Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rejoinder to Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp By Brig Kuthiala

From: sateesh kuthiala

Subject: Requirement of Referal for visit to R&R Hosp

Date: Tuesday, 18 August, 2009, 2:19 PM

(Reference Gen Kashyap’s email above)
you will recollect this was one of the changes promised by the MD Echs and referred to in an earlier blog . this cuts out one unnecessary trip between RR and the polyclinic. could be placed on your respective blogs for info of veterans. we still need to work on some system to keep non cyber space wallahs informed. for the moment i can think of nothing other than a regular press note in national and regional newspapers. our serving bretheren are a little hesitant about interacting regularly with the press, we have no such problems. our iesm hq keeps issuing press notes on orop matters. could we think of a weekly press note on veteran matters incl echs. for consideration

Sateesh Kuthiala
1. It is for consideration whether RR Hospital referral applies to stations other than NCR. If not, then all we need to do is to put up a notice at each Polyclinic of NCR, disseminating the above information.
2. Press notes are of no use as hardly any news paper publishes them. For all ECHS related issues our best way of communication will be through notices put up at ECHS Polyclinics, CSD Canteens, officers clubs etc. We should plan accordingly.
– Chander Kamboj)

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