Friday, December 16, 2011

Forces Law Gazette

Maj Navdeep Singh

This day, 16th December, is militarily a significant date for the region.
To fill up the vacuum in a very apposite space, I feel pleased today in announcing the release of the first issue of the ‘FORCES LAW GAZETTE’ – a free, non-commercial quarterly newsletter dealing with law & allied issues related to uniformed services of not just India but other democracies as well. Meant more for general reading than use in Courts, the Gazette would consist of three broad categories:
(1) Law Related to Uniformed Services,
(2) Developments & Miscellaneous, and
(3) Contributions & Articles.

The Gazette would remain available through for free download and distribution in pdf format. Of course, the link is also available on my blog Indian Military Info
Bouquets and brickbats are welcome on the comments section on the FLG webpage.
Readers are welcome to distribute and forward this email, and also the Gazette, freely and non-commercially without any inhibition or copyright concerns.
I, the Editorial team and the contributors hope to effectively sustain the concept with the next issue due in March 2012. Contributions in the form of articles are welcome and may be sent to me by email for publication in future volumes.
Thank You,
Major Navdeep Singh
Advocate, High Court

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  1. Our valiant men tirelessly defend our borders caring little for their life. There are several examples to show us that they have shown steadfast courage and determination while defending our borders. These men in uniform do not do this for name or fame they consider it a sacred duty. Our valiant soldiers show their mettle in peace and in war. With them at the border, we are sure to have peace at our homes. Peace and tranquility in Valley is not due to some people who know how to use different phraseology but is due to distinguished vigilance of defence forces. May God give them more strength to defend our borders from any adversaries.

    Our warm salute to the parents of the valiant offier. God may grant him peace to his soul in His Abode.