply of dry rations to troops. The decision that the Service chiefs would depose before the parliamentary committee came after the PAC sought answers from the Ministry of Defence, which in turn wrote to the Service chiefs.

This marks a significant departure from the existing practice of only the defence secretary and other senior bureaucrats deposing before parliamentary committees. The armed forces have largely been kept insulated from parliamentary oversight committees since the country’s political executive and the defence ministry’s bureaucrats maintain complete civilian control and supremacy over the armed forces. But the question arises whether the Service chiefs have been nudged into deposing before the PAC more out of expediency and convenience of the bureaucrat-dominated defence ministry, or whether this is an isolated incident, or, still, whether this is a sign of change in which the Service chiefs will, while being held directly accountable, henceforth also be assigned greater authority and responsibility.

Unlike advanced democracies such as the United States and the United Kingdom where the Services form part of the decision making process and are thus institutionally required to testify before their respective senate and parliamentary committees, the Indian Service chiefs are treated as department heads with limited financial powers and severely curtailed decision making powers. Yesterday’s development has rekindled the debate on civil-military relations in the country and on the way the defence ministry is structured. If Service chiefs are to be held accountable to parliamentary committees, then they must also be assigned the requisite authority and powers. It is equally important that the defence ministry is re-structured in a way whereby officers of the armed forces are made part of the decision making process, made aware of the intricacies of civil government functioning, and consequently, be institutionally held accountable.

India Against corruption

Dear Brig. Kamboj Sir,

Jai Hind.

The proposed march of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION will assemble at JANTAR MANTAR at 1pm sharp on the 30th January 2011.

Many nationally respected figure like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Dr. Kiron Bedi, Prashant Bhusan, Devendra Sharma etc will lead the march.

It will be great if our IESM members join it in smart outfit with their medals on the chest proudly displayed. I feel, this will give a huge boost to our causes as well as restore some pride after recent and persistent negative publicity. It will prove Armed forces is generally against corruption. The management can decide whether they can carry IESM flags or insignia.

Please feel free to contact the organiser on Mob no 09717460029 for further details regarding the march.

Vande Mataram.

With best wishes and warm regards,


Amit Bhadhuri
Former CISF Officer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

IESM New Members -Tamilnadu

Dear Chairman,

The following Veterans have joined the IESM, during the months of Dec 10 & Jan 11.

Lt Col CG Manickam-Rs 1,000/- , Lt Col TJ Reddy 5,00/-, Cdr SR Prasad 5,00/-

A/ Cde MN Amruthalingam 5,00/-, Col R Natesan 5,00/-,Lt Col G Varadharajan 5,00/-

Col LVK Raj 1,000/- , Gp Capt TVN Swamy 5,00/- , NK V Sundara Moorthy 1,00/-.

Their particulars have been entered on line.

BCC Addressees only. Your Membership Cards will be sent by post. Thank you for your kind support & continued patronage.

Convener IESM Tamilnadu

Col (Retd) TN Raman
E5/230, AWHO Parameswaran Vihar,
67, Arcot Road, Saligramam,
Chennai 600093
Ph: 044-42013210
Mob: 0- 9840033326

Rank Pay Case- Government scuttling the Supreme Court orders

Dear Friends,

The rank pay case came up in the Supreme Court today.

The Govt Council put a plea that a lot of similar petions had been filed in various High Courts but all of them have not been transferred to the Supreme Court, as such further hearing should only be held after all such petitions are transferred.
The learned council for the Retired Defence Officers Association pleaded that the Supreme Court has already given its judgement in the case of Maj Dhanapalan case and there is no requirement for transfer of all cases, as the decision in this case will automatically be applicable to all such cases as well as similar placed officers.
The Honble Judge of the Supreme Court then adjourned our case to 24 Jan 2011.
Kindly inform all affected offrs.

With warm Regards,
Col Baldev Singh Dhillon (Retd)

RBI cracks the whip on erring banks who delay Pension Payments

My Dear Pensioners Friends,
Appended below is a letter written by RBI to all banks on Payment of Pension, use this if required, since certralised pension payment is normally delayed. MM

RBI ON PENSION PAYMENT- Interesting letter from RBI
The bank is paid Rs 60.00 per month to credit your pension every month- thus 60x12 = Rs 720.00 per year is the earning by the bank to pay you pension. I suppose arrears crediting must be over and above this. So no bank is doing you a favour. The circular below says they should pay you 2% interest if there is delay. Claim it !!
RBI clamps down on banks delaying pension payout
April 22, 2010 08:07 PM | Sucheta Dalal with Sanket Dhanorkar

Central bank wakes up to inordinate delays in payments faced by government pensioners; reprimands bankers and directs them to make good the dues immediately, along with penal interest

In what could be a major victory for government pensioners awaiting pension payments, the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has taken bankers to task for ‘inordinate delays’ in disbursing revised pension and arrears.

