Monday, December 14, 2009

Pensions of Majors

From: krishangopal behl []
Sent: 13 December 2009 07:03
To:; Kamboj Chander
Subject: PENSION OF PRE 2006 MAJORS AND EQUIVALENTS - EMAIL 822/2009 - 12 DEC 09 (A to G)

It is wrong to say that no one is bothered about Majors who are drawing much less pension than what they should get in compasrison to others.

We have under the able guidance of Col K.L.Dewan, a noted expert on pension matters, have worked out a table which caters for all ranks and is based on the number of years one spent in the rank from which one retired. He should get 50% of the equivalent pay for those number of years on that rank on the new scale.

This new interpretation of 'One Rank One Pension' fits in well right from a Jawan to the senior most officer. If accepted by the Ministry, it will solve our demand of OROP once for all without linking it with other factors.
This needs to be dicdussed at appropriate level with the Ministry of Defence officials team, which the Minister of Defence should nominate.
Vetron Brig K.G.Behl
President Dehradun Ex- Services League

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