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Thanks to RMS...Brig SS Jaswal and Brig Sukhwindar Singh (Retd)

Dear VSM Veteran Brig CS Kamboj,
Please accept heartiest felicitations on completion of two years of dedicated service to the cause of the Armed Forces, especially the ESM. Kindly convey the same to the entire team of `Report My Signal`.
Your blog is a wonderful forum for free & frank exchange of views/ ideas among the defence community, more so after the `debacle` of the 6 CPC & the slothful attitude of the `netas & babus` towards the men in uniform & the Veterans. You have also not shied away from `cracking the whip` when required, & rightly so, for any uncharitable comments by any of us.
May you continue to propagate this selfless spirit ahead in the true tradition of the NDA motto - " SERVICE BEFORE SELF ".
Best Wishes & Happy New Year to all !!!

Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran,
IESM, Panchkula,
37 NDA/46 IMA Course

Dear Colonel James,
It is great to develop the Set of RMS Blogs under the stewardship of General Harbhajan Singh. His guidance and timely interventions have been helpful.

The Team has done well towards the cause of the Services Veterans, and possibly the Serving. Initial 'waxing' of the Team was well-achieved; the fruit is the continued success of these Set of Blogs and their routine management efficiently. Your timely technical support has been valuable, Thanks.

Thanks to Brigadier CS Kamboj too for his mastery in the art of managing a 'Vibrant Blog Team' - in addition to the e-mail Forum which has its own dynamics.
Fond Regards,
Brig Sukhwindar Singh (Retd)
Blog Team

The Story of Report My Signal Email Forum and Blog by Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh..1 JSW

The Story of Report My Signal Email Forum and Blog

Today’s veterans are yesterday’s uniformed!!

Having spent many years in the Corps, some as much as 38 years, the Corps becomes more than a family for them. However, on retirement most veterans head home, some take up jobs and a few migrate to other countries. The only medium for Corps news is The Signalman. It is published every four months and the news becomes old by the time our Corps magazine reaches the veterans.

Saddest part is delayed and lack of information about those who pass away. The Friends and Comrades are unable to pay Shradhanjli to the departed souls. Also there is no platform where Corps veterans are able to express their views and thoughts about professional and Corps matters.

A periodic email based letter named REPORT MY SIGNAL was started by Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh, Signal Officer-in-Chief and Senior Colonel Commandant 1988-91, about five years back, with 15-20 email addresses of the Corps Veterans. The Aim was to do networking, remain in touch and exchange information about the veterans and other matters of mutual interest. REPORT MY SIGNAL was chosen as the Title, since it epitomises the Corps of Signals ethos. After a few months, Brig CS Kamboj, VSM took over the reigns. With his dynamism and dedication, he soon made it very popular and informative.

It has become single most important source of the Corps and other news for over 1200 veterans and some ladies from All the Three Services, including 47 ESM organisations, spread all over the world, who have joined up the email list. During 2008, 387 emails were sent out by “Report My Signal”. All the members and ESM organisations on the emailing list of “Report My Signal” have their forward emailing nets. It is estimate that within 24 hours of an email going out from “Report My Signal” around 12000 to 15000 veterans read that email. A large number of Blogs have started posting the emails of “Report My Signal” on their own blogs. However, this forum can only be periodic and every word has to be typed by Brig Kamboj himself.

The advent of Blogs set us thinking to start a Corps Blog. Based on suggestion to Brig Kamboj, he was able to identify (discover would be more appropriate) Col James Kanagaraj, living in Chennai, in Nov 2007, who was then on a visit to USA. Col James Kanagaraj has turned out to be a technical wizard and highly motivated and dedicated. Using emails between Brig Kamboj in NOIDA, Col James in USA and self in Chandigarh, we were able to work out the design and layout of Report My Signal Blog within a few weeks.

Though the original idea was to have only one blog for Shradhanjlis, we decided to split this one Blog into three blogs (Shradhanjli, Veterans Affairs and Professional). The Blog was formally launched on 01 Dec 2007, with an email from Brig CS Kamboj on his Report My Signal Forum.

There was a need to have one to two more veterans to act as moderators. Soon we had two volunteers; Brig Sukhwinder Singh and Maj Ramesh Agnani. However, Maj Agnani asked to be relieved after a few weeks due to other commitments that he had. Since then Col James Kanagaraj has been the Moderator for Veterans and Shradhanjli Blogs and Brig Sukhwinder Singh has been managing the Professional Matters Blog.

Blog is short form of ‘Weblog’ and is a journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. In a classical blog, people worldwide can themselves add comments/views. However, since our Blog deals with Service people and matters, the procedure adopted is that all those who want to post anything on the Blogs have to send the same to the two Moderators, who then post the contents on the Blogs.

The Blog “Shradhanjli” is exclusively for use by All Ranks of Signals. For other two Blogs, all Veteran Officers of the Indian Defence Services are welcome to participate. Generally speaking, all matters concerning the Veterans, professional matters dealing with the Defence Forces, National Security, Technology etc keeping in view security aspects, Shradhanjlis to comrades from Corps of Signals are accepted for posting on the these Blogs. Messages dealing with politics, religion and business are not accepted and security aspects are kept in view.

From a modest unique hits of 20- 30 in Dec 2007 the Blog has grown to hit range of 250- 285 with daily total hits ranging 650 a day in Dec 2008. There has been surge of visits to topics on "Sixth Central Pay Commission" and "Mumbai Terror Attacks".

The Report My Signal Blog is visited by interested people all over the world and has become one of the premier source for information as also expressing opinions and thoughts on National Security and Service matters. It is also heartening to know that we now come to know about the demise of our comrades in the Corps more promptly and are able to pay Sharadhanjlis to them.

Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh,PVSM (Retd)
This article was published in SIGNALMAN, the premier Magazine of Corps of Signals

Soon, no property tax for defence personnel...Will it be True..??

Soon, no property tax for defence personnel

Tarun Nangia Tags : corporation, property taxPosted: Tuesday , Dec 29,
2009 at 0409 hrs Pune:

Pune is set to strengthen its tag of a haven for defence personnel
with the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and the Pune
Municipal Corporation (PMC) making progress in a move to exempt them
from property tax. The PCMC general body passed a resolution in this
regard on December 23 and in September, the Pune Municipal Corporation
(PMC) had passed such a resolution that is waiting for the final nod.
Though there is no data readily available with Pune, Khadki and Dehu
Road cantonments on the number of defence personnel wanting to settle
down in Pune, running through Pune and dozens of defence institutes,
it was learnt that there are thousands of them opting for it.
“After the resolution was passed, we invited objections and
suggestions from people on December 11. The last date for suggestions
was December 25. Many defence welfare associations feel that all
defence personnel, regardless of how many years they have served,
should get the benefit. We will meet them in the coming week also. The
final proposal will be tabled in the general body meeting and sent to
the state government for approval by the last week of January,” said
Vilas Kanade, PMC property tax department chief

Pension adalat for ex-servicemen at Patiala by Lt Col Khera

Pension adalat for ex-servicemen

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 29

As many as 500 ex-servicemen attended the Defence Pension Adalat that began at Patiala today. The adalat would serve as a platform to resolve pension-related grievances of veterans on the spot as representatives of the decision-making authorities concerned, banks and the Defence Ministry would also be present there.
Being organised under the aegis of the Controller-General of Defence Accounts, Western Command, the adalat was inaugurated by Lieut-Gen VK Chaturvedi, Director-General Manpower Planning, Army Headquarters. This is the 96th such adalat to be held in the country.


From: []
Sent: 29 December 2009 06:49
To: Kamboj Chander

Dear Sir,

It shows sensitivity and concern of our IESM leadership towards ESMs. Heartiest greetings to our Chairman and all the IESM Funtionaries for taking up this issue.

Best wishes and regards.

Maj SR Singh, Varanasi
(Convener IESM Varanasi)

New Members by Cdr R Pathak Pune...

From: Ravindra Pathak []

Sent: 28 December 2009 12:22

Subject: Re: IESM Membership IAF Pune

Dear Sir

I have registered the following online today.This is continuation of the IAF list

Sgt Sohoni K V
Sgt pathak A B
Sgt Karkhanis S M
Sgt B W Kulkarni
Sgt Pawar V B
Sgt Dhopeshwarkar
Sgt Dhanale M R
Cpl Soman N L
LAC Karwarkar N B
Sgt Gambhir P N
Sgt Kulkarni S J
Sgt Joshi R P
Sgt Dahale B D
Sgt Patil S D
Sgt Shinde C G
Sgt Zarkar S R
Sgt Bhide V V
Cpl Sali H B
Sgt Fade S N
Sgt Kshirsagar M G
Sgt Joshi B H
Sgt damle R S
LAC Sapre M R
Cpl dastane S R
Cpl Agalave V R
Sgt Deshpande V G
Sgt Inamdar P B
Sgt Pore D B
Sgt Joshi Vasant
Sgt sane Suhas P
Cpl Karle S B
Cpl Dere M S
Cpl Karambekar S D
Cpl Gulavani S G

The HDFC receipt is already sent.

The forms will follow in due course.

This makes a total of 91/192 registered so far.


