Monday, May 24, 2010

National Military Memorial at Bangalore

Dear Military Vetarans,

This is a digital signature campaign to pledge support to the construction of National Military Memorial (NMM) planned and being executed by Govt of Karnataka at Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain and Park in the heart of the city near Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.

However, some civilian groups residing around the memorial site are opposing the cration of NMM at the present site in the name of 'Environmental Distruction' and gone to the Court with a PLI.

Please support this noble cause and sign the petition.

With best regards,
Brig B Chandra Shekar, Vetaran
Mob :9845208700

A FIRST in Independent India!

Karnataka the first state…
and Bengaluru the first city…
to have the National Military Memorial Park to honour our Martyrs

Amidst a beautiful garden, the National Military Memorial Park is a gesture by the people of Bengaluru to honour the men and families of the brave hearts from Karnataka, who have served and lost their lives for the nation in various conflicts since Independence. This sacrifice shall be remembered by generations to come, while the National Military Memorial Park will stand as a witness to all their sacrifices, which is the reason why we have our freedom today.

This Memorial will be a peaceful, somber and inspirational space - a lush and forested Park with additinal 45-50 trees being planted inside the Park to increase the greenery and foliage.

…And the least WE Garden Citizens can do is to support the noble cause!

SIGN the Petition!
(Save paper, sign the digital petition! )

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