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Views o Lt Gen YN Sharma

From: yoginder sharma
Sent: 28 April 2010 06:38
To: raj kadyan
Cc:; CS Kamboj

Dear Raj and the IESM Core Team,
It has been some time since I applauded and admired your awesome 'labour of love' and 'selfless service'. The leadership, enterprise, energy and endurance displayed by all of you is unprecedented, inspired and inspiring.
You, Raj, have been a great Team Captain- wise, mature, righteous and determined.Bravo.

Satbir is an old colleague- of some rough times- rock solid and resolute, as ever. He has truly been a revelation in this role. In my book, being No 2 was always the most 'difficult' experience. You two have turned that conventional wisdom on its head- more credit to Satbir.

My apologies for not personally commending other Members of your highly dedicated Team-they have all been exemplary.

Someday, if we meet, would love to hear as to how you built such an amazing Team. My warmest compliments to each one.

It is going to be a long haul ahead. Keep at it-is a path-breaking mission. The diversified format that you have chosen is most prudent, in terms of pay-off.
Indian Veterans deserve and need your 'sacrifice' -so far none had measured up to the cause.

May God bless you all.

(Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander)
From: yoginder sharma
Sent: 28 April 2010 08:29
To: Kamboj Chander
Cc: manmohan walia; vijay madan; VIJAY OBEROI;
Subject: Re: AN ARTICLE BY LT GEN HARWANT SINGH - "REPORT MY SIGNAL" - EMAIL 197/2010 - 27 APR 2010 (H to Z)

1. I have, since long, held Gen Harwant's professional views in high esteem. There is justified, and historically proven, merit in his defence of AFSPA. He is also in good company on this issue, presently-on the highest table in fact - the new Chief is as firm a proponent of this 'good' law which has lately acquired an 'odium' in local perceptions?

2. I can also claim some 'hands on' experience of CI ops, incl as a BM in Nagaland and cdr of two Bdes in Manipur. Personally, I cannot recall taking cover behind or flaunting a copy of the AFPSA to conduct successful ops. In fact one did a lot 'worse' to get results, provided one did not "alienate" local perceptions, in the long run. Indeed, existence of the law had a prophylactic value but its use was as rare as the contested 'excesses' .

3. In the ultimate analysis, the key determinant of success(or otherwise) in CI/CT ops is the support/alienation of local population - all the force in the world cannot neutralise its loss. If in doubt, check with the US/NATO forces further West? For whatever reasons, AFPSA has become a huge red-flag 'alienator'- witness Irom Sharmila's 10 yr long fast and so on. Public support is a function of 'perceptions' and IA was(?) not very skilled at perception management. Our fixation with the 'tried and tested', in this case, can thus become counterproductive to our own cause. Perhaps, it is time to get flexible and innovative.

4. The conventional objection to a 'revision' or the law, as expanded in the Article, is that it will dilute the 'essentials' of legal protection. But why and who said so??? Let us get smart and don't let there be operationally unacceptable dilution of the enabling legal provisions. Surely we can manage that- it is our own Govt, ain't it. My vote is ,therefore, against a 'fossilized' approach - sorry Harwant and all the like-minded worthies (means the majority)!!!
But then I have always enjoyed sticking my neck out.


(Lt Gen YN Sharma, Former Army Commander)
From: prem parkash batra
Sent: 28 April 2010 00:56
Subject: Fw: AFSPA

Lt Gen Harwant Singh

Dear Sir,

1. At last you have broken your silence through with your Article in Tribune which is trailed below (deleted). There is more to it, Sir. And that makes me very sad.

2. I have been attending Talks and Lectures and Seminars at ISIL since 1999 on completing my PG Diploma in "International Business And Trade Law". [ FYI, I have no Law Qualification]. Let me put some matter before you.

3. ISIL runs regularly Courses on Human Rights, Refugee Law, Internally Displaced and Human Rights for Poverty alleviation and so on forth. These courses are co-sponsored by International Committee of Red Cross in India. They have two Retired Service Officers on their Staff at ICR in India. Lot of young Law Graduates and Under Graduates undertake these courses; because they would get jobs with NGOs to start their career. Now of course WTO Courses like IPR, Trade Marks, etc., are attracting the talent. Other regular topic is Geneva Conventions with their Two Protocols and their non ratification by India. The Speakers would be entertained by accepting their worthless Papers with some even becoming Speakers during the Conferences.

4. In fact the 1st Henry Moot Court I attended there, was Red and Blue Commanders where the Red Commander [ India ] was pilloried for earth scorching policy adopted by Red Commander! It was presided over by Justice Retired Sachar! I did try to intervene--the Commander is not CNS--the Commander-in-Chief is the President who gives written orders. No ex NDA/IMA General would ever give such scorch earth orders but the Judge would not listen.

5. On another occasion, RADM Malhotra Retired and my self defended that India should not sign Geneva Conventions and the two Protocols when USA has not signed them. In fact the Legal Officers on the Staff of Pacific Commander put the ISIL Faculty to shame by defending what happened in Iraq. At amother occasion when the Foreign Secretary was in the Chair asked the ISIL to send our views too. They do not invite DGP HS Gill or any Flag Officer from the Forces when decidng their Fate.

6. During the International Law Conference in 2004, the then MP, Shri Pranab Mukerji, was chairing the session and was apologetic about the violation of Human Rights by the Security Forces. In fact the Army JAG Mag Gen Kumar was booed when he tried to balance the course of the discussions.

7. It would not be out of place to say that an Indian for a free lunch or selected to present a paper at the Conference would sell his soul!
Media is no different.

8. I tried to plead at various think tanks that serving officers should defend theselves instead of we the Retired ones. The serving Officers should include besides the JAGs, the Operational Staff to participate as well. But some how the serving officers take the high pedestal and do not attend. JAGs who attend some times do not have the actual fighting experience. Forums like ISIL produce Draft Acts and their participation would protect the interests of the Forces and the Armed Police.

9. I even met the then Naval JAG he was all platitude and gave me due respect for being my student for his induction training. But nothing much happened as he could not convince the Top Brass. I doubt if the Army JAG and the Air Force JAG got the necessary backing from their Service.

10. For organising a seminar and paying invariably is some external NGO who funds and gets material through. Unfortunately our Human Rights Commission is ill informed or is forced to initiate action by the vested interests and the media who are bought over. Our Army Chief is already playing their game!

11. I have even checked with the Intelligence people to fund Seminars to get the desired results but in vain.

12. Sir, can you persuade the Top Brass to pay due attention to their own interests by active participation in Law Seminars, Lectures, Talks, etc.

With best regards,

Cdr Prem P Batra Retired.


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