R W Pathak

Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N.(Retd)
Member and Coordinator IESM Pension Cell

Sunday, December 27, 2009


From: Colonelrajan Srinivas

Sent: Thu, 24 December, 2009 9:03:12 AM




Expression of Gratitude.
At the very outset, I wish to place on record my gratitude to Veteran Air Cmde MK Chandrsekhar and Veteran Capt Ganesh Karnik, Hon’ble Member of the Legislative Council of Karnataka, for their invaluable help, assistance & support in organizing VIJAY DIWAS at Bangalore; and, in making it a grand success. It was due to the indomitable spirit of Air Cmde MK Chandrasekhar that the statue of the Unknown Soldier, erected at Minsk Square by the British after the first World War, was shifted to the area of Rashtriya Sainika Smaraka, in time, for the Chief Minister to lay the wreath on 16 Dec. And, it was on account of Air Cmde MK Chandrasekhar speaking to the AOC-in-C Training Comd (IAF) that a contingent of 25 AF Officers & 150 Airmen in uniform came to Rashtriya Sainika Smaraka, in the morning of Vijay Diwas. The entire credit for the grand success of Vijay Diwas goes to Capt Ganesh Karnik; for it was he who was responsible in getting the Hon’ble Chief Minister to pay Homage to the Martyrs; and, also hosting of Tea & Lunch for the Ex-Servicemen, that too in the Banquet Hall of the Vidhan Soudha. It was an honour bestowed on the Ex-Servicemen. Three Cheers to Air Cmde MK Chandrasekhar. Three Cheers to Capt Ganesh Karnik. I also place on record my gratitude to Brig Parthasarathy and Wg Cdr Mohan Rao for taking pains to take photographs on Vijay Diwas and for posting them on the Net. I also wish to thank Col AJ Bhandary for his support and Sub N Balachandran, ASC, for all his help & assistance.
Homage to Martyrs.
Shri BS Yeddyurappa, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka arrived at Rashtriya Sainika Smaraka at 9.30 AM on 16 Dec 2009. The Hon’ble CM paid homage to Martyrs by laying a wreath; followed by Dr VS Acharya, the Hon’ble Home Minister and then Capt Ganesh Karnik, Hon’ble MLC. The gathering at the Rashtriya Sainika Smaraka comprised 25 Officers & 150 Jawans of the Army, 25 AF Officers & 150 Airmen, 100 school children belonging to Army School & Bangalore Military School, 60 NCC cadets of the Senior Div Boys, Girls, Air and Naval wings; and 250 retired Officers & men. 88 years of age, Lt Col S Nagasundaram was the oldest veteran present at the Rashtriya Sainika Smaraka and the Hon’ble CM was pleased to shake hands with the senior veteran. The Memorial Service paying Homage to the Martyrs was led by Veteran Air Marshal DG Kinglee, PVSM, AVSM.
Address by the Hon’ble Home Minister of Karnataka at the Banquet Hall in Vidhan Soudha.
After paying homage to the Martyrs, Ex-Servicemen marched to the Vidhan Soudha, where they were warmly welcomed and given a cup of Tea in the Banquet Hall, a rare honour. After Tea, Dr VS Acharya, the Hon’ble Home Minister of Karnataka expressed his happiness at being present amidst Ex-Servicemen and recalled the services rendered by the Armed Forces and paid tributes to Martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of the Nation in the various wars fought after Independence. He assured the Ex-Servicemen of all help & assistance with regard to their welfare & well-being. The Home Minister went on to add that henceforth, VIJAY DIWAS would be celebrated every year, in grand style, under the aegis of the Govt of Karnataka and that Director Sainik Welfare Dept would be responsible for organizing the same. The Home Minister also went on to say that suitable instructions would soon be issued to all Dist Collectors to erect War Memorials in all Dist; and that, Dist Collectors would be asked to pay homage to Martyrs on Vijay Diwas and also host lunch for Ex-Servicemen in their respective Dist. The Home Minister expressed his happiness over the coming of Ex-Servicemen from the neighbouring states, viz. Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra and inaugurated the Ex-Servicemen Meet.
Ex-Servicemen Meet.
Col Rajan, the IESM Convenor South Zone and Karnataka, delivered the opening address and he welcomed all Ex-Servicemen to the Meet. He made it a point to thank Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Member IESM Core Group & Member IESM Governing Body, who had come from Delhi to attend the Meet. Col Rajan also thanked & expressed his gratitude to IESM Convenors representing Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, who were gracious to come and participate in the Meet.
The following Veterans then spoke:
(a) Capt Ganesh Karnik, Hon’ble MLC
(b) Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Member IESM Core Group & Member IESM Governing Body.
(c) Brig S Sivaraman
(d) Cdr Vaidhyanathan, IESM Convenor Trichy Dist, Tamil Nadu.
(e) Col Arasu, IESM Dy Convenor Tanjavoor Dist, Tamil Nadu.
(f) Lt Cdr Mayil Vahanan, IESM Convenor Tanjavoor City, Tamil Nadu.
(g) Wg Cdr Dr Sabhaney
(h) Col Arun Malhotra
(i) Maj Gen MC Nanjappa, AVSM**, YSM
(j) Col CM Uthaiah, Director Sainik Welafare Dept. Karnataka.
(k) Veteran Sub Periaswamy from Perambalur, Tamil Nadu.
(l) Veteran Nk Subbarayudu of Ejipura, Bangalore
(m) Major Hegde
(n) Capt Seshadri
(o) Brig DK Gunjal
(p) Col Ashok Kumar, Dy Convenor, Andhra Pradesh.
(q) Air Cmde Dr SP Deshmukh
(r) Major Ravindran, Convenor Palakkad Dist, Kerala
(s) Major Rajan, IESM Convenor Kolar Dist, Karnataka
(t) Col SS Rajan, IESM Convenor South Zone and Karnataka.
The talk on IESM and its aims & objectives and the ongoing Movement to secure ONE RANK, ONE PENSION for Ex-Servicemen, by Maj Gen AJB Jaini was greatly appreciated by one & all.
Ex-Servicemen were then invited for lunch, very kindly hosted by the Govt. of Karnataka, in the Banquet Hall of Vidhan Soudha.
After lunch, Col Rajan, the IESM Convenor South Zone and Karnataka, informed the august gathering that in order to boost the present membership level of IESM, which stood at a meager 4000, the Governing Body of IESM, at his request, has drastically reduced the Mebership Fees viz. Officers: from Rs. 500 down to Rs. 100; JCOs: from Rs. 200 down to Rs. 40; and NCOs & Sepoys: from Rs. 100 down to only Rs.10. and that these concessional rates would be applicable for only one month: 16 Dec 2009 to 15 Jan 2010. At that point, Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Member IESM Core Group & Member IESM Governing Body, stood up and informed the House that the reduction had come about at the persistent insistence of Col Rajan, despite the fact that the majority of the members of the Governing body were not in favour of any reduction. The reduction was agreed to as the Governing Body holds Col Rajan in high esteem and also considering the excellent response to the IESM activities from Karnataka. Maj Gen AJB Jaini and Col Rajan then urged one & all to go all out to increase membership of IESM by undertaking membership drives in all cities, towns & districts, especially in view of drastic reduction in Membership Fees. Col Rajan appealed to the retired Officers to join the IESM in large numbers; as, of date, only 200 retired officers were members of IESM out of the 2000 retired officers settled at Bangalore, despite the fact IESM membership forms were dispatched to each one of them by post.
Col Rajan then recapitulated various proactive activities undertaken by the IESM during the course of last year & a half. The august gathering was then told that it was on account of IESM and its proactive approach, viz. Fast for Justice, March for Justice and Depositing of Medals by Ex-Servicemen that OROP has been brought centre stage. However these activities can not be carried on and on. Considering the fact that it would be two years in Apr 2010 since commencement of proactive activities, the time has come to force the issue and stronger methods are required to be undertaken by the Ex-Servicemen community. Being Ex-Servicemen we can not chuck stones, we can not indulge in burning buses, we can not indulge in rasta roko, we can not indulge in rail roko. Then what options do we have? It was then said that we shall recommend to HQ IESM, undertaking of a FAST FOR JUSTICE from 9 AM to 5 PM on 30 Jan 2010, all over the Country. It was also stated that IESM is presently at the Cross Roads and that the Movement calls for Tyaag, Balidaan & Kurbaani; and that on 30 Jan 2009, IESM should issue a NOTICE to the Central Govt that Ex-Servicemen all over the Country, shall commence FAST UNTO DEATH wef 2 Oct 2010. Major Raveendran, IESM Convenor Palakkad, Kerala, demurred and said that such Gandhian methods will not work; and pointed out the example of Irom Sharmila, the iconic 36-year-old Manipuri woman, who has spent the best part of almost 10 years being force fed against her will. She has undertaken a fast-unto-death demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.
Concluding Talk.
The concluding talk was deliverd by Capt Ganesh Karnik, who thanked all Ex-Servicemen for having accepted the invitation for Lunch and for having participated in a very fruitful discussion.

