Tuesday, May 28, 2013

  • 4 'Central Bank' pension account holders reg Pre-2006 defence Pensioners/ Family pensioners of all ranks..
    1. For those Pre-2006 defence Pensioners /Family Pensioners (all ranks) having Pension Account in 'Central Bank of India' And have not yet got their dues as per PCDA's various Circulars of 17 January 2013; may write to AGM, Central Bank, Head Office, Govt. Business Department at Email ID : with Cc to email ID of your pension paying Bank Branch.
    2. Only following information be provided in your Email to AGM. Central Bank.
    (a) Rank / Name Service details etc.
    (b) Full Name as recorded in your Pension Acoount. (Important to check it from your Bank Account). No need to give your Bank account Number. Your bank branch will find your account number from your name.
     c) Give your Contact / Mobile Number.
     2. For Safety: Do not share any personal data including bank account number on NET.
     Commodore Lokesh Batra (Retd.)
     Social & RTI Activist

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