Sunday, August 9, 2009

Views of Col SS Sohi

Date: Sunday, 9 August, 2009, 6:43 PM

Dear Friends & Sirs,

1. Last year, we compromised with Politicians (Def Min) that our OROP will be accepted if IESM/ we do not press on for other 3 demands, for the time being. Govt promised & announced it too, but gradually fading away from OROP too. God knows, where 2140 crores are going, now??

2. We have noticed that Govt is basically complying with Court's orders mainly (ie 1997 PBOR & Maj Gen's cases) and providing some relief (OTI) to pre 1997 Jawans only. Which comes to fulfilling less than 10% of our/ IESM demand. Govt may keep on bargaining & keep testing our metal time to time.

3. Therefore, we should not now reduce our 28 demands & press on for 4 basic demands imdly like:
a. OROP for all, (PBORs & Offrs) and not leave scope for Govt to devide & rule.
b. Job up to 60 yrs of age or 85% Pension of last pay drawn. OR Side stepping to Govt Civil jobs only (not to para mil Forces) as misguided by Bureaucrats
c. ESM Commission with statutory powers, so that we can fight for justice like minority communities, with dignity & gracefully.
d. ESM rep in all decision making bodies, like: from Panchayat to Parliament.

4. Public & most ESM like Maj Jallo (of Mohali- see Tribune letters dt 9/8/09) feel that Govt have heaped colossal monetary benefits to ESM. To clear the doubts and project the true and correct picture, I have prepared a small poster, which may help us, as under:
One Rank One Pension or JOKE? OTI for some
a. Jawan's Pension after 10 Yrs is stepped up from Rs 3700 to 5500/- ie Rs 1800 only. Jawans are still unskilled workers, hence get lower wagwes in spite of 24 Hrs, tough duty & risks and no resettlement?
b. NCOs (Nk & Hav) are not class 4 employees, hence they deserve to be put in PB-2, like Civ.
c. Sepoy to Major (99% forces) are not benefitted at all by 6th CPC (of Civ), hence we need imdt formation of Separate Pay Commn for & of Def Forces to settle out 107 existing anomalies. Civ are ignorant of rank structure???
d. Sub Maj (Hony Capt) JCO & Offr Capt are getting the same Pension ie Rs 13850 for Offrs & JCOs. AHQ civ staff replies, that its no anomaly??
e. Lt Col get Pension Rs 25700, Col 26050, Brig 26150 and Maj Gen get 26700 (Lt Col to Maj Gen are closed up in just Rs 1000. Where as Lt Gen gets Rs 36500, ie a gap of 10,000+??
f. Too much gap also exists between Pensions of Major (Rs 14100) to Lt col, ie 11,600 and between Maj Gen & Lt Gen. It happens in India only!
g. ESM Commission with statutory powers is also needed imdtly, because Civ Babus often turn down our most legitimate points/ demands.
h. There is no ESM Rep in decision making bodies & our voice reaches nowhere.
All ESM, Org/ NGOs are requested to join IESM Seminar in Delhi (NOIDA) Sector 37, on 30/8/09. Please contact for more details & to coord move. Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement is born to Struggle for Justice to ESM Community.

Col SS Sohi (Retd)

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