Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It is High Time We Unleash India from Rudderless and Confused Sociailism

From: Prem Sabhlok
Subject: It is High Time We Unleash India from Rudderless and Confused Sociailism
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 9:50 PM
Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.
Dear All,
Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok Ph.D is my son. A record holder of Panjab University in BSC (Hons) and amongst the toppers of IAS of 1982 batch. After getting convinced that Political leaders/bosses and most of the bureaucrats are not keen to attain Freedom and Swaraj (self rule) contemplated In amendment number 73 and 74 to the Constitution of India and want to perpetuate corrupt practices caused by rudderless and confused Nehruvian Socialism, he finally resigned in consultation with me when he was Secretary and Commissioner after rendering 18 years service in I.A.S. He has written a book entitled “Breaking Free of Nehru- Let' Us Unleash India”. The book has reached Oxford University Press bookstores.
The pre review is available for online reading on Website

He is convinced that India badly and urgently needs reforms in its political and bureaucratic systems. He is also trying hard to bring together at least 1500 dedicated, sincere and honest Indians who believe in world’s best democratic systems and policy for India to contest future elections. Kindly see the Website

Kindly feel free to give your remarks, comments, views for or against Sanjeev’s perceptions and suggestions in that book. Kindly also consider joining his group which is called Freedom Team of India.
His e-mail is
To create awareness about reforms and grass root democracy (swaraj) in India, kindly forward this e-mail to millions of vigilant citizens of India

We are badly struck up with independence with top down anarchy/oligarchy which we wrongly call as democracy. We are not moving at all towards attaining Freedom, Swaraj and bottom up democracy for which our leaders worked hard and attained independence- prelude to freedom.

Independent countries are likely to split like erstwhile USSR, Pakistan into Bangladesh and remaining part of Pakistan etc Countriess with Freedom get stronger and secular. Independent countries tend to become non secular, fanatic and rudderless involving even Military rule.

Now danger is looming large WDR 2009 tells us that we are nearing a Failed State. WDR was giving this signal for the last about a few years but this year it is Yellow signal just short of Red. Time to think Globally and Act locally. World Best Models are available. We have adopted a ruinous Model taking us to a failed State. WDR has no enmity for India. It is only cautioning us.

With regards,

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  1. I chanced to come by this post being an email by my father. Three clarifications I must make even though I haven't read the email in full. I do so to avoid wrong information being placed on the internet and also to clarify and even insist that this is not the kind of information that is relevant to what I'm doing, in any way:

    a) I am NOT a record holder of Panjab University but had a record in my first year BSc from GNDU which may have lasted for a year or two I don't know and really don't care.

    b) I was NOT anywhere near the topper of the IAS 1982 batch. I came in perhaps in the 42nd rank or whatever. Terribly modest.

    c) My book which he says 'reached Oxford University Press bookstores' is incorrect. It was Oxford Bookstores.

    Further, while my father has a positive impression about such things, these are totally irrelevant to what I'm trying to do or write about. I wish to be judged on the merit of my arguments, not on what I may (or may not) have done 30 years ago.

    I'd like to thank my father for his kind words, and there is some merit in them, but at the end of the day, it is important to focus on relevant information, not irrelevant information.

    Sanjeev Sabhlok