Monday, August 3, 2009


From: Carl Gomes
Date: 2009/8/2

Hello Folks,

The ECHS has been operational for quite a few years now. The satisfaction level varies from “disgusted and frustrated” to “OK, but there is room for improvement.” The scheme was meant to bring quality medical care to veterans which the overloaded service hospitals were finding it difficult to deliver for various reasons. The reality is otherwise and there is even a clamour to shut it down – but that is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. ECHS is years behind for OTC (over the counter) & specially prescribed medicines. One is forced to accept alternative medication / formulations from unheard pharmaceutical manufacturers. ECHS is also Delhi - centric, uncomfortably close to the powers that be, besides, catering for an unusually high numbers of retired "Generals".
It will be good to know the views of Navy and Air Force on ARMY CENTRIC character of ECHS. Many ruling /policy letters issued from the Files bearing ARMY HQs ( AG / DGMS -Army ) lack jurisdiction and legal force for enforcement. If you have adequate knowledge of the ECHS and are keen on exchanging notes etc on that subject, you may like to join a new Group that has just been started which is dedicated PURELY to Ex Servicemen Health Services. The salient features of the group are as follows:

1. An interactive group comprising of Veteran ESM of Indian Armed Forces in receipt of any type of pension or compensation which entitles them and their dependents for HEALTH CARE FACILITIES through appropriate Health Care Delivery Apparatus put into place by Govt of India.

2. The membership is also open to dependents of above mentioned group as well as those serving personnel of Armed Forces of India who feel that sooner or later they will join the que and it is in their own interest to develop a fitting Health Care Delivery System for veterans as well as support it from within the service.
You will soon be receiving (or already received) an invitation to join the group (esmhs). Please sign up and check it out – you can always leave if dissatisfied.
See you there soon.
Carl H Gomes.

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