No takers for defence forces in Suchani now

Once considered to be a heartland that produced valiant officers and soldiers in abundance, predominantly for the Army, Suchani and adjoining villages in Samba district today has no takers for defence forces. Attribute it to the disenchantment among the youth towards olive green, sky blue and white uniforms or changing trends in the materialistic society, defence forces today doesn’t attract them in Suchani village.
Suchani in the past produced highly decorated officers, including three Major Generals, two Vir Chakra recipients, and even today the villagers take pride when they talk about Satyendra Singh Jamwal, serving Rear Admiral, posted as Chief of Staff in the Southern Naval Command in Kochin. Predominantly, a Rajput village in Samba district, Suchani had given the Army Jagdish Singh Jamwal, Goverdhan Singh Jamwal and Keshav Singh Jamwal, the three Major Generals, says Yogeshwar Singh, sarpanch of the village.
Though Jagdish and Goverdhan retired after rendering distinguished services to the Army, in-service Keshav died in a chopper crash in Assam, he adds.
Suchani youth always had a penchant for the defence forces, particularly for the Army, but the trend plunged sharply over the years, says Yogeshwar.
Though the feeling of patriotism among the youths of the village has not died, they are now inclined towards professions like becoming government contractors and joining civil administration to live a contended life, says the sarpanch.
However, the passion to join the defence forces has almost faded among the youths from the Rajput Community here, a stark reality proved by the fact that in the past over a decade only one to two youth from Suchani joined the Army, he adds.
He rued that the Army did nothing to motivate the youth in a village that produced the maximum number of officers and soldiers for it.
The disenchantment towards the Army was amply proved when this correspondent found that all three sons of Vir Chakra recipient Naib Subedar Budhi Singh Jamwal had opted for careers in an agricultural university and other government departments. Budhi Singh, who passed away some three years ago, had been awarded the Vir Chakra for blowing up a Pak bunker in the Poonch Sector during the 1947 Indo-Pak conflict. Even Vikrant Singh Jamwal, grandson of Budhi Singh, doesn’t want to join the Army and wants to become either a government contractor or a cop in the state police.
However, recollecting bravery of his brother Budhi Singh, who joined the First JAK LI as a Naik, his brother Captain Khajoor Singh (retd) said Budhi had hurled grenades in the Pak bunker in the Poonch Sector in 1947 conflict.
The then Brigadier Pritam Singh, a Sikh officer, had recommended Budhi’s name for the gallantry award, says Khajoor. Khajoor’s son Jaipal Singh Jamwal attributes the root cause of disturbing trend to the concept of small families having only one son, low qualification among the youth, tilt among them to become government contractors and the Army’s lackadaisical attitude towards Suchani village.
“During 60s and 70s, the Army used to conduct recruitment camps in school premises here and youths from over half a dozen adjacent villages used to inundate the camp. But from the past over 35 years, the Army conducted no such camp,” says Jaipal Singh, an employee in the Education Department, whose son Dheeraj Singh Jamwal is a Flying Officer in the Air Force. This village had a tradition of sending men to defence forces and the youths, too, used to have a strong yearning to crack NDA, CDS, SSC exams, he adds.
He counted a few names to substantiate his claims like Rear Admiral Satyendra Singh Jamwal (son of retired Major General Jagdish Singh Jamwal), retired Commodore Kamal Singh Jasrotia, Brigadier Ravinder Singh, Lt Col Mukand Singh, Col Shiv Nandan Singh, Lt Col Bhagwan Singh, Brigadier Krishan Singh, Vir Chakra winner Lt Col Prabhu Singh, Major Balram Singh, Major Surinder Singh, Major Brahm Dev Singh, Brigadier Rajesh Singh, Major Raghunath Singh Jasrotia and Brigadier Raj Singh Jamwal.
After a gap of almost a decade, a village youth Uday Vir Singh cracked NDA examination and has become Captain in the Army. However, Major General Jagdish Singh (retd) attributed the declining trend to the step-motherly treatment to the three services. “We have been demanding ‘one rank, one pay’ and politicians also promise it during elections, but the fact can’t be denied that the three services and their men are not being looked after in the right earnest,” he says.
Those at the helm of affairs, including bureaucracy, in this country want to take everything at the expense of the three services, he adds.

Views of Maj Gen Renjen on federation of ESM's

Date: Friday, 25 December, 2009, 9:55 AM

Dear Brig,

The provision exists already. Category of Associate Membership was instituted with this aim alone; our MoA, in fact, emphasises our goal of Federation. The vision, as articulated many times, is that all ESM Orgs across India should join together on major issues of ESM concern, under a single banner of IESM, while retaining, without any dilution, their own identity, autonomy, culture, structure & leadership, aims & objectives and their own programmes. For the purpose, a significantly reduced rate of Membership Fee for the Members of the associating ESM Organisation is stipulated.

Your view that such federation will provide strength and GoI recognition to the IESM is accepted. However, this can only happen with increased membership base of IESM; associating or joining in actions of IESM alone implies only support and will not confer benefits visualised by you. Let me draw your attention to other national federations - CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM to name a few. Commercial establishments have to become members, as do individuals, for these federations to derive credibility.

Therefore, it is in our larger interst that we persuade other ESM Organisations to join IESM as Associate Members.

God Bless IESM and God bless you,

Maj Gen (Retd) PK Renjen, AVSM
91-9810044542 (cell),

Views of Air Cmde Raghubir Singh

From: raghubir_singh@
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 19:49:06 -0800

Dear Sirs,

Can you think of federal structure for the IESM where various ESM org under regional heads having dynamism, org capability can run the show in their areas of influence and yet be part of the IESM.? This way our strength would cross to a level where government would prefer to put IESM is the loop.

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)

Direct Entry Graduates Execustive Branch, called the BENBOW batch..20 Dec 1948 Commissioned

From: Lokesh K Batra
Sent: Fri, 25 December, 2009 11:21:33 PM
Subject: Request from Commodore K. L. Chopra

Dear Brig Kamboj,

Seasons' Greetings

I am forwarding a mail I received from Commodore (Retd.) K L Chopra who is of 1948 batch. He was my Commanding Officer when I was a young Sub Lt.

I have a humble requst to you to post the relevent part of Commodore Chopra's email on the Report my Signal as a special case. May be some group member in India or abroad know the contact details of his batchmate.

That will be a great help.

I am copying this mail to Commodore K L Chopra too.

warm Regards,
From: Krishan Chopra

Incidently I have a small problem and hope that you wud be able to find an answer for the same for me.

" You know I joined service on 20th December,1948 alongwith 18 other officers as the first Direct Entry Graduates Execustive Branch, called the BENBOW batch. To be honest, I have lost track of the whereabouts of these officers since retirement. There are a number of them, who have since died, whereas in case of some no contact details are available from my sources. I wonder if you would be able to find any answer to this predictment of mine. ( Two of these were, however, dismissed during the training itself )

Anything I could do please do let me know.


With kind regards

(All members of Report My Signal are requested to kindly give wide publicity to the contents of the above email and help in locating the members of 1st Direct Entry Graduates of Executive Branch of Navy, who joined service on on 20 Dec 1948.
If you know any members of the above Graduate Course, please send the information to the following –
1. Cmde LK Batra -
2. Cmde KL Chopra -
Thank you – Chander Kamboj)

Obamas thank military in Christmas message

From: abhay

Sent: Sat, 26 December, 2009 8:04:45 AM

Subject: Obamas thank military in Christmas message

One may love or hate the US but just see the respect and gratitude the # 1 Citizen and the Supreme Commander demonstrates for the men and women in Uniform.
Obamas thank military in Christmas message
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama offer Christmas wishes to the nation, including a special thanks for the U.S. military.

Sending this to you for further circulation if deemed appropriate.
Warm regards,


Brigadier Abhay Bhargava


From: naseemakeel shaikh []
Sent: 26 December 2009 00:12
To: Chander Kamboj

My dear Kamboj,

I am not sure whether the campaign for return of medals drew inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore's renunciation of his knighthood.

In any case I am attaching an excerpt from a book which was one of the gifts Santa Claus brought to my grand-dauhter:

From the Biography titled GANDHI by AMY PASTAN Page 68:

Ref. Reactions to JallianwalaBagh:


“The time has come when the badges of honour make our shame glaring in their incongrous context of humiliation, and for my part wish to stand shorn of all special distinctions, by the side of those of my countrymen who for their so-called insignificance, are liable to suffer degradation not fit for human beings.”

I have also sent a suggestion to Brig Chikkara that we could consider gathering gifts and donations for sweet packages for our jawans at the borders for Divali. Donations can be collected through schools NGOs businessesetc


(Cdr Akeel Shaikh, 18 NDA/B Sqn, currently in USA)


From: lokesh batra

Sent: Fri, 25 December, 2009 8:16:31 PM

Subject: Poem by Kavta Karkare :


Dear All,

I received following msg from Vinita Deshmukh Co-Author of the book `To The Last Bullet’

Dear Friends - forward it to as many, cheers and warm rgds vinita

Kavita Karkare’s heart rending poem which she read out on the occasion of the Marathi edition launch of `To The Last Bullet’ on December 22, in Pune should pierce the heart of every conscientious citizen of this country. I have translated it as follows:
Title: Do not become a martyr in this country

Do not commit the mistake of becoming a martyr in this country
Your image will be tarnished by being called as `Headless Chicken’ or
`Dumb Ass’
Hence, never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

Why has the martyr being adorned with `Ashoka Chakra’?
Is what they will argue aimlessly and insensitively
Even the `Ram Pradhan Committee (meant to give justice) will hang the
Hence, never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

While fighting terror, why didn’t help come in time? Why were the injured
lying for 40 minutes without help?
As a martyr’s wife in this country, never ask such questions.
Firstly, never commit the `crime’ of being a martyr in this country.

Nowhere in the world is a martyr tested for alcohol, but in this country this humiliation is also not spared
Never try to understand the politics behind this irrational demand.
Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

Which senior officer switched off his mobile during the hour of terror?
Or which senior officer twiddled his fingers on a terrace?
Never pick up courage to point such fingers.
Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

We have been reminded a hundred times about compensation to martyrs
As also the money we got as their `Leave Encashment’ and `Provident Fund.’
If that was not enough, we were reminded they paid us Rs.15,000 for our husbands’ funeral,
Never commit the mistake of being a martyr in this country.

By being in the government service
Never make the mistake of being a martyr in this country
In this country, the crime of murder is pardoned
The corrupt released from the prison
Walk in public, with their head held high
But if you become a martyr, you are ostracised from society
Never commit the mistake of being a martyr of this country.

Should the martyr be hanged?
Or should he be kept alive?
You will decide that
We have set aflame the torch,
Which you will keep it burning.

by Kavita Karkare
On the occasion of the release of the Marathi edition of `To The Last Bullet’

No food inflation in Parliament canteen..and they have no money for OROP

Can you imagine a vegetarian thali lunch for Rs.12.50 or a katori (small
bowl) of dal at Rs.1.50, and chapatis for a rupee each at a time when the
prices of essential commodities are touching the sky?

Yes it is possible, even if food is getting out of the reach of the poor in
the country. Welcome to the Parliament House canteen - where delectable
dishes will never act pricey.