Taking a serious view of the matter, the RBI has issued a circular (dated 9 April 2010) to various banks with an exasperated tone, directing the concerned banks to ensure that all entitled pensioners are paid their revised pension or arrears within 15 days from receipt of the circular. Additionally, it has also advised the banks to make a penal interest payment of 2% for any delay beyond the due date.

The RBI was forced to take this tough stand after receiving several complaints from pensioners, especially State government pensioners, alleging inordinate delay in disbursing the revised pension and arrears. Under the 6th Pay Commission recommendations, RBI had advised pension-paying banks to put in place a suitable mechanism so that pensioners could get the benefits announced by the government in the succeeding month’s pension payment itself. The controlling offices or head offices of agency banks were also advised to closely monitor and supervise the timely and accurate disbursement of pension to the pensioners.

An RBI review of the pension payment systems in various agency banks revealed the true story behind the picture. The circular highlights RBI’s findings as follows:
“Even though Pension Relief Orders were issued by the respective State Governments, there is inordinate delay ranging from one month to 18 months at the Agency Bank level in disbursing the revised pension as also the pension arrears. The delay was more pronounced in the case of those State Govt pensioners residing outside their States drawing pension from Agency Bank branches. To be specific, non-State resident pensioners have not received adequate attention and timely receipt of the revised pension/arrears for months together.”

The circular goes on to highlight the discrepancies of banks in administering the pension payouts. “Our experience was that customer service on pension payment matters was not effective at the branch level where customers normally interface with the front office,” said the central bank’s communiqué.

The RBI also makes note of the lack of coordination between the branches and the Central Pension Processing Centres, as also the absence of transparency in the calculation of the revised pension or arrears.

In a tone that is vividly indignant, the RBI questions the concerned banks’ indiscretions. “Pension payment is an agency function entrusted to you for a commission @ Rs60 per transaction and an amount of Rs487 crore has been paid to Agency Banks on account of pension disbursements alone during the year 2008-09. Although this is a significant income generating activity, it appears that it is still not given the due importance that it deserves.”

In view of the above, the RBI has advised banks to undertake review of the system of attending to customer service and have a pension accounts guide at all branches to assist the pensioners in all their dealings with the bank. Additionally, RBI has demanded that suitable arrangements be made, to place on the bank website details about the pension calculations, and made available to the pensioners at periodic intervals with sufficient advertisements to that effect.

With the RBI finally wisening up to the reality and putting its foot down squarely on the Agency banks, they will have to take a deeper look at their archaic systems and make life easier for pensioners. As the RBI rightly puts it, “Pension is the lifeline of the pensioners and any delay in affording their legitimate dues will rob them of the dignity of life to which they are entitled to”.


From: harindersingh []
Sent: 10 January 2011 09:10
Subject: Fwd: Official Minutes of the Meeting / Discussions with CPS and MD,ECHS

Dear Members,

Please refer to our earlier email copied below, forwarding the Agenda that we had prepared for the meeting with CPS/ MD,ECHS and our minutes of the meeting.Copies of the earlier attachments have also been retained.for your convenience.

We have since received the minutes of the meeting and are attached. Some of the points of interest have been highlighted in red. (NFDC CPS Minutes of Meeting Jan 11.doc)

We are pleased to report that we have made substantial headway in providing better facilities for the Veterans and propose to build on the decisions taken at this meeting , with NHQ/ECHS in the future.

Warm regards

Vice Admiral Harinder singh
President NFDC


Dear Members,

There has been some delay in promulgating these minutes as we were waiting for the official record of discussions and which have still not arrived. As some members of NFDC wanted a feed -back, a summary of the discussions held is attached.

Also attached are the Copy of the Agenda Points given in advance to the ECHS and a Copy of the brief given by Capt Narayanan of the ECHS, Navy at the meeting.

Copy of the official minutes will be forwarded on receipt pl.

