Sunday, May 8, 2011

Letter to PM By Lt Cdr Avtar singh

Sent: 06 May 2011 12:55
To: CS Kamboj
Subject: Letter to Pm

Dear Brigadier Kamboj,

I have written this letter to PM and posted today.

I considered apt you may publish it in RMS Blog


Avtar singh
Lt cdr Retd
--------------Lt Cdr Retd Avtar Singh Tel 22789657
317 pocket E Mayur Vihar Phase II M 99712 59010
Delhi 110091

Shri Manmohan Singh
Honourable Prime Minister of India,

Dated 04 May 2011

Sub. Pension Lt Cdrs and equivalent

1. It is too much to expect that this letter would attract your attention, but Sir I shall be happy if some of your trusted aide reads and act upon it.

2. I am a retired naval officer of the rank of Lt Cdr, aged 78 years and at the fag end of my life.

3. When I look back at my life, I sense a great degree of satisfaction. From a boy aged 16 years when I joined Indian Navy in 1950, to 1990 when I retired after 40 years of naval service. I consider myself to be fortunate to have received support both during my service career and thereafter, as a pensioner the pension being my livelihood
4. I am currently in a strange situation viz struggling to get justice from the government. My demand is simple “To give me what six central pay commission has recommended and what Union Cabinet under a resolution as approved’

5. My struggle started with an RTI with Naval HQ on 26-11-2008 and is continuing. My letters dated 28 March 2011, 7 April 2011 and 20 April 2011 all addressed to you are relevant.
6. Currently to draw the attention of PMO I have posted 34 post cards on daily basis reminding PMO about my case. In these letters I have quoted the opinion of constitutional authorities like CAG, CGDA and two letters from Honourable minister Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal. All the above letters are in agreement with my cause.

7. To get my legitimate amount of pension I have knocked at the door of the service HQs,MOD, MOF CGDA and PCDAs, but I have not got justice.
8. Since I could not get favourable decision from the concerned officer I along with 139 fellow ranking officers all over the country (from tri services)

decided to file a petition (OA 24/2010) with Armed forces Tribunal Principal
Bench Court No 1 at Delhi.

9. The above case was heard by Mr Justice A K Mathur and vide order dated 14 Sep 2010 the judgement was passed in my favour. Another 15 identical petitons were filed by my fellow ranking officers which were clubbed under two separate judgements. These petitions too were admitted. It is a very rare that three different benches of judiciary give any identical verdict
10. It is over 8 months and yet the decisions of AFT has neither been challenged nor implemented.. The delay in filing the appeal in my opinion is only to frustrate senior citizens to death both physically as well as financially. It is pertinent to mention that five petitioners have died waiting for justice not to talk about others who do not form part of the petitions.

11. Respected Sir the six cpc finding took effect from 1-1-2006 and we have crossed half way mark. We are nearing the formation of seventh Pay commission, but I have not been able to enjoy the fruit of the sixth cpc.

12. I earnestly and most humbly pray to you to give a wake up call to the concerned Officer who is enjoying KUMBHKARAN sleep

12 Dear PM Sir, I now write to you with a heavy heart and state that to draw your attention

( a) I would not and am not qualified enough to fit into the shoes of ANNA

(b) I do not want to immolate my self in busy market or

(c) Throw myself in front of VVIP car but

(d) As a law abiding person continue reminding you on daily basis through post card till I breathe last or till I get justice.

13 Finally I am not disheartened about happening as I believe that one should only be surprised if one get speedy justice, and not feel disheartened if he does not get justice as this is a very common with our administrator call it KUMBHKARANS

14 May I expect a reply from someone under you Sir

With best regards

Yours truly,

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