Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ECHS: Budget allotment discriminatory

Dear All,

While interacting with HQ Western Command Officials on the issue of ECHS, it came to our notice another case of injustice to Defence Veterans by Government of India. Per person budget/ payment by Government of India is three times for CGHS i.e for elite Babus and 1/3 rd for Fauzi's ECHS. Can someone with contacts with media get it highlighted having duly confirmed. We have been cheated and are being cheated all over in daylight. Ministry of Finance gave us rank pay to be counted towards Pension in 4th pay commission, but Government of India denied it for so many years. When Supreme court gave us back rank pay, Government goes to courts.

Brig Nawab Singh (Retd)

You are right. Allocation ratio ECHS: CGHS IS Rs 2700: 5100 per head one third of the civilians. This is known fact and forms part of our brief/ projections to GOI wherever sent out.
Col RP Chaturvedi (Retd)

If I understand correctly, when I joined the Army 40 years ago, free medical treatment for the rest of my life was one of the conditions of service. In fact my pay packet had this aspect among others like accn etc factored in. Hence what is the legality of I being asked to pay to become a member of the ECHS after retirement?
Brig A Sarker (Retd)

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