Warm regards

Vice Admiral Harinder Singh,
C 26, Sector 23,
Noida 201301

0120-2412412 9811668776

Tele : 2410 1319

ECHS/012A/INF 22 Dec 10



1. The following were present :-

Vice Admiral SPS Cheema, CPS - Chairman
Maj Gen A Srivastava, MDECHS
Cmde MVS Kumar PDESA
Captain AL Narayan Director ECHS(Navy)
Vice Admiral Harinder Singh (Retd) President NFDC
Cmde VK Thakur (Retd) Secy NFDC
Oi/Cs of ECHS Polyclinics Lodhi Road, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad (Hindon)
Approx 20 retired Naval Officers of NCR/ Delhi

2. CPS has welcomed the members for the meeting especially president Navy Foundation Delhi Charter and MDECHS.



3. Status. We were informed by CNS, COP, CPS and Capt, AL Narayan Director, ECHS (Navy) that “MDECHS has informed that AG/Army HQ had a meeting recently with DGMS (Army) & MDECHS regarding issue of medicines for three months to Veterans. AG has directed DGMS (Army) to resume issue of three months medicines to ECHS members on medical officer’s prescription. The policy letter on the subject is being promulgated to the environment shortly. But medicines are not being issued on the ground. It will avoid work load on Polyclinics, Doctors, Reception and Medicine issue counters. More than 60% members in ECHS are on CT. Veterans are being denied medicines when proceeding out of the country etc for longer periods despite showing air tickets and passports to the officer in charge (ECHS Polyclinic NOIDA).We feel we should be issued medicines for such long absences as there is no additional cost to the exchequer and medicines are the legitimate dues of the patient.

4. Discussion. The issues of medicines is the total responsibility of DGAFMS. Necessary funds from ECHS for example for this financial year an amount of Rs. 360 Crore have been placed with DGAFMS. However, AFMSDs functioning under DGAFMS are supplying only 10% of the required medicines. The remaining 90% are being supplied through the existing Local Purchase procedure as is being done for serving personnel in Military Hospitals. A case has also been taken up for review of financial powers of Oi/C polyclinics for local purchase by Oi/C polyclinic including military polyclinics Rs. two lac for ‘A’ and ‘B’ type polyclinics and Rs. one lac for ‘C’ and ‘D’ type polyclinics. Not withstanding the above, MDECHS has intimated that policy letter on the subject for issue of three months medicines exists in ECHS but DGAFMS has issued a overriding directive that medicines will be issued for only one month and more importantly the Oi/C of polyclinics have informed that the stock being held does not permit them to issue three months medicines and that is the reason why polyclinics are unable to issue three months medicines to ECHS members. However, MDECHS has intimated that Navy could make necessary arrangements at Commands / Naval Hospitals levels so that medicines could be issued for three months. As far as Delhi / NCR is concerned MDECHS would again take up the issue with DGAFMS for resolving this issue of medicines.

5. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to take up the issue of three months medicines with DGAFMS and thereafter promulgate the policy letter.

Action By : MDECHS


6. Status. Officers staying in vicinity of Base hospital & R&R and needing medical attention be seen at these hospitals in cases of emergency, rather turning down without attending and life is lost/ condition deteriorates.

7. Discussion. The military hospitals will accept cases of emergency for providing medicare subject to availability of facility / beds. Refusal to attend to medical emergencies is against medical ethics. Any case of this nature would be brought to the notice of concerned DGMS / DGAFMS.

8. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to take up the issue of medicare in Base / R&R with DGAFMS and thereafter promulgate the policy letter.

Action By : MDECHS



9. Status. A large number of retired officers are being served by Lodhi road Polyclinic however the only and good medical specialist namely Manoj Aron was replaced. Available GPs are inexperienced and very slow. It takes a couple of hours for one's turn to come and the place is always over crowded. There is one old X-ray equipment without any radiologist. This results into R&R not accepting the X Ray report without radiologist's findings and the patient has to be X Rayed again with additional trips to R&R or Base Hospital This is taxing. You are requested to consider appointing at least two Medical specialists at the earliest. The third MO has just come after months of a single MO and the second Med Specialist has not been there for many months and only up to 1300 hrs.

10. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that necessary steps will be taken to ensure good medical specialists are appointed at the polyclinic. He also further intimated that he would consider posting of two medical specialists by re appropriating. The issue of Radiologist will be resolved once the additional manpower sanction is obtained from MOD.

11. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to authorise two medical specialists to Lodi Road Polyclinic and expedite obtaining additional manpower sanction from MoD for authorising Radiologist.

Action By : MDECHS


12. Status. Lodi Road Clinic is not authorized to refer cases to the empanelled Hospitals directly but has to refer all cases to the Base Hospital which in turn depending on the occupancy/facilities refer the case to the Empanelled hospitals. For the large number of ECHS members residing in East Delhi the Base Hospital is on the other extremity of the city and over 30-35 kilometers. Considering Delhi’s traffic and the age of the ECHS members, driving this distance is most trying to say the least.
It is suggested that ECHS Lodi Road be authorized to refer cases directly to RR Hospital, the RR hospital in turn may further refer the case to the empanelled hospital in case the capacity/facility in RR does not exist.

13. Discussion. MDECHS has agreed to this point to consider favorably and that the suitable policy letter will be promulgated at the earliest subject to confirming non availability of facilities / beds.

14. Decision. Executive orders in this regard have since been issued by the Central Organisation ECHS.

Action By : MDECHS


15. Status. Adequate and serviceable diagnostic equipment is not available. For example, the dental XRay machine took over a year to repair. We had to get XRays done privately.

16. Discussion. This issue will be addressed expeditiously as required. The issue of stocking personal catheters at polyclinics will be taken up with DGAFMS / concerned SEMO.

17. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to take up the issue with DGAFMS for necessary action.

Action By : MDECHS



18. Status. Referral for Dental cases in Noida is made only to AFDC, which is overloaded with patients and difficult to get an appointments. Alternatively one has to go to some empanelled Dental Clinic in Janakpuri which is 40 Kms from Noida. Suggestion is to allow patients to be referred to some good empanelled hospitals’ in Noida.

19. Discussion. Since the Janakpuri dental clinic is 40 Km away and the local dental clinics are not coming forward for empanelment due to low rates or for other reasons, the Chairmen requested the retired fraternity to use their good social network and ensure the local dental clinics come up for empanelment as the new 2010 ECHS rates are on the higher side. ECHS is also planning to create own dental laboratory adjunct to the polyclinics for meeting the denture requirement. ECHS has been authorized 58 procedures like CGHS.

20. Decision. Retired fraternity has been requested to use their influence for getting suitable dental centres in Noida for empanelment under ECHS.

Action By : MDECHS


21. Status. Non availability of specialists - ENT, Cardiologist.

22. Discussion. MDECHS explained that Polyclinics are meant to provide general OPD cover including physician and gynae. For Specialist / super specialist cover, patients are referred to service / empanelled facilities.

23. Decision. MDECHS has intimated that Polyclinics are meant to provide general OPD cover including physician and gynae. For Specialist / super specialist cover, patients are referred to service / empanelled facilities.

Action By : Oi/C Polyclinics (Delhi / NCR)


24. Status. Non availability of Medical Staff for X-ray, physiotherapy/. There is also is an acute shortage of space for Medicine Store and medical staff. The equipment including instruments in Dental Centre Noida needs to be repaired/ replaced so that the doctors good do Justice. At times even proper Lighting and filling material is not available. If we compare the facilities with R & R/ AFDC, ECHS Noida will be rated ‘sub-standard’

25. Discussion. Oi/C Noida Polyclinic was requested to ensure that the complaints of dental centre are addressed aggressively at the earliest.

26. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to ask Oi/C Noida Polyclinic to ensure that the complaints of dental centre are addressed aggressively at the earliest.

Action By : Oi/C Polyclinic Noida


27. Status. Funds for local purchase – need to be increased.

28. Discussion. This issue is pending with Mod and once the approval is received the Oi/C Polyclinic both at the military and non military will have power of 2 lakh in ‘A’ and ‘B’ Type of polyclinic and 1 lakh in ‘C’ and ‘D’ type of polyclinic.

29. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to promulgate the policy letter after approval from MoD.

Action By : MDECHS


30. Status. The Doctors don’t have a stethoscope, thermometer, BP instrument, torch and instrument to check the throat etc. These must be provided to all doctors.

31. Discussion. Oi/C Noida Polyclinic has been requested to ensure at the earliest that the doctors are provided medical equipment like Stethoscope, Thermometer, BP instrument, torch and instrument to check the throat etc at the earliest. Oi/C polyclinic has intimated that this was a lapse because doctors posted to the polyclinic are more than the authorised strength but he said that he would ensure that these instruments are made available to all the doctors at earliest.

