Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Career Transition workshop

From: Ramachandran Mahesh [mailto:colrmahesh@gmail.com]
Sent: 03 May 2010 11:29

Subject: Career Transition workshop

Dear Kamboj sir,

Need your help to post the appended details on "Report My Signals" as also pass the link http://cts.doattend.com to anyone who could be interested in knowing more about post retirement options. This is an initiative to help our serving bretheren in the fauj, who are contemplatring either PMR or retiring after having completed their full service.
Best Rgds
Hi Everybody,
The Indian Purple Foundation (TIPF) is a group of military officers who took premature retirement a few years ago and have made a successful transition into civilian life. The Foundation aims to provide a platform for serving and retired military officers to share experiences and exchange views on various aspects of a switch from uniform to civilian life.
The TIPF has organised a "Career Transition Seminar" on 13th Jun 2010 at USI Delhi. The seminar is aimed at an audience of those who are close to retirement, have opted for, or are considering, a premature retirement, and for others who may be plain curious to know more about the eventuality of such a transition. The seminar will have an impressive group of speakers, who have volunteered to share their experiences and ideas with those who wish to hear about the many options and nuances of such a career shift.
This will be a not-for-profit, paid seminar @ Rs 500 per head, which will basically cover the expenses related to organising the seminar. Your support is required to spread the word around to defence officers, both serving and retired, who you think may find value in the seminar.
The seminar is being managed through the online event management service DoAttend.com. Please visit the seminar website at http://cts.doattend.com, where you will find more information about the event as well as links to register for the event and make online/ offline payment of registration fees. Please also visit the TIPF blog at http://theindianpurplefoundation.blogspot.com, where you will get the latest updates about the seminar and can also post your comments and suggestions
For further info, you may also email to TheIndianPurpleFoundation@yahoo.in
The TIPF Team (Gopal Karunakaran, Pradeep Bhat, R Mahesh)

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