Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks to Brig Sukhdev Singh for the Doantion of Rs. 15000

Respected Veteran Brig Sukhdev Singh,
Jai Hind

Please accept our Greetings & Best Wishes on the occasion of your Marriage Anniversary and we wish you both MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY.

I am indeed touched by your prompt response to my Appeal and the very kind sentiments expressed in your email. The Ex-Servicemen fraternity is thankful & grateful to you for your magnanimity in contributing Rs.15, 000 to the IESM for funding its events & activities.

Col Rajan

On 17 February 2010 18:22, Sukhdev Singh wrote:

My dear Colonel Rajan,
I have been observing ur dedication to the IESM for some time,thru IESM Blog.
U r doing a commendable job in motivating Veterans from ur part of the country in addition to ur unstinted support to the Governing Body, at Delhi.
As far as Satbir is concerned,we r coursemates & have known each other for ages.His dynamism has been known since r cadet days.
I am in full agreement with u regarding finances for IESM.Earlier I had written to Satbir stating that v need finacial cells in various parts of the country in order to generate adequate funds to maintain momentum,because mere contributions of membership fees will not suffice.
I cannot contribute physically,however I have decided to put in part time effort thru self,reatives,neighbours,fellow golfers & society at large,to generate funds for IESM.

To day is my wedding anniversary,what better day to commence a noble deed of helping a noble cause which the IESM has adopted.Today, I shall deposit a cheque FOR RS 15000,in IESM HDFC account mentioned in ur appeal.

There after I shall appeal to my children,my family& friends to contribute for a just cause which IESM is persuing.
I shall approach neighbours,fellow golfers,businessmen (known & unknown),for donations.
I have an ambitious target of generating 1 lac in calender year 2010.
After todays contribution I have rs 85000 to b collected in 10 months ie 8500 per month.Let us see how much I manage.
With ur permission I shall b making about 200 copies of ur appeal ,adding an appeal from my side & putting it into letter boxes in the neighbourhood/distrbuting personally at golf courses,clubs etc.I hope I have ur approval.
I shall b forwarding ur appeal to my contact list via email.
The task I have undertaken is far easier than yours.Wish me luck & God willing I will achieve my target sooner than later.
Keep up the good work.We will succeed ultimately because IESM has a just cause,a superb leader & noble dedicated souls like u,satbir,kamboj & all others in the governing body.
All the very best, SUKHDEV

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