Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Pension pre 2006 by Brig RS Rawat

From: rajender rawat []
Sent: 06 May 2011 20:13
To:;; cs kamboj; Sarath Chand
Subject: Family Pension pre 2006
Importance: High


1. For some time we have been helping widows get the FP as specified in Annex III of 6CPC. We have been discussing the rationale of the FIXED SCALES specified for JCOs/ORs ever since Circular 430 was issued by GoI. The following are the obvious observations that must have also captured your attention.
(a) The FP based on 6CPC was beneficial when Annex I & III of 6CPC are into account.
(b) When Circular 430 was issued, upwardly revising Basic Pension(BP) of all ranks up to Sub Majs, the very parameter for calculating the FP undergoes a change. Yet, the erstwhile scales of Annex III continue to be applied.
(c) Consequently, Sepoys & TS Nks benefit marginally while all the rest stand to lose.

3. Circular 430 has rightly included additional categories like TS Naik, Hony Havs & Hony Nb Subs. These categories are missing from Annex III. So, what does the widow of these soldiers get as FP?

4. Since widows are a hapless, helpless, unheard & inarticulate section of our fraternity, we need to examine the undermentioned details by your experts to ascertain if our contention of INJUSTICE to widows is indeed well founded & project the same to the right quarter.

5. Please note that OROP for widows is still a distant dream as it is for the rest of pre 2006 pensioners. We hope FP too will deserve similar, if not more attention in our bid to get OROP.

6.Any errors in the Charts presented may be intimated to us.

RS Rawat
Brig retd

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