A series of catering units run by Indian Railways at Parliament House,
including at the library and the annexe building, serve food at rates which
are a good decade old but are hard to digest for a newcomer.

MPs, who are seen shouting at each other and castigating the government over
the rising food prices, definitely relish the cheap canteen food. But, mind
you, the facility is not for them only.. Parliament staff, low-paid security
personnel and accredited journalists too enjoy the delicacies at rates which
an ordinary citizen outside cannot even think of.
Dal, considered to be the poor man's food in India and which is now getting
too expensive to even fit his bowl, costs just Rs.1.50 for a katori.

Low rates make the desserts sweeter. A katori of kheer at Rs.5.50 will never
taste bitter. So will a small fruit cake at Rs.9.50 and a helping of fruit
salad at Rs.7.

If you want to have soup, enjoy a bowl full at Rs.5.50, and for a heaped
plate of cooked rice you need to shell out just Rs.2. Dosa is available at

And, yes, a cup of piping hot tea is available for just Rs.1 -- not in the
canteen but along a parliament corridor at a tea board.

Where does this come from? Remember, behind the cheap commodity there is a
subsidy. All this costs the government a huge amount of tax payers' money.

The gap between the actual cost and what MPs, journalists and others have to
pay, is bridged with a food budget set aside by parliament.

"Over Rs.5.3 crore has been allocated during the current financial year for
the canteens. The Lok Sabha pays some Rs.3.55 crore and the Rajya Sabha
shares the amount to over Rs.1..77 crore," said an official.

"Not only MPs, we serve food to everybody who is allowed inside parliament.
They also include workers, gardeners and labourers," the official told IANS,
defending the low prices.

The food prices were last revised in 2004.

A 15-member joint parliamentary committee on food management headed by then
MP K. Yerranaidu of the Telugu Desam Party was constituted in 2005 to
consider revision of the rates and the service.

"The committee didn't give any report and the rates were not revised," the
official said.

During the just-concluded winter session, on an average "3,000 people were
served lunch in the canteen daily", a caterer said, but strongly pleaded
anonymity as "we have been told not to speak to the media without

Parliament House Canteen Food Rates

Tea Re. 1

Soup Rs.5.50

Dal - one katori Rs.1.50

Veg thali (dal, subzi,4 chapatis, rice/pulao, curd and salad) Rs.12.50

Non-veg thali Rs.22

Curd rice Rs.11

Veg pulao Rs.8

Chicken biryani Rs.34

Fish curry and rice Rs.13

Rajma rice Rs.7

Tomato rice Rs.7

Fish fry Rs.17

Chicken curry Rs.20.50

Chicken masala Rs.24.50

Butter chicken Rs.27

Chapati Re.1 a piece

One plate rice Rs.2

Dosa Rs.4

Kheer - one katori Rs.5.50

Fruit cake Rs.9.50

Fruit salad Rs.7

Did I hear someone say that there is no money for OROP?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New IESM members ....Thanks to Hony Capt Dheer Singh

Following new members have joined IESM on 13 Dec 09. This is the hard work of Hony capt Dheer singh of Gurgaon.

Mrs Gindori Devi w/o Sep Ajmeri lal
Mrs Sukhwati w/o sep Sohan Pal
Mrs Sushila devi w/o Hav Madan Lal
Mrs Kalawati Devi w/o Hony capt Siri Ram
Mrs Bimla Devi w/o dafdar chhotu ram
Sep Jugal Kishor
Nk Munni lal
Hav Parsu lal
Nk Daya kishan
Sep Ram avtar singh
Sep Sri kishan
Hav Ranjit Singh
Hav Om Kanwar
Hav Brahm prakash
L/nk Suraj Prakash
Nk Mahinder
Sep Sri ram
Hav Mool chand
Hav Rajbir
Hav Satya bir Singh
Hony Nb sub Tara chand sharma
Sep Rohash
Nk Kirpal Singh
Nk Ramesh kumar
Nk Balbir Singh
sig man hoshiar singh
Nk Ramesh chander
sep sri ram
Nk Satinder kumar
Hav Ranvir Singh
Sep Ram Avtar
Nk Kapoor Singh
Gun Mange Ram Yadav
Nk Rohatash Ram
Sep Sita Ram
Hav Birbal ram
Ref Ram Singh
Hav Naval Singh
MCEAPII Vidya Sagar
Sub Major ML Sharma
Hony capt Balbir Singh Jhangi
Sub Zille Singh
Hony Lt Shish Ram
Hony Capt Ram Dhan
WO A M Lal
Hony Capt Ram Kumar
Hony Capt IS Yadav
Sub Maj Sukhbir Singh
Hony Capt ML Dahiya
Hony Sub Roop Chand Bhardwaj
Sub Maj Om Prakash Sherawat
Sub Maj Ram Singh
Sub Kesho Ram Yadav
Sub Ram Kishan Sharma
Nb Sub Rati ram
Hony Capt Dharam vir Jhangra
Sub Bhim Singh
Lt Col AD Batra

Gordon Brown snubbed by soldiers' 'curtain' protest

http://www.timesonl tol/news/ politics/ article6945976. ece

From The Sunday Times
December 6, 2009
Gordon Brown snubbed by soldiers' 'curtain' protest
Steven Swinford

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown was snubbed by badly injured Afghan veterans when they closed curtains round their beds during a hospital visit and refused to speak to him.
More than half the soldiers being treated at the Selly Oak hospital ward in Birmingham either asked for the curtains to be closed or deliberately avoided the prime minister, according to several of those present.

The soldiers, who have sustained some of the worst injuries seen in Afghanistan, described his visit as “opportunistic” and a “waste of time”.
Furious about equipment shortages and poor compensation for their injuries, one soldier said: “It is almost as if we are the product of an unwanted affair ... he has done nothing for us.”

Brown visited the military wing of Selly Oak on September 2, where about 25 wounded soldiers were being treated. They were told about the visit in the morning and asked by nurses if they wanted to speak to him.

Sapper Matthew Weston, 20, is one of the most seriously injured soldiers to have survived. He lost both legs and his right arm when a bomb exploded on a dirt track outside Sangin.

He said: “I didn’t want to speak to him, I didn’t want to waste my time talking to someone who was just trying to make themselves look good. I spent the day with my family instead.

“Half the lads didn’t want to speak to him and those that did pretty much blamed him for everything. Many of the lads just closed their curtains and hid themselves away.
“I met Prince Charles and Sir Richard Dannatt [when they visited Selly Oak]. I have respect for them. Prince Charles spoke to me for two hours. I really didn’t want to speak to Gordon Brown.”

Another soldier, who suffered severe injuries when caught in a mine explosion, left the hospital in an attempt to avoid Brown.

He was angry at the government’s attempt to cut compensation payouts for injured soldiers. He said: “I went outside for a fag but when I came back he was still there. Most of us said we wouldn’t like to see him so we drew our curtains and waited for him to go.

“It was a pretty sour thing, we feel a lot of bitterness towards Gordon Brown. The guys read the papers, it is obvious to them that he doesn’t care. Many of us felt like it was an effort to accommodate him.

“At the time the Ministry of Defence were trying to sue wounded British soldiers to cut their compensation. It was so wrong. It doesn’t give the guys any faith in the government, it doesn’t make us feel like they support us or look after us.
“The lads didn’t say much after the visit. Some were grateful he had bothered to come up to see us, others were saying they wished they could have thumped him.”
Another soldier, who lost his right leg after being caught in a mine blast in Afghanistan, said that more than two-thirds of the 25 soldiers on the ward closed their curtains. He, however, decided to speak to Brown.

“I wanted to find out how the guy’s head worked,” he said. “I was interested in what he had made of his trip to Afghanistan and what he had learnt from it.

“I feel that even if someone is a moron, he should have the opportunity to defend his moronity. [His response] all seemed rather textbook and not from the heart.
“It is quite obvious to anyone that Brown is not concerned, it is almost as if we [the soldiers] are the product of an unwanted affair.

“The straight fact is this: we don’t like the man, he has done nothing for us and continues to kick us in the teeth over equipment and compensation.”
The most severely wounded troops are flown from the front line to Selly Oak for treatment, often within 12 hours of being operated on by teams of surgeons in Camp Bastion. The hospital has a specialist, 32-bed military-run ward to help soldiers recover from their injuries alongside other servicemen.

The concerns of the wounded soldiers appear to highlight a disconnection between front line troops in Afghanistan and Brown and his government. Earlier this year an official report suppressed by ministers revealed that soldiers’ lives were being put at risk by “endemic” failures at the Ministry of Defence.
It blamed a “political fudge” and Whitehall incompetence for the failure to provide soldiers in Afghanistan with adequate equipment, and said bungled projects were £35 billion over budget.
At the same time Brown has been accused of failing to give adequate funding to the military. As chancellor he oversaw a dramatic increase in government expenditure on education, welfare and health while the defence budget fell from 2.8% of GDP to 2.2%.
The cuts have continued since he became prime minister. In October he was forced to backtrack over plans to impose a £17.5m cut in the Territorial Army’s training budget, while a month earlier the government took two injured soldiers to court in a test case that would have slashed compensation payments to injured soldiers.
The failings are damaging the morale of troops on the front line. According to a survey of 10,500 Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel, published in August, the majority of servicemen and women feel morale is low, singling out equipment shortages as one of their biggest concerns.

Two days after his visit to Selly Oak, Brown paid tribute to injured soldiers during a speech in London. He said: “There is nothing more heartbreaking than, as I did this week, meeting a teenager who has lost a leg.”

