Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pension adalat for ex-servicemen at Patiala by Lt Col Khera

Pension adalat for ex-servicemen

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 29

As many as 500 ex-servicemen attended the Defence Pension Adalat that began at Patiala today. The adalat would serve as a platform to resolve pension-related grievances of veterans on the spot as representatives of the decision-making authorities concerned, banks and the Defence Ministry would also be present there.
Being organised under the aegis of the Controller-General of Defence Accounts, Western Command, the adalat was inaugurated by Lieut-Gen VK Chaturvedi, Director-General Manpower Planning, Army Headquarters. This is the 96th such adalat to be held in the country.


  1. Veteran PJS Chhatwal speaks

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009
    DISABILITY PENSION RATES FOR PRE-2006 BEING REVISED:Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.

    Dear Veterans,
    Regards.There is a good new for Disabled Pre-2006 veterans.
    1 Vide 6 CPC recommendations, approved by the GOI Resolution No 305 dated 29 August 2008 in so far as it relates to Disability Pension (DP) for Armed Forces personals the following needs to be noted.
    a) Prior to 6 CPC the Armed Forces personal were getting a fixed rate DP @ Rs. 1300 to Rs. 2600 per month, depending on the rank held. Refer para 5.1.66 of 6 CPC Report.
    b) The DP for civilian has been @ 30% of pay all along 6 CPC Report para 5.1.21 (ii) refers.
    c) The 6 CPC, after carrying out due analysis, accepted the demand and recommended that DP for Defense Forces personal be paid @ 30% of pay,similar to as applicable for civilians. 6 CPC report para 5.1.68 refers.
    2. Revisions of rates of DP for Defense Forces Personal from fixed to percentage basis @ 30% of pay (as recommended by 6 CPC) was approved by GOI vide Resolution dated 29 August 2008.
    3. It took the MOD over 9 months to issue notification for implementing revised rates of DP for Defense Personal.
    4. In the notification No 16 (6)/ 2008(2)/D Pension and policy dated 5th May 2009 for Post 01-01-2006 retirees the rates have been changed from fixed to 30 %of pay asapproved by GOI resolution.
    5. However in the notification No dated 16/ 06/ 2008(1)/D Pension and Policy dated 4th May 2009 for Pre 2006 retirees the DP rates have not been changed to 30% of pay but revised to fixed rates of Rs 3100 to Rs 5980 pm in total
    contradiction to 6 CPC recommendations approved by the Cabinet.
    a)In case of Civilians there is no distinction between pre 2006 or post 2006 retirees. All were & are getting DP on percentage basis @ 30 % of pay.
    b) The 6 CPC Recommendations and its Cabinet approval do not mention anywhere that the revised rates of DP on rcentage basis will not be applicable to Pre 2006 retirees of the Armed Forces.
    c) This notification divided the single homogeneous class of Armed Forces pensioners into two groups,subjecting them to different treatment, by arbitrarily fixing different rates of DP for each class i.e.Pre-2006
    and Post -2006.
    6) Keeping in view the spirit behind the 6 CPC
    recommendation which was to mitigate the injustice meted out to Armed Forces personal in the past by giving them DP at fixed rates vis a vis civilians who were getting much higher DP on percentage basis (at 30 % of
    pay) the CPC had recommended the same rate as
    applicable for civilians. This was to bring about equality amongst all classes of physically challenged government servants.
    As per the information conveyed,during the Pension Adalat at Patiala by Lt Gen. V.K. Chaturvedi and Sh. Harbans Singh,Director(Pension ) both from Ministry of Defence, Now MOD (ESW Dept.) Notification
    No. 16(6)/2008(1)/ D /(Pension Policy) dated 4th May 2009 on Disability Pension for Pre- 2006 is being cancelled and fresh orders are being issued.
    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd.
    Mob.098554-09128,Tele-fax 0175-5000896.
    Posted by Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal at 7:55 PM 0

  2. Dear Veterans,
    Regards.There is a good news for Veterans (JCOs and below).As per the information conveyed by Lt.Gen. V.K.Chaturvedi and Sh Harbans Singh,Director (Pension), from Ministry of Defence during Pension Adalat at Patiala and subsequent discussion held, veterans are likely to get Modified Parity in pension at an early date.Committee formed on the instruction of Hon'ble Prime Minister has submitted its report and Ministry of Defence is in the process of issuing the required notifcation soon.

  3. Dear Veterans,
    Regards.There is a good news for Pre-2006 Hony. N/Sub. Veterans. As per the information conveyed by MoD to IESL(P&C),Pre-2006 Hony. N/Sub.veterans are also likely to get the pension of regular N/Sub. as given to Post-2006 Hony N/Sub.
    Veteran Prabhjot SinghChhatwal PLS Retd.
    Indian Ex-Services League,Punjasb & Chandigarh.
    Mob.098554-09128,Tele-Fax 0175-5000896.