32. Decision Oi/C Noida Polyclinic has been requested to provide medical equipment to all the doctors of Noida Polyclinic.

Action By : Oi/C Polyclinic Noida



33. Status. There is no Civil hospital on the panel of ECHS in Mumbai and INHS Asvini is overcrowded.

34. Discussion. More private hospitals are not coming up for empanelment under ECHS because they have enough loads on direct cash payment basis and ECHS is on credit basis. One more polyclinic is being set up in Navi Mumbai which should reduce the load of OPD at Asvini.

35. Decision One more polyclinic is being set up in Navi Mumbai which should reduce the load of OPD at Asvini.

Action By : Dir ECHS(N)




36. Status. A Veteran had an Ortho problem and visited ECHS on Saturday. He was referred to the Base Hospital Ortho Surgeon who sees outpatients only on Tuesdays and Fridays. He started his journey at 0700hrs and could manage to reach the Base hospital at 0845. On reporting to counter for registration he was informed that Ortho Surgeon is on leave. On further enquiry as to when the Ortho Surgeon will be on duty, he was informed " not this week". There are many who suffer similarly.

37. Discussion. Ortho facility in Base hosp can be availed only subject to availability of facility / beds. The ECHS members are entitled to visit any empanelled hospital for treatment in case of non availability of facility in Base Hospital and intimate the polyclinic the next day alternately if the emergency is such he could visit any of hosp including non empanelled and seek reimbursement.

38. Decision. MDECHS has intimated that ECHS members are entitled to visit any empanelled hospital for treatment in case of non availability of facility in Base Hospital.

Action By : ECHS Members


39. Status. Issue of possibly fake / spurious medicines has been brought to the notice of OI/c the Clinic and the same was also given in writing for pursuing the matter further. The OI/c and MO i/c concurred that the medicine in question was spurious/fake. The matter needs to be pursued.

40. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that he would bring this to the notice of DGAFMS and remedial action initiated to avoid recurrence.

41. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to take up the issue with DGAFMS for necessary action to avoid recurrence.

Action By : MDECHS



42. Status. At times very old and infirm Veterans, some over 90 years old have problems and they are not in a position to take the car ride to a hospital. We need to devise ways to provide support in such cases.

43. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that it is not possible to provide car to the ECHS Member to the hospital with the existing infra structure of transport. However should there be medical requirement due to the status of the patient the ambulance at the polyclinic will be provided to transfer the patient to the referred hospital.

44. Decision. MDECHS has intimated that it is not possible to provide car to the ECHS Member to the hospital with the existing infra structure of transport. However should there be medical requirement due to the status of the patient the ambulance at the polyclinic will be provided to transfer the patient to the referred hospital.

Action By : Oi/C Polyclinics(Delhi / NCR)


45. Status. There is no Polyclinic support available on Sundays and holidays and this totals some 70 plus days in a year and this issue needs to be addressed. Similarly, since many Veterans’ take a second job after retirement, therefore Sundays may be made half working days and staff granted compensatory leave on a working day.

46. Discussion. During non consultation period / holidays, patients are free to get treatment from empanelled hospitals in emergency. Suitable policy instructions are intended to be issued enabling essential treatment at empanelled hospitals on holidays / non-working hours.

47. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to issue the policy letter regarding enabling essential treatment at empanelled hospitals on holidays / non-working hours.

Action By : MDECHS


48. Status. Military Hospitals shutting doors to the ESM and sufficient private super specialty hospitals not keen on getting to be empanelled to the ECHS.

49. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that he would take up this issue with DGAFMS to provide medicare subject to availability to facility / beds. With the implementation of 2010 CGHS rates which are higher, the private super specialty hospitals would be keen to come under ECHS.

50. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to take up this issue with DGAFMS and thereafter promulgate the policy letter.

Action By : MDECHS


51. Status. Need to review the requirement of TAC (temp att cert) to be able to get medicines for than 7 days and of course, the concept of parent polyclinic.

52. Discussion. The TAC certificate requirement is relevant because of the status of the data base of members expected to the polyclinics however with the online of computerization / automation this issue will be addressed favourably for the purpose of issue of medicines of more than seven days if not for obtaining costly individual equipment like hearing aids / medical equipment etc.