Yesterday a spokesman for the prime minister said: “The prime minister regularly visits wounded service personnel. He has the utmost respect and admiration for the soldiers’ sacrifice, bravery and dignity. As you would expect, we never comment on the PM’s private visits to injured soldiers.”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dainik Jagran....Ex-defence personnel want Govt to resolve pension issue

Dainik jagran

December 21, 2009

Ex-defence personnel want Govt to resolve pension issue

Members of the Indian ex-servicemen movement (IESM) held their first annual general meeting on December 13 at the community centre of Sector-37, Noida. Over 400 ex-servicemen and families from all over the country attended the first meeting of IESM.

The demand for one rank and one pension was raised vociferously by members and they resolved to continue their struggle till it was met.

Chairman of IESM, Lt Gen Raj Kadyan said, "The Central Government should not test our patience. So far thousands of former servicemen have returned medals to President and this will happen again in January and the number of medal returnees would be more than ever before".

"I strongly believe that ex-defence personnel are a rich national asset and the government should involve them in nation building activities like education, health and environment issues, especially in rural areas where we have a large number of them residing. IESM should also work towards this goal," said Commodore Lokesh K Batra. Col. Rajesh Kwatra said, "When we serve the country, the government assures us all basic facilities but after retirement it forgets even our basic needs."

The Tribune

Monday, December 21, 2009, Chandigarh, India
Ex-servicemen blame babus for their plight
Umesh Dewan
Tribune News Service
Patiala, December 20
The Punjab State Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association has expressed its “utter dismay” over manner in which the union and state government has treated ex-servicemen. The association leaders have squarely blamed the bureaucrats for the present plight of the ex-servicemen. According to association representatives, babus deliberately oppose decisions aimed at the welfare of the ex-servicemen community.

State president of the association Col (retd) Kuldip Singh Grewal said after retirement at an early age, soldiers are put in category of unskilled workers in the government, semi-government and private establishments. He rued that in order to produce a soldier, who could fight with enemy in battlefield, besides undergoing refresher courses, intensive training has been imparted to the soldiers. “Hence, the state government should look into it and issue orders that the retired soldiers will be given status of skilled worker,” he demanded.

Taking up another issue, Grewal claimed that during the recent recruitment drive initiated by the Punjab police for recruiting constables, the candidature of those ex-servicemen, who had not passed Punjabi at matriculation level and had overstepped two years stipulation after date of retirement, was rejected.
“Our association demands that condition of two years stipulation after retirement should be abolished and the ex-servicemen candidates must be given stipulated period to pass Punjabi examination,” he said. Grewal further rued that in sheer defiance of the government instructions, retired soldiers are being “harassed” in the government offices. “The ex-servicemen are not being given due respect, particularly by the officials of the police and revenue departments,” he alleged, while adding that the government must issue strict directions to the various government departments, not to harass the ex-servicemen.

Grewal said various memorials are raised in honour of the soldiers, who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. “The memorials must bear all names of the martyrs belonging to the district or the area where the memorial has been brought up. Memorial pillar must be updated after every war. Presently, names of some of the martyrs have not found place in the lists engraved on the pillars of some memorials,” he disclosed.

IC-19451P Maj KK Balakrishnan(Veteran-Signals)-from Sydney Australia joins IESM

From: Kris Balakrishnan


Cc: Kris Balakrishnan ;
Sent: Sun, 20 December, 2009 9:19:21 AM

Subject: from IC-19451P Maj KK Balakrishnan(Veteran-Signals)-from Sydney Australia

Dear General

I have today 20 Dec 09(Sunday) posted to your Gurgaon address a Syndicate Bank, DSOI, New Delhi personal cheque for Rs 5,000= in the name of IESM as the drawee. This would take care of the Life Membership Fee of Rs 100= or Rs 500= (as the case may be) and a donation to IESM for the remainder amount.

Could you please arrange to intimate me when HQ IESM receives the same so that I can tick it off my pending list.

Thanx for all the good Karma being done by IESM Office Bearers and its numerous supporters and well wishers(even thought energy leads to good Karma!). As long as you have the Vision and the cause of IESM in mind in whatever you do, carry on regardless.

Please use for any email correspondence to me. Thanx.

Major KK Balakrishnan(Veteran-Signals)
Sydney, Australia

IESM Membership IAF Pune ..Thanks to Cdr R Pathak

From: Ravindra Pathak

Sent: Sun, 20 December, 2009 8:31:10 AM

IESM Membership IAF Pune

Dear Sir

I have registered the following of the 192 IAF members of 16 Dec

Sgt Dnyanmote S S
Cpl Bhagwat C R
Cpl Ainapure W S
Sgt J O Bharati
Sgt Kulkarni R H
Cpl Aminbhavi S R
Cpl Kawathekar D D
Cpl Palshikar G A
Cpl Gupta U K
Sgt Pahade Unmesh
Sgt Halady D G
Sgt Pandit U H
Sgt Gawade A T
Sgt Jagadale V P
Cpl Bapat V V
Sgt Mauskar A B
Cpl Kulkarni J K
Cpl Gandhe S D
Cpl Bagade A S
Cpl Katti M M
Cpl Deshpande P N
Cpl Soman Y M
Cpl Karandikar R J
Sgt Kowlgi G
Cpl Abhyankar S P
Sgt Mate C H
Cpl Apte V K
Cpl Safai B L
This makes a total of 53

I have also registered the following
Mrs Vasundhara Narayanswami W/o Lt Col L S Narayanswami
HDFC receipts have been sent.

Applications will follow in due course.


R W Pathak
Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N.(Retd)
Member and Coordinator IESM Pension Cell
(Mobile 919822329340)
1 Surashri, 1146 Lakaki Road, Shivajinagar, Pune 411016
Tel 91 20 2...

ALL India Defence Brotherhood joins IESM

From: kiran krishan
To: Lt Gen Raj - kadyan ; satbir singh ; pravesh renjen
Sent: Tue, 22 December, 2009 4:38:01 PM

Lt Gen B S Dhaliwal, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), former Engineer-in-Chief, the Indian Army, and 49 all ranks have joined the IESM under the aegis of the All India Defence Brotherhood. Lt Gen Dhaliwal is an ardent and active supporter of all ex-servicemen causes. We welcome him and all others to the IESM ranks.

Lt Gen Dhaliwal’s E-mail address is: The chairman is requested to post a welcome message.

A sum of Rs 4,250.00 towards the membership dues was deposited in the IESM HDFC Bank account with the bank’s Chandimandir Branch today. Data will be uploaded in the next few days.

With regards,

Brig Kiran Krishan, SM (Retd),
Coordiator, IESM, Panchkula &
President All Indian Defence Brotherhood (Haryana Unit

Sunday, December 20, 2009

MUST READ...AND PASS ON..Pension Adv in papers today Dec 20 , 2009





The pension of pre 1-1-2006 ex-servicemen in implementation of the recent recommendations of the 6th CPC has to be revised as per MOD’s letter dated 11-11-2008 which is also available on the website, and

Annexure IV to MOD’s aforementioned letter which has 16 columns is required to be completed by all Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs) and given to the pensioners. In Column 12 of the Annexure IV details of of computation of revised pension/ family pension are to be indicated while in Column 13 arrears of pension/ family pension are to be mentioned by the Banks.

Deptt of Financial Services have issued clear instructions to the Chief Executives pf all public sector banks to complete the task of revision of pension expeditiously and supply Annexure-IV duly filled in to the Ex-serviceman pensioners vide their letter F. no. 2/2/2008-BO.II dated 25th September 2009 and F. No. 2/2/2008-BO.II dated 15th December 2009.

Therefore, the ex-servicemen pensioners should obtain a copy of Annexure IV from the respective Pension Disbursing banks. The concerned Banks are also requested to supply Annexure IV duly completed to all ESM pensioners so that correctness of entitlement of pension can be ascertained by them.

This notice is being issued by the department of Financial Srvices (Ministry of Finance) and the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare (Ministry of Defence) in public interest.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vijay Diwas at Bangalore on 16 Dec 2009..Courtesy Brig MS Parthasararthy

Vijay Diwas at Bangalore on 16 Dec 2009..Courtesy Brig MS Parthasararthy>...Click me to View the Pictures

You may please thank Brig MS Parthasarathy for the lovely photographs.

I am grateful to Brig MS Parthasarathy for taking the photographs and posting them on the Net.
Col Rajan

Friday, December 18, 2009

Vijay Divas at Bangalore by Maj Gen Jaini


Dear IESM friend,

It was, indeed, my greatest pleasure meeting you during 'VIJAY DIWAS' event @ B'Lore. The fact that we could share & exchange thoughts about our IESM Movement & the way 'Fwd' in it, has given me an all the more innate feeling of satisfaction.
We do hope that we shall be able to remain in contact with each other & together work unceasingly for the betterment of our Ex-Serviceman & the success of our IESM Movement.

With sincerely spirited & highly motivated people like Capt GANESH KARNIK - who is fortunately there at the helm of Governmental affairs, we can breathe a sigh of comfort. We can also feel proud that in KARNIK we have OUR 'Man Friday ' to assist us on the Political front. His inclination & indulgence is undaunting.

