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Karnatka ESM support BJP by Col SS Rajan




Considering the fact that BJP headed by LK Advani has openly come out in support of Ex-Servicemen and committed themselves to the grant of ONE RANK, ONE PENSION and other concessions relating to welfare & re-settlement of Ex-Servicemen, in their Manifesto; and considering our stated stand that WE shall extend our support & vote for only that party or individual, who supports OUR cause; the KARNATAKA EX-SERVICEMEN FORUM hereby endorses Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the upcoming parliamentary elections
Ex Servicemen’ Battle Cry
Faujiyon ka Vote siraf unko milega, jo Faujiyon ka Maan aur Maryaada rakhega
Faujiyon ka Vote siraf unko milega, jo Faujiyon ko ONE RANK, ONE PENSION dilwayaga
A vote for BJP is a vote for strong India, Prosperous India and a Safe & Secure India
What has BJP done for Service Personnel during the NDA regime during the period: 1999-2004
Massive construction of Married Accommodation for Defence Services personnel. Considering the acute shortage of married accommodations for the Defence Services personnel, especially for the JCOs, NCOs & OR (and their equivalent in the Navy and Air Force ), Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister announced on 15 Aug 2000 from the ramparts of the Red Fort that adequate married accommodation would be provided in all peace stations all over the country to cater to the urgent needs of Armed Forced personnel; and accordingly the Directorate General (DG) Married Accommodation Projects (MAPs) was setup in 2003; and, construction of 2 lakh dwelling units was sanctioned at a cost of Rs 18,000 cores, to be completed in four phases by the year 2015. The first phase for construction of 60,000 dwelling units is nearing completion and Phase II has since been sanctioned.
ECHS. Considering the urgent requirement of providing proper medical care and treatment to lakhs of ex servicemen and their families, spread all over the country, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee the then Prime minister announced the cabinet approval for setting up ECHS on 18 Oct 2002.
Increased Promotional prospects. It was again in 2003, that the then NDA Govt. head by the BJP, announced massive structural changes in promotions of Service personnel and granted approval for enhanced number of Maj Gen, Brig, Colonel, Lt Col and grant of Honorary rank of Naik, Havildar, Naib Subedar, Subedar and Sub major benefitting lakhs of JCOs NCOs and Sepoys (and their equivalents in the Navy & Air Force) who retire year after year.
Increase in allowances. Considering the hardship faced by the Armed Forces personnel deployed in High altitude area and the Snow bound Siachen Glacier, it was the BJP heading the NDA regime which granted considerable increase in high altitude allowance and Siachen allowance.
Honoring of Martyrs. It was during the NDA regime headed by the BJP that bodies of soldiers martyred during the Kargil conflict where flown to their respective towns and villages and accorded Military funerals, thus honouring the soldiers for their supreme sacrifice to their mother land.

In comparison what has the Congress done?
The recommendations of the sixth pay commission has been highly discriminatory, devaluing & debasing the Izzat of soldiers. The 6th Central Pay Commossion had recommended grant of only Rs. 1000/- as Military Service Pay to the JCOs & OR of the Army (and their equivalents in the Navy & Air Force), and when the three service chief pointed out to the Government that Rs 1000/- granted as MSP was crossly inadequate and recommended grant of Rs 3000/- as MSP to JCOs & OR, the UPA Government headed by the congress sanctioned only Rs 2000/- as MSP to JCOs & OR. It is not a shame to disregard the interest of it soldiers and not paying them adequately for their services rendered day and night, standing vigil all over the far flung borders of Bharatvarsh.
In Nov 2003, Madam Sonia Gandhi, the head of the congress party, addressed a huge Ex Servicemen rally at Chandigarh, wherein she promised that grant of ONE RANK, ONE PENSION wound be favourably considered in case congress was voted to power in 2004; but, what did they do? The UPA Govt. heads by the Congress rejected the grant of ONE RANK, ONE PENSION and thus betrayed the ex servicemen.
Congress ne 2004 mein vaadha kiya thaa ki, ONE RANK, ONE PENSION dhenge. Par kiya kya? Faujiyon ke saath dhokaa aur Faujiyon kaa apmaan.
Military Service is UNIQUE, with a highly demanding 24 by 7 work culture under hostile environments; and secondly, Military Service is the only Service wherein a Jawan is bundled out at the young age of 35, when he has a wife, two small children, unmarried sisters & his parents to be taken care of; without the STATE bothering to give him an alternative employment. It is absolutely callous. A young man who joins service in civil as a LDC or a Police constable; serves comfortably till the age of 60 years and retires in a much higher position with a good amount as pay & pension. Not so in the case of a Jawan. 85% of the Sepoys retire as Sepoys only after 15 years service. Most civilians who retire at 60, would live to see only one Pay Commission after retirement, considering their longevity to be 70-75 years and a few, two pay commissions; but a Sepoy would live to see nothing less than four Pay Commissions after retirement. It is the older pensioners of the Army, Navy & Air Force who are the worst sufferers. It is not only the serving soldier that the STATE is duty bound to take care of; but also the Ex Servicemen who have sacrificed their youth in service of the Nation with no other thought but DUTY, HONOUR and COUNTRY.

