Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KARGIL DAY - 26 JULY 2010 by Col Raman

Subject: KARGIL DAY - 26 JULY 2010
Dear Veterans,
The Kargil Day in Chennai was commomerated in two parts. On 25 July we conducted a Blood Donation Camp in our colony, which was satifactory with 24 volunteers, majority of them youngsters & ladies. In addtion, another 12 living closer to the Landsteiner Lakshmi Memorial Research Foundation, Chennai 84, directly donated their blood, to the institution.

On 26 July, we gave a Video Presentation of the Kargil War. More than 125 people, mainly civilians & their children attended the show. In simple terms, I can put it that they were simply enthralled. The entire credit goes to Veteran Col KS Chakravarthy, EME. He concised the hours of video clippings into a CD of 75 minutes of interesting episode, bringing out all effects of audio visual show. There were very few unmoist eyes at the end of the show. Well done, Sir, a great show!!

This CD will be made available to Lt Col CR Sundar, who will be projecting the same in his Jawan TV. In addtion, we are making more copies to be shown to the students of the Schools & Colleges, free of cost. We are willing to send the same to all the interested Veterans Organisations for motivation purpose. We hope that the same will be ready by the 15 August, this year.

In line below is my introductory speech, given to the audience on 26 July 2010. Please note that the speech was made kepping in mind the predominantly Civilian audience. I can assure you that this will not figure in the CD!!
Jai Hind!!
Veteran Raman

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