As a Member of the Governing Body/Steering Committee & Core Gp of the IESM, I seek your kind & personal indulgence in lending your fullest support to Col RAJAN who is working like a 'Missionary' -- doing so much in every way to ammeliorate the problems of our ESM & working for their welfare. It is Only by enlarging our Membership of the IESM that we can develope a meaningfull 'Voice' & look fwd to achieving our AIM. Your willingness in this regard has been so very assuring.
If ever I could do anything for YOU fm Delhi, do please let me know as it shall be our proudest pleasure.
Above all, please remain in ' tuch '
Wishing U & your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR & ALL the VERY BEST of EVERYTHING in 2010

Yours Affly
Major General A.J.B.Jaini, AVSM
Member Governing Body/Steering Committree & Core Gp of the IESM




The Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM) faction led by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (retd) has objected to the announcement of Dharam Singh Sheoran as the new IESM chief.
Punjab IESM chief Brig Nawab Singh (retd.) said, "The IESM is still chaired by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (retd) while its vice-chairman is Maj Gen Satbir Singh (retd)."
"Some ex­servicemen are spreading such things at the behest of their political masters," he said. In a meeting of ex-servicemen in Gurgaon on December 12, former soldier Dharam Singh Sheoran was elected president of the body.
Brig Harwant Singh (retd), a member of IESM governing body, said, "Some members were expelled from IESM for antiIESM activities. Sheoran never joined IESM and hence has no authority to use its name."
IESM will take legal action against perpetrators for this forgery, Group Captain V.K. Gandhi (retd) IESM general secretary, said.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vijay Diwas Pics at Chennai..Courtesy Brig V A Subramanyam

War Memorial

Members at the War Memorial

Lt Gen Sundara Rao laying a wreath

Maj Gen Chattaraman laying a wreath

Col Raman laying a wreath

Col Krishnaswami VrC laying a wreath

RAdm Sivamani laying a wreath

Vijay Diwas Pics at Chennai..Courtesy Brig V A Subramanyam






Vijay Diwas Pics at Chennai..Courtesy Brig V A Subramanyam






Vijay Diwas at Chennai by Brig VA Subramanyam

From: Brig V A Subramanyam

Please refer to the report sent by Col TN Raman, one of the two principal organisers of the function at Chennai. This is not only to compliment him and Col N Viswanathan for the excellent manner in which they organised the function but also complement what Col Raman said in his report. Have also sent separately the photographs taken on the occasion.
Vijay Diwas 2009

For the first time since I moved into Madras – what has now become Chennai – over a decade and half ago, I was pleasantly surprised to note that the Veteran Officers in the Station had decided to observe the Vijay Diwas.

Thanks to the efforts of two untiring persevering determined veterans – Col N Viswanathan and Col TN Raman who against all odds decided to take matters into their own hands and decided to organize the function by themselves. And the resultant was a message sent on late evening of the 12th Dec, to say that it would be observed at 1100hours on the 16th Dec at the War Memorial.

The weathermen had predicted a wet Wednesday, and based on those readings, the local Government had asked all schools to close. Nonetheless, we drove down to the War Memorial with the skies being overcast and thick dark clouds threatening to open up any minute and pour down in all the fury. But the threats did not have any undue effect on all of us, as having been conditioned to commence exercises and operations in such weather, we pressed on regardless. We reached the adjoining MES IB, where arrangements had been made for parking of vehicles. From there we trooped into the precincts of the manicured lawns of the War Memorial. It was heartening to note that in spite of short notice - about 50 personnel from all the three Armed Services had gathered together to pay our humble tributes to all those brave soldiers who had given their all during the 1971 Indo Pak conflict in order that we and the civil society may live a more peaceful and better lives.

The War Memorial was a relic of the Colonial trappings – having been built by the Raj in memory of those of the then Madras Presidency who had fought on behalf of British Empire. Accordingly the letterings on main face were in English, whereas on the other three sides they were in Tamil, Urdu (possibly due to the troops of Arcot who were primarily Muslims) and Telugu. When the British took over Madras, it was ruled by Damarla Venkatapathy Nayak, a Telugu speaking gentleman.

The wording on the Memorial reads as: “To the memory of all those from the Madras Presidency who lost their lives in the service of ‘the Nation’”. To anyone having a closer look it would be obvious that the words ‘the Nation’ had been added later possibly replacing ‘the Empire’. Inscriptions on the four surrounding pillars have now been added. They read as 1947 – 48; 1962 Chinese Aggression; 1965 and 1971 – Indo-Pakistan war.

The function commenced exactly as scheduled at 1100 hours. Lt Gen C Sundara Rao, the Patron of AFVOA was the first to place a wreath on the memorial. He was followed by Maj Gen Chattaraman, the current President of AFVOA, Col TN Raman, Convenor of the IESM, Tamil Nadu, Col A Krishnaswami, VrC, VSM**, RAdm Sivamani and Sqn Ldr J Nagarajan, KC, decorated soldiers of the three services. Thereafter the rest of all the personnel gathered, offered floral tributes to the memory of war heroes.

The function came to a close by sounding of the last post by the soldiers of 5 Jak Rif regiment.

"We never get what we want,
We never want what we get,
We never have what we like,
We never like what we have.
And still we live & love.
That's life...."
Have a Wonderful Day!
== Subramanyam



Dear All Veterans
ESM in and around Navi Mumbai organised a public function to celebrate VICTORY DAY of INDO PAK WAR 1971, under the banner of EX SERVICEMEN LEAGUE Navi Mumbai, affiliated to IESM,on 17 Dec 2009 at SIES College of Management NERUL Navi Mumbai, auditorium form 10 am to 1 pm.Over 200 dignitaries from different sectors of society including ESM and families attended.Infact extra chairs had to be placed to accommodate all.

The meeting commenced with two minutes silence to pay respect to those who laid their lives in the war. Lt Col DP Singh,President,welcomed all and explained the back ground of public function.He also high lighted the action awaited from local authorities in constructing a SAHEED SAMARAK,naming two roads in each node of Navi Mumbai after war heroes and allotting a office space to ESM organisation.Vice Admiral (Retd) IC Rao,PVSM,AVSM as Chairman spoke on Nation building & Security. Brig (Retd) SC Sharma gave a over view of 1971 war including interesting inputs from now declassified NIXON papers and other published material. Director SIES,Dr Sengupta narrated his personal sentiments being originally from Bangladesh and what is being done by Management Institutes for ESM. GOC,HQ MG&G Area sent a serving Brigadier as his representative.

Total of 12 speakers from Army ,Navy,Air Force narrated their first hand experiences of 1971 war,the audience repeatedly cheered the speakers, including one 83 year Sqn Ldr who deposited his medals for returning to President,the Supreme Commander.The meeting ended with National Anthem.

Electronic & print media was present in large numbers and pre function was covered in News papers.

Photographs of event would be sent little later.

Brigadier Dharam Prakash


Col KL Dewan with Brig KG Behl / Lt Col B M Thapa on pep talk

Maj Gen Nandwani, Lt Gen TPS Rawat,Brig Kg Behl,LtCol BM Thapa others With Maj Gen BC Khanduri,Ex CM

DESL Executive Committee Members


To remember the day of historical and decisive battle fought by Indian soldiers in 1971 for liberation of Bangladesh, homage was paid to MARTYRS at 1545 hrs on 16 Dec 09 at Dakra War Memorial, Dehradun Cantt. Not only all martyrs who sacrificed their life in 1971 war but also all war wounded soldiers of Doonite and their nearest and dearest were remembered on VIJAY DIWAS. Function was organized by Jhanda Committee, Dakra Shahid Chok, Dehradun Cantt which was attended by more 350 Doonites including veterans & their families.

Hon’ble Chairman Vidhan sabha Sh Harbans Kapoor was the chief guest and others who attended the Vijay Diwas were Sh Ganesh Joshi, ESM , MLA, Brig KG Behl,Retd, President Dehradun Ex-Services League, Lt Col B M Thapa, Retd, General Secretary Dehradun Ex-services League and Member IESM, Brig P S Gurung,Retd, Lt Col B S Chhetri,Retd,H/Capt P S Rana, H/Capt K B Thapa and many others.

Chief guest and President DESL disseminated the detail information about the VIJAY DIWAS and honoured all war widows, wounded veterans in war and their relatives by presenting souvenirs. Brig K G Behl during his address stressed on OROP and intimated the veterans and their families about all the efforts being taken at every level including by concerned authorities and IESM for an early favorable decision to over come the arouse irresistibility with the Central Govt for which as on today 20000 medals been deposited with President by the veterans.

In Put
Lt Col B M Thapa,Retd
Gen Secy, DESLand Member IESM.

Parity between pre and post 2006 retirees : Story not over yet !!?!! by Cdr KK Punchhi

Friday, December 18, 2009

Parity between pre and post 2006 retirees : Story not over yet !!?!!

The government had officially closed the chapter for grant of any additional benefit to pre-2006 retirees or any improvement in the modified parity already implemented (2.26 of old basic pension OR 50% of minimum of new pay band + Grade Pay + MSP when applicable, whichever is higher). Similarly, the government had also officially closed the chapter for grant of full pension to retirees who had been released between 01-01-2006 and 02-09-2008 after putting in 20 years of service. As we know, the government has already relented on the latter aspect and even issued the letter granting the benefit. Now it seems that there is going to be a re-think on improving the modified parity granted to pre-2006 pensioners.

In a meeting between the National Anomalies Committee on the 6th CPC Chaired by the Secretary Personnel, Govt of India, and the Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers, the government has decided to consider the issue once again. It would be worthwhile to state that almost all pensionary modalities made applicable to civil employees are extended to defence personnel also.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Court pulls up government over missing soldier

Court pulls up government over missing soldier

December 16th, 2009 - 9:56 pm ICT by IANS

New Delhi, Dec 16 (IANS) The Delhi High Court Wednesday pulled up the government for not being able to get any information on a missing Indian soldier suspected to be in a Pakistani jail for the last 44 years.
“Your (government) attitude shows that nobody cares for the soldier. No information was gained by the government despite so many chances. It is not done,” said a division bench comprising Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S.Muralidhar.

The court directed the government to contact the Ministry of External Affairs and file a status report regarding the information of Anand Patri by Jan 13.

The court warned the counsel appearing for government that if the status report was not filed then the defence secretary should be asked to be present in the court personally on the next date of hearing.

In its earlier report the government contended that “we have no record of Anand Patri after 1965. Though he took part in 1962 Indo-China conflict and also in the 1965 India-Pakistan war, but after this, he has not been traced and his name has not been found even amongst the prisoners of war of 1965.”

