Friday, April 30, 2010

OROP by Col Kala

Dear Brigadier,
The attitude of the Govt towards the old pensioners is least sympathetic. I think we have been barking up the wrong tree in the form of surrender of medals etc. We should now refer the issue to the H'ble Supreme Court, and make a call to the country's ex-servicemen to join the fight.
If you read between the lines, one issue that the Govt is seeking to rake up is to get the identity of those who were party to the litigation; obviously, if the Govt relents, it plans to give relief to the litigants only. I recommend that we take up a nation wide campaign to make each and every pre2006 pensioner a party to the litigation. We may also bring to the notice of one and all that one third of the present serving personnel will face the same plight, should the UPA Govt be in power at the time of the next pay commission.
We must also appreciate that our civilian counterparts too have been meted out similar dispensation (remember! Mr. Raju told the Parliament that it was not legally possible to grant OROP to the Armed Forces). We must also make them a party to the litigation.
With best regards,
Col Kala

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