Monday, October 4, 2010

Views of AVM RP Mishra

From: RP Mishra []
Sent: 27 September 2010 10:21
To: Radha Krishnan RN; Veterans; MilitaryPayand Pension
Cc: Col N Viswanathan; Satbir Singh General; Gulia RKS Brigadier; Raman SN Colonel; Vijay Oberoi Lt Gen (Rtd); Satish Kumar Bahri; Brig CS Kamboj
Subject: Re: 20100926(1) – AFT Verdict in Favour of Majors and its effect

Hello Radha,
I fully agree with you with what you have written in the mail referred to..I do hope that MoD issues a letter refixing pensions based on the judgement of AFT. Earlier, IESL had sent a mail that MoD is likely to issue such a letter as per their information.

As far as role of IESL and IESM are concerned, both are required. Their mission is same. While one is applying pressure by going to media, organising peaceful protests etc, the other is trying to achieve same thing diplomatically. It is said that even mother gives milk when child cries. Child has started crying. I feel IESL and IESM are complementary to each other, if ego does not come in the way, they can really look after the welfare of ESM.

I am pasting text of a mail I had forwarded to Air Force friends of mine.

"Hello Friends, I am attaching the judgement delivered by AFT in Majors case. Operative part is on page 29-30 which reads,"For all pre retirees of Lt Cdr and other ranks, their minimum of pay has to be accepted as determined by the Government for the purpose of fixation of the officers in 2006i.e.Rs. 23810. Accordingly, we direct let the pension of pre retirees should be decided on the basis of minimum of pay in the pay band, i.e. Rs. 23810 with all other benefits and shall be given to them. All exercise may be completed as far as possible within three months."

For Majors and equivalent, total pay works out to 23810+6600 (grade pay) +6000 (MSP)=36410. Pension would be 18205 and family pension 10923. Present take home pension would be 26398 and 15839 (including DA @ 45%) respectively.

With the input from IESL (which is quite authentic) that pensions of all ranks will be re-fixed on this basis, GoI may not go for appeal against AFT judgement.
I am giving below, in the bracket, existing pension, amount if the pension is re-fixed, total take home pension after re-fixation with 45% DA and arrears expected for the duration Jan 06 to Dec 2010 for ranks of Major to Major General.

Major (14464, 18205,26398,263340), Lt Col (25700,26265,38085,39810), Col (26050,27795,40303,122916), Brigadier (26150,29145,42260,210964) and AVM (26700,30350,44008,257118)"'
AVM RP Mishra (Vice President IESL)

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