53. Decision. The TAC certificate requirement is relevant because of the status of the data base of members expected to the polyclinics however with the online of computerization / automation this issue will be addressed favourably for the purpose of issue of medicines of more than seven days if not for obtaining costly individual equipment like hearing aids / medical equipment etc.

Action By : MDECHS


54. Status. The official ECHS website needs to be redesigned to make it member friendly where information should be available conveniently. It should have provision for giving feed back / suggestions / complaints and date of up-dating of the site should be displayed. Complaints may also be received on the net. All members should be given the facility to get their email ID registered so that any future policy change or information can be communicated to those who have registered for the facility seamlessly by email.

55. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that this will be implemented.

56. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to implement this at the earliest and promulgate to all concerned.

Action By : MDECHS


57. Status. CGHS have the following facilities, which could be considered for induction in ECHS besides bringing in, other improvements given below in the comparison between CGHS and ECHS :-

(a) CGHS Doctors are available on shift during off working hours to attend to patients after working hours. In the present ECHS system a patient can go to empanelled Hospitals only if they are critically ill as per list promulgated. If the illness does not fall within the promulgated list we have to go private doctor and pay the fees from our pocket.

(b) CGHS Doctors visit residence of patients if they are unable to go the clinics because of nature of sickness, very old age or other reasons.

58. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that CGHS does not open all dispensaries during off working hours. They only provide some high pressure dispensaries with minimal medical facilities. This issue can be considered once we have sanction for additional staff from MoD.

59. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to consider the issue after the sanction for additional staff from MoD is obtained and promulgate to all concerned thereafter.

Action By : MDECHS


60. Status. ECHS doctors refuse to sign, Driving Licence renewal medical form, RTO insists that these should be signed by a Govt Doctor. Please request ECHS to help us in this.

61. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that he would promulgate the policy letter on the subject directing doctors to sign the Driving Licence renewal form and if required the necessary approval from RTO will be obtained, so that their signatures are acceptable.

62. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to promulgate the policy letter on the subject so that ECHS doctor's signature are acceptable for driving licence renewal medical form.

Action By : MDECHS


63. Status. Examination of the list of ECHS Empanelled Hospitals in NCR and other Regions shows that the MOA with a large number of Hospitals has expired in June 2010. It is possible that some of these may have been renewed but this information has not been updated on the Army ECHS website. It is suggested that the list of empanelled hospitals in the Army/Navy website be regularly updated so that the ECHS members can make an informed choices Further it is also suggested that the contact persons telephones- of the respective hospitals be also put on the website and updated at the time of renewal of the MOA.

64. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that this request will be complied and ensure that the list of private empanelment hospitals with valid MOA will be hosted on website to enable ECHS members to make their choice of treatment.

65. Decision. MDECHS has been requested to update the list of private empanelment hospitals to enable ECHS members to make their choice of treatment.

Action By : MDECHS



66. Status. There is a very urgent need for the promulgation of a Vision statement and ‘Standards’ to be achieved in all spheres including standards of cleanliness and hygiene, waiting times, facilities at the Policlinics, distance of polyclinic from residence, reaching out to those in the hinterland etc etc. Arrangement to see doctors with prior appointments rather than waiting in long queues.

67. Discussion. MDECHS has intimated that vision statement and standard for ECHS has already been promulgated and a copy of the same could be obtained from ECHS Central Organisation. Arrangements to meet doctors on appointment on telephone in the afternoons has already been implemented.

68. Decision. Director ECHS (N) is requested to obtain the vision statement from MDECHS and forward to NFDC.

Action By : Director ECHS (N)


69. Status. There is considerable concern on the poor standard of cleanliness, especially the bathrooms, they really stink and the unhygienic atmosphere in the waiting halls on a daily basis.

70. Discussion. This is a cause of concern and that Oi/C polyclinic must ensure that standard of cleanliness in the toilets at polyclinic is of highest standard in spite of constraints of water / cleaning labourers problems.

71. Decision. Oi/C Polyclinics have been requested to take necessary action regarding cleanliness of toilets of polyclinics if required by obtaining the necessary assistance from station commanders with respect to constraints of availability of water / safaiwalas.

Action By : Oi/C Polyclinics – Delhi / NCR


72. There being no other points, the meeting was over.

73. In conclusion, CPS requested MDECHS to resolve the issues raised during the meeting for clientele satisfaction as medicare is most important need for the veterans.

