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Signing of Memo in Blood by Cdr V Vaidyanathan IN (Retd)

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I have been out of active participation in the IESM for almost a month. I have fully recovered from my ailment.I am catching up with the planned activities of IESM. I do have some doubts and hence this mail.

I am not very clear as to what the plans for signing of the memorandum in blood on 14 march? Is it going to be done centrally at Delhi? Is the memorandum going to be submitted on the same day to the President and PM? Are the State conveners expected to get the signatures from ESM and forward it to IESM Hq ?.

I Want to put the following points for the Governing body's Consideration.

Taking out 2 cc of blood (as Done by Ravi Pathak) for signing the memorandum may not be advisable on the following counts.

(a) Large quantity of blood will be wasted.

(b) The signing by ESM Can not be done under the glare of Media.(Media coverage of the activity is very vital for our

Proposal for consideration

Instead of signing we may think of putting a blood mark next to the signature of the ESM.The blood Mark, of the Left
hand index finger of the ESM by piercing the left hand index finger using a sterilized needle.

This will consume less time and can be done easily under the glare of the media with minimum wastage of valuble

Let us organise IESM rally all over India with the help of State and district Convenors on a particular day with Maximum
attendance. Where possible members of Governing body may visit the various district / state venues and address the

The signed memorandum from the district / States may then be taken across to Delhi and handed over to The President
and the PM.

For organising such a rally the core group members will need to be present in their place and hence the rally may be organised
giving a minimum of one week gap between the core Gp meeting and the rally.


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