Monday, November 7, 2011

Meeting at Jantar Mantar on 12 Nov 2011


It is very unfortunate that some irresponsible veterans are spreading rumours about the existence of IESM and its well meaning actions. These disgruntled veterans are responsible for veterans being divided in small fractions and not able to unite as one single force. I normally do not give any credence to rumours but I am constrained to issue clarification because these rumours are being spread to neutralise the planned rally of IESM on the 12 November at Jantar Mantar.

Few member of IESM had been suspended from the primary membership of IESM because of indiscipline and not keeping the accounts properly. These few disgruntled ex-servicemen have started a breakaway group of ex-servicemen. Sep DS Sheoran calls himself as the President and Col K Bhardwaj as the Gen Sec of the new dispensation. Sep DS Sheoran had been denied membership of IESM because he is not an ex-serviceman as he does not get pension from the defence account which is the minimum condition of being called an ex-serviceman. This breakaway group has started rumours that they are office bearers of IESM. They have also filed cases in the court about their group being the original IESM. The matter is very strongly being contested in the court and very soon the breakaway group would loose the case in the court as all the evidence is in our favour.

Environment is aware of the legal procedure in India that anyone can file any case in Indian courts and let the case drag for years. This breakaway group has also done the same and have been requesting the court for dates to keep the case alive and create confusion in the minds of veterans. IESM has always appeared in the court on the designated dates but to our surprise the breakaway group has been absenting from appearance on one flimsy reason or the other and have been requesting for the fresh dates for hearing with the clear intentions, that is to prolong the case for many years to keep the rumours alive.

IESM office bearers have been maintaining a dignified silence on the wrong doings and ill intentions of the breakaway group and have not been issuing any statements to the environment. I have been constrained to issue clarification because of the runours spread by the breakaway group. This has been necessitated because of the demand from the large number of veterans with whom I interacted during my visit to Punjab on 5 and 6 November 2011. It is important for us to note that IESM is for welfare of all the veterans and have not spoken against any organisation. IESM believes that all organisations are doing good work and are helping the veterans. IESM welcomes and appreciates all ex-servicemen organisation which are taking up problems on behalf of veterans with the Govt.

In view of above following is issued for the benefit of environment and as rejoinder to the rumours.
IESM whose Chairman is Gen Raj Kadyan is working for the benefit of all ex-servicemen and would continue to take up cases of ex-servicemen with the Govt.
IESM is fully functional and has complete control on its activities and bank accounts.
IESM is holding a big rally at 1000h to 1400h at Jantar Mantar on 12 November 2011 Saturday to press for the demand of OROP for the ex-servicemen. Ex-servicemen from all states of India are reaching Delhi to attend the rally. All ex-servicemen are requested to attend the rally in large numbers.
IESM is holding AGM at 1030h to 1400h on 13 Nov 2011 Sunday at AVCC Sector 37 Noida. All members of IESM are requested to attend the AGM in large numbers.
IESM will be leading a delegation of widows to discuss the problem of widows pension with Raksha Mantri on 14 Nov 2011.
IESM will continue to take up issues of ex-servicemen with the Govt.
IESM has more than 16000 members from all states of India and the number is increasing by the day.
IESM has been pledged support by a large number of ex-servicemen organisations, from various states of India, in its fight for justice and self respect of ex-servicemen.
IESM is planning to have rallies in all states of India to air the problems of ex-servicemen to the authorities.
IESM has been able to convince the state assemblies of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to pass unanimous resolution for grant of OROP for ex-servicemen. Effort is on to convince other state Govt to pass the similar resolution.
IESM has been able to convince the Parliament committee on defence to recommend OROP for ex-servicemen. This committee has recommended OROP for ex-servicemen in three different papers to the Govt of India.
IESM along with other organisations has made a strong presentation to petition committee of Parliament to recommend OROP for the ex-servicemen. This committee would submit its report to Speaker Lok Sabha in the winter session of Parliament. IESM is very hopeful that the report would be in favour of ex-servicemen.
IESM has also been interacting with MsP of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to support the case of OROP for ex-servicemen.

IESM requests to all ex-sevicemen to be careful of such rumours and please note that the grand rally of IESM will be held as per program on 12 Nov 2011 at 1000h to 1400h at Jantar Mantar New Delhi. Ex -servicemen from all states of India will be reaching Delhi to attend the rally. All ex-servicemen are requested to attend the rally in large numbers.




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