However, a right to information (RTI) query to the external affairs ministry in 2007 revealed that the Indian High Commission in Pakistan had been informed that an Indian national named
Naseem Gopal was lodged in a Pakistani jail.

Patri had seen a faded photograph of his father in an Oriya daily Feb 7, 2003 - 38 years after he went missing. The photograph, published by the Orissa government, identified him as Naseem Gopal, an inmate in a Pakistani jail for almost 40 years.

The court was hearing a public interest litigation filed by human rights activist Madangopal Khushiram Paul and lawyer Kishor Paul on behalf of Patri




Col (Retd) TN Raman

Today, 16 Dec 2009, the ESM of Chennai paid their homage to the Martyrs, at the War Memorial on the Marina Beach Road , for the first time. This could not have happened but for the support of the HQ ATNK Area & 5 JAK RIF Bn. The Veteran General Officers, Brigadiers, Officers & their equivalent ranks of all the three Services & JCOs , NCOs & Jawans, could pay their homage in near Military Style with the Band of 5 JAK RIF present. Our thanks to them & to Col A Krishnaswami, the highly decorated Veteran of JAK RIF .

What was on display was the spirit exhibited by the participants. There were 6 octogenarians. There was Lt Gen C Sundara Rao, 87 years young, Maj Gen Balasubramanian. R/Adm PP Sivamani, Air Cmde Amirthalingam, Brig Muthulakshmi from the MNS, Maj Gen Chattaraman the President of AFVOA , Maj Gen Govindaswamy & many more. Three decorated Veterans from the three Services laid the wreaths ; Col Krisnaswamy, R/Adm Sivamni & Sqn Ldr Nagarajan.
Wreaths were also laid by the Patron of AFVOA, Lt Gen Sundara Rao, Maj Gen Chattaraman, President of AFVOA & Col TN Raman, IESM.

A point I wish to clarify here. In Chennai, most of the Members of AFVOA, including the Patron, are also the members of IESM. So am I. The Veterans work as a team here, complementing each others efforts.

As per the Minutes of the AGM of IESM, Tamilnadu is one of the top four States leading in the IESM membership drive. It could be achieved mainly due to the ethos of ESM Unity developed here. A task undertaken by an ESM in the National Interest, is viewed as a task in general by all the other ESM Organisations. The ESM Organisations in Tamilnadu would like to grow in Uniting on issues affecting us as a community, than to divide to garner all the credit to themselves, individually. This year’s Vijay Diwas has reinforced the concept of UNITY.

Jai Hind !

Veteran Raman

PBOR????????????? by V Adm B Ghose

From: Barin Ghose

Sent: Wed, 16 December, 2009 1:21:59 PM

Subject: PBOR?????????????

In the Navy the terms used were sailor and senior sailor. The latter reffered to Petty Officers and above. They mustered seperately and till 1970 wore uniforms different from the junior sailor and the term PO was even mentioned in the Navy Act When parity with Army JCOs in pay etc was sought two additional ranks above CPO were created namely MCPO II & MCPOI.
In the IAF parity was achieved by re naming the Flt Sergeant as JWO and the MWO above the WO.

The term inthe Army was traditionally other ranks. Even the NCO was a non commissioned officer. the term PBOR meant initially Personnel below Officer Rank. Since JCO was an officer he was out of the purview of the definition.
Gradually the term PBOR tended to include all except the commissioned officer.
Reccommend we revert to the original ie
· ARMY JCOs, NCOs and other ranks
· NAVY Senior Sailors, Petty Officers and junior sailors
· Air force Warrant Officers, NCOs and airmen
The above was rec in late nineties but nothing happened

Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
Head Pension Cell
Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
B 449 Sushant Lok I
Gurgaon 122002 Haryana
Phone 124-4044069, Mobile 9871381479
E Mail

Great Job Done Cdr Pathak and Gp Capt Pathak at Pune

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
On behalf of YOU ALL, ‘i’ thank and congratulate Cdr RW Pathak and his team at Pune, for registering 193 ESM of IAF as members of IESM, in a single day – 16 Dec 09.

Great job done - Cdr Pathak and team.

Are the Heads of AFA at the state level and centre listening???
Will someone please wake them up!!!

Some of the other emails received are also reproduced below.
Two news cuttings received from Gen Secy, Dehra Dun ESL, are also attached.

In Service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

From: Ravindra Pathak
To: Maj Gen Satbir Singh
Cc: Brig C S Kamboj ; Kirit Joshipura ; Maj Gen Pravesh Renjen
Sent: Wed, 16 December, 2009 11:27:18 PM
Subject: Membership IAF personnel at Pune

Dear Sir

Today i had an opportunity to address a group of IAF personnel at their annual meeting at Pune.This was possible thanks to efforts by Gr Capt Pathak and the organizers of the meeting.The meeting was attended by 510 personnel including families.

I had 10 minutes to speak on IESM after Gr Capt Phatak spoke about Pensions and thereafter Col Deepak Karnik and self had a hectic time registering members.

At the end of the day we had 193 membership forms with us. I feel it was a combination of my emphasis on what we at IESM have achieved in the 3 Cells and the reduced fees that lead to such large numbers joining.

I will collate the details and forward the same in due course.


R W Pathak

Cdr Ravindra Waman Pathak I.N.(Retd)
Member and Coordinator IESM Pension Cell
1 Surashri, 1146 Lakaki Road, Shivajinagar, Pune 411016

PROGRESS IESM Punjab and Chandigarh CHAPTER by Brig Nawab Singh

Dear All Veterans,

1. IESM Punjab and Chandigarh chapter meeting was held at Mohali attended by many Veterans naming a few Capt Sidhu,Maj Gujral,Col Sandhu,Col Sekhon,Col Minhas,Brig Kahlon,Brig Grewal,Brig Harwant and many other members.

2. Following steps for implementaion of Demand for OROP were were taken :-

A. Shortly meeting will be held with Rahul Gandhi and Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav to assist us in progressing our demand further.
B. Open Forum Discussion with Ms Bharkha Datt on OROP issue at Chandigarh and later be tele casted at Delhi.We will request prominent ESM to attend so that whole nation can watch the show.
C. District Conveners have been appointed.

D. Col Sandhu a famous MaJha ESM leader of Poohla fame and running an NGO of ESM has given his call to support IESM.

E. Capt Sidhu Ex 5 Para Regt has been unanimously elected as Chief Spokesperson of IESM -Punjab and Chandigarh.

3. A meeting of IESM was held at Delhi on 13 Dec attended by large number of ESM.Points discussed there will be sent soon.

4. A meeting of ESM,s of Five Southern states is being held today at Banglore.Approx 10000 ESM from all five states are attending.CM of Karnatka is addressing the meeting.IESM and IESl of all five Southern States have joined hands to fight for OROP.

Jai Hind,
Brig Nawab Singh

Tuesday, December 15, 2009




The Annual General Body meeting of IESM was attended by more than 400 members from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Chandigarh. The meeting started at 1000h. Gen Sec Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM welcomed the members and noted that the corum was not complete adjourned the meeting and declared that meeting will reassemble after 30 min as per the company rule.

2. The AGM reassembled at 1035h with more than 400 members present and the proceedings and deliberations started.

3. Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM welcomed the members and read out the agenda for the meeting. He requested the Chairman Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan PVSM, AVSM VSM to address the meeting.




4. Chairman addressed the assembly and explained to all that the IESM has been successful in bringing the OROP to the centre stage of the Government Radar. IESM is always careful of the image of the armed forces and would never take any step which would adversely affect the image of armed forces in public eye. Infact he commended the veterans that they have maintained their semblance while protesting for their rights and demands. It is this dignified behavior of the veterans which is being appreciated by all the countrymen. He further explained that there is no quick fix solution to the demand of OROP and it would be a long drawn fight with the Government. Veterans of the armed forces have the experience and knowledge of the Government functioning and their methods of taking decisions. This struggle would therefore be long and tedious and would have to be fought patiently. He also expressed that the novel idea of depositing the medals to the President of India is indeed very effective and the Government has no answer to this form of protest by the veterans. He explained to the house that even Government functionaries are clueless about how to tackle this problem of medal return. He told the house that the fact that the RRM Sh Pallamraju has made a statement in the Lok Sabha that the Government has accepted the recommendations of Cabinet secretary committee and hence all the veterans should take back their medals honourably. This indicates that the Government is uncomfortable with the return of medals by the veterans and does not have any answer to this problem. He explained to the members that recommendations of Cabinet Secretary Committee are far short of the demands of IESM hence there is no question of taking back the medals. He further exhorted the house that this method of protest of returning the medals should be intensified and IESM should continue to return the medals in very large numbers to the President to increase pressure on the Government. He further informed the house that IESM has asked for an appointment with the President of India and also with the Raksha Mantri but our request had still not been accepted because they do not have any suitable reply for our demands and our method of protest. Next date of returning of medals would be announced soon.

5. He informed the house that with the effort of IESM;

· The government has been forced to accept two demands of having a separate pay commission for the armed forces and of constituting an ESM Commission. Both these are part of IESM demands
· Two major political parties, BJP and CPM included the OROP issue in their election manifesto by categorically stating that if voted to power, they would sanction OROP. It may be relevant to recall that the same BJP had not sanctioned OROP during their over six years NDA rule.
· The President of India included mention of the term OROP in her address to the opening session of the Parliament on 04 June 2009. This was the first time in India’s history that the ‘taboo’ word was used by the First Citizen of the country.
· Substantial pension benefits for pre 1997 PBOR are in the pipe line and an amount of Rs 2144 Crore has already been set aside for this purpose.

6. He further told the house that three division of the IESM have been accepted by the veterans and all the veterans are very appreciative of the work done by the divisions. Many veterans are approaching these divisions with their problems and veterans are being helped in all possible ways.