The callousness and insensitivity of UPA Govt. head by the Congress in not granting ONE RANK, ONE PENSION, has forced the Ex Servicemen all over the country to MARCH FOR JUSTICE, FAST FOR JUSTICE and deposit their Medals with the Her Excellency the President of India, to express their pain & anguish brought about by years of neglect & apathy by the Central Govt. What a shame. A civilian passerby rightly remarked, “Faujion kaa sadak par aanaa, Desh kaa durbhaagya hai”. (Ex Servicemen being forced to take to the streets, is indeed a tragedy for the Nation). The unfair treatment being meted out to the Ex Servicemen is not lost on the serving soldier, either; for one can hear them say, “Aaj unke saath, kal hamaare saath”. But who cares? Definitely not the politicians in power.
God and the Soldier We Adore. In times of danger Not before.
The danger Past and all things Righted, God is forgotten and the Soldier Slighted.
Rudyard Kipling.

The Indian Army, Air Force and Navy need to be strengthened in view of
rapidly changing regional and global realities. Tragically, the services
have been ignored by the Congress and failure to address the concerns of the
Army, Air Force and Navy has bred undesirable discontent. The BJP will
address all pending issues immediately. It will be guided by the following
solemn commitments while dealing with the Defence of India:

1. The long-pending acquisition of military hardware will be expedited
through absolutely transparent means in a time-bound manner.

2. Budget allocations for Defence forces will be spent without being
allowed to lapse. The criminal negligence of the Defence forces by the UPA
Government has resulted in nearly Rs 24,000 Crores by way of budgetary
allocations being allowed to lapse over five years. This not only endangers
the lives of our soldiers but also the security of the nation.

3. Our forces are performing a service to the nation and deserve better
pay and privileges. Towards this end, the BJP is committed to the following
a. The pending issues of pay and privileges will be revisited and
resolved to the satisfaction of the Defence forces. The modalities for setting up a separate Pay Commission for the forces will be expedited.
b. All personnel of the Army, Air Force and Navy, as also paramilitary
forces, will be exempt from paying income tax on their salaries and

c. The honorarium for winners of gallantry awards like Pram Vir Chakra,
which is abysmally low at Rs 500 to Rs 3,000, will be increased ten-fold to
Rs 5,000 to Rs 30,000. This will be done with retrospective effect; the
honorarium will be taxfree.
d. The principle of ONE RANK, ONE PENSION, will be implemented;

e. Incentive-based steps will be taken to make joining the Defence
services an exciting proposition for young men and women to overcome the
shortage of officers.
f. Incentives will be offered to State Governments for ensuring
honourable settlement of retired personnel of the Defence services.

4. The present shortage of Defence personnel at all levels will be met
by making the Services an attractive career option. This would include
competitive pay and privileges, and pension benefits. This task will be
completed in a time-bound manner.
5. The capacities of Defence Research and Development Organisation will
be enhanced. The PPP route will be explored for conventional Defence
production bearing in mind the nation’s needs and to make India a
competitive player in the global market by 2020.
Would you vote for Dhokebaaz Congress or Vote for Fauji friendly BJP
Vote for BJP
Our “bhalaai” ie. interest lies in Voting for BJP
Victory for BJP is Victory for Ex Servicemen

Veteran Colonel SS Rajan,

State Convenor, Karnataka Ex Servicemen Forum,

77 Shankara Mutt Parallel Road, Shankarpuram, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560004
Tele No.91-80-26679490 Cell No. 9448024377 Email:


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