74. These minutes issue with the approval of the Chairman.

(AL Narayan)
Capt (IN)
Director ECHS(N)

ET : Bring PPP projects under RTI: CIC..Cmde L Batra

10 January 2010

Dear All,

The issue raised in ET story below is extremely important.

A case study of one of the initial PPP project on : "Concession for the Delhi Noida Bridge" by Sheoli Pargal (August 2007) can be perused at link below. \

I recollect a reference was made to this Case Study by Shri Gajendra Haldea, Advisor (infrastructure) to Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, in September, 2010, at the two-day national convention on the completion of five years of the implementation of the RTI Act.

This 'Delhi-Noida-Delhi' Bridge's Case Study also brings out shortcomings of this PPP project.

Please go ahead and read ET story "Bring PPP projects under RTI: CIC" published today.

Commodore Lokesh. K. Batra (Retd.)

The Economic Times

10 Jan, 2011, 05.29 AM IST, NIDHI SHARMA, ET Bureau
Bring PPP projects under RTI: CIC

NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission ( CIC ., the final appellate authority for the Right to Information (RTI) Act, has asked the Planning Commission to include disclosure norms in all future public-private-partnership (PPP) projects undertaken by the Centre and the state governments.

Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra has written to Planning Commission deputy-chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia to incorporate disclosure norms, so that any project which has the participation of private firms and concessionaires come under the purview of the transparency legislation. A full Commission ..................

For more Click on link below:

SLP in supreme court

Dear Brigadier Kamboj,

Please publish the following in RMS Blog.

Dear All,

This is to inform you that the MOD has filed the Special Leave petition with Supreme Court against the judgement of AFT. The details are not known.

While the judgement of AFT is applicable only to those who are listed in the petition, the Supreme Court verdict shall be applicable to all Major Lt Cdrs and Sqn Ldrs.
In fact it shall be applicable to all officers from Hon Lt to Brigadier and equivalent rank.

I through this e mail appeal to you all to join hands and assist us to achieve our goal.

After filing second petition comprising of 64 officers I received several telephone calls offering me funds for fighting the case. Since the case was getting delayed I had declined the good offer.

Bow to fight the case in Supreme Court additional funds would be required. I therefore appeal to both the present petitioner as well as other brother officers to be prepared to contribute for the cause.. The exact amount shall be intimated at a later date.

A telephone call from you or confirmation thru e mail shall be much appreciated.

Avtar Singh
Lt Cdr(Retd0

Monday, January 3, 2011

New members IESM..secunderabad

Sl #Service #RankNamePayment Received Towards
131280MrsSudha Raman 01500015000
2948MajBalakrishnan, TK035003500
331935ColTumati, SR045004500
413758BrigDeshpande, SB025002500
526112MrsPrabhakar, Ranjini000
6640321JWOGowd, KHS4019602000
714235534NkSatyanarayan, V1000100
823967LtKumar, KV10014001500
914201027HavMurmu, JN1000100
10220365Hon CaptZaidi, ZH2000200
11372125SubRao, MSS2000200
12654492JWOKadari, R200100300
1335817Lt ColMalude, RG50035004000
1425166MajDowla, SI50045005000
153649Lt ColSarangi, NK5000500
1636984ColReddy, GS5000500
1738596ColGogate, AL5000500
188415Wg CdrSonpar, DK5000500
1916779Maj GenRajendra Singh5000500
2017733Lt GenMadan Gopal5005001000
2112577Lt GenAiyenger, SRR50020002500
2228605Lt GenSivakumar, KS50010001500



1. Having made efforts to reach out to ESM & dependents within Dehradun, since Sep 2008, to ensure that all dues, consequent to 6CPC, are correctly credited into the individual accounts by banks, it was decided that remote areas in Uttarakhand be visited to extend similar support to the needy & perhaps neglected pensioners. Despite inclement weather, UESL undertook a trip to Pipalkoti, Chamoli, from 23 to 25 Dec 2010. It was a hurriedly planned trip to take advantage of an annual mela organized at Pipalkoti. Based on the experience gained during this trip, further visits will be enrichened.

2. Composition of the team:-

(a) Air Cmde Amul Kapoor VM (Retd) – Senior Vice President.
(b) Brig RS Rawat VSM (Retd) – Vice President.
(c) Lt Col MM Kukreti (Retd) – Coord Secy General.
(d) Assisted by Maj HS Chaudhari (Retd).

