Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks to Col Khanna and Lt Gen PD Bhargava

Respected Veteran Col Khanna Sir,
Jai Hind & my salute to you.
I, on behalf of the Veterans fraternity thank you & express our gratitude to you and to Gen PD Bhargava for being kind & gracious in donating large sums of money to IESM, for funding its events & activities.
I am forwarding your email to Veteran Maj Gen PK Renjen, the Treasurer of IESM for issuing requisite receipts to you and to Gen Bhargava at the earliest.
Col Rajan

On 17 February 2010 06:47, Vinay Khanna wrote:
Dear Col Rajan,
I had given the following donations during 2009.
a) During initial membership contribution , Rs 5,000/
b) During your annual meeting at Noida in Aug/Sep, Rs 10,000 to help in meeting the expenses on acct of AGM followed by lunch for all.
Shall feel obliged if you can kindly send me the official receipts for income tax relief.
Similarly Lt Gen PD Bhargava , Ex So-in-C had also contributed Rs 10,000 during the AGM. Please send him the receipt for income tax relief.
Best regards,
Lt Col Vinay Khanna
Ex-Signals IC 10144
C-79, G.K.- I , New Delhi - 110 048
M 9818301089
17 Feb 2010

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