Friday, February 19, 2010

Dildar Nagar Rally - Feedback summary and afterthoughts

Dear and Respected Sir,

On behalf of all ESM of Dildar Nagar area, I thank you for visiting the area and hearing the local problems and challenges faced by the ESM of the area and addressing the rally organized by them. The ESM and local leaders of Gazipur, Jamanian, Sahuka, Buxar, Dildar Nagar Gahamar, Bhadora and Baliyan and other nearby villages were deeply touched by your personal military family background. They were also very hopeful about the points they raised during meeting other than OROP. To warm up the rally and to rev up the audience it was decided that the local speakers speak first before they get the opportunity to hear from you. This email aims at summarizing the points of those local speakers as well.

I was with the local ESM for an approximate period of one week and this gave me a chance to meet several ESM personally and to have small, local meetings and get-togethers with them. Thus I have to humbly say that these interactions enables me to understand their lives, their problems and the kind of help, support and actions they are looking for from the IESM HQ in Delhi. The gathering would have been much larger but due to the severe weather conditions and late running trains the ESM strength was not as much as expected but it was still respectable.

Most of the senior old ESM firmly believed that your visit will sort their problems and grievances once and for all. Many of them had not even seen a general in their entire service duration and they were thrilled and excited to hear from you.

Sir, with respect and humility, I will now try and voice the opinions of the thousands of local ESM from that region. The ESM community there believes that besides the primary goal of OROP, there are certainly many other issues relating to ESM welfare that they think should be taken up by IESM HQ. I am in full agreement with your view on OROP that it is a long term fight, in the meantime there are certain regional and local points that I would like to bring to your kind attention:

(a) How can IESM HQ help put pressure on local authorities and agencies to help ESM relating to the very basic services Like ECHS, CSD Canteen, District Sainik Board , Pension Paying banks, and other welfare organizations. We must ALSO think in terms of 'micro' issues and their resolutions rather than only focusing on the otherwise national OROP issue.

(b) The Record Offices and other bodies are not helping the needy old pensioners and widows as well. Bribes and commissions are being extorted for simple things like monthly pension and arrears.

(c) Depending on the increasing ESM strength, opening of new institutes and organizations for ESM welfare like Central Schools, CSD and ECHS.

(d) Organizing recruitment rally in the area for the wards of ESM.

Outputs of the Dildar Nagar rally:

(a) New leaders have been Identified and they have already started working for the membership drive and medal deposition.

(b) Large number of ESM joined IESM and are emotionally charged and more medals will be brought on 14th Mar from that area. I will personally remain in touch with the new local leaders.

(c) Awareness about IESM, its activities and its past successes.

On a final note, the memorandum and the points given to me in writing by the local ESM are with me which I will send across to you via courier as soon as I am able to.

Once again I personally thank you for visiting Dildar Nagar and the near by areas. It was a pleasure to host you there.

Thank you sir.
Yours truly,
PS: Please find the Press Note attached with this email.

Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony. Lt. (Veteran)

230, Pocket-1,
DDA SFS Flats, Sector-1,
Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075

Cell : +91-9811059825
Home: +91-11-3296 6701

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