Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pay Band 4 for Lt Cols/Cdrs/Wg Cdrs is here

Justice for Lt Cols after a span of 25 years

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Papa Bravo– FOUR has officially confirmed (Amendment to SAI also downloadable)
“Have you had your plus sign today” : Prince (Positivity / 1988)
So how are my naysayer friends doing?
Well, PB-4 orders have been issued.


Initial fixation– Rs 38530

Current Deputation status– All current deputationists to be fixed in PB-4

Status of Pensioner – Orders would be issued by Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare functioning under the Ministry of Defence

PB-4: Lt Col and equivalent upgrade and contents of SAI and salary tables: click me
Papa Bravo– FOUR officially confirmed
Posted by Navdeep/ Maj Navdeep Singh

Dear Navdeep,
It is a great news for Lt Col/Cmdr/Wg Cdr rank officers. It was long awaited. You have been doing a yeoman's service for the fraternity of defence servicemen, by keeping them informed and updated from time to time. I have been reading your activities and the active role being perfomed by you for their interests. Please do accept my Greetings in this regards. Hopefully the news for the pensioners should also be out shortly.
Gp Capt (Retd)

Comment: Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare is almost defunct. Not one single issue of Pay Commission Anomalies has been debugged. What a waste of resources time and tax payers money!

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