3. Paucity of funds compelled UESL to use personal transport for the journey. Air Cmde Amul Kapoor took his car for this trip. This arrangement cannot be followed as an SOP in all such visits for obvious reasons. Some long term solution may have to be sought. The ideal arrangement is resorting to suitable transport hired by the UESL. However, with the present state of funds, this option is a distant dream.

4. Programme of the visit : -

(a) Departure Dehradun - 23 Dec/0800 hrs.
(b) Arrival Mayapur - “-“ /1630 hrs.
(c) Interaction with ESM - 24 Dec/1030 -1530 hrs.
(d) Visit SBI Pipalkoti - “-“ /1545 to 1630 hrs.
(e) Departure for Dun - 25 Dec/ 0800hrs.
(f) Arrival Dun - “-“ /1700 hrs.

5. In all cases, the team would have to depend entirely on the local district ESL for satisfactory publicity, liaison & all essential administrative arrangements.

6. Accommodation at Mayapur, Pipalkoti, was arranged by Hav Clk Sharad Gairola (Retd) who took pains to ensure that the stay was comfortable. He is sufficiently motivated to further the aims of UESL in its endeavor to reach out to as many ESM as possible.

7. Highlights of interaction with ESM.

(a) It was most encouraging to see that approximately 50 ESM, including widows came to seek assistance related to their pension & related dues. Some learnt about our arrival through local TV & print media while others through word of mouth. All claimed that despite individual efforts, their correct pension was NOT being paid by the PDAs (banks).

(b) They were not aware of the precise form & content of the Circular No 430 (New Pension) & the correct manner in which they are to identify their pension, both post Jun 2009 & 6CPC Pension wef Jan 2006 to Jun 2009.

(c) Most of the aggrieved were Widows, Sepoys, Naiks & Honorary Nb Subedars.

(d) None of pre 2006 pensioners had taken steps to ensure that the Date of Birth of their wives is registered in the Records Offices, CDA Allahabad & PDAs – that will entitle the wives, if widowed, to Additional Pension after attaining age of 80 years.

(e) A few ESM came from as far as Narainbaggar, located on the Gwaldam axis.

(f) Widows were mostly unaccompanied. They, as expected, had little knowledge of the intricacies of 6th CPC. They sought help to approach the banks to resolve their cases regards payment of correct dues.

(g) It was evident that Central Police Forces eg Assam Rifles, BSF etc had no organization from their retired personnel who attend to their problems. Two BSF & one Assam Rifles pensioners too sought assistance. Their cases have been registered & will be taken up with the CPPC at Dehradun.

8. Organization of Work.

(a) The work was divided among the three officers as follows:-

(i) Lt Col MM Kukreti meticulously recorded personal data of each individual to enable UESL to take up their cases with Records, CDA & Banks.

(ii) Brig RS Rawat accessed their correct Table based on each individual’s Rank, Length of Service, Group, Date of Retirement to identify the correct pension entitled. This data was passed on to Air Cmde Amul Kapoor.

(iii) Air Cmde Amul Kapoor worked on his Laptop Computer to work out the complete details, month wise, if required, of the pension entitled, DA, Commuted Value, Paid by Bank & Arrears due. He gave a stamped & signed slip with details of the entitled Basic Pension, pre & post Jul 2009, Additional Pension, etc so that they are aware of their legitimate entitlements & interact with the respective banks.

(iv) Two widows were directed to proceed to SBI Pipalkoti where the team joined them to resolve their pension with the help of the Branch Manager.

(b) All data collected thus will be scrutinized at the UESL Office at Dehradun to pursue each case on its merit.

(c) At Dehradun, the CPPC Extension Office at SBI Zonal Office at New Cantt Road would be contacted to take each issue to its logical conclusion. Then, & only then, would our work, set out for Pipalkoti be complete.

(d) Based on the experience gained, UESL will proceed to refine the road map for subsequent tours.

9. In conclusion UESL can confidently state that:-

(a) Results far exceeded initial expectations.

(b) The learning curve has given UESL valuable lessons for better organizing such visits to provide a higher degree of satisfaction to our ESM & widows in remote areas of Uttarakhand.

(c) There is a crying need for more retired offrs, JCOs & Ors to offer their services for this limited objective.

10. On 30 Dec 2007, Mr Manoj Sharma has confirmed that the specific cases forwarded by SBI Pipalkoti have been credited into their individual accounts.