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Article by an ex IAS offr - TR Ramaswamy

Subject: Article by an ex IAS offr - TR Ramaswamy

Sir, Came on net nearly 18 mths ago. He is an ex SS offr, now retd. No paper published it. Remains on e mail circuit only. Had got his contact details from Brig PT Gangadharan, spoke to him too. Dont have contact details now.

(Note -The article was published on 4 Nov 2008, in “Hariharan’s Intelligence Blog - “ - Chander Kamboj)


We need a permanent solution to this tussle over emoluments so that
the armed forces need only confront the enemies of the nation,
Says - T.R.Ramaswami IAS.------------
From: Brig Hardip ghuman
Subject: Views of an IAS Offr........ Pay scales for the Armed Forces
To: "Brig CS Kamboj" , TRUNCATED ,
Date: Sunday, 25 July, 2010, 6:44 AM

(to T.R.Ramaswami IAS, in response to his article “Pay scales for the Armed Forces”)
Our NGO admire your guts to tackle the subject head on which no other National Spirited Indian has done.

Our NGO feels the 'wrought' is at the Lower Level in the Civil & the Civil Officers put their own interest before the interest of the Public. Since, the Elected Leaders also put their own interest in fore most,thus the 'problem' gets multiplied.

We cannot exp-act 'wonders' from the Political Leaders unless there is a compulsion at the entry level as also the 'power' with the Public, to recall their Political Leader if found below the expected level. This will never happen since the Law is made by those who are guilty of its breach / put their own interest before the interest of the Nation.

What is possible & within the existing Election Rules is 'Negative Voting' but the EC has failed to provide such a button on the EVMs. Some National Spirited NGOs have gone to the Court & hopefully we could exp-act some relief. It would be the first step towards recognising Merritt at the upper level who may enforce it it down the line.

Also, the Political Leaders in connivance with the Bureaucrats took out 'democratic teeth' of the Armed Forces during 1964, soon after 1962 shame, by introducing Postal Ballot for those posted within India, to protect their own skin. The 1962 War Report has still not been declassified.

Our NGO partially agrees with the writer, but it must be understood that the 'Soldiers, Junior Commissioned Officers & up to the rank of Major / Colonel' are the backbone of the Armed Forces. It is on their ability the Nation Wins or Looses the War unlike the Civil where it is other way around. More than 60,000 widows comprise out of this segment.

No Nation ever pays 'unskilled labourers wages to their Soldiers except India. What a shame - bigger than 1962 shame?. It is resisted by bureaucrats & not the Political Leaders. We feel apart from resolving the differences at the Officer level there is a need to look into the complete system to have Separate Pay Commission for the Armed Forces since their job & consequences are not comparable with the Civil.

The remedy lies is making a 'Multi Service EC' consisting of Armed Forces, IAS & IPS so that the professional culture of all Central Services is profitably used to implement the Election Law of the Land. It is permitted under the existing Rules.

Also, the MoD should consist of professionals other than one Bureaucrat as Ad visor to the RM, who is already there. The Nation / RM deserves inputs from the 'horses mouth' rather through a non-professional since the decisions of the RM are likely to effect the 'Sovereignty of our Nation'.

Brig. (Retd.) HS Ghuman, Shaurya Chakra
President All India Veterans Core Group, Regd.
Founder Member Georgian (north) Association
Mob 09316982294.

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