Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Military Memorial at Bangalore By Col Raman

From: ramantn sarma
Subject: Re: [indianveterans] National Military Memorial at Bangalore
To: indianveterans@yahoogroups.com
Cc: "Sreedhar GV"
Date: Friday, 9 April, 2010, 1:58 PM
Dear Veterans,

While seeing the merit in Col GV Sreedhars' appeal, I would like to make the following suggestion, which can be taken up legally.

The CM of Tamilnadu faced a similar problem, when he decided on a new State Legislative Assembly, in the Govt owned Omandur Estate, housing the Rajaji Hall & Kalaivanar Arangam. The environmental Group filed a PIL for the same reasons, which are quoted against the construction of War Memorial in Bangalore.

The Govt in its counter agreed that some trees are bound to be cut & the thick under growth in some areas will have to be cleared. But it gave a solemn undertaking that for each tree felled they would plant six more trees & also ensure that the entire building will be designed & constructed in a ecological friendly way. The entire area will be restored of the lost greenery under the supervision of any expert who may be appointed by the Court, if need be. The Madras High Court agreed with the suggestion & dismissed the petition. As we all are aware, the New Assembly Building was inaugurated last month in the presence of the PM & Sonia Gandhi.

If the area where the construction of War Memorial is planned has been designated as park, then assure the Court that the dual purpose War Memorial as wll a a Public Park, will be ensured, for the good of all citizens.

The Committee constituted for the construction of War Memorial may follow this line of argument, instead of abinitio raising the pitch to the National level agitation by the ESM.
Veteran Raman

--- On Fri, 9/4/10, Lt Col GV Sreedhar Chandan wrote:

Dear All,

The war memorial issue has reached the High Court of Karnataka. A PIL has been filed in the court against felling of trees, construction of structures in the area designated as Park and the very selection of the location.

This is the level to which our Civil Society has stooped down. For the sake of their morning walk they have fallen in love with craggy trees like Ashoka, Eucalyptus and even shrubs. They are sure that their apartments including this place dedicated for walking is safe from enemy shelling. Place worth Rs 500 Crores is too precious to be wasted for the memory of twenty thousand Soldiers, Sailors and Air Men of Indian Armed Forces. It is not a surprise that there is not a single voice from Compatriots in protest against the moves by these Rich and Famous but not so much evolved group of influential because international border is at a comfortable distance away..
This is right time we ESMs of colors join hands and march for the sake of WAR Memorial in Bangalore. This being the first War Memorial in the country after 1947, a Pan Indian ESMs effort is quite in place and honorable too.
Veteran Sreedhar.


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