Monday, December 6, 2010

Veterans cases cleared at SBI,CPPC at CBD Belapur alone on 22 Nov 2010

From: Suhas phatak
To: Ravindra Pathak
Cc: Vinod Gandhi ; Maj Gen Satbir Singh ; pravesh renjen ; Maj Gen Kamboj
Sent: Fri, 3 December, 2010 9:55:58 AM
Subject: My visit to CPPC SBI on 22 Nov 2010

Dear Ravi,
I visited SBI,CPPC at CBD Belapur alone on 22 Nov 2010 since you had to rush to AZ.Following cases have been cleared:-
1 659884 Sgt SS Bhardwaj
2 297571 Hon Fg Offr A J Manohar
3 247181 Sgt VG Anap
4 232571 Sgt B L Tarate
5 224695 Hon Flt Lt M P Savarkar
6 222878 W O L V DEsai
7 201710 Hon Flt Lt V A Sant
8 231139 Sgt S N Phade
9 607921 JWO G R Sandbhor
10 232385 Sgt B S Angal
11 239235 Sgt S M Vaidya
12 222961 Smt Sushila P Salunke, w/o late MWO Salunke
13 400638 WO B G Sane
14 617686 Cpl D G Halady
15 226762 Cpl A G Ainapure
16 232404 Cpl M S Dere
17 608207 Sgt V B Joshi
18 PO BB Rayakar(IN)
19 617017 Sgt M A Sonawane
20 672407 Sgt S N Mane
21 621119 Sgt TR Dake
22 239634 Sub CV Pusadkar
23 6521 Late Gp Capt DS Jatar-Gallantry Award credited after 7 years.
24 V D Vaidya
25 Dadu Samudre
26 601061 Cpl B J Gurav
27 234828 WO AG Kulkarni
28 SL-3443 Maj HB Brall--(Time scale PPO awaited)
All IAF veterans have been personally informed on telephone/cell nos. Most of them are attending our next annual meeting on 17 Dec 2010 and if not they will become members on that day.
This also proves that real task of correct fixation of pensioners is yet to be completed when we have 2.4 million pensioners.We have not even touched tip of the iceberge.Winding up of our Pension cell will be a pramature step. There is a great need to reach out in all the States.I reiterate that we must write to the Chairman of Chiefs of Staff Committee and request for a special audit to be carried out by respective PCDAs for widows,PBORs and lastly Officers as a follow up of our visit to CGDA otherwise we will reduce ourselves to be called 'Officers Club'.
Suhas Phatak

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