Monday, November 15, 2010

Beware of unscrupulous elements : Sohi, Bharadwaj & Co by Col Rajan

Respected Veterans,

Jai Hind.

Only last evening I had a word on the subject with Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, Vice Chairman IESM; and, I would like to convey the following;

1. Email from Lt Col SS Sohi is bogus, written with malicious intent; to spread falsehood amongst Veterans.

2. Their first case filed against the present leadership has been dismissed by the Court, a week or ten days ago. No doubt, they (Lt Col Sohi, Col Bharadwaj & Co) have filed a fresh case against the present leadership on Saturday, 13 Nov and notice of the same has been received on 14 Nov; and the case stands posted for hearing on 15 Nov; no where has the Court issued a 'stay order' for conduct of AGM on 27 Nov or holding of the Ex-Servicemen Rally on 28 Nov at Jantar Mantar.

3. This is the time for all Veterans of IESM to close ranks and present a United Front to defeat the machinations of unscrupulous elements, viz. Sohi, Bharadwaj & Co.

4. Rest assured that all counter measures as per law, viz, filing counters to the bogus cases filed by Sohi, Bharadwaj & Co has been / is being taken by the Vice Chairman; and there is nothing to worry about.


Col Rajan

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