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Press Release about functioning of the CSD is appended below for publication in your Most Esteemed Paper please .

With Warm Regards,

Your Sincerely,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd) President , The All Defence Brotherhood (Regd) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PRESS RELEASE


1. Control of the CSD .Under the garb of ‘Welfare’ , the MOD has reportedly taken over control of the CSD and put it under the Department of the Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) . The Defence Services would have hardly any say in policy formulation . It is one of the MOST unfortunate blow to the welfare of the serving and the retired soldiers (term includes Sailors and Airmen) and is an utterly negative step. It violates the time tested principle that ‘The USER must have a say and stake in running of any organisation’. It is pertinent to mention that the DESW is staffed purely by the civilians who at best are apathetic to the welfare of the Defence Services who may be deprived of the major portion of the of canteen profits which was used for the welfare of the soldiers .Takeover of the CSD by MOD must be resisted forcefully and status quo ante restored.

2. Availability of Cars and items Against Firm Demand (AFD) . For the last about two years supply of Cars and two wheelers through the CSD had been very meager and most erratic . Severe unrealistic restrictions have been put on the sale of the same , e.g. the NCOs and Jawans can buy a car once only in their life time . It is most unfair. Even the registration of a car is valid only for 15 years on the premise that by then it would be too old for use. When new and more fuel efficient models are coming up frequently , it is most unfortunate to put such restrictions . Release of funds to the CSD has also been reduced . When the consumers ‘Pay in Advance’, it is NOT understood why should the MOD not release funds IMMEDIATELY to the dealers . Non release of funds has resulted in the serving and retired soldiers being put to great inconvenience .

3. Range and Quality . Latest models of house hold goods and all ‘variants’ of automobiles are not available in CSD. Only those models are sold , which do not sell well in the market .The CSD, being a captive market, appears to have become a ‘Dumping Ground’ for less popular items . The CSD is being perceived to benefit the manufacturers more than the Services.

4. Procedures . Procedures to get AFD items are cumbersome . At present , apart from completing many formalities, the Serving and retired Defence personnel have to go to CSD depots like Ambala, Bhatinda, Jalandhar, etc, (in Punjab , Haryana and Chandigarh ), to deposit their bank drafts to get AFD items and then get the authorization slip for the dealer to provide them . For doing so the serving personnel have to get leave for a day or more . It is suggested that the procedures be simplified and arrangements be made that the bank drafts are deposited either with the local canteen of CSD or with the local dealers. Incase of cars/ scooters after taking delivery, they again have to go to CSD Depot again for its verification before the same are registered by the registration authorities . With today’s advance in electronics , including communications, it should be possible to simplify the procedures.

5. “Customer Satisfaction Survey” . To fulfill its stated role, the CSD should remain under the Army control . It should not only simplify its procedures but must provide all the household items, which are available in the market. Finally , let the MOD carry out a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” and find out the views of the Serving and Retired Soldiers whether they are happy with the functioning of CSD, along with the ‘Range’ and ‘Quality’ of the items supplied . This survey might be an eye opener.


{Brig Harwant Singh (Retd)} ,

Mohali (Punjab). President

09 July 2012

The All India Defence Brotherhood (Regd)

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