Monday, May 16, 2011

90 days medicine..easy..??

Some of you may find this interesting and of some use too.
I faced the same problem last year at INHS Asvini - that's
when I realised that there is nobody worse or more dangerous
than the bureaucrat in uniform. Ironically the doctor was
a lady(?) doctor!
Carl H Gomes

I am forwarding this shocking mail for knowledge of the ESM community about the devil within. Pls share this with maximum people so it can perhaps reach the villians in this story through their friends. Names in this mail should identify who is who; and who did what.
For some of us the Sarkari Custodian attitude never goes away. We LIKE to sit on what is actually entrusted to us for others to benefit from. It is little wonder that origin of most of our problems lies in internecine rivalries/ perceived rankings/ priorities etc, forgetting that at the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go back to the same box. And the 'box' IS indeed the future destination of even the chess pieces in play.

Col RP Chaturvedi
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rajeeve lochan
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011 at 8:51 AM
Subject: ECHS
Cc: Col RP Chaturvedi

Dear Brigadier,
As I am proceeding to USA to be with my son on the night of 19th May, yesterday (11.05.11) I visited ECHS Polyclinic Meerut and approached the seniormost medical officer (Maj Ambuj Goel) and requested for 90 days medicines, he informed that though the orders have been received but they have not been implemented and I should contact the O I/C polyclinic (Col D V Singh). He informed me that medicines for the purpose of going abroad are not authorised/permitted.
He mentioned that medicines for 90 days can only be given to patients of T B, Hypertension and Diabetes and that it has to be approved by the Commandant.
The medical officer made out a prescription and I went to the Commandant (Brig Pareek), I sent the prescription through his P A for counter signatures, first he called for the book and after that he called me and explained to me his financial difficulties and then he informed me that since I was residing locally why I need medicines for 90 days, I informed him that I was proceeding to USA for 6 monthe but I am requesting medicines only for 90 days which is permitted under the rules. Of course he did not take a minute and signed the prescription.
I request confirmation if for proceeding abroad the medicines are authorised or not.
We keep criticising babus and the bureaucracy but I think we in the Armed Forces have more bureaucracy than any where else.
May I have your reply pl. With warm regards.

Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan (Retd)
4/205, Rakshapuram,
Mawana Road,
Meerut - 250 001
Phone: 91-121-2623333
Mobile: 91-941-003-1824

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