Monday, February 22, 2010

Thanks to lt Col BM Thapa for the Donation of Rs. 5000 again

From: Brij Mohan Thapa
Date: 19 Feb 2010 06:54
Subject: Excellent contribution of Col S S Rajan;Tiger from the South and Maj Gen Satbir Singh Tiger from the North
To: Col S S Rajan Dai
Dear Col Rajan Dai,
Indeed we all IESM family members owe deep gratitude to you and Gen Satbir Singh for your most dedicated day and night efforts for up keeping the flag of IESM as high as possible. You both are great asset, invaluable and irreplaceable for the organisation who has brought high name and fame for the IESM

Your membership and donation drive has been great successful and fruitful in all over India for IESM .

I am also sending second installments of donation of Rs 5000.00 through Dehradun HDFC bank since temporarily I am stationed at Singapore.

Fondest regards.

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