Friday, August 14, 2009

Request to give link..MNS

Subject: Re: Request to give link

To: "mns veterans"

Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 6:37 AM

Dear (Brig) Ms Jasbeer,

I am certain by now you are convinced that IESM goal is to secure One Rank One Pension for all including MNS Officers.
For achieving the aims we need your help:
1. Please nominate a representative to form part of IESM Pension Cell, who is preferably from Gurgoan/ NCR area. Contact details to be intimated to Vice Admiral Barin Ghose ( ).

2. Request all MNS to become life can do online bulk Registeration after payment of cash in local HDFC bank...the method is
described in the IESM webpage ( also reflected in Report My Signal Blog.
3. All MNS who have email can opt to be on the email list of Report My signal. Should get in touch with Brig CS Kamboj ( This will enable you all to get the latest inputs regarding ESM and also exchange views.
If still you are any other Officer need any more clarifications please feel free to contact any of us.
With regards,
James Kanagaraj
Blog Team

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  1. Dear Veterans,
    The assurance that the IESM would also include the demand of OROP of the MNS is considered premature. It requires a dicussion by the members in a wider forum.

    Col(Retd) TN Raman