Monday, November 15, 2010

Views of Cdr HK Nag

From: Hirak Nag []
Sent: 07 November 2010 20:07
Subject: Mail from Congress Party Defence Cell

Dear Col Anand (Lt Col HKL Anand, Ex-Servicemen Cell Indian National Congress),

Your mail to IESM denegrating our democratic appeal to get justice done comes as a disappointment. We are hurt that it has shocked the ruling party.

However, your comment on the INA is a casual statement and derogatory to the committed personal who joined the Azad Hind Force to free India of foreign rule.

My father, Lt. DC Nag, was made the DAG and had drafted the INA Act.

His trial at the Red Fort in Nov-Dec 1945 was, therefore substantive. He was retained in the Indian Army and continued to serve till superanuation in 1951 at HQ Southern Command.

He was later allowed , by the GOI, to use his INA rank of Col., and West Bengal CM BC Roy asked him to form the West Bengal National Voluntary Force ( WBNVF) at Kolkata

The Congress Party of yore had good leaders. When Clement Atlee was asked at Calcutta Governors House if Mahatma Gandhi's movement had effect in granting Independence, he is reported to have replied, " Very little" and inferred that the formation of the INA did. At the 4th Netaji Subhash Bose Memorial Lecture this year, Shri PN Sangma the Presiding Officer, lamented that India missed a strong leader like Netaji. Sardar Patel was one, and he had advised Pandit Nehru on 07 Nov 1950 to be aware of the Chinese and to build up our defences in the North and North East, but regrettably, Sardar Patel succumbed to cancer a month later and Panditji forsook his advice and allowed his friend Krishna Menon, a man with no vision, to run down the Indian Army capability resulting in the ignomy of 1962. As we know, Panditji died a sad death and is reported to have said, " I wish I had listened to the Generals".

We respect Sonia Gandhi and expect her to allow democratic appeals.


Cdr. HK Nag, commissioned Jan 1957 and retired Sep 1979.

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