Thursday, December 9, 2010

New IESM members by Brig JP Singh at Secunderabad

My dear veteran JP Singh

This is an absolutely fantastic effort by you -- do keep it up, please!

I notice that there have been some rather generous donations in all this. Were you able to have the Donation Forms filled? If not, please do try and get the attached Form filled for all donors and send back to me by email as well as at:

N-15 1st Floor
Greater Kailash 1
New Delhi - 110048

This would ensure prompt action in issuance of the Receipt under Section 80G, which qualifies the donor to a 50% set off on the Income Tax payable (this receipt, of course, is issued to those who donate more than Rs 1,000).

I have noticed that you have, yourself, been very generous when you joined by making a donation of Rs 4,500. Thank you very much for that, too -- those were the early days for IESM and this act of your may have gone unnoticed.

With people like you at Secunderabad, we are sure that IESM is in excellent hands!

Once again, thank you very much for this sterling effort.

On 9 December 2010 12:21, jagatpal singh wrote:

9th December, 2010
Dear Sir,

New Members – 09 December, 2010
Ser No.
No.RankNameMembership Fee (Rs)Donation (Rs)Total
1.IC 31935ColSudhakar R Tumati50045005000
2. Mrs Chhanda Sarkar W/O Ic 10465 Col SK Sarkar000
3.6738Gp CaptON Bhargava5005001000
4.MR 4457BrigBK Singh5005001000
5.640321JWOKHS Goud20020002200
6. Mrs Sudha Raman W/O TC 31280 Lt Col S Raman01500015000
7.RC 948MajBalakrishnan TK50035004000
8.JC 373006SubKVB Pillai2000200
9.JC 371518Hony Sub MajT Gopala Krishnan2000200
10.14240511NkK Mugdum Ali1000100
11.15356283HavP Sreenivasa Rao1000100

The following amounts have been deposited in IESM HDFC A/C No. 06162000001330 through HDFC Bank, Kapra Branch, Hyderabad:
1. 8 December, 2010: Rs. 5000 on behalf of Col Sudhakar R Tumati cheque
Rs. 1000 on behalf of Gp Capt ON Bhargava cheque
Rs. 2200 on behalf of JWO KHS Gowd cheque
Rs. 1000 on behalf of Brig BK Singh cheque
2. 9 December, 2010: Rs.15000 on behalf of Mrs Sudha Raman cheque
Rs. 4000 on behalf of Maj Balakrishnan TK cheque
Rs. 200 on behalf of Sub KVB Pillai cash
Rs. 200 on behalf of Sub Maj T Gopala Krishnan cash
Rs. 100 on behalf of Nk K Mugdum Ali cash
Rs. 100 on behalf of Hav P Sreenivasa Rao Cash
Application forms and photocopies of bank deposit slips have been sent by courier on 9 December, 2010.
With best wishes and regards,
Brig JP Singh, Veteran (IESM Membership No. 1407)

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