7. The Chairman also informed the house that it is very important to increase the members of IESM because increased number of members increases the strength of IESM and would put more pressure on the Government. He informed the house that in deference to the desire of the many veterans it has been decided to reduce the membership fee for the new members for a period of one month upto 16 Jan 10. As per this amnesty, during this one month an officer would pay a subscription of Rs 100, a JCO would pay Rs 40 and a sepoy would pay Rs 10 as against existing Rs 500 for officers, Rs 200 for JCOs and Rs 100 for ORs. He hoped that this would generate greater response from the veterans and there would be manifold jump in the numbers of members of IESM. The decision would be reviewed after one month.

8. He wished all the veterans very best in New Year and exhorted them to continue to put in their full efforts and make this movement successful.


9. Treasurer Maj Gen Renjen explained the details to the account statement to the house and replied to the queries of the members. Account statement was passed with voice vote with no dissent.

10. It was proposed by one member that expenses incurred by members of the Governing Body on a day to day basis in doing their official IESM activities should be reimbursed, which is a norm with all societies and organisations. All members present appreciated the dedication with which functionaries of IESM are working and spending money from their own pockets for day to day expenditure incurred by them on IESM activities. The member expressed that it cannot go on for long and would, sooner or later, adversely affect the commitment of its officials and IESM functioning. The proposal was supported by all members attending the AGM by show of hands. However, it was explained that IESM does not have adequate funds at present to reimburse such expenses and that a decision in this regard may be pended for later. The Governing Body re-iterated its commitment and willingness to work for the IESM pro-bono and meet their individual day to day expenses for the same from their own pockets. It was further declared that a guideline on type and quantum of expenditure that may be so reimbursed to the members of the Governing Body will be circulated before a decision is taken on the issue.

11. Treasurer also explained that in this year donations have reduced as compared to last year and till end of November IESM has spent more than the income for the year. He exhorted all the members to help arrange for donations for IESM to meet expenditure for day to day running and arranging protest marches/rallies. There was an instant response and all present agreed to make their best attempts to arrange for more donations. Following two ESMs immediately came forward to contribute for IESM.
· Col RL Goel agreed to give Rs 10000/ every year for IESM.
· Cdr Pran Prashar gave a cheque of Rs 7000 for IESM. He has given donation to IESM at earlier occasions also.

12. Treasurer informed all present that the conveners of UP, Mahrarashtra, Tamilnadu and Karnataka have done very good work and have enrolled maximum veterans as member of IESM. Efforts put in by following conveners were appreciated by the house.
· Hony capt SN Sharma from Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
· Cdr Ravi Warsha Pathak from Pune Maharashtra
· Col TN Raman from Chennai Tamilnadu
· Col Rajan from Bangaluru Karnataka

13. Full speech of the Treasurer Maj Gen PK Renjen AVSM is attached at annexure I.


14. Chartered accountant M/s Rajiv Varun and company were approved by the house with voice vote for the year 2009-10..


15. Brig Kuthalia, Member ECHS div, explained to the house that he is looking for volunteers for working with the ECHS polyclinics. He appreciated the work done by the veterans in polyclinic in Secunderabad. He explained to the house that at the moment there are 227 polyclinics are functioning and in next three years another 197 polyclinics would be set up to look after the health of veterans. He further informed the house that the MD ECHS has a very positive approach and gives full support to the suggestions of the IESM.

16. Lt Gen Jagdish Chander explained the working of the CSD canteen and profit sharing formula of the CSD. It was pointed out by the veterans that profit earned by the CSD canteens from the veterans should be spent for the welfare of the veterans. He accepted that the proposal was good and would be taken up with the authorities.

17. Col Vikaram Singh informed the house that the IESM has made a deep impact on the Government and asked all the veterans across the country to give full support to IESM and put more pressure on Government. He informed the house that he is planning an all India meet of the veterans in Mathura and invited all veterans to attend the meet. Date and venue will be informed after the details are finalised..


18. Maj Gen Satbir Singh implored all present to put in their full might to increase pressure on the Govt. He asked all present to take a vow that each district should make 2000 members and also should collect a minimum of 2000 medals for returning to the President. This is the only way in which we can increase the strength of IESM and return a large number of medals to the President..


19. Fifty eight new members joined IESM during the AGM with effort of Hony Capt Dheer Singh of Gurgaon..


20. More than 500 medals were returned with the effort of Hony Captain Rathee from Jhajjar..


21. General Secretary thanked following on behalf of IESM Governing Body for successful conduct of Annual General Body meeting of IESM.

All present for attending the first Annual General Body meeting of IESM.
The management of Arun Vihar Community Centre for providing the AVCC and the facilities for smooth conduct of the AGM.

President AVCC RS Pathania for sponsoring the tea and snacks by the AVCC as a welfare measure for ex-servicemen.
Press and media for covering the AGM in detail.

22. There being no other point the meeting was closed at 1300h.

23. Picture’s of the meeting are enclosed. (Not attached with this email)


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01202519440
Mobile 09810541222
Date 14 Dec 2009


Annexure I To Min of AGM
Of IESM Held on 13 Dec 09.


The Treasurer’s Statement at the AGM on 13 Dec, 2009
Financials as on 31 Mar, 2009
1. Receipts

a) Membership Fee – 9,15,180.00
b) Donations – 14,28,204.00
c) Total – 23,43,384.00

2. Expenditure – 5,75,363.00
3. Balance

a) Fixed Deposits – 16,00,000.00
b) Cash, Bank & others – 1,68,021.00
c) Total - 17,68,021.00

4. Explanation on Expenditure.

a) Mostly on Dharnas/ Rallies and associated items.
b) Nothing has been spent to reimburse expenses incurred on a daily basis by the members of the Governing Body (also known as the Steering committee).
c) Legal & professional Charges of Rs. 25,000/- are towards the retainer given to Advocate Nidesh Gupta to fight our case for ‘one rank one pension’ as and when it is decided to file the suit. Advocate Nidesh Gupta is the same lawyer who had won the Maj Gens case in the Supreme Court in Sep 2008.
Answer Questions by members, if any.
Balance Sheet for 2008 – 09 put to vote for approval.
Appointment of Auditors for the current year (2009 – 10)

5. The present auditors M/S Rajiv Varun & Co were appointed at an annual consideration of Rs 48,000.00, to conduct the statutory audit as also to maintain our accounts on a fortnightly basis. They have done their task most commendably.
6. It is proposed to re-appoint M/S Rajiv Varun & Co for the current year too on the same terms and conditions and the approval of the General body is sought for the same.

Additional Comments by the Treasurer
Brief on Financials of 01 Apr, 2009 to 30 Nov, 2009
7. Receipts

a) Membership Fee – 5,72,100.00
b) Donations – 4,23,869.00
c) Total – 9,95,969.00
8. Expenditure – 4,96,547.00
9. Balance
a) Fixed Deposits – 19,00,000.00
b) Cash, Bank & others – 3,24,542.00
c) Total – 22,24,542.00

10. Explanation on Expenditure.
a) Besides expenditure on centrally conducted Dharnas/ Rallies and associated items, which have reduced, there have also been expenses incurred locally by the Convenors at different places for their activities for mobilising greater membership – like, gatherings, printing and travel etc.
b) Once again, nothing has been spent to reimburse expenses incurred on a daily basis by the members of the Governing Body (also known as the Steering committee).
c) Additional, wholly unnecessary, expense is being incurred this year to defend the suit filed against IESM by Col Bhardwaj through his wife, Mrs Shiksha Bhardwaj in conjunction with Maj Jakhar, Hav Balwan and Hav Sheoran. Basic information about the suit filed by these personnel have already been informed to all.

Implications of Income Tax Regulations Governing Expenditure

11. Revenues against Life Membership Fee, which is what we have, cannot be used for day to day expenditure for our activities. We may, however, spend it to create physical assets. The receipts under this head are to be kept in a ‘Corpus’ Fund to give strength to the Organisation.

12. Revenues against donations can only be spent up to 85% of receipts under this head. 15% of receipts are also to be transferred to the ‘Corpus’ Fund. However, this 15% can be spent for our activities, if required, by a special resolution of the Governing Body.

13. While last year, in just 3 months of our existence, we had received donations of Rs 14,28,204.00 and had saved Rs 6,38,610.00 for spending in future years, if required. But, this year in the last 8 months, we have received only Rs 4,23,869.00 and have overspent Rs 1,36,258.00 already. The balance available for spending, therefore, not counting the 15% put away in to ‘Corpus’ is only Rs 5,02,352.00.

14. The imperative for more donations to sustain IESM needs no further explanation. Increased membership alone will not help.

15. Many members have been critical of The Governing Body (also known as The Steering Committee) for reasons like;

a) Non despatch of Membership Cards,
b) Non allotment of Membership Nos,
c) Names not entered in the members’ list,
d) Tardy response to members’ queries on the above issues,
e) Wrong data entries – duplicates, spelling errors etc,
f) Web site not user friendly,
g) No response to members’ ‘Feedback’ comments posted on the web site and many more complaints.

16. All the criticism is fully justified. In fact, today I have over 400 members whose names are yet to be entered in the list. We may give any amount of assurances of a better response but, if the truth be said, we can do no better. Due to shortage of funds, we have been unable to rent and set up an office and hire minimal staff. We work from homes and the work is such that we have never done before in life.

17. The Chairman has recently announced drastic reductions in the Membership Fee, as a trial measure, for a month. The hope is that the reduction will encourage more ESM to join. That may well happen but would be truly useful only if donations increase manifold alongside. Otherwise, we will not be able to service the new members and there will be many more complaints than now. Worse, the IESM’s sustenance will become difficult.

18. My purpose of giving the above implications was to acquaint you with realities and to request you all to mobilise donations from ESM and the corporate world..