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Rs 38-lakh relief to kin of slain CRPF men

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Respected Veterans:

I came across the following news report about the relief being given to slain CRPF cops. Some of us whose area of specialisation is the quantum/promptness/ delay in giving pension/relief to the next-of-kin of the martyred soldiers, may look at this report with more than just casual interest.

Warm regards.

Wg Cdr SC Kapoor (retd)



Rs 38-lakh relief to kin of slain CRPF men

Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

The Centre on Wednesday announced a compensation package of Rs 38 lakh and last drawn salary as monthly pension to the kin of each of the 75 CRPF men killed in the Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district on Tuesday. The Government also announced a compassionate recruitment to the kin of the martyrs.

“The kin of the deceased personnel will receive funds of over Rs 38 lakh which includes Rs 15 lakh as ex-gratia from the Central Government, 10 lakh from CRPF risk fund ( is there such a fund as armed forces risk fund? If not, why not? It is not too late to start one now!!), Rs three lakh as ex-gratia from the State Government, Rs 10 lakh from State Government as part of a scheme for anti-Naxal operation and Rs 60,000 from CRPF central fund,” the Home Ministry said in a statement( Do armed forces personnel also get ex gratia awards? If not, why not? Or is it the prerogative of the clueless, inefficient, ill trained and careless to get killed and in the bargain receive Kirti Chakra etc plus money!! ).

Liberalised Pensionary Award (LPA) under EOFP Rules, which is equivalent to the slain personnel’s last drawn salary, will also be provided to them, the statement said. “In addition to the above, one eligible family member will be provided employment in CRPF on compassionate ground as per rules,” it said. ( More rewards for inefficiency....last drawn pay as lifelong family pension plus a job on compassionate grounds !! Just why do they forget these nice measures while dealing with the faujis ?? )


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