Friday, March 25, 2011

Understanding of One Rank One Pension by the Service Headquarters

In his exclusive interaction with the Asia Defence News Editor-in-Chief P N Khera, the AG, Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal, who looks every bit a tough combat commander, spoke from a golden heart about the memorable mission he was destined to perform.
Transcripts of Interview: ONE-RANK ONE-PENSION
PNK: There are great expectations about the soldier’s dream of one-rank one-pension coming true one day. What would be its impact on the morale of the soldiers when its is approved by the Government?
AG: The demand for grant of one-rank one-pension has been raised by the ex-Servicemen fraternity since the last few decades. Our main concern has been our JCOs and OR. About 80 to 90 per cent aspirations of JCOs and OR have been met to bring in uniformity in pension of people who retired earlier and who are retiring now. However, issue related to the officers is complex. It can simply be gauged from the fact that 30 years back pension was based on the pay drawn at that time. Now after 30 years pay bands of officers have changed drastically which has raised the complex issue of how do you equalize the two cases. Hence the case is being deliberated upon and it is hoped that government is going to take a pragmatic view on it. Ameliorating this demand is a constant endeavour of both Ministry of Defence and the Service Headquarters.
Asia Defence News- Interview with Adjutant General
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